b'FORTI . from page 4ThelocalState,CityandCounty Jailsarefilledwithmostlyyouth, who have come out of our surround-ingcommunities.Manychurchgo-ershavefamilymembersspending time in jail. Even pastors kids. Most congregations don\'t know that their pastor has a kid that\'s in jail. Jesus Christ knows! My wife and I know! And now we are dealing with it.Keepinmind,Satanwillstopat nothingwhenitcomestoseparat-ingtheNameofJesusfromthe Words of Jesus. The State, City and Countyfacilitiesmustsatisfythe requirementsoftheStatebyoffer-ingreligiousservicesonaweekly basis.However,theStatedoesnot monitorwhetherornotthechurch goersaretrulybeing"equippedfor battle"tofacelifeontheoutside. That\'swhythevolunteerpreachers go in to teach and preach. But, going to a Bible study once or even twice per week is not enough if the inmate does not have a Bible in his or her hands.Let\'stalkabouttheBibles.The StatefacilityrighthereinDenver, (DRDC) allows each inmate to have oneBibleduringtheirjourneyand transports within the prison system. TheinmatescanbringaBiblein and bring one out. Unfortunately, in manycases,whentheinmatesare transferred from their City or County facilities, going into the State facility (DRDC), the City and County facili-ties are not allowing the inmates to taketheirBiblewiththem.Again, the State welcomes it, but some City andCountyjailsdonotallowthe inmatestoleavewiththeirBibles. Remember, this is America! Not in all cases, but in at least 50%. Why that is,I\'mnotsure.Thatmeansthat their Bible will be locked away.When an inmate gets to the next facility,theycanputarequestin for a new Bible. The chaplain in that facilitywill"eventually"getthema Bible. In most cases. The "hand out" Biblesareusuallya$2Biblewith supersmallfontthattheinmates can\'t see nor read, or an ultimately paraphrased bible.Yet, the State is concerned about the inmates return rate. At least 50 to70%ofallinmateswhogetout come right back in.Ourgoalistogettheinmatesa book that teaches, "thou shalt not lie, steal,commitmurder."Police officers,Stateofficials,prisonreli-gious coordinators, and Washington Continued on Page 10BODY OF CHRIST NEWS JANUARY 2020 9'