21 MARCH 2018 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS The Value of Fasting You may think of fasting as something done only by people who have taken vows of poverty, or perhaps by the highly devout. Then there are those that believe that “fasting” is old fashion and not nec- essary now. “Lord I ask that you touch every persons heart that believe or think fasting isn't important. Fasting is one of the most important part of your prayer life. Zechariah discussed fasting for people who were prospering materially (Zech 7:5) Largely because their community was in the middle of a building boom, they were moving up the ladder economically. In today's terms they might be called; people on the move, people making things happen and upwardly moble. It is interesting that Zechariah challenged these people with fasting in the context of community development and social justice (Zech. 7:6-10). Just to name a few reasons why fasting can be a valuable practice in your life: ■ ■ Fastings can help us remember what it was like to be hungry and to do without, and keep us humble as God promotes us. * Fastings can help us remember the spiritual resources of God that sustained us when we didn't have much, and it can also enable us to focus on the Lord. ■ ■ Fasting can help us remember and identify with those around us who are poor and hungry. It's our duty to continue to pray & fast for those who lack in finances, shelter, jobless and sick. ■ ■ Many Believers struggle with weight loss, believ- ing in a pill or diet plan more then turning their plate over and praying to God to help you fight the battle of losing weight. Other purposes for fasting among the Israelities included: The gallant men of Gilead fasted for seven days to express their grief overing Saul's death (1 Chr.10;12) Rather than hide their sadness and feelings of loss, they openly expressed it by using fasting as a cleansing discipline. Other fasting purpose includes; * Commemorating special occasions of God deliverance (Zech. 8:19); * We can't forget repenting of and griev- ing for disobedience and sin against the Lord (Judg. 20:26; 1 Sam 7:6) * Expressing humility before God (Lev.16:29; Ps 69:10) * Seeking guidance from the Lord by clearing out the senses and focusing on Him (Ex. 34:28; 2 Chr. 20:3-4). Fasting is a means toward spiritual focus by concentrating on God rather than food and other personal needs. Are you facing major challenges or decision? Fasting would be the best way to honor God in the situation and ask for His help. It will sur- prise you how depriving yourself of a day's food in order to concentrate on the Lord can build spiritual muscle and moral fiber. In closing our main story about "Fasting" is Jesus. He fasted for forty days in the wilderness after being baptized by John at the start of His ministry (Matt. 4:2) Satan came to tempt Him into sin, but He withstood the test. I remind you how Satan tried to tempt Jesus because he will surely tempt you everytime you fast. Be strong and unmoveable when Satan comes to tempt you. Yes, fasting will increase your prayer life and your personal relationship with God. All of us have something to fast about....go ahead and step into a deeper prayer life with fasting. It will be hard many things will try to interupt you such as, the phone, someone knocking at your door etc. Fight the temp- tation it will be well worth it! Rev. Dr. PM Wynn Grove & Lee W. Grove Jr., are the Founders of Heavenly Sent Ministries. Also, Associate Pastors of The Potter House of Denver. "You are invited to come join us for service. Pastor PM can be reached at pmwynn9@msn.com. Pastor Paul P. Nelson Pastor Paul P. Nelson was born March 4, 1966 in the Bronx, New York City to John and Thomasena Nelson. He is the number twelfth child of fourteen siblings. Pastor Nelson, after graduating from Adelai E. High School in June 1986, joined the USARMY in April 1987 and went to Fort Sill Oklahoma for basic training. After graduating from basic training he went to Babenhausen, Germany from 1987-1989. When his two year tour was done in Germany he came to Fort Carson from 1989 -1990. Then Pastor Nelson was sent back to Germany to Friedberg where he was sent to serve in the Gulf War called “Desert Storm”. During his tour in the Gulf War, Pastor Nelson was given his E-5 sergeant By Dr. PM Wynn Grove PROFILE Continued on Page 22 SERMON