b"POLITICS POLITICSWhat's Trump Done for Me? Bishop McClendon: A By Linda Waller Short, MAT Voice for the GenerationW hathasPresidentTrumpB ishop Clarence E. McClendon has specificallydoneforAfricanleft his media imprint around the Americans? Unless youve been liv- country being a television personality ing under a rock, youve probablyspreading the gospel message.heard repeatedly about how AfricanBesides this fiery prophetic minister Americanunemploymentfelltoamaking e a name for himself with his record low of 5.9 percent. But didHarvest Fire Media Television ministry; youalsoknowthattotalAfricanhehaswrittenbooks,guestappear-American employment increased byancesonABCsNightline,BET,and 976,000 which was a record high?MTVshowGstoGentsandOxygen AndthepovertyrateforAfricanchannelrealityshowPreachersof AmericansreacheditslowestL.A.level ever recorded?He increasedDespite stressful times with a pan-FederalfundingtoHistoricallydemic virus, protests and people being BlackCollegesandUniversitieskilled because of the color of their skin, (HBCU)programsbymorethanLinda Short the bishop doesnt hesitate to share his 14 percent. Signed legislation thatthoughts on whats going on.forgave more than $300 million inThefirstthingBishopMcClendon Hurricane Katrina related debt thatObamaleftthewhitehouseadiscusses is his perception on racism threatened New Orleans, Louisiana,millionaire, while President Trumpin America.area(HBCUs).HemovedHBCUsdonateshissalarydoingalltheAmericaisbeingcalledupontoBishop McClendonout from under the Department ofwork for free. He even uses his owncorrect what appears to have been a Education and to the White House,jetinsteadofAirForceOne.Yetgenerational,perpetuating,historical atotallyunprecedentedmove!Hethe President takes all the ridicule,lie.(Racism)IsaproductofWesternsation with them.signed into law the First Step Act,disrespect,andlyingbecausehepredominantly European imperialisticHe points out how Jesus said follow markingthefirstmajorreformslovesthiscountry.Imnotsayingand colonial system of subjugation. me and I will make you fishers of men. toourcriminaljusticesysteminthe man is a saint by any means.TherealityofracismisnotanyJesus gave the parable in saying, the over a decade.This was in directWe are all aware of his many faultsshapeorformofdivine,biblicalorkingdom of God is like a net that gath-response to the Crime Bill that Billbut let he who is without sin castChristian concept. ers of every kind.Clintonsignedintolaw,(andthatthe first stone. BishopMcClendonreferencedActsAccordingtoBishopMcClendon, Joe Biden wrote) that incarcerated The slogan Make America Great17 where Apostle Paul says that fromThosegay,lesbians,transgenders approx. 600,000+ black men!Againisnotmeanttodivide.ItonebloodGodmadeeverynationofhave the idea that Christians do oppose ThePresidenthasbeensteadymeans going back to a simpler time.man to dwell on earth. them.I am not opposing you. The real-workingwithminimalgoodbeingYes, the US Government neglectedAct 17: 26-27 reads, From one manity is I am an honest seeker of truth reportedorbroadcast.Hesbeenus, failed to protect us at key pointshe made all nations that they shouldand follower of Jesus Christ. No matter under attack, called everything butin our history but there were stillinhabit the whole earth who you are, whether you come from a child of God by a race that didntgood and happy times to be remem- From the biblical perspective, Bishopahomosexualorheterosexualback-vote for him nor tries to hide theirbered. Times that the old folks usedMcClendonagreesthatthereisonlygroundJesusisnotgoingtoleave hatred;yet,hecontinuestoworkto talk about and stories like havingone racethe human race. you the way he finds you. If you follow tirelessly on their behalf. He treatschurch, church picnics, and familyIhavetravelednationsonearthhim, he is going to transform you and us like equals and doesnt pander totimestogether.Atimewhenyouandyourarelyhearofracialissuesconform you according to the gospel.us by referring to hot sauce or try- didnt go through a metal detector toanywhere unless you are in a WesternIn Hebrew the word son has nothing ing to Dap on the Roland Martinattend school and when you couldinfluence nation. You may hear aboutto do with gender, explained the bishop. show.Heisunashamedofhisleave your car doors unlocked. Noethnicdiscord,youmayhearaboutIt means one in the nature and charac-Christianity,hesloud,andprob- oneiscastingasidethesufferingtribal discord, but you dont hear aboutter of.Jesus said I am the son of God. ably Twitters to much but he loveswe have faced the rage we feel andrace, he said. He is not saying he is the male offspring America.Itsstrangethathewastheunfairness,andinjusticethatThis country claims to live by a con- ofGod.InChristintheanointing stitutionitcreatedaftergainingitsdoesnt mean that you are genderless, independence.but once you come into Christ whether You cannot write the Declaration ofyou are male or female has to do with The President has been steady workingIndependencewords,weholdthesewhatyouareliberatedorempowered truths self -evident that all men are cre- to do and become. Why these groups ated equal, expresses the bishop. Youfeel ostracized is because we have not with minimal good being reported orcannot pin those words in the constitu- preached a message to allow them to tion and with good Christian consciouscome into the net. There is a difference broadcast. Hes been under attack,subjugate another man to slavery. between acceptance and approval.Due to the number of black men andHe further stated his job as a preach-called everything but a child of God bywomen being killed by police this yearer is to preach the truth of the word.brings us back to years of superiorityBorninDecatur,Illinois,Bishop a race that didnt vote for him nor triesmentality during slavery and what hasMcClendonstartedpreachingatage turned into modern-day lynchings has15. Throughout the years, his passion to hide their hatred; yet, he continues toledthegroupBlackLivesMattertoto minister lead him in 1993 to pastor spearhead protests. at West Adams Foursquare Church in work tirelessly on their behalf. BlackLivesMattermovementwasLos Angeles, CA that took a new name foundedbythreewomenwhotwoofcalled Church of the Harvest as mem-themconsiderthemselvesqueerorbership exploded.lesbians.WhilethefocuswasontheThebishopwasconsecratedin embracedbyAfricanAmericanshas been our legacy. But we need toLGBTQcommunity,thegrassroots1997toserveastheThirdPresiding includingcelebritiesandreceivedpress towards the mark of the highmovementsoonblossomedintopro- Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Church awardsforhelpingourcommuni- calling in Christ Jesus. testsfueledbyviolenceagainstblackInternational.ties,gotalongwithAlandJessiemen. He now is senior pastor of Full Harvest and suddenly he runs for office andI encourage you to research andThat is where a line is drawn betweenInternational Church in the South Bay hes a foul racist? study to show thyself approved untothoseBlackLivesMatterleadersandarea of California. Under his umbrella God, a workman that need not bethechurchChristianvaluesvers- corporation, the Clarence E McClendon One of the reasons people votedashamed, rightly dividing the wordesthetheLGBTQcommunity.NotMinistries (CEMM) sponsors the inter-for President Trump in 2016, wasof truth. 2 Timothy 2:15. When itthat many pastors, church leaders andnationaltelevisionbroadcastsseenin because hes not a politician, unlikecomes to this election I urge you toothershavenotbeenseenouttherehomes in Latin America, Europe, Africa, ourformerPresidentObama.trust in the Lord and wait patientlymarching and in support of the BlackAustralia and Middle East.Obama and Biden both had 8 yearson Him. He will most assuredly leadLives Matter protests. And he was part of the Do Something todosomethingforus,buttheyand guide you unto all truth. EvenBishopMcClendonagreedtheFoundation,athinktankforyoung didnt.EverylawObamasignedBlackLivesMovementpresentstheirtop leaders and part of California Faith benefittedallAmericans,orallmessage loud and clear. Based Initiatives.minorities. However, he did manageLindaWallerShort,MAT isIamgratefulthattheyareoutinFor a country that needs lifting up, to do things for Lesbians, Bi-sexual,CEOofADGLearningL.L.C,the forefront of national conversation.the bishop reminds us, America has Gays, Transgendered people (LGBT)Entrepreneur, Advocate But not something I endorse. For one,notrejectedJesus,butAmericahas and Somalian refugees.I dont know them all; and secondly, Irejectedthechurchsreligiousdog-have not been invited to have a conver- matic presentation of him.12 OCTOBER 2020 BOCNEWS.com"