b'FORTI . continued from page 4 JIMMIE LEE . continued from page 6Do not judge! One day, all Christians will standwant, and then call it truth and love? cial Funeral Memorial Ritual in Jimmie Lee McCowan Jrs before the Lord at the judgement seat of Christ."Iamastonishedthatyouaresoquicklyhonor, it was beautiful and there was not a dry eye in the Then, we will let Jesus correct our errors." (2Cordeserting the One who called you by the graceroom as it was heartfelt and showed the respect they all 5:10). of Christ and are turning to a different gospel- had for him and the impact that he had on the Lodge; The problem with that thinking is that therewhich is really no gospel at all. Evidently somecountless members told me of how much they loved him, will be multitudes who claim to be Christian thatpeople are throwing you into confusion and arehow much he would just light up the room whenever he will never make it to the judgment seat of Christ.walked into it, with his great style, personality and beauti-trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But, evenful head of hair, he was loved by everyone that ever met They will for sure make it to the Sheep and Goatsif we or an angel from heaven should preach ahim at the Lodge.judgement (Matt 25:31-46). Unfortunately, theygospel other than the one we preached to you, let will be sitting over with the goats. And I\'m talk- him be ETERNALLY CONDEMNED!" I felt Jimmie Lees spirit there with us that day, as we ing about many mainstream preachers who werecelebrated his life, I\'m sure he was celebrating with us, packing out the crowds, all in the Name of Jesus!(Gal 1:6-10 NIV84). loving every second.(Matt 7:21). It is obvious that these Galatian believers knewJimmie Lee McCowan Jr is survived by SIBLINGS: (with oldest Toomanytodaythinkthattheycantwist,thetruthatonetime.Whathappened?Theylisted first) Glory Ann McCowan Thompson, Delories McCowan mold, shape, pervert, abuse and then interpretwere listening to popular ear tickling preachersGraves,PaulWilliamsMcCowan,VictoryLeroyMcCowan His Word anyway they want just as long as theyinstead of Christ\'s appointed Apostles. CHILDREN:LydiaReneeMorton,DamonMiller,LaNita love Jesus. Lets put it this way. Can a ChristianMcCowan. survived also by his Grandchildren, Nieces, Great husband or wife twist, mold, shape and abuseUntil next time, Jesus is Coming Soon! Are youNieces, Nephews, and Great Nephews and Aunts, Uncles, and their relationship with their spouse anyway theygoing to be READY!!! Cousins and his significant other, Marie Weatherspoon.Khari BellsideEunice Carson Keenan Pugh Mildred WalkerJohnson94, Denver 29, Aurora 81, Denver23, Columbus, OH 8/28/25-8/4/208/13/90-8/6/20 2/2/39-8/8/20 2/26/97-8/4/20 Services were held atPrivate Services wereServices were held at Memorial Service wereTaylor Mortuary Denverheld Taylor Mortuary Denver held at Taylor MortuaryChapel ChapelDenver ChapelHelen Garnes Leonard Crapps Willie Baker, III Barry Bryant73, Denver 52, Aurora 28, Denver 68, Denver11/24/46-8/8/201/4/68-8/8/202/15/91-8/8/208/27/51-8/11/20 Memorial Service wereMemorial Service wereServices were held atServices were held at held at Taylor Mortuaryheld at Taylor MortuaryTaylor Mortuary DenverTaylor Mortuary Denver Denver Chapel Denver Chapel Chapel ChapelSondra Jones Carolyn Madrigal Mulinda Watson Kieth Burger68, Denver 77, Aurora 51, Denver 30, Denver3/21/52-8/12/203/11/43-8/15/202/6/69-8/15/207/7/90-8/18/20 Memorial GatheringGraveside ServicesMemorial Service wereMemorial Service were was held at Taylorwere held at Ft. Loganheld at Taylor Mortuaryheld at Taylor Mortuary Mortuary DenverCemetery Denver Chapel Denver ChapelChapelLaMecka Lee Charley Williams Eugene Whitaker Mable Castille32, Commerce City 72, Denver 81, Denver 101, Denver6/3/88-8/18/208/25/47-8/19/206/23/39-8/27/205/21/19-8/30/20 Services were held atFinal Services wereServices were held atServices were held at Taylor Mortuary Denverheld in Jackson, MS Greater Union BaptistTaylor Mortuary Denver Chapel Church ChapelCarol Watts Bruce Harrell60, Aurora 63, Des Moines, IAErik Madsen Al Jowers1/19/60-8/31/209/3/56-8/16/2089, Aurora 2/9/31-7/10/20 71, Denver 11/6/48-8/16/20Private Services were held Private Services were heldServices were held atServices were held at Taylor Mortuary DenverTaylor Mortuary Denver Chapel ChapelBODY OF CHRIST NEWS OCTOBER 2020 9'