2 BOCNEWS.com AUGUST 2017 1. TAUREN WELLS - HILLS AND VALLEYS 2. LE ANDRIA JOHNSON - BIGGER THAN ME 3. ANTHONY BROWN - A LONG WAY FROM SUNDAY 4. ANITA WILSON - SUNDAY SONG 5. PATIRCK HOLLIS - B ACK AGAIN 6. BRYAN POPIN - I GOT OUT 7. BILL MOSS JR. - LIVE 8. MIAMI MASS CHOIR - LIVE 9. CHARLES BUTLER - MAKE IT 10 ARVIN DISMUKE - I'M PUSHIN "Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none: but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. And he leaped up stood and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking and leap- ing and praising God." — Acts 3: 6-8 As was discussed last month, Jesus did three things during His minis- try: Teaching, Preaching and Healing (Matthew 4:23). We need to do the same as the world would be a much better place if we did! As it turns out, we at times do not focus as we should on the healing ministry. Perhaps it is because we do not see the dramatic unfolding of healing acts as were seen in the days of Jesus and the apos- tles. However, there is a critical role for health ministry and working to help people we serve find healing and respite from illnesses. We need to not hesitate to help people find healing and wellness even in this age of skep- ticism and lack of faith. God seems to work an a different way. We can still do things to help people be made whole and give relief to those who suf- fer. We can also prevent people from going through some preventable pain and suffering. Let me just suggest some things we can do to help people find healing today. Pastoral leadership is needed: Pastors need to instill the idea in their members that we are to include heal- ing and wellness outreach to members and those in the community. First of all, pastors need to appear to their members as one who cares for his or her own health. In other words, the pastor need to care for their body temple, and this should be obvious. I am not suggesting that pastors look like Olympic athletes, but they should look like someone who is active and encouraging their members and peo- ple in the community to do the same. There is a role for temperance or "self- control" in ministry. Pastor's can serve the church and the community better by looking like the picture of health! We need role models for being in good health and this is what the pastor can be. Pray for the good health of your members. Those in leadership of the church need to make it plain that their church is going to do everything that Jesus did in ministry: Do not be reluctant to talk about wellness and health. Many of those in our congregations will listen to and follow what the leaders say. It is hard sometimes to get the men of the church to just go and see the doctor- -just ask their wives and other signifi- cant women in their lives! Make it plain that it is a Christian duty to care for this body temple that God has given us and seeing a doctor may be needed. We should not ignore symptoms, or ignore the pleas of family members to seek medical help when it is needed. This is a message we can also give to those in the community. We can give a mes- sage of health to everyone who steps into our congregation. By doing this you just might save someone's life and make someone's wife very happy! Let people know that we not only sermon- ize and sing, but we also preach health for all who will listen! We can also pray without ceasing! We need to encourage preventive care and screening: Your members need to have a primary care medical provider. This can be a general prac- titioner, internist, OB/GYN, or pedia- trician if a child is involved. Medical care is needed, not just when you are sick or in pain but to catch certain conditions early, at times even prior to symptoms developing. You might be surprised to know that there are some conditions you have which may later cause illness or even death despite having no symptoms. It is possible to have, for an example even severe high blood pressure with no symptoms until a catastrophic event such as a stroke occurs. Don't ever think that because you feel well you never need to see a doctor! You can have one of these conditions with no symptoms or with few symptoms (which might be ignored): heart disease, diabetes or prediabetes, prostate cancer, colon cancer, kidney disease, breast cancer, HIV infection, and a sexually transmit- ted disease. Don't think you are being a nag just to encourage your members to get needed checkups. You may not need to say it always from the pulpit, but make sure that church knows that your are solicitous in reminding them to seek the medical help they need. Preach a sermon on health a few times a year to inform and help the congre- gation. Remember even those visiting may be helped. Remember that certain blood tests as ordered by your medical provider may be needed. Help people with addictions: It might be drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. You can have private classes, and gatherings to help those with various addictions. I am an ex-smoker so I know it is not easy to overcome smoking. You can preach to people about this, but they may need a class or supportive group to help. Even people we may not believe or suspect may need help. Remember that there are a relatively small number of conditions and habits which may cause chronic disease and illness: These include: hypertension, diabetes, tobacco use, physical inac- tivity (being sedentary), being obese or overweight, and elevated cholesterol. If you know some medical provid- ers in your community you can invite them to speak to the members and invite people from the community. Do whatever you need to do to make your church a place of spiritual and physical healing. May God bless your ministry. 1. TAUREN WELLS - HILLS AND VALLEYS 2. LE ANDRIA JOHNSON - BIGGER THAN ME 3. ANTHONY BROWN - A LONG WAY FROM SUNDAY 4. ANITA WILSON - SUNDAY SONG 5. PATIRCK HOLLIS - B ACK AGAIN 6. BRYAN POPIN - I GOT OUT 7. BILL MOSS JR. - LIVE 8. MIAMI MASS CHOIR - LIVE 9. CHARLES BUTLER - MAKE IT 10 ARVIN DISMUKE - I'M PUSHIN The Ministry of Healing Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner, M.D. HEALTH