9 JUNE 2017 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Mother's Are Forever “My child, what can I give you? I should like to give you everything so that you lack for nothing, not even one single desire, but I know that for want of many things I have come to be satisfied with what I have and think of others and their needs. I should like to give you a life full of fun and games, but I know that because of many "chores" and responsibilities of my youth, I have learned to be responsible. I should like to protect you from all the errors of your youth, but I know that because of my failures I have learned to make better decisions. I should like to give you a profession of wealth or importance, but I realize that man is truly happy only when he fulfills the purpose for which God has created him. What then, my child, can I give you that would be of any real value? I give you my love, which means I accept you, without reservations, just as you are and will be. I give you my personal presence so that you will have the security you need during your childhood. I give you my ears, in the sense that I will never be too busy to listen to you. I give you opportunities to work so that you might enjoy the satisfaction of work well done. I give you my counsel only when it is necessary or you ask for it so that you might avoid some of the mistakes I have made. I give you my consolation when you have failed or feel discouraged, but I will not always protect you from the consequences of your sin. I give you instructions in the way of the Lord so that when you are old, you will never depart from it. I give you my daily prayers that the Lord will keep you and guide you in such a way that you, my child will be a man or woman who will serve and glorify our heavenly Father. This I give you with all my love.” — Linda Lightner in her book, 'Home Living' expresses a mother's heart It is said that when children are young they are on your lap and when they grow up, they are on your heart. We grow too old for many things, we have many milestones: 16 (driver’s license), 18 (graduate from high school), 21 (legally an adult), 25 (insur- ance companies finally lower our rates), 28 (too old to go into the military), 35 or 40 (halfway to death). Yes, we have many milestones, many things that are lost to tomorrow, which if we do not grasp them first time around are lost forever— but mother's are forever. Whether mother is alive or dead, our actions are a reflection of our upbringing. Who and what we are is largely what mother trained us up to be. We may get too old to sit in mom's lap, too old for her to cuddle and sing to us, too old to be told what to wear and what to do, but make no mistake about it mother's are for- ever. Have you ever stopped to won- der why when people get on televi- sion, when the camera is pointed their way, they always wave and say, "Hi, Mom?” How many have you heard say, "Hi, dad,” Few, if any. And it may not be that they do not love their father but I think we all know that mothers are special. They are there for us when no one else is, they have faith in us when no one else will they take the time to sit down and tell us what is needful. They are there when dad is out working trying to provide. Yes, mothers are forever. Mothers are, but some fathers think they can choose to be. When a woman has a baby there is no doubt she is a mother. It is a biological fact. And after the pain of nine months' pregnancy there is no way the majority of women would deny that. On the other hand, fathers, although we play a part in planting the seed, many of us think we can choose to accept the responsibility when it comes time for harvest. Some men think they can choose whether to fulfill their role as a father, and this is wrong. Our society is filled with an abundance of males who are not taking care of their children. That bible says in 1 Timothy 5:8 "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbe- liever.” Me, we need to accept our responsibility in this thing of parenting; it is not optional. Our sons need a good example of what men are supposed to do, how men are supposed act. Our daughters need good examples of how men are supposed to treat women. God has given us that role. American men received a stinging insult by British psychologist, Dr. Joshua Bierer who described them as "a bunch of weak-kneed, lily-livered sissies.” In a previous survey made in 1964, he thought women were at fault, declaring America women to be domi- neering. But with his mind changed, he declares, "Before I thought that the women wanted to rule the country. I changed that opinion. Women are compelled to take over, not fighting to take over. I thought the men who attended some seminars I spoke at with their wives would shoot me for my remark--but instead they all agreed with me. It's still the father- less society. The husbands are not husbands. All the women are cry- ing out for a strong man, and he is just not there.” Men when we look at America, when we look at gangs, moral and sexual decline; when we look at the lack of education our children are receiving if we are truly honest we have to come to grips with the fact that we are a major part of the problem. Mothers are for the most part doing their part. Black women, particularly have since the days of slavery, have been the keepers of the home. I know there is much we can blame on society and slav- ery and the demeaning role black men were made to undertake, but how long will we blame it on somebody else. We need to stand up and be the men and fathers God has called us to be. We need to be the hus- bands God has called us to be. Mothers are crying for husbands to be responsible, our children are crying for us to be loving, tender, and kind. We need to realize that being a father is not optional. Like the Marines, the church, wives, children are looking for “a few good men.” Are you that man? Having had a word for mothers and fathers, I close with a mother’s word to her children. Do you know that your soul is of my soul such part That you seem to be fiber and core of my heart? None other can pain me as you, dear, can do; None other can please me, or praise me, as you. Remember, the world is quick in its blame, If shadows or stain ever darkens your name. "Like mother, (like daughter), like son, is a saying so true- The world will judge largely of mother by you. Be yours then, the task-if task it shall be- To force the proud world to do homage to me, Be sure it will say, when it's verdict you've won: She reaped as she sowed: lo this is her daughter, her son." Golson By Pastor, Dr William T. Golson It's still the fatherless society. The husbands are not husbands. All the women are crying out for a strong man, and he is just not there. SERMON