15 OCTOBER 2018 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS NOVEMBER 6 GENERAL ELECTION DEADLINES October 5, Deadline for printing of regular and absentee ballots: Last day for official ballots to be printed and in the possession of the county clerk. October 5, Absentee Ballot Request deadline - In Person:County clerk must issue mail ballot to any eligibile elector who requests one in person at the county clerk's office. October 15, Voter Registration Ends: Last day to submit an application to register to vote through a voter registration drive. October 15, Absentee Ballot Request deadline - UOCAVA citizens:First day that mail ballots may be mailed to voters, except for UOCAVA voters. October 17, Last date for the State/county clerks to publish polling site locations: Last day to post polling location signs for the General Election. October 19, Last day for county clerks to mail ballots to voters: Last day to send initial mail ballots to voters for the General Election, except for UOCAVA voters. November 6, Absentee Ballot return deadline: All ballots must be received by the county clerk by 7:00 p.m. November 14, Absentee Ballot return deadline: UOCAVA citizens:Last day for ballots cast by military and overseas electors to be received by the county clerk in order to be counted.