A Call for Unity

By Body of Christ News

Minister Tony Muhammad, Western Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, met with The Body of Christ News to propose the idea of unity between Muslims and Christians. You decide.
Many of us Muslims, who have come out of the Christian experience, should be able to get next to our Christian brother, to let him know, “Man, I thank God for the Bible—if it weren’t for the Bible, I don’t know where we would be—so we can now start forging in that kind of unity, so when the young brothers in the street see a Muslim and a Christian walking together, and we ask them to stop the banging—they will see that we have stopped.

I will go into the Bible and show Black people where we are in the Bible, because we read that book, but we don’t realize that book is full of prophecies. And we are in that book, but because we were made slaves and we weren’t allowed to read, for over 370 years, and we are now just over 100 years up from slavery, we can read words, but we can’t comprehend. So, it is my job now, from the guidance of the Minister Farrakhan, to come in and show Black people where we are in the Bible, or to show the parallel that every people who suffered in the Bible 4,000 years ago, look at what they went through, take their life experiences, superimpose it on Black people, and you’ll be saying, “My God, we’re going through the same thing!”

Why is it in the Bible? Because it is pointing to a future day and time. So, I’m here to acquaint our people with that kind of history, to tie us into that kind of legacy, so we will know. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth,” and it’s going to be the truth that’s going to set us free. We have not yet got the truth, because if we had it, we would be free from drugs, we would be free from economic disparity, and from diseases. You see, every other people is free but us; we are the only people who are still locked into a slave mentality, waiting for some benevolent to man to do for us what we should unite and do for ourselves.

When the preachers realize and get more familiar with what the Bible says, they will know it is not merely a book of old, it is really “The Body of Christ News,” and it’s telling the preachers, and all of the people, as I have learned in theology school, that the Bible deals with a period called “at the end of time.”

We know that this world is coming to an end, but if you read the Bible in the Book of Genesis, there were always wicked governments. And every wicked government had within its borders a captured people. Pharaoh had the children of Israel. God allowed the children of Israel to go into bondage, but He knew that out of that bondage, out of the suffering of that people, that God would touch the womb of a woman, and that woman would have an ordinary child, but that child would grow up to be extraordinary. In comes Moses.

But if you listen to the wicked mindset of Pharaoh, who saw the children of Israel multiplying, you will know that he got scared. He saw their population growing and got scared. Minister Farrakhan told me the reason why the stories of yesterday are in the Bible, is because the wicked mind of Pharaoh yesterday, is the same mind that is prevalent today. Everyone fears the rise of the Black man. In the Book of Exodus, Pharaoh summoned his enchanters, or all of the intellectuals of his day, and one of them was a demographer. In the first Chapter of Exodus, he said, “We had better deal wisely with the children of Israel, they are multiplying. They are multiplying at such a rate, and there is a man, Moses, teaching them. And if we don’t stop him, they will grow up and remember, and they will come against us. They may even join with an enemy of ours.” And Pharaoh asked what the slaves wanted. Guess what they said?

“Pharaoh, all the slaves want is to live near us and they want to share in the wealth.” So, they get a few token Israelites, allow them to get a little money, and make the others wish they had the same thing. To take the anger off of himself, Pharaoh gave some concessions, but he still did not free them. Just let one of those Israelites move into one of our palaces, and make them say, “See Pharaoh is alright. I love Pharaoh.” Make sure that they speak our language. Then, one said, “Pharaoh, I think we should kill all the male babies, and spare the females.” That’s when the conspiracy of murder began in the heart of Pharaoh, to attack the males and spare the females. So Pharaoh said, “Let’s do it; let’s kill all the boy babies two and under.” And that was the first sign of a birth control method. He killed them outright. How does that relate to today?

Look at the Black and Brown communities: they are both growing in numbers. White folks are getting upset at the immigration movement. Who’s being the attacked? The male.
Today’s Pharaoh said, “We need to socially engineer criminals.” So, now the social engineering of a criminal is happening in America, so there is an attack on boy babies in Los Angeles. In the inner cities, if you go to any elementary school and you ask a 9-year old how old they want to live to be, most of them will say 20. They don’t see themselves living past 20. In fact, in L.A., if you are 25, you’re an “O.G.” It’s like you’re an old man. And if you get to be 30, they are shocked, “Man, you ain’t dead?!” Not, “Where have you been?” But, “Man, you ain’t dead yet?!” See? It’s the social engineering of a criminal. So, now there’s an attack on the male.

In the Book of Isaiah, 42:22, Isaiah said, “My people have been robbed and spoiled, and now they hide them in prison houses.” So Pharaoh now has found a way to slowly bring slavery back, but we don’t see it, and we don’t understand that the Prison Industrial Complex is the new flagship back to slavery. And since we are now like tribes, we are fighting and killing one another. He has given us the guns—we don’t manufacture guns—they make sure guns and drugs are in the streets of Denver and every major Black urban area.

They make sure by design—they have pulled all the good Black teachers out of the public schools, by not paying a good salary, and then put in a no-good White teacher, who doesn’t understand our little boys, and when they come in acting too tough, they think something is wrong with them, so nobody wants to teach them. So, now, he’s being socially engineered.
And it’s all in scripture. If we read that scripture right, you could point it out, and wake up our people overnight. There is a plan to annihilate first, the Black man right here in America. And you can see it: we are filling up these prisons. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says that the prisons are so crowded in California, that he has now cut a deal with the Governors of Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi. He is now selling prisoners to those states. But in the state of California, the law is different than the law in Mississippi. For armed robbery in California, it’s 25 years; in Mississippi, it’s two years. So the Governor of Mississippi says, “I want that 25-year man (he still has to do 25 years if sent to Mississippi—but they pay a tax to the state of California). That’s slave trade! But we don’t know this. So, now, our people, because of self-hatred, are murdering and killing each other. And we don’t know anything else to do, except call the police, so we are calling for the demise of our own by saying, “We don’t know what to do with these gang members, do something with them, kill them.”

But where’s the preacher? Where’s the preacher? That kills me—that our word doesn’t have any healing in it. It is void of the Spirit of Christ, or Muhammad, or Moses. And God isn’t angry with Pharaoh; He’s angry with the clergy, He’s angry at every man or woman who says they represent Him, but can’t win the youth. You can’t go and show a better Christ to them? Pharaoh is planning. But God is planning, too.

So, that is what we see. It is throughout scripture, from Genesis to Revelation: there has always been an attack. Any time a people is conquered, the male is always attacked, because the wise pharaohs or presidents of the world know that from the suffering of that people, one is going to grow up with wisdom and knowledge, and will attack them with truth. That is why Minister Farrakhan is so feared: not because he has done anybody wrong, but because he speaks truth to power, and they are afraid of him. So, that is what we see happening. We are seeing the scripture living itself out. “Come on, let us deal wisely with the Black youth of America.”

Remember when we were lifting up the Black woman and calling her a queen in our music, and the Black man a king, and we were wearing the African medallions. We used to wear the African medallion of red, black and green, with the circle that represented 360 degrees of knowledge. And the White man slowly took us from the African medallion to the bling-bling. The rapper can wear a cross and call a woman a b—- or a w—-, and the preacher doesn’t say anything. But you aren’t going to wear a star and crescent and say that, without the Muslims visiting you.

Pharaoh knew that the children of Israel were God’s people, and if they separated, he knew God would destroy him. And God had to take the children of Israel away from Pharaoh, in order to destroy him. And that is what God wants to do to America, but we are in the way. He wants to destroy America, but what He loves has not awakened consciously. That’s why Minister Farrakhan and the others of us have to continue teaching this—but they don’t want us to teach it. So, we can see it happening. No, Innerscope, Warner Brothers, Viacom, all of these record moguls, the A&R Directors, as Snoop and all the brothers say, “Minister, when we bring ‘consciousness music’ in, they say that ain’t going to play.” So, they told SnoopDog, “Aren’t you from Compton?” There’s a lot of gang violence out there, why don’t you talk about that and how your ‘hood, you know, deals with that hood. I think that’s what the people want to hear.” And they fall for it. So, here comes Gangsta’ Rap. But Gangsta’ Rap started first on the L.A.P.D. But yet, there were Congressional Hearings on that. “That’s the Police, Kill the Police.” Ice T, Ice Cube, NWA. They had Congressional Hearings on that—but there should have been Congressional Hearings on calling women b—–s and w—-s! Telling you that you should kill your brother, man!

So, what the White man is saying, is, “The Klan can’t ride anymore—but I can ride your mind.” So, the Klan said to the gangs,” I hate Black people and so do you. I kill Black people and you do to. You’re mine inward. You’re mine; I made you. You’re the modern-day Frankenstein.” So this little scientist took this big old body [in the movie, “Frankenstein”]. Frankenstein’s problem was that he didn’t have a brain. So this wicked, little bitty scientist took this big ole man, put him on his bed and cut open his head and put his thinking into him—what he wanted him to think—he programmed him.

Then he put prongs in his jugular vein, because he knows God said in the Holy Koran, “I’m as close to man as his own jugular vein.” And the jugular vein is that vein which takes the blood up into the brain, and the thoughts from the brain back down through the blood, so the brain can communicate with the fingers and the hand. But if I have control of your brain, I will control your hand. So you are a gangster.

“Talk about, that car you ride, and if you come up on me, I’ll bust you.” I’m going to make you talk about everything that kills the spirit in you and your people, and then outright kill you physically. Rap about crime. And because I want you high, Rap about the crack cocain, and the cronic. Pour it on the girls. And that’s what they do. And in comes the degradation.
Now, in L.A., a six-year-old boy in elementary school, got put out for trying to pimp. He said, “I’m a pimp, b—-!.” He tried to get some w—-s. And had some girls going for it. And had brothers who would pay him just to rub on their booty. So, who is responsible for putting that out?

I don’t care anything for Imus, but look at what we did to him. And I guarantee those sisters from Rutgers, who are mad at what that man called them, have danced to some of the most degrading music that’s out there. They haven’t said anything to Snoop, but he can put it out there in general, but you are a Black girl in general. They cry about, “He called us ‘Black nappy-headed h—.” O.K., I’m mad about that, too. But what about the rappers? See, we are dead and numb about what we do to each other. God used Imus to wake us up to what we are doing to ourselves.

And the White man is mad at Imus (now you’ve gone and woke them up—and now they’re going to go after my n—–s—Snoop and them). So, now there are conferences all over the place, to talk to the entertainers. And that isn’t what they wanted.

There are three holy places that they want us: they want you in a holy grave, they want you in a holy prison, or you’re going to fight in his holy war, that he isn’t going to win. Each place, you’re going to die. Because Pharoah is planning a war. And he isn’t going to get out of the Middle East. He needs bodies.

So they’re filling up the prison. And right now, they’re talking about wrapping up some legislation that would allow them to go into the prisons and ask the brothers who have long prison terms, if they would serve and go fight in the war, in exchange for getting out of prison, “since you all like killing so much.”

So, here’s a brother looking at [a] life [sentence], and he’ll say, “o.k., cool,” But they know he won’t be coming back. They are over there in the Middle East—that’s the holy war—that’s the war of all wars. That’s Armageddon—and he isn’t going to win it. But Pharaoh wants to take as many of us down with him as he can.

God isn’t angry with Pharaoh; God is angry with America. America is all in Scripture. That is what I have to teach. I don’t care if the Black people don’t believe it—I just have to teach what I know! But their blood won’t be required at our hand. So that is what this is about.
But if we can get the preachers! The church has to stop being a concert! It has to be a foundation of education. I’m not mad at them. Some of them will do better if they are taught better. And if they see a movement, they will jump in, they won’t go against it. But they will try to stop us from uniting, asking, “Now why are you down there with those Muslims? We’re the ones that take up for your people.”

Now wait a minute, brother, have you ever sat with one? “Well, no.” But you will sit with the Jews, who don’t love Jesus. You can’t mention the name of Jesus in any Jewish house. But they have an empty place at their table for Elijah. Because my Bible shows me where the Jews are responsible for killing all the prophets of God. The Book says all the way from Able, all the way to Zechariah. If you aren’t teaching the Book correctly, then our people don’t know who the enemy is. We say we’re n—–s, we’re devils, we’re dangerous. No, we are victims. We are victims of spiritual, mental and physical rape. We’ve been raped and robbed and spoiled; we don’t want to do anything. Brother doesn’t want to do anything but hang on the corner and hold himself. He doesn’t have pride in anything except his jewelry, his car, and his [sexuality]. And all three of those are getting him into trouble.

But the Black man is God’s chosen people. I show them where we are. And I say to the clergy, as I say to the brothers, “Now, wait a minute. God is omnipotent, He knows everything. He knows what was. And the preacher agrees. And I say to the clergy, “Couldn’t God see into the future?” They reply, “Oh, yes, my son.” Then I say, “Well, didn’t our God prophesy Black people coming into bondage?” And they look at me. I said, “If so, where are we in the Bible? He has every other suffering people [in there]. “My son, I never thought about that.” I say, “Well, let me show you, then.”

Genesis 15:12-15. You can go right there. That’s where it started, when God told Abraham with all assurity, that your seed is going to go into a strange land, that is not theirs, and they are going to be amongst some strange people. And in that land, they will serve this people, and these people are going to afflict them for 400 years. And He said they are going to lose everything: their name, their language, and their culture. And then God said, “After that time, I’m coming.”

Yes, it literally happened to the Israelites, when they went into captivity in Egypt, but it was also a sign of another people, too (the real children of Israel.) The children of Israel didn’t get their name changed, they didn’t suffer like we suffer. They didn’t get their God taken away. They were held in bondage in their own land. They didn’t go into a strange land. They didn’t go on a 9,000-mile course.

You can take every story in the Bible, and put it over the story of Black people in America, and you will say, “My God, the same things that happened to them, have happened to us. But this was supposed to happen in a time called ‘the last days.’ If you go into the Book of St, John, in the eighth chapter, where the Jews got into an argument with Jesus, when the wise lawyer asked Jesus what he needed to do to inherit eternal life, Jesus asked, “Well, don’t you know the Law? The Law says you have to love God with all your heart, your soul, and your mind.” But the man wasn’t satisfied. So Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Then the Jew said, “What do you mean, we’ll be free? We’ve never been in bondage to any man.” So, it’s a prophecy that points to a people that it had not yet happened to.

Then Jesus replied, “Oh, I know you, you are of your father, the devil.” Jesus was in Europe. He didn’t teach in Africa; He taught in Europe. It was the Roman authorities that arrested Jesus. We aren’t Romans. That’s the Caucasians’ area. That wasn’t our area. So, Jesus said, “I know you, you are of your father.” (He was giving the devil his history.) He said, “I witnessed your father from his beginning. He was a liar and a murderer from his beginning. Everywhere he goes, he tells lies and he murders people, and he robs and steals.”

Then Jesus even tells his disciples, “There is much I could tell you, but you can’t bear it.” That’s in the Book of Matthew, and in the Book of John. And He told them, “It is expedient for you that I go away. Because if I go not away, the Comforter cannot come.” He didn’t say He was the Comforter. He said, And when He comes, [He didn’t say, ‘when I come’] He will lead you into all truth. There is much I could tell you, but you cannot bear it. But He (the Comforter) will come in my Name.” And then Jesus started telling them where He was going to come from.

Jesus knew prophesy, and He was prophesying a future day and a time, when Jesus said, “Wherever the eagle is gathered, there the carcass shall be.” What is the symbol for America? The eagle! Take it spiritually: what is a carcass? It is the remains of somebody who had lived. Well, look at how we live now. But look at how we lived when we were untouched in Africa, when we were building pyramids, and we were giving music and science and math to the world. How did we go from pyramid builders to project-dwellers? Here we are, the spiritual and mental remains of a once-great people—and now we’re n—–s? How did we get like this? Who hit us in the head? And that’s what you see in the story of the Good Samaritan.

“When a certain man went down.” That’s Jesus talking again, He talked about a certain man who would be going down (he didn’t tell them who the man is). He said, a certain man is going to be going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he fell amongst thieves, and they robbed him of his raiment, and wounded him in his head, and left him lying in the street, half-dead. The preachers don’t know prophesy; they don’t know metaphor, they can’t break it down. But when we break it down, it makes sense.

You ask the average preacher or Christian, “What does Jerusalem mean?” They can’t tell you. The word has a meaning. What does Jericho mean? It isn’t just a city. Jerusalem means “a place or a person found in peace.” Jericho is a city of confusion. See, a certain man went down from peace to a city of confusion. And he got robbed. Well, let’s look around the country, around the world. Who got robbed? Black people got robbed. Robbed of our name, robbed of our language. Robbed of our culture. Robbed of our way of life. They robbed us, Brother.

They put us in the hold of a ship, brought us to America, they stripped us naked. I’m looking at my wife, I’m in the bottom of the ship, chained, and these Portuguese and these British people, are raping my daughter, and I’m hearing her crying, and I can’t do anything. Robbed her of her virtue. Peeing and defecating on her, and I’m sitting next to a brother, who is dying, and in order to survive, I’ve got to eat his feces. We forget. Eighty percent of the Africans who finally got to America—half of them had at least three of their toes eaten off by rats. What people would do a people like that if they aren’t devils?

So, now we go to Psalms 135, where it says, “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down. We hung our harps in the midst thereof. And those who took us into captivity required of us a song. And those who wasted us away, required of us mercy. “Sing us one of those songs of Zion.” But the Book says our ancestor looked up at the slave master and said, “How can I sing the Lord’s song in a strange land, amongst a strange people?” That’s all they wanted us to do: sing and dance. So, we said, “O.K., you want us to sing? We’ll sing, but we have to sing in parables. ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Coming for to Carry me Home.’ See, because we knew this wasn’t our home. ‘I Looked Over Jordan.’ Jordan is East. ‘And What Did I See? A Band of Angels Coming After Me. Coming For to Carry Me Home!’

The whole Book talks about us. You can take each of those scriptures and apply them to us. It’s relevant! But when we make our people think God doesn’t even care about us—we aren’t even relevant in scripture—that’s why the dudes in the street don’t want to read the Bible. They say, “Get that out of here. You’re talking about white people and those children of Israel, and the people over in Babylon, Man, what about us?”

It is you. Because America is found in scripture as the mystery Babylon, “the great is fallen, is fallen, has become the habitation of every unclean and foul bird.”

Every unclean and foul thing you want to do, you can do in America. She is the mystery Babylon. If you spell out the word: B A B Y L O N, it’s got “baby,” and it’s got ‘lon.’ How did America come into power? America got her power from London, the British. So, America is a baby nation. And Britain is the one that gave power to the whore. And America is a whore; she will fornicate with anybody that wants to do business with her. She’s a whore for oil; she’s an oil junkie; she’s got to have it. So, when you look at New York, where is the old York? When you look at New Hampshire, where did they get that name from? Right out of London.

So, therefore, that whole Book talks about America. It talks about a mystery Babylon. We live in it. And God is angry with America because of its treatment of Blacks and the Native people of this land. And God is going to destroy it. And we will see all kinds of crazy weather for the next few years, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrrakhan says. He says, “You are going to see whole cities collapsing under earthquakes. We will see the East and West coastlines cave in. Because God is going to break America down. Because that is what God had to do to Babylon and Rome.

God had to attack them in their monetary structure, because the slaves were worshipping the money. And that’s why, Jesus, when He looked at Caesar’s money, didn’t see God, He saw Ceasar’s picture.

They don’t do that! They don’t do what Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” They would say, “Gimme.” They would be going to these White folks: “Gimme.” Why should we have to get a scholarship from a White man? We should open our own schools! What’s wrong with us? All of these brothers and sisters went and got their doctorates, and they are hidden up in Harvard and Yale. Open our own college! You give a scholarship—you’ve got that big ole’ church!

So, the Bible says, “Woe to the preacher who feeds himself and not the flock.” I wouldn’t want to be that kind of preacher today. Because, when Jesus comes back, He is not coming back to unite—He is coming back to separate. He is coming with a sword. He’s saying, “I’m coming into the House of God first; I’m cutting heads.” Boy, it’s getting ready to get deep. That is where are. There are a lot of scriptures that point to Black people. In fact, almost every one that you read, points to us.

Deuteronomy 4:33, where it talks about carving a nation out of another nation. Here we are, a nation. But we are a nation within a nation. And in Daniel it talks about the name change—when you had Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the enemy tried to get them to change their names, because he knew the power of disconnecting you from that which gave you power.

We didn’t have the names Henry and John and Randy. And all Muslims—all 5 billion Muslims—you can’t be a Muslim if you don’t believe in Jesus. In fact, we believe in the last day, Christ in God is going to return. We believe that! No Jew believes that. We do.
We should be closer than anybody to the Christian. It was a Christian who saved the life of our prophet. An Abyssinian King saved Prophet Muhammad’s life, and he questioned Prophet Muhammad on Jesus. And when Prophet answered, [the king] said, “This man believes what I believe.” Why don’t the preachers teach that?

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