b"WORD OF GODCELEBRATION OF LIFE'Speak My Words of Love'By Mary Lu SaddorisO h my dear precious one, do not allow fear and terror to torment you any longer. They are lying spir-its. They tell half-truths to get you to listen. The stories and fables they tell are not of me. Do not listen or evenreceivetheirdreadfuldecep-tions.Look to me, my child. Read upon myWord.MyWordistruth.My Word will set you free from all bond-age. Look unto me.There are many words being spo-ken today in the public square that are lies. They are meant to harm and destroyyou.DonotevenlistentoMary Lu Saddoristhem. Turn away from them.Iamallowingashakinginthislying words of the enemy and do not land. That which is not of me willknow where to go. They do not know utterly fall. I am drawing this worldwheretoturn.Theyarebecom-torepentoftheirwaysandcomeingdesperatetorunawayfrom unto me. Know that this world hasall the chaos and confusion. Many no good answers for you. There areare walking in discouragement and waysthatseemsoveryrighttoadespair. They see no hope anywhere. man,butintheend,leadstohis destruction. Look to me dear one. Some have utterly given up. ofme.Jimmie Lee McCowan Jr.There are those in high places whoDearone,noneofthisis desire to lead you in the wrong ways.Know that I AM the God of Order. I They are planted there by the enemyAM the Living Hope. I AM the Great I to deceive you and lead you in theAM. I AM the answer to all the ques-wrong direction. Listen no more totions. I AM the Way and I AM theNewspaper and Jimme Lee McCowan them. Truth. I AM the life. No one comesBy Marie Weatherspoon Jrs cousin , for graciously allowing me totheFatherexceptthroughtheto have my article in your wonderful People are being terrorized by theSon. I AM the Bright Shining Lightpaper,ChairmanSekuNkrumahfor in the darkness that has come uponItothankeveryonethatcameall your extra help , Mitchell Rivers of want this land. to the Celebration Of Life CeremonyClass Act Productions Entertainment ( Look to me, my child. I AM callingthat I threw in honor of my great loveC.A.P.E.) for shooting video footage of There are those inyou to go and speak forth my wordsJimmie Lee McCowan Jr, this was mythe celebration, and to the Lakewood ofloveandcomforttoallthoseway of getting to honor him in a specialElks Lodge for offering to let me hold way, to showcase the regalness I feltthe Celebration of Life Ceremony at the high places whoaroundyou.Manywilllistenandthat he possessed, to honor the KingLodge and the Beautiful Ritual service hearwithhearingears.Manywill he was in my life. you performed in honor of Jimmie Lee.desire to lead yourepent of their evil ways and turn toIthankeveryonethatcame,thatWe came, we gathered, we remembered me. Many will receive me into theirhelpedtodecorate,ICOULDNOTandwecelebratedthelifeofJimmie in the wrong ways.heartsandlives.TheywillconfessHAVE DONE iT WITHOUT YOUR HELPLee McCowan Jr.me as their Lord and Savior. TheyANDATTENDANCEtoJimmieLees On Friday August, 7, 2020 the weather They are plantedwill become my children. children Lydia Renee Morton for vol- wasperfectandthevenuewaslaid Child, stand still no longer. Get upunteering to serve the food, you did an out, set for a party fit for a King, for the there by the enemyand go forth in my name in this lateamazingly gracious job, Damon MillerKing of a Man Jimmie Lee McCowan hour. Time is drawing to a close. GoforcontributingwithyourtimeandJrwas.MusicwasplayingandRed, to deceive you andnow. Many are waiting to hear yourbringing the pictures I took of your dadRoyalBlue,andGoldtrimsaturated spoken words of my love for them. Iand his Shriner hat, LaNita McCowantheroomfromthetablestothebal-lead you in thewill set them free from their bond- formakingthetripallthewayfromloons, there was fabulous food catered age. I will break their chains. I willAtlanta, GA to be a part of the celebra- from Billy Sims ( Jimmie Lees favorite opentheirprisondoors.Iwillsettion for your dad, to Jimmie Lees sis-wrong direction.themfree.Gonow.Mydear,pre- ters Delories McCowan Graves and herBBQRestaurant)ofRibs,Barbequed cious child. husband John ( thank you all for yourchicken,BakedBeans,Potatosalad, contributiontowardsthecelebration)a variety of chips and soft drinks and Glory Ann McCowan Thompson ( thankJimmieLeesdaughterLydiaRenee you for your words of encouragement )MortonsmouthwateringBanana to all Jimmie Lees family and friendsPudding,everybodythatcameout that came THANK YOU VERY MUCH,enjoyedthefoodanddefinitelyhad andforthosethatwantedtocomeseconds!but were not able, I understand andBecausehewasamember,theElks say THANK YOU FOR YOUR support,LodgeofLakewoodperformedaspe-SPECIALTHANKYOUtoRandyM. McCowan Publisher of Body Of ChristContinued on Page 96 OCTOBER 2020 BOCNEWS.com"