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21FEBRUARY 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Him and said to Him Teacher do You not care that we are perishing John 1327-29 27 Now after the piece of bream Satan entered him. Then Jesus said to him What you do do quickly. 28But no one at the table knew for what reason He said this to him. For some thought because Judas had the money box that Jesus had said to him Buy those things we need for the feast or that he should give something to the poor. Judas was the treasurer because Jesus had money. Judas was steal- ing the disciples did not even know it. Jesus was not broke because He had treasures and there was money in the account. Job 11-5 1 There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job and that man was blameless and upright and one who feared God and shunned evil. And seven sons and three daughters were born to him. 3 Also his possessions were seven thousand sheep three thousand camels five hundred yoke of oxen five hundred female donkeys and a very large householcl so that this man was the greatest of all the people of the East.4 And his sons would go and feast in their houses each on his appointed day and would send and invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them. - So it was when the days of feasting had run their course that Job would send and sanctify them and he would rise early in the morning and offer burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Job saic4 It may be that my sons have sinned and cursed 9l God in their hearts. Thus Job did regularly Job had plenty of money. Jesus became poor on the cross. He came from the place where the whole street was gold. He became poor on the cross so that you and I will not be poor. Job thought that his sons were in sin that his sons might have done some- thing wrong. He was sin conscious Ecclesiastes 108 8He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it and whoso breaketh an hedge a ser- pent shall bite him. KJV Job 113-21 13 Now there was a day when his sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their oldest brothers house 14 and a messenger came to Job and said The oxen were plowing and the donkeys feeding beside them j when the Sabeanstd raided them and took them awayindeed they have killed the servants with the edge of the sword and I alone have escaped to tell you 16 While he was still speaking another also came and said The fire of God fell from heaven and burned up the sheep and the servants and con- sumed them and I alone have escaped to tell you. While he was still speak- ing another also came and said The Chaldean formed three bands raided the camels and took them away yes and killed the servants with the edge of the sword and I alone have escaped to tell you 18 While he was still speak- ing another also came and said Your sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their oldest brothers house 19 and suddenly a great wind came from acrosstff the wilderness and struck the four corners of the house and it fell on the young people and they are dead and I alone have escaped to tell YOUp 20 Then Job arose. tore his robe. and shaved his head. and he fell to the ground and worshiped. 21 And he said. Naked I came from my mothers womb And naked shall I return there. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away Blessed be the name of the LORD God did not take it Satan took it because Job permitted it. Job 325 2s For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me And what I dreaded has happened to me. Job got into fear. When you get into fear you begin to say those fears with your mouth and your confession brings your possession. Job 623-24 23 Or Deliver me from the enemys hand Or Redeem me from the hand of oppressors 24 Teach me and I will hold my tongue Cause me to under- stand wherein I have erred. God is not a taker He is a giver God is not a curser He is a blesser God is not a killer He is life giver. Job 4210-11 0 And the LORD restored Jobs loss- es97 when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before. 11 Then all his brothers all his sisters and all those who had been his acquaintances before came to him and ate food with him in his house and they consoled him and comforted him for all the adversity that the LORD had brought upon him. Each one gave him a piece of silver and each a ring of gold. If you belief that God is your problem you will not trust Him REDEEMED IS PAST TENSE. ACTION IS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE IM REDEEMED FROM POVERTY SICKNESS AND DEATH FROM THIS DAY FORWARD SATAN HAS NO RIGHT FOR PUTTING IT ON ME BECAUSE ITS FINISHED. THE LAW HAS BEEN FULFILLED AND NOW IM FREE. NOW IM FREE TO BE HEALED SAVED DELIVERED PROSPERED FULL OF JOY AND ITS NOT GRIEVOUS WHAT GOD TOLD ME TO DO IM GOING TO DO IT BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT HES DOING HES KEEPING THE UMBRELLA OVER MY HEAD. HE PROMISED HE WILL INCREASE ME MORE AND MORE. IM READY FOR IT AND IM GOING FORWARD RIGHT NOW BORN ... from page 6 4 Years of Community Service Bannered Host Ministries opens its 4th year of serving our community. Why Because we see things a little differently. After Gods Own Heart focuses on using the Word of God to address The Purity Code exposing the systemic issues which destroy our children through not knowing and valuing the gifts and treasures within themselves Financial Planning skills are introduced for life which encourage goal setting and budgeting College Preparedness to shine a light on the steps to apply for college the competitiveness not only in the United States but worldwide and what are the expectations of applicants. We are not afraid to address the fact that some of our youth are better served with the alternative to college Trade School training. Self Esteem strengthens edifies and motivates the hearts of our children developing confidence and hope which is so vitally needed in our competitive society. Nutrition and Fitness which reinforces how our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost and the things that the youth are so easily entrapped in that destroy our bodies e.g. energy drinks If the After Gods Own Heart program only offered the above curriculum that would be something to smile about however the objective of the program is not to Smile but to REJOICE. That is why additional topics are also addressed Spiritual Warfare Self Defense and new this year The Truth About Drugs. The Word of God tells us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows old he will not depart from it. Our youth have too many negatives influences available to them with social media alone. Here is an example from the Word of God many of us know all too well My people perish for a lack of knowledge to whom is this really addressed Not the people but both the people and the priest the ministers. Lets take a careful informed look at the famous verse so often quoted. Hosea 46 it has 3 parts not one PEOPLE PRIEST CHILDREN. Study the word even further and add to your understanding. Example HOSEA 4 9 It Will Be Like People Like Priest HOSEA 51 Hear oh priest give heed house of Israel judgement applies to YOU . Matthew 2313-15 adds more light combined with Mark 7 3513. Traditions of men are unfortunately being taught and our children of all ages are suffering. Martin Luther King Jr. and Moses spoke to the systems of rule and gov- ernment which enslaved the children of God Exodus 935 Exodus 102023. Let my people children go The heart of Bannered Host Ministries is to help the family unit and the church train up our children Our mission is to RESCUE through the pursuit of the following principles Responsibility Empowerment Serving Commitment Understanding and Ethical Values. Visit our web-site Applications can be downloaded and mailed to PO Box 17808 Denver CO 80217 or email to info Orientation will be held March 19 2016 at The Summit Event Center in Aurora at 1000am. Final registration will be required at that time. If you dont have a child consider sponsoring a child for 25.00 per student. Christians as the faith of choice then why is our behavior getting worse even though we practice the religion more faithfully than anyone else When the mainstream media discuss the values of the Black community they have to be asessing the effectiveness of their own religious system because were practicing what Europeans presented as a Truth guiding system. We accept and practice the system to the best of our ability so shouldnt we also assess its effectiveness against the illnesses and failures that we are currently experiencing to a greater degree than other cultural groups If Black Life really Matters then why arent we fixing Black culture so that we can experi- ence success and health. Instead of pursuing the sciences of engineering botany psychology economics and the like our youth are chasing money and entertainment. Will our culture survive on a steady diet of comedy music movies and sports Whats interesting is that the domi- nant culture practices the religion less than we do as they secretly admit that it isnt working for them either The Pews study indicates that more and more American adults are dropping religious affiliation from their identity. Almost one in four Americans and more than one-third of those aged 18 to 33 now claim no religious affiliation. According to a CNN report May 2015 more than one-third of millennials now say they are unaffiliated with any faith up 10 percentage points since 2007. Various Christian researchers includ- ing LifeWay Christian Resources docu- ment the trends and factors dissuading people from religious affiliation. Some are listed here as follows Christians are judgmental andor hypocritical Churches are always asking for money I disagree with the ethical political or social stance I dont want to identify with organized religion. Lets be clear this critique is not stating that God is not important it is stating that orga- nized religion in its current form is failing to meet the needs of the people. If a public school system if failing to successfully educate the vast majority of its students then ultimately we have to look at the flaws in the system or are we going to continue to blame the students If the guiding principle the church was working then why is there such division in the community The mani- festation of the lack of unity is legions. Are we really practicing monotheism as we continue to separate things that belong together such as the people Consider just a few examples 1 boy- cott the Oscars vs. attend the Oscars 2 Celebrate your own actors vs. the Image awards are racist 3 build our own schools vs. go to Harvard 4 eat pork smoke cigarettes drink liquor vs. the script-ture youre going to die from something 5 Celebrate Christmas vs. you know Jesus wasnt born on the 25th6 Worship on the Sabbath Saturday vs. Sunday is tra- dition 7 You know there is no letter J in the Hebrew alphabet so how did you get the name Jesus Versus we accept the English derivation 8 Why did you name that baby Lakeisharanda see what happened is that the way my bank account is set-up Really is there any rhyme or reason for nam- ing our children We dont know who we are anymore If Black Life Matters then it will matter because its survival comes from the strength of the culture. If we dont find who we are culturally which includes the genetic memory of our historical spiritual development systems then the long awaited return of our salvation becomes ever more distant. MATTER... from page 21 TESTIMONY By Pastor Mike Spivey