7 AUGUST 2017 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Pastor Ade has been nothing less than a positive influence in my life. Like many well intentioned young men, I have often found myself floundering. Without the proper guidance, it can be difficult to find your path and purpose in life. This search for guidance often left me struggling to find a Pastor and mentor that provided an example of how to live my life both spiritually and practically. After five years in his service, I can be a witness to Pastor Ade Ajala’s commitment to being the example of a strong spiritual man as well as a wise and practical man. When I first became a part of Kingdom Connection Christian Center (KCCC) I had a functionally alcoholic drinking habit that I kept very secret. God revealed this to Pastor Ade and he prophesied to me about how I was better than that habit. He never judged me! Never kicked me out of his ministry! This moment changed my life because I knew this man was anointed. Today, I am four years sober and I am on the road to getting my Master’s degree in hopes of fulfilling my purpose and reaching the potential that God has poured into me and has anointed Pastor Ade to pull out of me. Thank you, Pastor Ade sir, and God bless you.