12 BOCNEWS.com DECEMBER 2017 came to me—I couldn’t even remember her face—and she said, “When you came last time you said this and this about my children. You said my busi- ness would grow. Sir, I want to tell you,” and she brought this envelope. The envelope was thick, and what was inside it I won’t tell you. She said, “I now have a branch in Liverpool Street in London.” I said, “Really?” That’s money. She told me what I said two years before and I couldn’t remember, because it was not a revela- tion; it was an inspiration. And as it came, I said it, and that’s it. Did you get it now? Because revela- tion will stay with you. Revelation will stay with you; inspiration is by the Holy Ghost. That’s why the Bible says that even those who wrote the Bible wrote it by the inspiration of the Spirit. Some of them after they wrote what they wrote, they couldn’t’ remember anymore. Go to them. Go to Isaiah and say, “Did you say this?” He’ll say, “When did I say this?” It was inspira- tion. So Jesus used the words, “Flesh and blood has not revealed that to you,” and Peter took that and said, “Yeah.” He looked at John. “Jesus loves you. What about us?” Jesus now said, “I will die.” Peter said, “Huh. Come here, Boy. We are the seer around here. Don’t ever say that.” Jesus had to tell him, “Shut up.” He said, “For you mind the things of the flesh. You are mindful of the things of men. You are not mindful of the things of God.” Do you run your life by revelation or inspiration? Because running your life by inspiration is a fluffy spiritual jamboree. But when you run your life by revelation, it’s a steady spiritual journey. That’s why those who always want Pastor to pray over them, the prophet is speaking by inspiration. When he gives it to you, you must sit down and look for the word of God that backs it up, so that word becomes flesh. Until that word becomes flesh, you will not see the glory of the word. And the Word became flesh, and we beheld His glory. You see the spoken word must become a tangible word to provide an opportunity for you when you check it with the word. And the written word says, “Yes, it is there.”Then it becomes a revelation, “Wow.” THE NEW HOPE FAMILY LIFE CENTER is a 17,645 sq. ft. extension of New Hope Baptist Church. This multi-purpose / multi-use facility is composed of: a full-court gymnasium, commercial kitchen, banquet center, stage, choir rehearsal room, music library, chapel, meeting rooms, executive conference boardrooms, offices, an octagon-shaped prayer and meditation room, and friendly, courteous, customer-oriented service. EVENT CAPABILITIES THE NEW HOPE FAMILY LIFE CENTER is equipped with a state-of-the-art full commercial kitchen. This facility can provide general banquet seating for 450 people or 650 capacity seating for plays and concerts. A standing audience of 1,000 for an art or reception-type event can also be accommodated. The elegant décor not only provides a pleasant environment for dining, seminars, plays, or musicals, but the distributed sound system also provides a diverse, well-rounded, acoustically balanced environment for both vocal and musical performances. Well-lighted spacious parking is complementary and included in the base rental fee. For information regarding the use of the New Hope Family Life Center, please contact the administrative offices of New Hope Baptist Church at: 303.322.5200 or Events@NewHopeChurchDenver.org visit us online at: NewHopeChurchDenver.org THE NEW HOPE FAMILY LIFE CENTER IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR USE! for more info contact us at: 303.322.5200 or Events@NewHopeChurchDenver.org LIFE ... continued from page 8