b'END TIMESLocked DownBy Michael Forti answer that question. it will all be left in the dust. One day, very, very soon, everyone who has everThere will be a set order of things that will take livedanddied,whohavewalkedonthefaceofplaceFIRST,andthingsthatwillFIRSTbesaid C an you just imagine, the apostle John, a verythisplanet,willstandbeforeand done. There is one specific oldman,approximately94AD,60yearsaftertheLordatthesheepandthingthatwillbeatthevery the church was birthed, persecuted and then exiledgoatsjudgement.Jesus,sit- TOP of our Lord\'s list of priori-in PRISON on the island of Patmos, on the Lord\'sting on His throne in Heavenlyties.Day, was most likely smiling as he was worshipingglory,surroundedbythou-our Father in the Spirit. Behind him, he hears asands upon thousands of war- ThesearetheveryFIRST loud voice like a trumpet. When he turned aroundrior angles, will stand up fromWORDSthatallofmankind to see who it was, he saw the Lord. The Lord said,ofHisThronetoaddressthewillhear.Hewillfirstspeak "write down on a scroll what you see and send it tomillions.Itwillbesosilent,tothesheeponHisRIGHT. the seven churches." youcouldhearapindrop."Come, you who are blessed by You have to wonder. Why did Jesus wait for JohnAlloftherichandfamous,MyFather.Takeyourinheri-to be exiled in prison to give him the Revelation toboth past and present will betance,thekingdomprepared be sent to not only the original seven churches, butthere.Accordingtoscripture,for you since the beginning of to the church today and to the whole world. JesuswillNOTstartoffwiththeworld.ForIwashungry acordialintroduction.Thereandyougavemesomething ThewriterofHebrewswrote,"Rememberthosewillbenoformalintroduc- toeat,Iwasthirstyandyou earlier days, after you received the light, when yoution to kick off the festivities.gave me something to drink, I stood your ground in the great contest in the face ofThere will be no recognition ofwas a stranger and you invited suffering. Sometimes you were publicly exposed totherichandfamousnorthemein,Ineededclothesand insult and persecuted, and other times, you stoodmost wealthy and popular, giv- you clothed me, I was sick and side by side with those who were so treated. Youing them praise for their greatyou looked after me, I was in sympathized with those in PRISON and you joyfullyearthlyaccomplishments.NoMichael Forti PRISON, and you came to visit accepted the confiscation of your property becauserecognitionofworldleaders,me"(Matt 25). you knew that you yourself had better and lastingboth past or present. There willCould it really be that sim-possessions (in heaven-Heb 10:32-40-NIV84). be no updates on the nightly news,the latest poli- ple? The ego\'s of those on the left will be devastated.Why were letters written, coming from the earlytics, the stock market, the academy awards, worldWhat about the goats who will be placed on his New Testament apostles, while they were in prison?events, American Idol or the Super Bowl NO TVleft? Who will really be there? The rich and famous? It appears that one day soon, the Lord is going toCAMERAS! No friends, that will be in the past andFamous preachers with their jaws hanging open? Famousworldleaders,famoussportsandrock stars? Great politicians, famous actors and world leaders? Napoleon? Washington? Lincoln?Why does the Lord focus so much on those who are in prison? Could it be that the rich and famous may never find the Lord because they have made Many churchgoers have family members spending time inmoney, prosperity, worldly wealth, popularity and fame their God? Could it be that those in prison, jail. Even pastors kids. Most congregations don\'t know thatwhether falsely accused, persecuted, or who have made some serious mistakes, are ultimately hum-bled, and then brought to their knees, thus finally their pastor has a kid that\'s in jail. Jesus Christ knows! Myaccepting and then understanding the uncompro-mised Word of the Lord?Look at the thief on the wife and I know! And now we are dealing with it cross next to Jesus on Calvary. now?Arechurch Whatabouttoday,hereand goers really focused on those in prison? I must say, your prayers are so truly needed and appreciated in support of those who are in prison. Continued on Page 91. Neal Roberson -Shout 6. Travis Green -2. Anthony Brown - Broken Record2Econd Wind 7. Renee Spearman -3. Byron Cage - I Love HimIsolation 8. Kurt Carr -4. DonnieMcclurkin - Bless Somebody ElseA Different Song 9. John P. Kee - I Made it Out5. Eric Waddell - Hour of10 William Mcdowell -Power Experience The Cry4 JANUARY 2020 BOCNEWS.com'