21 MAY 2017 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Bodyof Christ News MAY 2017 VOLUME 28, ISSUE 9 COLORADO COLORADO SPRINGS & PUEBLO: CONTACT PM WYNN FOR AD INFO – PMWYNN9@MSN.COM A Mother's Influence If you are currently a mother or remember the days of your child growing up in this world, you prob- ably second guess yourselves many times feeling you weren't a good mom or could have done better. Often, you may wonder how much of an impact you had or currently are having on your childrens life. At times, the influences of teachers, peers, television, internet and yes even our government may seem to outweigh our own thoughts. Many mothers have experience hard times while raising their children. Let's look at some mothers in the bible. “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) A mother of tremendous bold faith: Jochebed, this woman bare 3 children her oldest child was Miriam, a gifted musician and poetess who led the women in high praise. The eldest son was Aaron, Israel's first high priest and spokesman for Moses. The youngest of the three was Moses, one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. Jochebed is introduced to us in Exodus as a concerned Hebrew mother liv- ing in Egypt. During that time the Hebrew popula- tion had greatly multiplied. Pharoah was afraid the Jews would soon outnumber the Egyptians and take over the nation. Pharoah declared that all new- born Hebrew boys were to be thrown into the Nile. Jochebed's heart must have been, she was with child and due any day with the birth of her third child and it was a boy..Mose. When Jochebed saw the baby boy (Moses) she was determined to fight for his life. She hid him in a secret place where he couldn't be seen or heard until she was unable to conceal him any longer. You know the story, she made a basket and placed it in the river among the bulrushes. She asked her daughter Miriam who was only 10 yrs old at the time, stand near and watch the baby. She had limited say over what would happen to her son. Yet she took what opportu- nities that came her way to affect his growth and development. She was filled with tremendous bold faith by refusing to put him to death (read Ex. 1:15-16; 2:2-4). The princess and her maidens saw the cradle/basket with little Moses tucked inside. The princess had compassion on him and took him out the water and kept him. She was determined to find a Hebrew nursemaid. When Mose's 10 year old sister Miriam saw what was happening, she approached Pharoah's daughter and asked if she could get the child a nursemaid. Pharoahs daughter said yes find a nursemaid. And so, Jochebed (Moses birth mother) was paid to be her child's private nurse! LOOK AT GOD!! The history of Moses' life makes it apparent that Jochebed helped to shape her son's character. The fact that as an adult he unashamedly identi- fied with the Hebrews and the God of Israel, despite his connections to the royal court, is a testimony to Jochebed's influence during those formative years (Heb 11:24-26). Mothers we have many more opportunities then what Jochebed had. But she had tremendous, bold faith. Where is your faith today? Make a positive, lasting contribution, to the glory of God? Don't allow the culture of today have a dominant impact on your child's future develop- ment. Are you that Pushy Mother? As a very ambitious mother, Salome asked Jesus for her sons to be placed at Jesus' right and left hands when the earthly kingdom she expected came into being. Jesus explained that these positions weren't His to give. He also questioned her as to whether she and her sons would be able to endure the suffering that would be required. In effect, Jesus asked if her sons were prepared to drink the cup of martyrdom, which in the end, they did. James was the first apostle to be martyred and John, the last. Salome sought instant position for her sons. But by los- ing their lives for Christ's sake, they gained greater honor in heaven. Salome didn't realize what she was asking for. Sometimes mothers become overzeal- ous. In Matthew 20:20-23 , it is clear, their mother By Dr. PM Wynn Grove Rev. Dr. PM Wynn Grove and her husband Pastor Lee Grove are Associate Pastors at the Potters House of Denver. They are the Founders of Heavenly Sent Ministries. Dr. Grove can be reached at pmwynn9@msn.com Continued on Page 23