b'FIRST AID . from page 7in order to sound eloquent and great. We share to COLORADO SPRINGS demonstrate how well educated or how much of a command of the English language we have.This invokesresistanceinsomanyways,resentment, insecurity, low self-esteem, intimidation, etc.There are times when we speak what we believe to be true in a voice tone that is harsh, or rough.We get it off of our chest instead of vice-versa.The bottom line is this, speaking the truth in love requiresourcompleteandunconditionalcapac-ity to respond to the needs of the hearers of our words.We need to (1) time the message, (2) frame the messageand(3)verballycommunicatethemes-sage in such a way that the individual will hear thelove,ourunconditionalcommitmenttotheir welfare.This is when the seed is planted in the name of Christ.This is when our words bring life and not death. This is when we speak truth in love.22 JANUARY 2020 BOCNEWS.com'