10 BOCNEWS.com MAY 2017 Colfax Will be Electrified for the Fourth Year May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month and Stroke Awareness Month. The Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) will be hitting the shops again for the 4th Annual Power Saturday. Power Saturday is an opportunity to screen for high blood pressure, assess for diabetes risks, and educate the community about two devastating diseases, high blood pressure and stroke. Along with diabetes, we can label these three diseases as the ‘health trifecta’ for the Black community. Overcoming the odds of dying from these diseases starts with awareness, empowerment and then action to do something about the numbers and the information. Power Saturday is an off-shot of our CBHC Barbershop/Salon Health Outreach Program (BBSHOP). This program is conducted most Saturdays of the year, rain, sleet, or snow. Nothing is going to stop us from meeting the community where they are to improve their health. This is an impactful program, educating and empowering our community about high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, as well as other diseases that occur at high rates in the Black community. High blood pressure and stroke are extremely important in the Black community, so Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) feels blessed to have an opportunity to highlight them in a unique way. Addressing high blood pressure or hypertension and stroke during the same month makes a lot of sense. Controlling blood pressure reduces your risk of stroke- the 5th leading cause of death in America. African Americans have nearly twice the risk of having a first stroke and are more likely to die from stroke. African Americans have higher rates of hypertension/high blood pressure, “the silent killer.” African Americans also tend to have more severe hypertension, develop it at a younger age and have lower rates of control. Unfortunately nationwide, less than 50 % of all people with hypertension are controlled. Fortunately, hypertension is a very controllable disease with detection, medication, and lifestyle changes. The Colorado Black Health Collaborative’s mission is to achieve health equity in the Black community. This requires many different approaches, including meeting people where they are. To this end, we will be setting up screening and education stations at 12 barbershops/salons on May 20, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Many of the shops are on Colfax, so we will have Colfax electrified for the fourth straight year. This event, Power Saturday, is free and open to the public. Folks can just stop by one of the shops and participate. Ask us about our #ShoYoFlow campaign that will kick off that day, as well. If you miss us at the shop, more information about the campaign will be on the Colorado Black Health Collaborative Facebook page. Kaiser Permanente has a mission to meet the community where they are to improve health. Given that our mission and goals are in alignment, we are happy that Kaiser Permanente Colorado was able to provide a modest contribution to join CBHC in making this event possible. See the ad in this month’s Body of Christ News for the locations of all the shops. Visit your favorite shop. Get screened, and help the shop win the coveted Queen of the Comb or King of the Blade trophy for engaging and screening the most people. The top winner the last 2 years has been Ms. Lillie’s. Winning Coiffures has also been in the mix. Get your health on and make sure your favorite shop wins this year. Just for the Health of it! By Terri Richardson, CBHC If you’re not embarrassed yet, as a tax paying citizen and member of one of these Denver proper sub-divisions/ communities let me remind you of the last 20 years straight of Black business closures: ■ ■ Selman Christian Record Store 80205 ■ ■ Mr. Duncan’s clothing 80205 ■ ■ MD’s Restaurant 80205 ■ ■ Ms Ethel’s Restaurant 80205 ■ ■ Zona’s (The Pig Ear Stand) 80205 ■ ■ True Value Hardware 80205 ■ ■ Hue-man Bookstore 80205 ■ ■ Root’s (corner store) 80205 ■ ■ Russell’s Record Store 80205 ■ ■ Sid’s Supper Club 80207 ■ ■ Mr J’s/ 19th Hole Club 80207 ■ ■ Marion’s Lounge 80216 ■ ■ Smitty’s / Ebony Rose Lounge 80205 ■ ■ Big Al’s Lounge 80205 ■ ■ BJ’s Lounge 80205 ■ ■ 715 Lounge 80205 ■ ■ Big Al’s thrift shop 80205 ■ ■ Capre Lounge & Restaurant 80205 ■ ■ McGill’s Barbershop 80205 ■ ■ Troy’s Barbershop 80205 ■ ■ Club Spice Lounge 80239 ■ ■ Dukes Bar & Grill 80205 ■ ■ Underground Bookstore 80239 ■ ■ Howard’s Drug Store 80205 ■ ■ VFW Club (Black Community) 80205 ■ ■ Mortgage Financial Services 80205 ■ ■ Dr Thomas Hickman (MD) 80205 ■ ■ Dr Bookhardt (MD) 80205 ■ ■ Dr Phillips (MD) 80205 ■ ■ Q’s Hair Salon 80239 ■ ■ KG’s corner store 80205 ■ ■ Butler Fish Market 80205 ■ ■ Tommie’s Floral Store 80205 ■ ■ Wise Harris Liquors 80205 ■ ■ Brown Sugar Restaurant 80205 ■ ■ Dixon’s Shoes Repair 80205 ■ ■ Gill Ford’s Shoe Repair 80207 ■ ■ Junior’s Corner store 80207 ■ ■ Johnny Copeland Liquors 80207 ■ ■ A. Richards State Farm Insur 80205 ■ ■ KDKO Radio Station 80205 ■ ■ The Crest Movie Theater 80205 ■ ■ The Roxy Theater 80205 ■ ■ The Montbello AMC Theater 6 80239 ■ ■ House of Beauty 80207 ■ ■ The Picture man’s Studio 80207 ■ ■ Conoco Gas Station 80207 ■ ■ Texaco Gas Station 80205 ■ ■ Scott’s Market 80205 ■ ■ D’s Laundry Mat 80205 ■ ■ Four Seasons Cleaner 80205 ■ ■ Willie’s Cleaners 80207 ■ ■ LaDonna’ Realty 80207 ■ ■ Sam Taylor’s Bar-B-Que 80205 ■ ■ Jordan’s Grills 80205 ■ ■ Ms Charlene’s Salon 80205 ■ ■ GQ Clothing Store 80205 ■ ■ Dairy Queen 80239 ■ ■ His & Hers Night Club 80207 ■ ■ McCovey’s Bar & Grill 80207 ■ ■ Big O Tires 80239 ■ ■ Sherman’s TV Sales & Repair 80205 ■ ■ Peoples Community Bank 80205 ■ ■ Freedom Cab Tax Service 80207 ■ ■ American Woodman Insurance 80205 ■ ■ Family Buffet 80207 ■ ■ Ritz Cab Company 80205 ■ ■ Cashes Soda-Fountain/Grocer 80205 ■ ■ Osiris Book Store 80205 ■ ■ Place to Play Bar 80205 ■ ■ Blackberry’s Ice Cream Parlor 80205 ■ ■ Karo Burger 80205 ■ ■ Mahogany Modeling Agency 80205 ■ ■ Black Models 80205 ■ ■ Dahlia Roller Skate Rink 80207 ■ ■ House of Barbecue 80205 ■ ■ Howard’s Liquor Store 80205 ■ ■ Texaco Gas Station 80205 ■ ■ Tasty King 80207 More pillars of the Community ■ ■ Union Baptist Excel Institute 80207 ■ ■ Now Faith CC (ownership) 80239 ■ ■ A & A Fish Market & Restaurant 80207 ■ ■ Pierre Supper Club 80205 ■ ■ Roundtree Plumbing 80205 ■ ■ African American Leadership Ins.80205 ■ ■ Hunters Beauty Supply 80220 ■ ■ Noir Madame Hair Salon 80220 ■ ■ Unfortunately there are many more .. One thing you must admire about the previous Black business owners they owned the business, the land and operated in the best interest of the community. (John 13:16) Let’s analyze the current Black business environment, while diversity is good it should be celebrated not deleted, it is obvious diversity is respected and even celebrated for any and all, but the (African-Americans) Black community, there is even an effort to celebrate our African (refugee) brothers and sisters using them to fill in a fallen and failed, supposed multi-cultural system, (**Note, now the African [refugees] are being used by our local Governments to fill the obvious 20 years of falling numbers in African Americans population in Denver and the State of Colorado; this was done so that the Federal Government would not be alarmed. It appears that it worked, several years ago there was concern about the African-American population and it’s severe decline in populous, instead of honest open dialog and a reasonable solution, there was an illegal, clandestine (Klan-destine) meetings and solutions that did not include the Black Community and suddenly a fraudulent solution was achieved; (Ephesians 5:11) be careful who you choose for leadership or who others choose for you. I asked these questions several years ago, now several years later have these issues been address or ignored: Black Leaders, Preachers and Politicians have they done their work? ■ ■ Are our leaders promoting producers or consumers (No Change) ■ ■ Black males are graduating at an all time low, also an all time low in college enrollment(No Change) ■ ■ Our women are 20 times more likely to have HIV vs. White women (No Change) ■ ■ Mental Health, Recreational substance use is still detrimental in the Black Community (No Change) ■ ■ We retain less than 1/10 the wealth in our household that Whites households retain (No Change) ■ ■ Shrinking in actual population down to approximately 7% of Denver Metro; now below 7% (Worst) ■ ■ Still struggling with gangs, despite all the money we received from the Federal Gov’t (No Change) ■ ■ Still double digit unemployment ; first time in 15years unemployment below 10%(Positive Change) ■ ■ Still the first to be institutionally punished 7:1 ratio in the court system vs. whites (No Change) ■ ■ Still first to buy luxury items last to purchase property (Real Estate) (No Change) ■ ■ Still first in divorce per household vs. Whites, Hispanic or Asian (No Change) ■ ■ Last in teenage un-employment (No Change) ■ ■ Leading in marriage in-fidelity among men and women alike (Worst!!!) ■ ■ Stilllesslikelytoreceiveaninstitutionalloan(bank/ credit union) than whites 13:1 ratio (Worst) ■ ■ Can’t afford to live in the community you once live in or were raised in (NEW-Bad) ■ ■ 25x times more likely to be shoot or murdered by local Law Enforcement vs. Whites (NEW-Bad) ■ ■ 150x more like to be shot in the back by local Law Enforcement vs. Whites (NEW-Bad) ■ ■ (Leviticus 24:17) In conclusion, I’m not saying we should be monolithic or even racially exclusive; however I am asking when, if ever, will the Black Community’s interest be represented. (America = No taxation without representation) or so it was said, it appears that does not include of all Americans…. We should be equally (well) represented and not just for statistical data or the pilfering of Government funds, which we never see. Our leaderships (him or her) should be soliciting their private group(s) and/or funders, to invest, include and build in our community, instead we are greeted with a hostile take-over with local Government endorsement. Unfortunately there are profiteers off the plight and demise of the Black Business Community. Who has represented our interests? Preachers? Community Leaders? Politicians? Have we held them accountable? The answer is easy to identify by the lack of new Black Businesses that have opened in your community, particularly with ownership. Ownership of the business, ownership of the land and how it improves the community, while I’m a firm believer in prayer; faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26). This includes, but not withstanding many Black leaders, Preachers and Politicians we should pray for them all, but we must begin to hold them accountable. (Hosea 4:6) Sources: Colorado Department of Education, US Dept of Justice, US Census Bureau U.S. Dept of Education, Colorado Secretary of State, City & County of Denver OED Colorado State Archives & Public Record, US Center for Disease Control, King James Bible Are You To Blame? ... from page 6