b'COMMUNITYKingdom Connection Christian Center Gives a Helping HandE verypennycountsformanyfamiliesduringchurchs food grocery drive. from1to5p.m.on We just dont want to give food for 10 people when these pandemic times.Black and Latino familiesThefoodgrocerydriveisthere are only two people in the household, Bishop hit the hardest are going beyond stretching their dol- Thursdays and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays at theAde-Ajala stresses on the familys needs versus an lars to keep food on their tables. church located at 1391 Oswego St. in Aurora. individual household.If it werent for many of the churches around part- Wehavegivenout40,000poundsoffood,And its all free, you dont pay anything and dont nering with food-bank organizations, these familiesexplains Bishop Ade-Ajala, which includes chicken,even have to show any I.D.would not make it. beef,ribs,bread,fruit,produce,vegetablesand Food Bank of the Rockies which serves the Denverwater.Metro Area, Western Slope and Eastern Plains hasThe Bishop adds that the church also has a part-distributed300,000mealsadaysinceAugustnership with King Soopers and Starbucksstretchingitsbudgetto$1millionmoreamonthDuring the food grocery drive, people dont even hoping to sustain the rest of the year, according tohave to get out of their cars. They can pull up to the a news report. church, give their name and phone number and the KingdomConnectionChristianCenterisoneofnumber of people in their family.thosechurchesthatpartnerswithFoodBankof the Rockies to provide food for people in need in theFormoreinformationontheKingdom community.BishopIsraelAde-AjalaistheseniorpastoratConnection Christian Center food grocery drive KingdomConnectionChristianCenterandisgladyou can call 720-859-1737 or send and email to: to be able to continue blessing others through hisaskbishop@kccconline.orgEND TIMESBlindsided by ErrorBy Michael Forti to keep their greedy hands out of thewithyou,notwantingANYONEto till. It appeared that when money wasparish, but for EVERYONE to come to involved other major errors began torepentance" (2Pet 3:8-9 NIV84). "And T he early church was in fear of deathsurface.everyone who calls on the Name of the and persecution because they hadTheir problem was, and still is, theirLordwillbesaved"(Act2:21NIV84). receivedthetruththatJesusChristrelationshipwiththisdyingworld."CHOOSE THIS DAY WHO YOU WILL isGod!Thisdidn\'tgooverrealwellPaul says, "Do not conform any longerSERVE!"with the religious folks. No question,tothepatternofthisworld,butbeCalvinism,alongwiththerestof newbelieverswerebeingthrownouttransformed by the renewing of yourthe error mentioned above, has been of their houses and beaten. Just likemind.Thenyouwillbeabletotestopenlyacceptedtodaywithinthe Steven,manywerestonedandputand approve what God\'s will is" (Rommainstreamchurchforonemajor todeath.Forthepast2000years,12:2 NIV84). Well, if Christians are notreason. They obviously believe in the Christianshavebeenpersecuted,coming out from among the greed and"once saved always saved" teaching. A burnt at the stake, drug through thethe ways of this WORLD, they will notwhole range of deliberate godlessness streets,whipped,shot,beheaded.be able to see the will of the Father.is being accepted within modern day again,allbecausetheybelievethatChristianity today. Yet, if you preach Jesus is God! They also believed thatSo,todaywehavethosewhoarethat a true born again Christian can Jesus is, and always will be, the onlyfalling away from the ONLY WAY. Welose their salvation, you are spiritually Way to the Father in heaven.They tookhave the love of money along with thedragged through the streets of modern astandfortruth,losingeverythingworldly minded that leads Christiansday Christianity and crucified!because of what they believed. into Major Biblical ERROR. Greed andMichael FortiYet today, it is so easy for many, whoworldliness does not lead anyone intoWhy is that? Because if you teach claim to be God\'s anointed, to escapethe arms of Jesus, but into the deceiv- thatatrueChristiancanlosetheir the persecution by jumping on boardingarmsofthedevil(1Tim6:3-15,salvation, you could wake up the dead with the One World Ecumenical move- 2Pet 2:1-3, 1Thess 2:3-6). Blinded! his Study Bible, he does dodge aroundwho are falling spiritually asleep in the ment, saying that Jesus is no longerWhat else is openly being welcomedthefreechoiceissues,thusleavingpews, thus shaking up the unity of like the only WAY to the Father in heaven.within the four walls of the mainstreammost of his well educated study notesminded professing church goers. "All roads and religions lead to God."church? How about Calvinism? One oflifeless. Most uneducated church goersMost who are accepting these major What\'sthedeal?ArethesefamousthemainreasonswhyCalvinistsarecan\'t tell the difference. errors are not only denying that Jesus preachers, all of a sudden, afraid to getwelcomewithinmuchofthemain- Should we be putting our trust intois the only way to the Father, but that their heads taken off for the TRUTH?!streamchurchisbecausemostarethelate1500\'sJohnCalvinwhenHis imminent return is no longer rel-Is the truth bad for business? keeping their beliefs hidden in the clos- itcomestointerpretingthewords,evant. Those who have their minds and Whathasbeenthemotiveforthiset, along with their true identity. Yet, ifpredestined,foreknowledge,chosenheartssetonworldlywealthinstead change of heart? Could it be the love ofyou ask them if they are a Christian,and election? Or, should we be seek- ofheavenlyrichesarenotEagerly popularity, control and MONEY? Paulmost will say no, I\'m a Calvinist. JohningGod\'sWordthroughHisoriginalWaitingforourLordtocome.There seemed to think so. He wrote letters toMcArthur hides his Calvinist faith realApostles?Inreality,the5pointsofarethosewhohaveeliminatedfree thepopularchurches,warningthemwell.Althoughhedoesnot"radicallyCalvinismteachesthatoutofthechoicefromtheirtheology,believing push"CalvinismwithinthenotesofmillionsofpeoplethatGodcreatedthatitreallydoesn\'tmatterwhen in Noah\'s day, He only CHOSE NoahJesuscomes,allchurchgoerswill andhisfamilytobesaved.Yet,theautomaticallygoanyway.Thenthere rest of man kind, whom God created,are those who teach, "bow your head," according to Calvinists, were deliber- say the sinners prayer, live anyway you Should we be putting our trust into theately chosen by God to be drown in thewant, because the grace covers it all.flood, and then incinerated in hell forNone of these major doctrinal errors late 1500\'s John Calvin when it comeseternity! Is that Biblical? thatarebeingpromotedtodayfrom But what does Jesus say? What arebehindmainstreampulpitslineup to interpreting the words, predestined,Calvinistsleavingout?!"ForGodsowith the true Word of God. They only loved the world that He gave His Oneline up with the reformed Christianity, foreknowledge, chosen and election? Or,and only Son, that WHOEVERbelievesthat so many are embracing through in Him shall not parish, but have eter- popular wolves who only appear to be should we be seeking God\'s Word throughnallife"(John3:16NIV84).Wasn\'tthepreachers of righteousness.now, SavingloveofJesusforetoldwithinIcanhearsomeonesaying His original Apostles? thepropheticWordthroughoutthe"Michael!Allofthisdoesn\'tmatter! entire Old Testament? "The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as someContinued on Page 9understandslowness.Heispatient 4 OCTOBER 2020 BOCNEWS.com'