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Stranger Danger

By now all of us have heard the shocking news from Charleston. Nine lives were terminated by a twenty-one year old white terrorist who purposely targeted a Pastor and his flock. Ironically, he showed up on a Wednesday night. The very same Wednesday night our church had an emergency meeting about security concerns at our church.

The innocent deaths of those at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston have highlighted a number of issues facing the Church. The very essence of the ministry and the question of what we are and who we are as believers in Christ are issues we are going to have to deal with. The devil seems to be forcing us to come face to face with what it means to be the church.

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Stop Hating

I’ve been very prayerful and watching very carefully the events in Ferguson, MO as well as some of the events around our country. I am aware at the time of this writing of the clearing of the officers involved in the Eric Garner case who died while police was arresting him in a choke hold […]

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So You Think You Want to Start a Church?

The office of the pastor (whether entitled priest, cleric, or clergyman) is-and always has been-extremely important in every culture and society. There is no question that in addition to the struggles and hardships, being a pastor has many other inherent spiritual and personal rewards. However, few truly understand the demands of being a pastor and […]

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How Close Are We?

As we continue to see the earth shaking with the increasing signs of the times to include catastrophic weather patterns, hail, out-of-control tornadoes, forest fires and landslides, we have to wonder, WHATS NEXT? While people are living life as usual, police sirens continue to flash as two officers are gunned down. The nightly news is […]

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Shorter to Host Jobs Meeting Mon, Dec. 16

Some 500 people of faith, at least 20 clergy members and several Denver-area politicians are expected to participate in a public meeting for jobs on Monday, Dec. 16 at Shorter Community African Methodist Episcopal Church, 3100 Richard Allen Court. The meeting is sponsored by Shorter and Together Colorado. In Colorado, African Americans are 4% of […]

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