9 OCTOBER 2018 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS I am very proud and honored to be a member of Kingdom Connection Christian Center. I thank God for Bishop Israel Ade-Ajala who has been a blessing to me and my family. I have learned a lot under his anointing and divine leadership. He is my spiritual father, teacher and prophet. Our Bishop encourages and supports his members to be the very best they can be in all aspects of their lives. I go to him for guidance and strength. At times when I feel spiritually and physically weak or have fears or concerns he comforts me. Bishop Israel Ade-Ajala prays for and encourages his congregation continuously. I thank God for his powerful prayers whenever I am going through spiritual warfare. The devil had attempted to take my life on three different occasions but with the intercession of the Bishop and the church congregations’ prayers, the power of the Lord prevailed and has stepped in each and every time to save my life. I want to thank the church congregation for opening up their hearts to make me part of the community and family. FAIRMOUNT CEMETERY SPACE AVAILABLE IN SOLD OUT BLOCK Companion Space available in "Sold Out" Park Plan. The Block is in the Wind Chime area, Suitable for two Caskets and two URN vaults in between these spaces. current value $9,000, asking $7,550 which includes the Deed transfer. for more information call Cloria at 720-535-6909