6 BOCNEWS.com AUGUST 2017 THE NEW HOPE FAMILY LIFE CENTER is a 17,645 sq. ft. extension of New Hope Baptist Church. This multi-purpose / multi-use facility is composed of: a full-court gymnasium, commercial kitchen, banquet center, stage, choir rehearsal room, music library, chapel, meeting rooms, executive conference boardrooms, offices, an octagon-shaped prayer and meditation room, and friendly, courteous, customer-oriented service. EVENT CAPABILITIES THE NEW HOPE FAMILY LIFE CENTER is equipped with a state-of-the-art full commercial kitchen. This facility can provide general banquet seating for 450 people or 650 capacity seating for plays and concerts. A standing audience of 1,000 for an art or reception-type event can also be accommodated. The elegant décor not only provides a pleasant environment for dining, seminars, plays, or musicals, but the distributed sound system also provides a diverse, well-rounded, acoustically balanced environment for both vocal and musical performances. Well-lighted spacious parking is complementary and included in the base rental fee. For information regarding the use of the New Hope Family Life Center, please contact the administrative offices of New Hope Baptist Church at: 303.322.5200 or Events@NewHopeChurchDenver.org visit us online at: NewHopeChurchDenver.org THE NEW HOPE FAMILY LIFE CENTER IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR USE! for more info contact us at: 303.322.5200 or Events@NewHopeChurchDenver.org anything, anything I ask Him He hears me. I have eternal life in my soul I can- not be defeated. Shout amen to that! I have eternal life in me I cannot be defeated in my soul. You cannot be defeated outside until you are defeated inside. Once you are defeated inside it’s a matter of time you will be defeated outside. Listen to me refuse to be defeated inside, no mat- ter what you are going through on the outside I am a victor and not a victim. I am an Overcomer for greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Sometimes there are frustra- tions but I have eternal life, sometimes there are pains but I have eternal life, sometimes I may not have dollars in my pocket but I have eternal life. For greater is He… He said cheer up I have overcome the world. Cheer up! 1 John 5:4. “For whatever is born of God, whatever is born of God over- comes the world. And this is the vic- tory that has overcome the world – our faith.” Now you see the tenses there it’s a continuous present whatever is born of God overcomes. In construction, they say this is hot. That electric line is hot. In other words, there is power in it. This is ongoing, you are an Overcomer, you overcame you are overcoming and you will still overcome. And this is the vic- tory that overcomes the world even our faith. And who is that referring to? Anyone that believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Verse 6, this is He who came by water and blood. Jesus Christ, He came by water and blood. Verse 6, Jesus Christ not only by water but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness because the Spirit is truth. Verse 7 for there are three things that bears witness in heaven. Three that bears witness in heaven; The Father the Word and the Holy Spirit and these three are one. Now, when you get to heaven and you’re looking for Jesus you won’t find Him there. Because in heaven nobody knows Him as Jesus they know Him as the Word. No, it’s Jesus on the earth. There is no Jesus when you get to heaven He has dropped the earthly name to the earth. In heaven, He’s known as the Word. That’s why I tell you, speak the Word, speak the Word speak the Word! Because when you speak the Word you threw Jesus into the midst of that circumstance. He says there are three that bears witness in heaven; the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit and these three are one. That’s the trinity right there for you. Look at verse 8, look at verse 8, look at verse 8 and there are three that bears wit- ness on the earth. Now I want you to watch it. There are three that bears witness on the earth. The Spirit, the Water and the Blood. Now watch what He said, and these three agree, they are not one. And these three agree as one. Very important I want you to see something here today. These three agree as one. Now, he said, and if we receive the witness of the Spirit, if we receive the witness of men the witness of God is greater for this is the wit- ness of God which he testified of His son verse 10. He who believes in the Son has the witness in himself. He who does not believe God has made him a liar because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His son. The Father, the Word and the Spirit they are bearing witness in heaven right now, the Word of God is bearing witness, the Spirit of God is bearing witness, the Father is bearing witness but on the earth it’s the Spirit, the Water and the Blood. I AM... from page 4 Coming Back to Life To die three times and come back to life is something Thomas Warren doesn’t hesitate to talk about. He knows God was not ready for him yet. It was an out of body experience for the 65+ year old Warren, as he explains. “Four years ago, I was in Seattle Washington. My fiancée's son wanted to fight me and he jumped at me and cut my throat with a knife.” “Well the first time I died, I was in the ambu- lance. The second time I died, I was on the oper- ating table, and the third time I died again I was on the operating table. I could tell I was floating above this entity while we were in this Vortex. It could have been my guardian angel. But I asked it, ‘When will I be able to fly with you.’ “ “We then went into this room, there were no seams but it was very lighted up. There were these two statue figures or entities there. One turned to me and said, ‘We are not ready for you yet.’ I instantly woke up from my coma.” One thing Warren vividly remembers is those entities had no eyes nor mouths. He adds how everything around him was so beautiful and peaceful. “After I woke up. I was so mad. I tried to con- vince the doctor he needed to put me back in a coma,” laughs Warren. But he was very serious when describing the overwhelming sense of peace he felt. “I have been a man of faith all my life. I was named after my grandfather who was the Rev. Thomas Warren who had a church in Tyler, Texas.” “I remember we would be in church from sun up to sun down back then.” Thomas Warren TESTIMONY