b'POLITICSA Nation Sells Its SoulBy Rev. Dr. PM Wyn off the warning of an impending inva- unturned cake was like a pancake thata time of extreme corruption within the sion by a foreign army that Micah andisburnedononesideandgooeyonUS capital and president. It is impor-other prophets were giving. Is not thethe other side. Israel was half-baked intant that you vote! It is also important W hat would you say about a coun- Lord among us?" But they were sadlythat its prosperity underthatyoukeepyoureyes try where justice is for sale, truthmistaken. The Lord had written themJeroboam II was purelyfixedonJesus.Wehave depends on what you can afford, andoffintheirimpenitence.Hewasnotmaterialandnotatallbeen a nation of total sin; spirituality is determined by your abil- abouttoallowthemtogoonviolat- spiritual. Its vapid, self- itismyprayerthatGod ity to pay? You might say that such aing His Law and still enjoy peace andabsorbedculturehadwillreleaseusfromthe land had sold its soul. When even theaffluence.nothingsignificanttoleadershipofourcurrent moral values of a culture are definedDoyouseeanyparallelsbetweenoffer.Otherexamplespresident. in terms of money, then the society isancientJudahandourownsoci- like *Weakened and fee- Inclosing,notjust indeeptrouble.Youprobablythinkety today? If you are in a position ofble (Hos.7:9) The alienstheWhiteHouseneed Im talking about the US right now andleadership,especiallywhereyouare(Hebrew,zarim)men- tobechangedbutthere I am but lets talk about back in therendering moral and ethical decisionstionedbyHoseawerearemany,manyother biblical days when Judah was deeplyor giving advice, consider whether youforeignalliessuchasLeadersfrompoliticsto in trouble. ever allow money to taint your officialAssyriaandEgyptwhoreligionthatareselling Judahwasadeeplytroublesoci- responsibilities.Ifso,rememberthatseemed to be friends buttheirsoulsfortheirown etyinMicahsday.Therewerethreethe Lord has been known to deal withwere actually enemies (2personalgain.Wemust categoriesofleadersbackthen,thecorrupt leadersKing. 15:17-20; 17:3-4). These nationscontinue to PRAY for this nation from judges the priests & prophets- theydevoured Israels strength by requir- theWhiteHousetothePoorHouse had put their services up for sale (Mic.A Nation in Decline: Those who speaking heavy payments and tribute. Thiswhere so many people have lost their 3:11). The issue was not that they wereof a moral and spiritual decline in soci- aging process occurred over a period ofintegrity and or do not have a personal being paid; obviously, they needed toety today might want to borrow a pageabout forty years, the Israelites hardlyrelationship with God. Let us continue earn a living. But they had corruptedfrom the Book of Hosea. The propheteven noticed their loss of power. And ofto pray for those that are lostthat theirofficesbyallowingmoneytodenouncedancientIsraelbyheapingcourse, *Arrogant (Hos. 7-10) theycometoknowwhoisthegreat distorttheirleadership.RatherthanupmetaphorsthatsoundalotlikeNo nation can survive for exception- IAMDourLordandSaviorJesus saying what was true, right, and just,what is being said about modern cul- ally long when it actively turns awayChrist!they said whatever they were paid toture. He described Ephraim (Israel) as:fromGod.TheexperienceofIsrael say. (sounds like the current state of*Corrupted(Hos.7:8)Israelmixedshows that materials prosperity is not our US president and his party.) Backitselfwithsurroundingnationsbyenough to sustain a culture. Without toJudah,theygrewwealthyfromallowing their pagan religions to cor- godliness at the core, a society mustPMWynnGrove&PastorsLee their positions, but their integrity wentrupt its religious and spiritual life. Inkeepproppingitselfupwithexpen- W. Grove Jr., are the Founders of bankrupt. doing so, Gods people violated the firstsiveyetunreliablecrutches.SoonerHeavenly Sent Ministries. We want and second commandments (Ex. 20:3- or later, though, moral weakness willto remind you to vote in November! The amazing thing was that these so- 4). They also formed political alliancesbring it downproud and foolish toPleaserememberwhatGodhas calledleaderssomehowbelievedthatto prop up their defenses rather thanthe end.called us to do as Believers when we the Lord would continue to underwriterelying on the Lord for example 2 Kingvote!PM can be reached by email; their hypocritical ways. They brushed16:5-6).*HalfBaked(Hos.7:80)AnBrothers and Sisters, we are living inpmwynn9@msn.com10 OCTOBER 2020 BOCNEWS.com'