b'FAR-RIGHT THREAT . continued from page 10 SILENT PANDEMIC . continued from page 10making students hate America. do. Exposing lies and telling the truth.wholiveincommunitieswithhighWemustringthealarmandform It sounds ridiculous, and it is. ButLiftingupvoiceswithmoralauthor- levels of violence often face untreatedachorusofvoicescryingoutthat the rising tide of threats against edu- itytobreakthroughthedeceptions.PTSDandrelatedissuesduetothethousands of Black and Brown people catorsandschoolboardmembersOrganizingpeopleofgoodwilltogetintergenerationaltraumainflictedbymurdered every year is not acceptable, isnojoke.Neitherisawidespreadinvolved. And insisting that our friendsa nation that has for too long ignoredand it is past time we treat it like the campaignbyright-wingactiviststoand allies in positions of cultural, eco- their plight. public health pandemic it is.take over school boards and impose anomic,andpoliticalpowerhavetheThis is utterly unacceptable.whitewashedpatrioticeducationoncourageandcommitmenttodefendTheHealthAllianceforViolenceFatimahLorenDreierisexecu-students. They are passing laws thatourfamilies,schools,communities,Intervention (the HAVI) has been work- tive director of the Health Alliance for will make it impossible to teach aboutand democracy. ing for over a decade to create a networkViolence Intervention (TheHavi.org), fol-racism in schoolseven in some stateof hospital-based violence interventionlow her on Twitter@fatimah_loren and colleges. Ben Jealous serves as president ofprograms(HVIPs)andaprofessionalThe HAVI @TheHAVIThisispartofanuglybacklashPeople For the American Way. Jealousworkforce of violence intervention spe-against the Black Lives Matter move- has decades of experience as a lead- cialists,whointervenewithviolentlyTheHAVIisanationalorganiza-ment and a reaction to the increasinger,coalitionbuilder,campaignerforinjured patients to help them get backtionworkingtobuildanetworkof diversity of our schools and communi- socialjusticeandseasonednonprofitontheirfeetandpreventreinjuryhospital-basedviolenceintervention ties. executive. In 2008, he was chosen asandretaliation.Thisisanevidence- programs(HVIPs),whichprovideser-Speakingofuglybacklash,thetheyoungest-everpresidentandCEOinformedpracticethatisoperationalvices for victims of violent crime while assaultonvotingrightscontinues.oftheNAACP.Heisagraduateofin cities like Baltimore, Oakland, Newthey are recovering from their injuries Trump supporters couldnt handle theColumbia University and Oxford, whereYork, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Chicago. to reduce the likelihood that they com-fact that he lost. They could not accepthe was a Rhodes Scholar, and he hasItsacomplementarystrategysup- mitgunviolenceorarevictimizedin that their hero was defeated in part bytaught at Princeton and the Universityportedbyanoverwhelmingmajoritythe future. Currently, the HAVI works increased turnout among Black votersof Pennsylvania. ofAmericansandbymanyinlawin over 85 cities across the country to in key states. Or that Black voters inenforcement as well as those calling fordevelopandimplementHVIPs,which Georgia and their allies took control ofpolice reforms because it has beenarecrucialresourcesinaddressing the Senate away from Republicans. proventowork,despiteinconsistentthe gun violence crisis that is disrupt-So, we see the same right-wing play- and inadequate funding over the years.ing health ecosystems in communities book in action. Spread lies and con- We are seeing the fruitsWe know that if implemented effective- nationwide. Learn more about our work spiracy theories to convince conserva- ly and properly funded as part of anat THEHAVI.ORG.tiveandright-wingvotersthattheirof social media outletsoverallcommunityviolenceinterven-countryandtheirfreedomarebeingtionecosystem,theseprogramshave the power to dramatically reduce the stolen from them. Launch attacks onpushing people deeperepidemic of gun violence.the officials who oversee our elections. UndermineconfidenceinelectionsIts an idea positioned to receive $5We must ring the alarm withfakeauditsandtellmoreliesinto conspiracy theoriesBillionfromthefederalgovernment about the outcome of those audits.overthenext8yearsthetypeofand form a chorus of Use the lies and anger to justify newand further from reality.supportthatcancreatetransforma-laws that make it harder for people totivechangeforourpeacekeepersifvoices crying out that vote.SomeRepublicanstatelegisla- We are witnessing theCongress passes the Build Back Better tors have given themselves the powerAct. This legislation is critically impor- thousands of Black tanttoourcommunitiesbecauseit to ignore voters altogether and declaredestruction of trust andnotonlyexpandsopportunitiesand their own winner if they dont like theprovides jobs and support for the leastand Brown people results.Weareseeingthefruitsofsocialcommunity by powerfulof these, but also funds peace through mediaoutletspushingpeopledeeperbillions of dollars for violence interven- murdered every year is intoconspiracytheoriesandfurtherright-wing mediation programs like HVIPs. thatas fromreality.WearewitnessingtheItisessentialtorecognizenot acceptable, and it destruction of trust and community byfigures who profit fromasociety,wemustaddresstheroot powerful right-wing media figures whocausesofviolencespecifically,theis past time we treat it systemic neglect and racism that has profit from inflaming fear and division. inflaming fear andcreated conditions that lead to violence Theseareallthreatstoourfuturein our communities. But while we worklike the public health asapeaceful,multiethnic,multira-cialdemocraticsociety.Andtheresdivision. toward this long-term goal, we need to first stop the bleeding before repairingpandemic it is.no easy solution to overcoming these threats. Theres a lot of hard work tothe wound.FORTI . continued from page 6 clear across the board, from high pow- of Jesus. However, Im not far enough eredgovernmentofficialsallthewaywithmyChristianwalktoturnthe downtocommunityHOAS,makingother cheek. I believe that the rebels tage of anyone who gets in their way.plunge.Averypredictablenation- every effort to take charge over anyoneneed to be told what is right and what Becauseofrunawayidolatry,manywidecollapse,ofcourse,allbeingwhoresistsit.Whilegainingpower,is wrong, hopefully in love. That way, have lost all respect for their parents,blamed on Trump. We are now beingthey continue to leave a trail of dustwhen all hell breaks loose, they might takingadvantageofanyonewhowillfacedwithtotalcontrolasourGodeverywheretheygo.Itshardtorobremember what you said. Its too easy let them. They will cheat someone, andgiven freedom is slowly being flushed.a bank, yet I know of one Townhometo take the path of least resistance, to then blame you for being the problemCar lots are empty, more gun control,Communitythatwasjustrobbedforjust walk away, and to mind your own causer. They will rob their own familygas prices are way up, the Middle Eastover a million dollars by a profession- business, to avoid a conflict.for a lousy buck.is in shambles. Most liberals couldallicensedcourtappointedReceiver,Yes,Vengeanceisminesaiththe Forthisreason,Godsendsthemcare less as long as they can get thoseand by those who claim to be BoardLord. However, you may be persecuted a powerful delusion so that they willChristiansoutoftheway.Noques- Members. All legal like. forstandingforwhatisright,butit believe the lie and so that all will betion, some are keeping count of all whoAs of now, 95% of the residence dontjust may save a soul in the end. My condemnedwhodidnotbelievetherefuse to take the shot. Thats givinghaveaclue.MostofthegrassandGod has not given me a spirit of fear truthbuthavedelightedinwicked- them a real good idea of the resistancetreesaroundthepropertyaredead.but of power, love and a sound mind.ness (2 Thess 2:11-12 NIV 84). they can expect when it comes time toThe City and State officials along withThere is no time for Christians to be Many of you dont remember, duringforce those to take the mark.theFedsdontwantanythingtodohiding behind the love and the grace, theeight-yearadministrationbeforeThe communities are being reducedwith it. Now, this Community may nothoping that the Holy Spirit will min-Trumpsfouryearsinoffice,manytohandgunswithnoammosothatbeabletofindaliabilityinsuranceister to the lost while you are keeping store fronts were vacant, leaving shop- when the time comes, they can enforcecompany. If they do, the Communityyour mouth shut. Its time to be bold, ping outlets looking like ghost towns.with high powered military equipment.Insurance will triple, leaving residenceto speak the truth, and to give people Doyouremember?Duringthatpre- Preparationsarealreadyunderwaywith special assessments and a hugethe good news. viouseight-yearliberaladministra- as most are being entertained by theincrease in HOA dues which will shat- The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, tion, the Middle East was a mess, gasvideoviolence.TowatchChristianster property value. because He has anointed me to preach pricesandtaxeswerewayup,andbeingslaininthemodern-daycoli- Sadtosay,theCommunityvotedthe gospel to the poor; He has sent me thesouthernboarderwasinchaos.seumsbeanotherformofentertain- fortheverypeoplewhoarerobbingto heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim Trumpmanagedtocurethoseprob- ment. Its a good thing I wont be here.them. Doesnt that sound familiar. Ourlibertytothecaptives(tothosein lems across the board. During his fourHow about you? (1 Thess 1:9-10, LukeNation just voted for higher gas prices,prison), and recovery of the sight to the years in office, store fronts were filling21:34-36). war in the Middle East, out of controlblind, to set at liberty those who are up,gaspricingwaswaydown,theThen you will be handed over to beimmigration. Yet they refuse to putoppressed; To proclaim the acceptable Middle east terror was shattered, jobspersecuted and put to death, and yousigns in their front yards that say, IfyearoftheLord(Luke4:18NKJV-were way up, unemployment was waywill be hated by all nations because ofyou are an illegal, come on in and getNIV84).down, and the boarder was stabilizing.Me (Matt 24:9 NIV84). a warm meal. Until next time, Jesus is Coming Soon. Yet only after eleven months, a totalThe spirit of antichrist is on the riseYesfriends,weneedtoreachthisAre you going to be Ready?!lostandhurtingworldwiththelove 18 NOVEMBER 2021 BOCNEWS.com'