b'WORD OF GODCHRONIC DISEASE . from page 11streets on the streets ofDenver rightnately. I had to deal years later with an Alapha & Omega in front of our house. One of my broth- exposure to "agent orange" although I ers was sitting in a car with a gun lyingwas notaware of this until years later. on the seat between him and the otherThisinvolveddirectskincontacton occupant of the car. For some unclearboth my left arm and aerosol spray by reasontheotherpersondecidedtoUS jets, flying near to troops on patrol. pick up the gun and the gun went offIwillnotmentionotherunfortunate with a resultant bullet wound in theeventwhichinvolvedseniorofficer By Mary Lu Saddoris neckofmybrotherasthegunwasinteractions, and sargent interactions.unfortunatelyinlinewithmybroth- I went back to my home in Denver ers neck. My brother because of thisafter2yearsoftotalservicetothe O hmydear,dear,child,weepunderwentwhatIwoulddescribeasUSArmy.Afterthis,Thisiswhen andlamentforthosenotyethell. He was paralysed from the neckmypre-medicalandmedicaleduca-born. Man is so evil and filled withdown, but he survived and lived abouttion took place. I was in good health greed.Hewillstopatnothingtoanother 16 years with many challengesand enjoying life. I met my wife before becomericher.Manwillkillandeven though he tried to attend college. Iwastakingpre-medcoursework. destroyanyandalltoaddtohisIwentthroughsomeotherawfulShemadeeverythingworthwhile! wealth. Man has chosen to not careexperiences,bedsidesmortarfire.I about life. Man has chosen to dis- hadtogoouton"patrol"multiplePART 2 IN NEXT MONTH\'S BODY OF regard life as I have created it, saystimesalthoughnofirefightsfortu- CHIRST NEWS.the Lord God. Manwillstandaccountable fortheliveshehastakenandAuthority . from page 13destroyed. Know I will indeed judge manforallhehasmurderedandthe evil that those in authority commit?dear friends, but leave room for Gods doneawaywith.Child,itispastAscitizens,andgovernmentLeaders,wrath,foritiswritten:Itismineto time for the people who are calledwe all will answer to Him for all our badavenge,Iwillrepay,saystheLord. by my name to rise up and standdecisions and actions we take. RomansHappy Thanksgiving!for what is right. Many of them are12:19(NIV)Donottakerevenge,my soundly sleeping in their churches.Mary Lu SaddorisMany I do not even know, though they profess to know me. I say to them - depart from me you wickedaboutmeandmyloveforthem? ones. I know you not! How will they ever know about the Mysheepknowme.TheylistenprovisionIhavemadeforthem formyvoice.Theyhearmeandunlessyouopenyourmouthand walk in holy obedience tome andspeak boldly to them about me. all that I say to them. Know child,They need to know that I paid the that this nation will be judged for allprice for them. I shed my blood for the harm it has done. I AM callingthem. I laid down my life for them. for all to come unto me. I AM callingImade a way where there was no for this nation to repent and turnway. I desire for none to be lost. I from its evil ways. I AM calling fordesire for all to be saved. I desire for all to repent and receive me as theirnone to be left behind.Lord and Savior.I AM the Alpha and the Omega. Yes Child,knowthatthecomingdear child, they need to know that wrath will indeed consume all whoI AM the Beginning and the End. I will not bow unto me as the LordAM the only way to the Father. I am of their lives. Those who belong tocalling you to stand up and go forth me, those who have repented of allin my Holy Name. Speak to the lost of their ways will indeed become mylost and dying. Be brave and be very children.Theywillbesavedfrombold.Speaktothemallthatthey thecomingwrath.Theywilldwellneed to know to be set free. Where forever in my heavenly home. ever you go my child, you will be my Mydearchild,looktoyourleftwitness.andtoyourright.TheveryonesDo not fear anyone or anything. you see, are the ones who need toYou walk not alone . I AM with you hear of my love for them. They neednow and forevermore. I will care for to know that I have made a way foryou as a hen cares for her chicks. themtobesetfreefromALLtheMydear,dear,precious,precious sin in their lives and the shame ofchild.this world. How will they ever know How will they ever know about the provision I have made for them unless you open your mouth and speak boldly to them about me. They need to know that I paid the price for them. I shed my blood for them. I laid down my life for them. Imade a way where there was no way. I desire for none to be lost. I desire for all to be saved. I desire for none to be left behind.BODY OF CHRIST NEWS NOVEMBER 2021 15'