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4 BOCNEWS.comFEBRUARY 2016 And Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people Matthew 423 It would be of significant benefit to our country nation wide if as many churches as possible would get involved in church related health ministry. We can see from the text above that healing was in inte- gral part of the ministry of Christ along with preach- ing and teaching. Furthermore if we read carefully the Book of Acts we can find many instances were the apostles engaged in acts of healing e.g. Acts 3 1-8 Acts 14 8-10 I believe we should still have healing as a part of our church ministry. Today our methods may be different as we may spend our time teaching and educating people although we should still pray for healing for those who are ill and even do the laying on of hands and anointing people. We can also teach people to prevent illness or how to take care of themselves if they have chronic illnesses. We can do similar things to those a medical practitioner does as such people spend a significant amount of time teaching and educating people. Church can be places were we gather people together and as a group teach health information. We can also do things such as screening people for the presence of diseases. We need to learn how our churches can be places were people can find well- ness and healing. If we do this we will be doing what Jesus and the apostles did in their ministry. I would like to share with you now some informa- tion about how your church can do health ministry. You might be surprised about what you are able to do even if you have no medical background or training. This is necessary as your church may not have anyone with medical training who is a mem- ber of your church. In the African American com- munity in particular it is a common finding that people with medical training are in short supply. In America today about 6 percent of African Americans are physicians or nurses depending on the refer- ence source you read. Does this mean that because such professionals are in short supply we are not able to do health ministry Not at all as we can do things to teach educate and help people to live longer and better. We can educate ourselves as to how we can prepare ourselves to help people. We need to remember that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Hosea 46 We can do something to help. First of all lets talk about some things you can do to get organized so you can do health ministry if you have accepted the fact that this is something you need to do. Your church needs a supportive Pastor. Then you need to have a heath ministry committee to study and plan things. Do not put the whole burden on your Pastor. The health committee may only need 4 or 5 diligent people to plan and implement things. You can lay out your strategy by planning a calendar for the year and making a list of things to focus on. Here is a suggested list of things to do Network with other churches community orga- nizations and health care facilities if possible Make sure you minister to your own congrega- tion in addition to people in the community Be aware of places in your community besides your own church where you can minister such as shopping centers libraries community centers community events and festivals and churches other than your own Utilize if possible medical professionals you may know from the community Look up information on web- sites. One excellent source is the 15 most popular Health Websites eBizMBA. You will find information written from the perspective of a non-med- ical person but very useful medical facts. You can share with others information you have learned. Understand this definition of health Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity The World Health Organization Encourage exercise in your church-and do it yourself Start a walking club in your church and if possible give away or have people purchase a pedom- eter to help count their steps Encourage at lease 30 minutes of exercise daily. Encourage weight control and a healthy diet. Encourage people to get help for addictions such as tobacco alcohol and drugs. Organizations in your community such as the American Heart Association the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association among others may have some excel- lent brochures and handouts although these may have to be purchased Encourage people to see their doctor on a regular basis especially if they have any chronic health issues or just want to stay well if they have no health issues Refer if needed those without health insurance to safety net clinics in your city that help the uninsured. You can make a list of such places from research looking at a local directory. These things mentioned may be a start to your health ministry. There is more information to come. May God bless you and give you good health and bless your ministry. HealthMinistryWithoutMedicalTraining Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH We need to learn how our churches can be places were people can find wellness and healing. If we do this we will be doing what Jesus and the apostles did in their ministry. 1. WILLIAM MCDOWELL - SOUNDS OF REVIVAL 2. JONATHAN BUTLER - FREE 3. WOW GOSPEL 2016 4. TASHA COBB -ONE PLACE LIVE 5. EARNEST PUGH - HIDDEN TREASURERS 6. DEITRICK HADDON - MASTERPIECE 7. JAMES HALL - W A P ERA 8. ANTHONY BROWN - EVERYDAY JESUS 9. JOHN P. KEE - LEVEL NEXT 10 KIRK FRANKLIN - LOSING MY RELIGION