Let There Be Light

By Rev. Ade Ajala

Genesis 1:1-3
1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. 3 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In the beginning…! What a way to begin the bible. I often ask people what chapter one of the book of Genesis is all about and the answer is always that Genesis chapter one is about creation. But looking critically at this chapter, we can see that it is not about creation, it is about the Creator. The primary purpose of the book of Genesis is to reveal God. It is an introductory piece about the nature, the character, the power, the majesty, the workings and the glory of God.

If you want to know God better, then read the book of Genesis. If you want an understanding about how God works, read the book of Genesis. If you want to learn how to live a life that have purpose, read the book of Genesis. If you want to live a life free of worry and depression, then read the book of Genesis. If you want to learn about the importance of hospitality, read the book of Genesis. If you want to know the implication of living a compromising Christian life, then read the book of Genesis. It is very important to read the whole Bible, but I propose to you that the book of Genesis gives you a taste of the dynamics of heaven’s agenda on earth.

I thought I know Him until I begin to read and study the book of Genesis and I found out that I know little of Him. Unfortunately, much of the little I know of Him was distorted and I was in great danger of ignorance. As I read the book of Genesis, I begin to discover that God is eternal, that His power is limitless and that He can change my circumstance for the better. I begin to discover His unlimited love for me, I begin to discover how His glory gives meaning to my life and purpose to my step with abundance of Joy deposited into my heart. This is the story of the God who is introducing Himself to us today from the book of Genesis chapter 1.

The God whose very presence gives fulfillment to the empty, gives healing to the broken, gives forgiveness to the sinful, gives freedom to the bitter, gives purpose to the meaningless, gives help to the helpless, gives courage to the fearful, gives strength to the weak, gives reality to the religious, gives hope to the hopeless and love to the loveless. This is the God who is introducing Himself to us anew today.

He introduced Himself to us in a very humble way. He did not waste words as we do when we are introducing the nobles of this world. He did not use superlative words to describe Himself. He simply said: “In the beginning God..” This statement means that God is from the beginning. He has been and forever will be. He is eternal. Then the Bible went on to say, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” This means that everything on the planet was created by God. Nothing exists in this world that was not created by Him. But not only that, this also imply that He is in control of everything including your life and my life. Because He is eternal and He created everything and He is in control of everything including your life and that of your family, you can rest in His love. God was in the past, He is in the present and He is also simultaneously in the future preparing the way for us and working to answer our prayers of faith.

What are you worried about? I don’t know about you, but I only worry about the future. I am yet to meet a man or woman who is worrying about yesterday or what has passed. It is always the future that we are worried about. Let me assure you that God is eternal and He is in control. He is not bound by time and He knows the end from the beginning. He is in charge of the present and the future.

Do not worry about what will become of your children, do not worry about what would become of your financial future and that of your family. Do not worry about your health; do not worry about the future of your career or your job. The eternal God is in control and He has got all of your future mapped out to His own glory! The earth was without form and void–or in “confusion and emptiness,” This globe, at some undescribed period, was a dark and watery waste for ages perhaps, from this chaotic state, the present fabric of the world was made to arise. God created this beautiful world from a state of emptiness and chaos and he turned it to a beautiful place for you and I to live.

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May I declare to you today that I do not care what your life is right now or what type of life you had been living before now. No matter the confusion, the uncertainty of your life, God is able and wants to turn it to a beautiful life that all people will see you and behold the beauty of the LORD. The life of some people are without shape and empty, there is no satisfaction, no joy, no meaning. Some lives are empty inside and some are in darkness of ignorance, depression, despair and some are still in the darkness of separation from God. Many are living lives that have no stability or security. It is as if to say they are living on waters. But let me encourage you if you are here today and you can identify with some or many of these things, God wants to bring order to your life. He wants to bring security to your life. He wants to restore your life to the original Master plan He had before the fall. All you need to do is call on Him.

In the midst of the darkness all over the earth, do you notice that the Spirit of the Lord was moving? “… And darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. The Spirit of God moved–literally, continued brooding over it, as a fowl does, when hatching eggs. The immediate agency of the Spirit, by working on the dead and discordant elements, combined, arranged, and ripened them into a state adapted for being the scene of a new creation.

And darkness was upon the face of the deep – The Spirit of God was the first Mover; He moved upon the face of the waters – He moved upon the face of the deep, as the hen gathered her chicken under her wings, and hovers over them, to warm and cherish.

For lives to be full of meaning and purpose, God has to show up with His Spirit. By His Spirit, God, as He did with the world, can turn an ugly, empty lives into a life of purpose again. God as Creator is active in big and small ways. A small tear, a small hurt feeling, a small kindness, a small insult, a small sin, a small lie, a small need for love and encouragement, a small word of praise, a small bite of food or article of clothing or a small worry that is robbing you of your joy. Nothing is too small for the creator’s attention. God is active in big things as well. He raised Lazarus from the dead, He fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish, He calmed a stormy sea etc. Finally He allowed Himself to be nailed on the cross and died, but also He rose from the dead, so that you and I might have eternal life.

Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. (verse 3) You see when the Spirit of God is moving the word of God will be coming forth. By His Spirit, God said, Let there be light. The Spirit of God spoke the word of God. The Bible says, “Then God said..” You see God’s word is powerful. It was spoken into the chaos of the beginning to bring about order and beauty. Again and again, we read “Then God said..” As He spoke so the whole creation obeys. We see the unfolding majestic power of God through the power of His word.

Regardless of the chaos and the form or condition of the earth, we read that each day the word of God is sent forth to bring about the beauty for each day. God will send forth the word for today into your life to bring you the beauty of this day. Amen!

The Bible says in Hebrew 4:12 “For the word of God is powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Day after day, the earth was transformed from emptiness to fullness of life and beauty because of the word of God being sent forth by God. Do you feel as if your life is empty? Are you yearning for God-pleasing change so that your life could be filled with satisfaction, joy, love, purpose, abundance, etc. Then look into God’s word for your life. Read your Bible every day, understand it and apply it your life.

Or may be you know someone whose life is empty, filled with chaos, controlled by alcohol, drug, etc. I encourage you to bring the word of god to such person. You see God’s word has not lost its power to change, life. As it has been in the beginning, so it remains in power today and forever. There is no life so shattered and devastated that it is beyond God’s power to redeem and transform. If by the power in the word of God, He transforms the earth, Gods can do the same in your life and in your circumstances.

“Then God said, let there be light!” This is one of the greatest statements ever made. God spoke the word and the light shone. The reason God spoke light into existence by His word is that life cannot be healthy without light. Light sustains life. Is there any areas of your life that needs light? I am saying are some parts of your life surrounded or envelope by darkness? God wants to speak light into your darkness.

May be you are faced with financial chaos or crisis, may be yours is discouragement about your future and the direction you are to take. May be you do not have fulfillment in your life because of lack of clear direction. You have tried and tried yet you have not gotten the breakthrough. I have good news for you. God is about to speak light into your circumstances today and your life will be fulfilled.

Let me warn you though of this important fact; sometimes religion is the darkness in our lives. We may be in the darkness of religion. You see Saul of Tarsus was in the darkness of religion before he met Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus and the light of God came into his life and drove darkness away. It is not religion that brings light it is Jesus Christ. Relationship not religion is the answer. Jesus Christ is the light of the world. John 1:4-5 “In Him was life and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

His life is our light – our meaning, our reason for living, our fulfillment and satisfaction and joy and peace. When you invite Jesus Christ into your life, you automatically invited light into your life. Let the light of God come into your situation, into your life, into your circumstances and darkness would disappear because darkness could not comprehend light. Some are searching for this light in wrong places. Don’t look for light in your job find it in Jesus. Don’t look for light in your education find it in Jesus. Don’t look for light in religion find it in Jesus. Don’t look for light in money find it in Jesus. Don’t look for light in sex find it in Jesus. Don’t look for light in alcohol find it in Jesus John says, the light has come! He is the living word who was in the beginning with God, who Himself was God, who became flesh! His name is Jesus!!..

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