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4 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God. I Corinthians 1031 Diabetes is a medical condition that can cause devastating complications and on the other hand despite the fact one may have it it is pos- sible to live well and be well In America today 21 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and about 8 million have it but have not yet been diagnosed with the condition or know for sure they have it. 86 million people have a condition called prediabetes that exists without symptoms with blood sugars too low to say a person has diabetes but puts them at risk to develop actual diabetes and increased risk of stroke and heart attack. There is type I diabetes which begins as a rule at a younger age but can begin at any age. In these patients the body cannot make insulin properly and the condi- tion can not be prevented. There is Type 2 diabetes in which the body may make insulin but not be able to use it properly. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed. There is also diabetes that may occur during pregnancy. One major concern we can realize today is that there is at times lack of knowledge and misinforma- tion or misunderstanding about diabetes and this may produce harm or preventable suffering and even loss of life. In view of this we can look at some myths that we should address in regards to diabetes Myth If I feel well I cannot and do not have dia- betes. It is possible to have diabetes for years perhaps as long as a decade without any significant symptoms. After some time one might end up however with loss of feeling and pain in the feet due to nerve damage visual loss or a stroke or heart attack. There may also be kid- ney damage and injuries to the circulation of blood that could lead to loss of a limb or part of one. These are potentially deadly complications that are largely preventable. If you know you have a family history off diabetes are overweight sed- entary or you are an ethnic minority you may need to be tested for diabetes annually at least. Screening for diabetes is something you should discuss with your primary care pro- vider. There is accurate testing possible. Please dont be a vic- tim of circumstances relative to undiscovered diabetes. Myth Diabetes is not a seri- ous disease. Diabetes is a serious and chronic disease that can however be controlled. More people each year die of diabetes than breast cancer and AIDS combined and 2 out of three people with diabetes may die of stroke or heart attack. It is in fact a serious condition that calls for good medical care lifestyle changes and taking medica- tion properly. The goal is control and a longer and healthier life than would other wise be possible. Myth If I am obese or overweight I will get diabe- tes. Your weight is in fact a risk factor for diabetes but there are others such as family history sedentary living and being an ethnic minor- ity. Most overweight people do not develop diabetes and there are people with normal body weight who do in fact develop diabetes. Having said this how- ever for the sake of being in good health it is best to have a healthy weight and not be sedentary. Again it is impor- tant to discuss with your doc- tor screening for diabetes and any lifestyle changes you might need to make. Myth I can tell by how I feel if my blood sugar is too high or too low. It is a very risky thing to simply go by how you feel. There are indeed symp- toms that may develop if the blood sugar it too high or too low. Many people however feel nothing with either extreme of blood sugar whether too high or too low. The best and safest way to tell if the blood sugar is out of acceptable range is by blood sugar testing at home or even away from home such as at work or even other places using a glucometer or glucose testing machine. Your doctor can advise you what the acceptable range of blood sugar should be and what to do about it and you can use the small device you can get anywhere. Myth I have been using pills for my diabetes and now I was told by my doctor I need to add shots. That means perhaps I need a new doctor It may come as a surprise to learn that pills by themselves are not now able to control your diabe- tes. However this is what may happen as a natural development with diabetes over time. The pancreas organ may just not produce enough insulin now and this may naturally occur as diabetes progresses even if you have an excellent physician There are now a multitude of medications taken in pill form andor injection to help control your diabetes. May God bless you and help you to care for your- self as you belong to Him. Myths About Diabetes Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH It is possible to have diabetes for years perhaps as long as a decade without any significant symptoms. After some time one might end up however with loss of feeling and pain in the feet due to nerve damage visual loss or a stroke or heart attack. 1. PAUL MORTON - THE KINGDOM SOUND 2. TASHA COBBS - ONE PLACE LIVE 3. KIM BURRELL - A DIFFERENT PLACE 4. LEONARD SCOTT - GREATNESS OF YOUR LOVE 5. ALEXIS SPIGHT - DEAR DIARY 6. GEOFFREY GOLDEN - KINGDOM LIVE 7. KAREN CLARK SHEARD - DESTINED TO WIN 8. ISRAEL 7 NEW BREED - COVERED ALIVE IN ASIA 9. PATRICK HOLLIS - NEW SEASON 10. RICHARD SMALLWOOD - ANTHOLOGY