23 MAY 2017 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Jeffery Wynn was born July 18, 1955 to the union of Charlie Wynn Sr., and Effie Deloris (Lee) Wynn at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO on a hot, hot day! Jeff came to know the Lord at the age of 12 and was baptize at Emmanuel Baptist Church, he was a charter member. Ushering on youth Sunday and singing in the Sunday School church choir. Affectionately called "Jeff", he graduated from Palmer High School. He was excited about what life had to offer after grad- uating from high school. He became certified as a mixolo- gist (bartender). He pursue that career for 5 years. He enjoyed “Street Football” with his broth- ers and friends; Gary Adams, Willie Morgan, Kenny Callum, Melvin Billups, King Moore, Brick and many more. They would play “Street Football” on Las Animas, & El Paso Street or take it to Prospect Lake. His professional career contin- ue as a Claim & Baggage Checker at Continental Trailways Bus Station for 12 years. One day Jeff decided it was time to take his place in life as “Entrepreneur Mr. Wynn. He started his own business Jeff's Handyman Home Improvement Services. Many people in the Hillside area called on Jeff to install tile in their kitchen or bathroom, some would call him to do paint jobs or paint their whole house. Jeff always kept at least two jobs at a time. He was also a Maintenance Tech at Memorial Hospital for the following 6 years, then he was severely injured at work which would eventually give him back trouble for the rest of his life, he could no longer do any type of heavy lifting and constant bending. . With a life of retirement now, Jeff would spend his days listening to jazz and Smokey. Being a constant fixture at Prospect Lake either walking for health therapy or just hanging out with his friends. Jeff thought he was the King of cooking barbeque. He loved, loved brisket and would spend his day often with a very spe- cial friend “Joe” who Jeff called Uncle, cooking brisket and talk- ing about life. Jeff loved collecting elephants. "Trip of a lifetime"...is what Jeff would tell everyone about his trip with all his broth- ers to Chicago that baby brother, Chris sponsored. Jeff said..."wow Chris really made us all feel super speical!" Before his parents passed away he would go to their home and later nursing home and take them meals on a regular basis. If you really knew Jeff then you also knew he was really a gen- tle compassionate person and would help anybody. Jeff begin to have more and more trouble with his health. In Oct. 2014, Jeff had a near death experience doctors said he would not live pass 30 days. Man says one thing but God always have the final say. In May 2015, against the wishes of doc- tors, Jeff wanted to try living on his own again. The adversary began to ride his back heavy and was gaining ground. In the still and darkness of a new morning on March 17, 2017 God said my son Jeff it's time to go. Jeff will be missed but never forgotten. Salome would have claimed that she only wanted what was best for James and John but she was really being pushy with what she wanted. But when Jesus found out what she was seeking, He gave her and her sons a warning. He (Jesus) knew that suf- fering had to come before glory. How often are we like them, eager to promise whatever we have to in order to get what we want? And worse, how often do we push our children into things based on our own needs for pride and significance? Mary, Mother of Jesus..."A Meditating On God's Word Mother.... "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer." (Psalm 19:14) Mary, the mother of Jesus, is probably the most recognized woman of the Bible. Many things happen in her life, but we aren't told how she felt or what she thought. We do know she had much to ponder as she accepted what came her way. From His birth, through childhood preaching in the temple, until his death then resurrection! There's a special lone- liness that accompanies "pondering things in our hearts." Yet even with one or two who might under- stand, there are still intimate, personal ponderings for which no one has the answers except God. To know them, we must be alone with HIM. God often arranges circumstances so He might be alone with HIS own. Expecially those He wants to use. As we celebrate Mother's Day, are you a mother of Influence like Jochebed mother of Moses. Are you a Pushy Mother seeking position and status for your- self like Salome mother of James and John. Or are you a mother that constantly seek the Lord and pon- dering His Word? No matter what type of mother you feel you are...You are somebody and keeping God as the head of your life, he will guide you through all the storms of your life! Happy Mother's Day, "Mom I sure do miss you!" it not good bye but see you later. Rev. Dr. PM Wynn Grove & her husband are Associate Pastors at The Potter House of Denver. They are also the Founders of Heavenly Sent Ministries. Happy Mothers Day! OBITUARY Jeffery Wynn, July 18, 1995 – March 17, 2017 Jeffery Wynn Mother's ... from page 21