b'ADVERTISEMENTDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Interfaith RemembranceCelebrating the Life, Legacy and Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, JrO nSunday,January12,2020over1500attendees.Itisanexcit-theAuroraCommunityofFaithing time for leaders within our Faith sponsoredbytheCityofAuroraisCommunity,StateandCityOfficials proud to announce the 2020 Coloradoacross Colorado to come together and RemembersTheLife,Legacyandcelebratewhatunitesusinfaithby DreamofDr.MartinLutherKing,organizing this Historic event. Jr.InterfaithServiceattheHeritageThe service begins at 4:00 pm with ChristianCenterlocatedat14401Ethe procession of clergy and religious ExpositionAvenue,AuroraColoradoand spiritual leaders, elected state and WANTED: 80012whereweareexpectinglocal officials, special guests and digni-taries followed by the sounding of the PAID GRANT INTERN COORDINATOR shofar, honor guard and invocations. Need someone to work 2-4 hours a week. Time will vary weekWehaveinvitednumerousspiri-by week based upon scheduled events/meetings. Paid bi-weekly.tualandfaithleadersfromvarious religiousinstitutionsthroughoutthe Work day or evening. Must be able to start on January 4th withstate to lead us in prayers and obser-training/planning. Seeking one who is self sufficient and proficientvancesthroughmusic,dramaand in computer Microsoft software, google platform, coordinatingdance selections including a piece by CleoParkerRobinsonsDancersto events as well as keeping detail track of grant records. celebrateourdiversefaithtraditions commemoratingtheLife,Legacyand Call: 720.251.4442 | iolcmaurora@gmail.com Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Past, Present and Future. This is an ISSUES OF LIFE CHURCH MINISTRIES AURORAhistoric event so please join us!9725 E. HAMPDEN AVENUE, G-106 & G-115 CONTACTINFORMATION:Portia Prescott,CommunicationsDirector, byemailatmlkremembrance2020@gmail.com or direct (310) 497-0403FORTI . continued from page 9DC for sure needs these good booksand takes away the word from their as well. hearts, so that they may not believe Again,throughouttheyears,weand be saved. haveministeredtoSEVERALlocalAnd the seed on the rock are those pastorskidsandtheirfamilymem- who,whentheyhear,RECEIVEthe bers.Thelocaljailsandprisonsareword with joy. Having no ROOT, they loaded full of young adults who havebelieve for a while and FALL AWAY in come from our surrounding churchestimeoftesting"(Like8:11-13CSB). andcommunities.WeareusuallyBelieve me. They are tested when they allowedtogivethemaBible.Someare behind bars.facilitiesletusbringtheminandSo, it\'s one thing to conduct Bible others do not. The State "DRDC" hasstudiesintheStateandCityJails, been very accommodating. butit\'sanotherthingtobetruly Somereligiouscoordinators,CityEQUIPPING inmates to live life on the and County,feel that bringing Biblesoutside.into the facilities is a security risk! SadWe do not put pressure on the State, buttrue,howcouldanyonedepriveCityorCountyauthoritieswhenit someoneinprisonfromREADINGacomestoquestioningtheflawswith bookthatsays,"honoryourfatherBibledistribution.That\'stheLord\'s and your mother." "Submit to the gov- job. We just step out of the way, sit erning authorities." However, our goalback,andthenwaitfortheLordto is to bring in quality large print Biblesdeal with it. and Study Bibles. RememberthoseoftheEarlyNewAnd believe me, after 24 years going Testament,whowereinprison?into the prisons, ministering to thou-Miracles took place because they camesands, we have seen the Lord MOVE out from the pollutions of the worldinamightyway!Hedoesnotmess andtheydroppedtotheirknee\'s.aroundwhenitcomestothosein Today, God is taking the trashed andprison. " For when I was in PRISON, turning it into a treasure. A mess intoyou came to visit me." "For the least a message!you have done; for one of these broth-ers of mine, you have done for Me."It is so AWESOME to see the inmates,Pleasepraythatallfacilitieswill some with Bibles and some without,grant access for volunteers to bring in walkingboldlypasttheirpeers,and"QUALITY"Bibles/StudyBiblesinto comingintotheBiblestudieswiththe prisons. eagerness! Many are sold out. Yet,theystillneedatremendousThanks for listening and Happy New amount of discipleship. Bowing theirYear!heads and saying the sinners prayerUntilnexttime.JesusisComing isNOTENOUGH!TheBibleclearlySoon!Areyougoingtobereadyor teaches, "The seed is the Word of God.LEFT BEHIND?!The seed along the path are those who have HEARD and then the devil comes 10 JANUARY 2020 BOCNEWS.com'