b'OBITUARIESBishop Roosevelt Dunn,Oct. 17, 1934Aug. 28, 2020B ishopRooseveltDunnwasbornBand.Eventually,hewouldhearand would have a licensed capacity on October 17, 1934 in Hamburg,thevoiceofGodtopreachtheof 120. That enrollment would be ArkansastoAlmaandJohnDunn.gospelandheacceptedthecall.maxed out even with a waiting list. His formative years was spent betweenHewasordainedin1969underUnder Bishop Dunns leadership, hismotherandgrandparents,Fatethe late Bishop Samuel Crouch. Ina 171-unit apartment complex was and Willie Roberta Johnson. He grew1970, the Lord gave him the name upbothinArkansasandKansas"Israelite"andinstructedhimtopurchasedandmanagedbythe City, Kansas. He served in the Koreanmove to Colorado Springs.IsraeliteChurchofGodinChrist War.UponreturningfromtheWar,toprovidelow-incomehousingto he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin inIn the fall of 1971, Bishop Dunn,theColoradoSpringscommunity. searchofhisfather.Afterreunitinghis wife and seven children madeFor years, this housing project was andbuildingarelationshipwithhistheir journey to Colorado Springs,a blessing to both the community father, he would go on to meet the loveColorado. They joined the Morganand the Israelite Church of God in of his life and future wife, Emma LouMemorial Church of God in ChristChrist. Rockette.Hereferredtoherashis,andservedunderPastorJustus "ChinaDoll."TheywouldeventuallyMorganforabriefperiod.OnBishop Dunn desired to see the relocate to Los Angeles, California.February15,1972,theIsraelitegospelpreachedeverywhereand While in Los Angeles, they wereChurch of God in Christ begin inthe Lord granted his request. For invited by his mother to a Sundayathree-bedroomhousethatwasthelasteighteenyears,Decision Night service. It was that night thatconvertedintoachurchsanctu- Time Enterprises, a full-time mediaBishop DunnBishopDunnsaidhisentirelifeary. The time spent at this locationministry,producesweeklybroad- through the help of the Lord was changed. Both he and his wife werewas one of great spiritual growth,casts for both radio and television.toseetheoutrightpurchaseof saved. They both begin working inandmanysoulswereaddedtoFor a period of three years, DecisionaJurisdictionalTemplewithno the church and served in variousthechurch.Becausetheatten- TimewasseenweeklyonThedebt. Truly, God is good! He freely capacitiestoincludetheYPWW,dance exceeded the facilitys maxi- Word Network and the Inspirationand generously gives both his time SundaySchoolandSunshinemumoccupancy,anotherbuild- Network, both International televi- andresourcestohelpthosein ingofworshiphadtobefound.sionnetworksinadditiontotheneed. Bishop Dunn is well known Thechurchrelocatedin1974toairing through LeSea Broadcastingfor saying You have a miracle in 123SecurityBoulevard,itspres- in Colorado Springs and Denver.yourmouth.Hefirmlybelieves Bishop Dunnent location. Besides the local church ministrythat, We are blessed to be a bless-Bishop Dunn had a strong desireand community business ventures,ing,andthatYoucannotbeat desired to see theto build a daycare in the ColoradotheLordbegintoelevateBishopGod Giving.Springs community. He begin theDunn. After serving asSuperinten- OnFriday,August28,Bishop gospel preachedParadise Daycare in the basementdent of the Southern District, StateRoosevelt Dunn exited this earthly ofthechurchwithfivestudents.AIM Chairman and Administrativerealmfromthiscorruptiblebody everywhere and theOver a period of years, after muchAssistant to Bishop Frank Johnson,andenteredintoEternity,inthe hardlabor,theParadiseDaycarehewasselectedandconsecratedPresenceofourLordandSavior, Lord granted hiswouldoutgrowthechurchbase- astheJurisdictionofColoradoJesusChrist.Hewillbegreatly ment and have a building of its ownPrelate. He served faithfully for 14missed by all, especially the Dunn request. built adjacent to the church. In itsyearsuntilitwasnecessarythatFamily,theIsraeliteChurchfam-prime years, Paradise Daycare washe retire.ilyandtheColoradoJurisdiction renamed Paradise Learning CenterHis most recent accomplishmentChurch of God in Christ.BODY OF CHRIST NEWS OCTOBER 2020 11'