5 MAY 2017 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Excel Closes it's Doors Excel Institute will close her doors on June 2, 2017. This is certainly a time of thankfulness and reflection but not sorrow. I want to thank every parent that thought it beneficial in the life of their child or children. I want to thank the many donors and foundations that viewed us and believed that what we were accomplishing in the lives of children warranted their financial support. We have seen the awesomeness of God in the lives of those who seek to follow through with His ministry. We know that every success was only possible because of the Power of God! I want to express my thankfulness to God for only He could have kept Excel through the many challenges she faced. I want to give acknowledgement to the founder Pastor Andrew L. Bowman who followed the vision from God to assume the challenge of providing a place where children could grow, develop pride, recognize the value of self accountability, realize the importance of self respect and respect for others, strive for excellence in all they do, and above all gain the knowledge of the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. To a staff of committed individuals who have fought the good fight. Each person doing his or her best to bring our creed and mission to a daily reality, I shall forever be grateful. You along with the Lord have brought us through. You have never wavered in your endeavoring to be and to do better in all that was assigned to your hands. I am sure that many of you have your own opinions about why you think our doors are closing. I cannot or will not attempt to speak to them as I know they are too vast and probably wrong. So I will not speak in probabilities but in realities. Excel closed due to the lack of community support, bad will, and unwarranted personal complaints that daily exuded a type of self hate. Finally the most important reason for closure is God's proclamation. He clearly spoke; I have done my part to guide, bring support, and move you through each storm, and there have been many, but in all my power I have not been able to prove to the masses that my hand was on Excel. I have carried her as the famous poem depicting the footsteps in the sand. Thirty Four {34) years, it began with Union Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Bowman after 10 years donors began to offer financial aid. The various donors over 24 years have been diligent with their generous support. God has made it very clear that it is time for the people to acknowledge God's ministry. It is time for our communities to embrace what God has held together, not for his sake but for ours. You all know our children really don't have a lot of choices; they sim- ply have a lot of schools to choose from. How many were organized and designed exclusively for their needs? We were. Reality, we charged too little for what was offered. Reality, many that reaped the benefit of the program never finan- cially supported it. Reality, many left without the proper communication. Reality, the remaining employees for the past years have suffered the finan- cial loss. Reality, no support from churches, with the exception of Pastor Donald Batson and wife, even though Excel financially contributed to many churches and their programs. No minority business support other than Mr. Roy Willis Gentry, CPA and Mr. Glen Dilworth, however Excel support- ed numerous minority businesses. No financial support from our black politi- cians although our doors were opened to many of their children. Reality, too many parents left with bitterness and seemingly a determi- nation to talk us down never remem- bering how their children were lifted up. So I would ask this question of each of you, why do you think so many minority schools closed? Bridges of Silence, Love Christian Academy, Change Academy, Fayola, Global Institute, Julia Greeley, Watch Care Academy, and now Excel Institute. We all suffered the same fate, lack of community support. Excel's gratitude is endless, for we know why God kept us and we know why He is saying that's enough. Stormie Omartian reminds us "God has gold nuggets and diamonds everywhere in His Word, but we must dig them out. And, just like precious gems and metals when they are first pulled from the ground, the treasures of God's Word need to be polished and refined in us in order to have the bril- liance they are capable of revealing." That was our belief!! Our children were gold nuggets and precious dia- monds and our purpose was to bring them to the brilliance that only Godly instruction can bring. So the city of Denver not only lost a jewel in Excel but relinquished her opportunity to continue to bring forth the brilliance of our children. Finally as administrator it has been a privilege to serve and to be a ves- sel for the Lord. I am no more but I am no less. I remain grateful even in the midst of some pretty difficult times that it has increased my faith and trust in the Lord. I will always be thankful that a lowly sinner, saved by grace was daily guided by God as I endeavored to do as He instructed. I shared with the staff ..... God will take care of each you as you have taken care of His ministry. Although we all hate to see Excel close we have an eternal joy knowing we by the grace of God endured. By Mrs. Vivian Wilson Vivian Wilson COMMUNITY