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Rudy Kelly: Living With Diabetes

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

RUDY KELLY, who grew up in Denver, says, “In 2003, I was visiting my friend Helen, who used to work with me at the mortuary, at her home, when I experienced a sharp pain in my leg and feet and passed out. When I revived, Helen didn’t think I looked very well and called 911. I was admitted to Rose Hospital and after they ran some tests, they diagnosed me with diabetes, which runs in my family.”

“I didn’t have high blood pressure, however, at 6’1”, Rudy explains, “I weighed 280 lbs. The doctors told me I would have to get onto a diet regimen and take off the excess weight. I went to a nutrition class and also to the African-American Institute, where I learned more about diabetes, diet and exercise. Since I am not a gym person, I learned that walking was the best exercise for me, and when combined with a good diet, I was able to lose 70 lbs.

“I am thankful that I can control my diabetes with pills because I wanted to avoid having to give myself insulin shots, which both my mother and grandmother had to have.”

“Since 2005,” says Rudy, “I have revised what I eat, to include lots of vegetables and fruits, turkey and baked chicken. I stay away from salt, juices, sodas, fast foods, fried foods, cookies, cakes and donuts. I sometimes eat a small serving of sherbet, but no ice cream. I walk twice a day for a total of over a mile daily.”

Rudy continues, “I drink plenty of water and eat three nutritious meals each day. Previously, I skipped breakfast and wouldn’t always have lunch, due to my busy work schedule. Then I would eat a lot at night, and that is how I piled on the extra weight. Now, I always eat breakfast and lunch, and dinner no later than 5:00 p.m.

Also, I don’t eat anything after my 5:00 p.m. meal. I could have a snack in the evening; however, I prefer not to, because I want to be sure I don’t have to take insulin shots, and I have been doing well on this regimen.

“I feel healthy and energetic. Sometimes people who haven’t seen me in awhile, don’t recognize me because of the weight loss.

“I would like to encourage people, and especially men, who often have trouble accepting the fact that they are diabetic and have to stick to the dietary and exercise lifestyle changes in order to live healthy and full lives,” says Rudy.

He relates, “One young man in my class said, ‘What’s the use of living? Since I’m diabetic, I can’t eat anything.’

However, we can eat a lot of foods; we just have to change what we eat. It is a mind-set change; we just have to determine to eat healthier.”

A Gift of Life is Color Blind

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Gwen McNair-Reilly, a member of Family of Christ Church, where Senior Pastor Albert Anderson presides, is grateful for the gift of a kidney. She had been on a donor list for almost five years. During the pregnancy of her now ten-year-old son, she had toxemia, which is preclancia and causes high blood pressure, which later caused her kidneys to fail. (more…)