10 BOCNEWS.com OCTOBER 2017 Power and Fire Revival God is trying to tell us something. That is why the “2 Days of Power and Fire Revival” took place at Friendship Baptist Church of Christ Jesus on Sept 21-22, according to Rev. Paul Burleson. He said the emphasis of the Revival was on the political unrest and catastrophes occurring in this country and around the world. Special guest speaker Apostle Herman Murray spoke about how it mentions in the Bible about those things (disaster and wars) to come. “God is trying to tell us something. Look at Matthew 24 which reads like tomorrow morning’s newspaper. God told us certain things would hap- pen, but we would not know the date or hour. He said he would give us signs pointing to his coming.” Apostle Murray who min- isters at Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas, Texas added, “God said there would be wars, rumors of wars, pes- tilence and earthquakes. He also said when you see these things come to pass look up.” ‘People of God need to pre- pare themselves. This is the time to get closer to God, get real with God because time is running out.” So far, the United States has endured 49 different weather, climate and flood disasters in 2017. Houston, Texas and parts of Florida are still recovering from the devastating Hurricanes Harvey and Irma that left a pathway of destruction. People were waiting to be rescued after being bur- ied beneath buildings during the latest earthquake that left Mexico City, Mexico in piles of rubble. Puerto Rico, Caribbean’s and other islands also suffered devastation from the wrath of hurricanes. Earlier this year, cyclones hit Australia and Zimbabwe leaving hundreds dead. Besides all the natural disaster, there were mass shootings around the world and the Islamic extrem- ist group ISIS continuing to wreak havoc. Now a possible threat of a nuclear war with North Korea. So you wonder is God really trying to tell us be prepared. “I agree that this is the time we need to come together,” said Rev. Burleson. “God will use any means, situation, circumstance or condition to bring us back to him. And some of the things going on today is because of sin.” Rev. Burleson is a native of Texas but has been in Colorado since 1969. He served his country in the United States Air Force from 1965-1969. He said Friendship Baptist Church of Christ Jesus is committed to winning souls for Christ. For those unchurched or whatever church you go to, Rev. Burleson stresses, “I just encourage people to be in the body of Christ.” Friendship Baptist Church of Christ Jesus is locat- ed at 880 Fairfax Ave. in Denver. For more informa- tion call 303-321-5529 RECAP Herman Murray & Paul and Dallas Burleson God is trying to tell us something. Look at Matthew 24 which reads like tomorrow morning’s newspaper. God told us certain things would happen, but we would not know the date or hour. By Sheila Smith watch the video at bocnews.com You’ve Stayed Here Long Enough In Deuteronomy 1:6-7, God was talking to His peo- ple about leaving their past behind. God wanted to do something great for them, but they would have to trust Him for a new beginning. They would have to make changes and get off the mountain they were on. It seems as though just before we have any kind of a major breakthrough that our spiritual enemy fights us the hardest. It seems as though it's darkest just before the dawn. It seems as though setbacks take place just before we go into the promises that God has for us. If you’re going through a dark period in your life, you need to believe that God is getting you ready for something new. If things don't look too good today, start looking forward because God is preparing you for a new beginning. God is saying that you’ve stayed in the same place long enough. You’ve been in a rut long enough. It’s time to let go of the past once and for all. It's time to quit holding on to whatever happened and move into your future. It's time to quit fighting change. God says that you’ve stayed in this rut long enough. You can't go back to the past anyway, so you might as well move on to a new beginning that God has for you. He will outdo Himself if you will trust Him. If you are going to put God first, then you can't get locked into doing things the same way. God is always on the move and He's always doing new things. It's time to make some changes. You can't help where you have been, but you can help where you are going. You have stayed here long enough. Sometimes God has to allow certain relationships to die, so He can do a new thing. Yes, it's diffi- cult to lose something you love. But sometimes He has to pull bad relationships away from us because we have stayed there long enough. If you are tithing and serving God with all your heart, you have to believe that it’s only a matter of time until He is works everything out in your life. If you are tithing and walking with Him, you have to believe that all things will work togeth- er for your good eventually. You may be hurting because of some things you’ve gone through. But you’ve stayed in this negative cycle long enough. It's time to move on. You may be hurting because of the loss- es in your life. But it's time to move on." God has a word for the sin- gles today. If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want to live for the Lord, tell them that you’ve stayed in this situation long enough and it's time to move on. It's time to face reality. You have stayed in this place long enough. It’s time to put God first and get back into church. It's time to face reality and move on. It's time to get over some things and move on. Quit thinking about that old romance and move on. Put God first, say goodbye to the past and move on. Sometimes you have to say, "I have cried long enough. I have felt sorry for myself long enough. I am not the only person who has been divorced, been betrayed, been abused, lost a loved one, or lost a home. I have stayed in this funky place long enough." God told Abraham that if he would leave his past behind, He would take him to a new place. But He would have to walk by faith and not by sight. Sometimes making changes can be scary. But God wants you to trust Him. If you want to go to a new place, you have to quit talking about the past. Quit bring- ing up all the stuff you went through. You’ve stayed on this mountain long enough. You’ve been bitter long enough. It’s time to pull up stakes and move on. You have to get off the merry-go-round and take a leap of faith. “You’ve stayed on this mountain long enough”. If you are going to get off this mountain, you have to forgive all those who have hurt you. You can't go to a new place until you let go of the hurts and pain of the past. God forgave you and you didn't deserve it. Now you must forgive others who don't deserve it. You cannot afford to let your past hold you hostage any longer. You have been bitter long enough. You have been in this rut long enough. It's time to let it go and watch God promote you. Let it go and watch SERMON By Bishop Dennis Leonard Dennis Leonard Continued on Page 12