Bodyof Christ News OCTOBER 2018 VOLUME 30, ISSUE 2 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM — Exodus 3:14 COMPLIMENTARY SERVING COMMUNITIES IN: DENVER, AURORA, MONTBELLO, BOULDER, COLORADO SPRINGS & PUEBLO Where is Saira Rao? The High-Tech Lynching of a BrownWoman RE V. DR. TERRENCE HUGHES Rao is and has been an ardent fighter of inequalities and injustice for underserved persons in the Denver community. She has worked on law and policy to help eradicate the evil environment of institutionalized racism and sexism so pervasive in government and community. In Rao, the GMDMA found a fighter and the future of the Colorado Democratic Politics. We saw her passion, brilliance, charisma, and dogged determination as one of the bright lights in a political world that has been darkened and muddled by the partisan politics of both parties. PG 2