The Will To Pray Now

By Rev. Alvin Simpkins

The roll of life’s troubles includes: sickness, poverty, pain, hurt, danger, fear, hatred, prejudice, AIDS, greed, selfishness and on and on. There is one type of person who has what it takes, who by God’s help is equal to any or all of life’s challenges: the person with the WILL TO PRAY NOW.

If you want to live in this tough, evil and misdirected world and still have some real faith and optimism, you must develop and maintain the will to pray now. When you have what it takes to deal creatively and spiritually with the harsh facts of human existence and still keep on believing in God and good godly outcomes, you must have the will to pray now and believe God.

The word WILL is a way of life. It doesn’t mean swaggering, sneering or giving up when the going gets tough. Webster’s defines it as:

WILL: having the quality mentally of being strong or firm in texture, but flexible and not brittle; yielding to force without breaking; capable of resisting great strain without coming apart. Self-discipline, control exercised over oneself.

To get this way depends for the most part on how you think, whether with weakness or strength, timid or fearlessness, hesitancy or forthrightness; add toughness to your mental attitude and you’ve got a mixture that is something special, very special.

When you are tough-willed you can endure strain and not break apart in your thoughts and spirit.

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