Building a Bridge Between Africa, African-Americans

By Body of Christ News

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Body of Christ News spoke with Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala from Kingdom Connection Christian Center. He is originally from Nigeria and has been in America for 14 years. Rev. Ajala has interest in building connections between Africans and African-Americans. He wants African-American families to be sponsored by families in Africa to begin business ventures and tap into resources.

Rev. Ajala has previously mentioned the “Joseph Principle”. This refers to in the bible when Joseph’s elderly brothers sold him into slavery and through the works of God he became the second most powerful man in Egypt and was able to be a blessing to his brothers. Rev. Ajala is asked how this can relate to the Black American or Africans in general.

“Nigeria is in the western part of Africa and is the most populated Black nation in the world. Nigeria has the highest concentration of Black people and is twice the size of California with a population of 40 million.

“I think this is the era that will bring the Joseph philosophy to the forefront because as you can see in Africa today there is a growing investment opportunity. I look around and there are no African-Americans, they are there but there are so few. Not just in Nigeria, but all of Africa.

“There are not as many as we would love to see come to Africa. There is more competition for opportunities in the west for Black people. There are more opportunities in Africa that the Black folks in America have not really explored. There is telecommunications, computers, unprecedented growth in farming, technology, and service industry whatever is done here (U.S.).

“China is involved in business in Africa now and I’m thinking where are my brothers and sisters, where are the African Americans?

“At Kingdom Connection with Hands Over Mission we want to conduct a fact finding tour in Africa to for business opportunities with African-Americans. Not only that, we link African Americans with credible Christian organizations that they can work with because in most of these countries especially Nigeria there is the fear of cameras and fraud. We work with them to make sure the organizations are credible. This is where my idea gets a little bit bigger.

“My idea is that we set up a program where African-American families are adopted by African families. In other words, we take an African American family who has interest in going to Africa and we look for an African family who will adopt them back into Africa. In other words the African family will teach them about culture, provide a place for them to stay, and as matter of fact provide family land that the American families can have, build on, and explore.

“The goal will be for African-Americans to become part of the nation while not forgoing the citizenship here. I am not trying to say forget you are African American but just improve the ties to Africa. Look at the Jewish community; they are constantly going back and forth between their motherland and here. You can say their history is different, but that is past. How do we fix it to move forward?

“If you add the number of African-American Blacks here plus the Blacks in Africa they are more then the strength of Europe. They are more than the strength of Europe and America when put together in population. You have the market already because economics is about market.

“The reason China and India can not miss anybody’s attention is because of the market. Our first inclination is God and after you’ve been tied to God you need to survive on earth and that is economy. I know there are a lot of African Americans who can come together into the oil business, to set up factories, to set up businesses. One of the things I enjoyed was when Mayor Web was visiting Africa and his passion to see that African Americans are connecting with Africans.”

Rev. Ajala uses the example of a hair salon to illustrate the success African Americans can have with business in Africa.

“Africans know that nobody knows how to manage their hair better than African Americans. In terms of how to do it. Don’t forget that African Americans in large determine the trend of fashion in the world. Check MTV and you will see that. If I’m in Africa I would go to an African American salon over an African salon because you know that they have had the training and been to school for it. Whereas, the root side salons in Africa have not gone through any of this.”

When asked if Africa has the income to support an American business such as K-mart Rev. Ajala responds:

“Yes, they do That’s why the White world is investing in Africa, and even into Nigeria alone $8 billion dollars within the past maybe two years. Labor is cheap in Africa so profit margin for construction company is much bigger. The margin is much wider so the opportunities are limitless.”

Body of Christ News asked Rev. Ajala if a person is interested in business in Africa who would the person contact here and how would you know which country is safe?
“There are two steps: 1) you must know which country interest is in 2) Kingdom Connection will link you with a credible Christian organization and African Christian family.

“The organization is not just a church but a business as well. Then we will locate credible African Christian family by contacting the embassy for information. African Americans that go to Africa through this program will not be alone. There will be family, church, and community to watch over them and make sure that they are integrated into society. Contact us at Hands Over Missions or Kingdom Connection 720-859-1737 or email us at”

Body of Christ News asked Rev. Ajala when he plans to take trips to Africa.
“Next year three trips will be planned to Africa and will be advertised in the Body of Christ News. The trips will each be a seven to 10 day visit to at least two African nations. Cost will be no more than $2,800. Possible months for the trips are April, June, and late September. “

Reverend Ajala shares the vision of Kingdom Connection and future events in the works.

“The church is a place where all nations can come and feel at home. We are a multi-culture church and my goal is to see more African Americans and Americans in general empowered in the vision that God has given to them in and the ministry God has placed them. Your life should not just be limited to the United States, you should think global.

Think the world. The earth is of the Lord. We train our leaders to be involved in the world as well as the local community. We help with rent assistance, and distribution of food and clothes. Our food bank opens every Friday and we help single moms to build families by providing assistance spiritually, financially, guidance, and support.

“I feel like God is calling me to bring pastors together for a time of prayer. The prayer time will allow pastors to refuel, recharge, and be encouraged. This event is not political at all. The event is to refresh pastors and a light breakfast will be provided. We are also organizing a trip to Israel for next year.” Information will be given in the Body of Christ News.”

Kingdom Connection is located at 13101 E. Mississippi Avenue in Aurora. Located on the corner of Mississippi and Uvalda. Services at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

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