b'END TIMESThe Great Deception is Already Here!By Michael FortiT he signs of the times are continu-ing to remain steady and most areRadical Liberalism has increased slowlyincreasingacrosstheboard. Someyearsweseerecordbreaking earthquakes, hail and volcanic activitysince this past election as many have leading the headlines. Other years we see the stocks staggering. For the pastbulldogged their way into power. Many few years, we have seen record break-ingheatandforestfires.However,dont care who they rip off, greed has this year we are seeing a predictable changewithinthepoliticalscene,astaken over and they will take advantage thespiritofantichristcontinuesto preparetheeternalwaytohell.We are now faced with another border-lineof anyone who gets in their way. Because economic collapse being generated by thefar-leftliberalregime.Currently,of runaway idolatry, many have lost theMiddleEastisinshambles,gas prices are on the rise, and we are facedMichael Forti all respect for their parents, taking with shortages of all kinds of building supplies, cars, trucks, food, householdappear to remain steady with no signif- advantage of anyone who will let them. goods. More people in the Unitedicant changes. According to Watchers States have died from Covid this year than last year. National debt in mostwebsite,therehasbeen81nearThey will cheat someone, and then blame householdsisontherisewhichwillearthasteroidsthathavepassedby give the antichrist the advantage, offer- Earth inside one lunar distance sinceyou for being the problem causer. They ing people no other choice but to takethestartof2021.Following2020s the mark or to go homeless and starve.extreme fire season, high-elevation for- will rob their own family for a lousy buck. Then He said to them: Nation willestsinthecentralRockyMountains riseagainstnation,andkingdomnowareburningmorethanatany againstkingdom.Therewillbegreatpoint in the past 2000 years, accord-earthquakes, famines and pestilencesing to the new University of Montana invariousplaces,andfearfuleventsstudy.HOAinsurancesacrossthedoesnt appear that we are seeing astotheirparents,ungrateful,unholy, and great signs from heaven. All theseboard will be on the rise to support themuch inner city luting and radical takewithout love, unforgiving, slanderous, are the beginning of birth pains. (Lukeefforts on the forest for clean ups andovers that we saw in 2020. However,without self-control, brutal, not lovers 21:10, Matt 24:4-8-NIV84). restoration according to some propertythepotentialisthereanditsjustaof the good, treacherous, rash, conceit- Spain, Japan, United States, Costamanagers. Sea levels appear to be at amatter of time before a police shootinged, lovers of pleasure rather than lov-Rica,Chile-Argentina,Iceland,andsteady rise according to some. takes place, setting the entire scene offers of God-having a form of godliness Russia are experiencing abnormal vol- No question, all reports show a riselike a rocket. No question, communi- but denying its power. Have nothing to canic activity. There hasnt been anyin gun violence, rape, drug abuse, andties are on edge, and some are readydo with them (Tim 3:1-4 NIV84).9.0earthquakesrecordedthisyearhomicideacrosstheboardasprisontoexplode.PeopleappeartobelessRadicalLiberalismhasincreased thatIamawareof.However,therepopulations continue to increase. Onrespectful to their neighbors as somesince this past election as many have have been 3-8.0/8.9, 12-7.0/7.9, 100theotherhand,sentencesarebeingare treating their own fellow Americansbulldogged their way into power. Many 6.0/6.9, 1,524 5.0/5.9, 9450-4.0-4.9,reduced and crime is going unnoticedas an enemy.dont care who they rip off, greed has accordingtolateststats.Itappearsto curb prison crowding. Depression,But mark this: There will be terribletaken over and they will take advan-that we are seeing a steady flow of midpeer pressure and addiction has con- times in the last days. People will be toupper-levelearthquakes.Meteortributedtoariseofsuicideasthelovers of themselves, lovers of money,Continued on Page 18showersandnear-earthasteroidsrate climbed up from 70,000 in 2019boastful,proud,abusive,disobedient to93,000in2020(DenverPost).It 1.Kenny Lewis - Undefeated Revival2.Tamela Mann - Overcomer 7.Essential Gospel Hits - 3.Danny Gokey - JesusVarious ArtistPeople 8.Travis Greene - Oil & 4.True Believers - TheWaterSounds We Grew Up On 9.Michael W. Smith - 5.Christina Bell - StillWorship ForeverFaithful 10 Cece Winans - Believe 6.Edwrin Sutton - TheFor It6 NOVEMBER 2021 BOCNEWS.com'