10 BOCNEWS.com AUGUST 2018 Bishop Earl Oliver Holiman was born in Indianapolis, IN on August 15, 1930. He graduated from Chrispus Attucks High School in 1947, he served in the United States Army for two years. During his military service, Bishop Holiman studied at the Medical Field Service School at Brook Army Medical Center in Fort Sam Houston, Texas and in January 1953, received his certificate of Pharmacy. While sta- tioned in Germany, he worked as a Dental Assistant and learned to play the piano which fostered his love of music and singing. He met his future bride and love of his life, Aurelia J. Minton at Christ Temple Church in Indianapolis, and they were united in holy matrimony on Dec. 23, 1950. Shortly after his marriage to Aurelia he was called to the ministry. He served in Paulding, OH for two years and was later asked to be pastor of Christ Temple Church in Bloomington, IN. During this time, Earl and Aurelia were blessed with three children, Vilia Marie who passed away during infancy, Belinda and Earl Jr. Later in 1977, they were blessed when their only grandson, Eriq, was born. In pursuit of higher education endeavors, Earl took courses from the Aenon Bible College in Indianapolis. Later, he went on to receive an Associate Degree in Sociology from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 1972, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Metropolitan State College in 1976. By 1988, Bishop Holiman had received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies, a Master's of Arts Degree in Christian Education and a Doctorate of Divinity Degree at Family Bible Institute of Denver. Bishop Holiman received dis- tinguished honors from the city of Denver'shighestofficias.FormerMayor Wellington Webb issue a Proclamation of Celebration on Sept. 29, 2000 and Mayor John Hickenlooper proclaimed Nov. 11 2005 as Pastor Earl and First Lady Aurelia Holiman Day. In October 2000,. he received a Global 2000 Chairman's Council Board Certificate from Morris Cerullo of the World Evangelism Board of Directors. On July 12, 2001, Bishop Holiman was ordained as bishop by the fel- lowship of Christian Believers of Portland, Oregon under the leader- ship of Bishop Grace Osborne. And in September 2017, he made the deci- sion to bring the church, Bethsaida Temple Christian Center operating as an independent, non-denominational church, back to its roots under the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World ( P.A.W.) Bishop Earl O. Holiman, Sr. depart- ed this life to the embrace of the Lord on July 5, 2018 in Denver. Proceding him in death are his parents, William Walter and Lydia Riley-Holiman; siblings, Walter, Harold, Norrell, Carl, Marion, Virginia, Paul, Esther, Elizabeth, Louis, Rudolph and Lovey. He is survived by his cherished wife Aurelia Holiman; daughter Belinda Cook; son Earl Holiman Jr.; and grandson Eriq Cook all of Denver. He was my 'Paul' My Father; Bishop Earl O. Hoilman was not only my spiritual father, but he was my Paul, and I was his Timothy. He will be sorely missed but never for- gotten. One of the greatest moments in my life was when I wrote my first book The Office of The Prophet, and asked Bishop if he would read and share his thoughts about writing the Forward. I was very nervous and anx- iously waited for his response. When he finished and called accepting the offer to write the forward was one of the many highlights in our relation- ship. Getting his endorsement on a biblical writing was a great honor. Thank You Bishop Holimen. Your son Leslie D. Richardson Sr., My Father’s House ICDC, Denver, Colorado. His Faithfulness was Unparalleled Pastor Robert E. Martin Jr. of Zion Temple Pentecostal Apostolic Faith Church said Bishop Holiman was one of his mentors in the gospel. The Bishop grew up with Pastor Martin's father, uncles and aun- ties back in I n d i a n a p o l i s . His grandmoth- er used to bab- ysit the Bishop and his siblings. "As a man of God, he was always marked for two things - courage and independence.He stood on faith and the principals of God. He made sure that the people understood that you have to study the word of God for yourself. His faithfulness was unpar- alleled. His God principals were above and beyond. We are going to miss Bishop Holiman," Pastor Martin shared. " "We hope the mantel that has fallen to the next leadership at Bethsaida Temple will not walk in his shoes but remember his legacy as a phenomenal man of God." And he won't forget how the bishop always, "Wanted to convey humility and that was one of the greatest les- son's he placed into my spirit - that servant leadership in the Body of Christ was most lacking but what was most needed." He was a Special Messanger of God Bishop Earl O. Holiman, performed his work with the spirit of humility, and meekness without reservation for the greater Glory and Honor of God. At every opportunity Bishop would teach me; while playing golf, him play- ing the piano and me and my trumpet, he would share the meaning and his- tory of a hymn as the anointing filled the sanctuary. Bishop Holiman taught with grace and truth filled with the nature and character of God. Even while getting a burger he would teach me and open my understanding to the scriptures as it related to the power of love, faith, obe- dience and character. The Lord’s special affection and Love for Bishop Holiman was self- evident in his teaching and preach- ing of The Gospel. He was taught by the Spirit of the Lord, keep My com- mandments, statues and judgements. (Deuteronomy 7:6-11) The Lord’s Spiritual Gifts in Bishop Earl Holiman shined bright. When we consider the scripture: I will set up Pastors over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord, they shall be fruitful and increase. (Jeremiah 23:1, 2, 3, 4) Bishop Earl Holiman was a special messenger of the Lord, sent by GOD, taught by GOD, who understood the “True Grace and the Power” of the gospel, to love the Lord first and fore- most, then feed the Lord’s sheep, at the Lord’s table, a living fresh Word, new wine & living waters to heal & edify the soul. (John 21: 16, 17) Quietly, I will treasure always the blessing and honor bestowed upon me, in both his life, and in his passing on into Glory, as I sat by his bedside reading and praying Psalms 119 & Psalms 23 The Word of GOD was written on the tables of Bishop Holiman’s heart, not with ink, but by the Spirit of GOD. (2 COR. 3:3) … REST IN PEACE BISHOP, IT IS WELL WITH YOUR SOUL Pastor Mike Spivey, Compass Christian Fellowship – Parker, CO. Martin Richardson Spivey OBITUARY God's Humble Servent: Bishop Earl Holiman August 15, 1930 – July 05, 2018