Is This Not A Hate Crime?

By Body of Christ News

The Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance (GMDMA) is overwhelming concerned regarding the recent death threats on State Representative Rhonda Fields life. It comes as rude awakening to the fact that violence abounds at all levels of our society.

The desire to maintain the status-quo regarding the availability of guns has created a sharp division among all levels of our society. We have had great debates and open dialogue between all points of view, which is “most American.”

However, the line must be drawn at the point when a man would threaten the life on one of our law-makers. One who would dare to courageously lead us in a constructive direction designed to place a ‘check and balance’ on gun control that will help to cure some of the violence and death in our communities.

The fact that Representative Rhonda Fields has championed this cause and given great leadership to seeking positive legislation to save lives in our community has released a violent verbal attack on her character as a person, as a woman, and on her family. This attack is another significant declaration expressive of the need to have her proposed legislation passed.

The issue of second Amendment rights, free speech, becomes contradictory when those who make claim towards free speech seek to silence those who would speak for our communities and the betterment of our society. Threats and hate crime language hurled at our law makers and against a specific race of people provides validation as to why legislation needs to be in place to protect our citizens.

History reminds us that some of our greatest leaders in this nation have been destroyed by acts of violence. These acts of violence have often been in retaliation for those who have had to courage to don the mantle of leadership guiding us in directions of peace.

Case in Point:

  1. Abraham Lincoln while leading us out of Slavery – gunned down
  2. John F. Kennedy while supporting the Civil Right Movement in the 60’s – gunned down
  3. Robert Kennedy while attempting to extend the legacy of JFK – gunned down.
  4. Martin Luther King Jr. while extending his civil rights efforts to garbage workers – gunned down
  5. Malcolm X after returning from Mecca with a new vision of light & understanding – gunned down
  6. President Ronald Regan at the height of his leadership, after signing MLK Holiday Bill – shot and wounded
  7. Arizona Congress Gaby Giffords while Campaigning for a new term of office – shot and wounded

Countless other who lead and others who followed gave their lives through violent acts with the
use of guns. In light of our history, and the present distress, we must lift a voice of light and love to dispel the darkness and hatred of those who would hold us hostage in a sea of disillusion; believing we can maintain the easy access to weapons designed for mass destruction and at the same time stop the violence. Weapons produced for mass destruction were used in shooting at: Columbine, The Century 21 Theater, and most recently in New Town. Unlike these incidents, there has been a twist from concerns regarding random shootings and the issue of gun control to specific racial intimidation and personal prejudice.

As the African American community views the incarceration of a disproportionate number of males, in particular, it recognizes that there is an obvious disparity in terms of charges and administration of bail. The GMDMA is appalled at the inconsistency of the charging system by those who are called to administer justice on behalf of the citizens of our community.

If this is not a “hate crime” what should it be called? If the ranting and raging towards Representative Fields is not an unfulfilled hit list, what is it to be called? The language used towards Representative Fields is expressive of a mind filled with anger and a heart filled with hatred. In today’s climate, it is expressive of an incident waiting to happen. Law enforcement ought to move in a proactive manner. In emails and voice messages addressed to Representative Fields there is an obvious prejudice towards her, people of color in general, and to our President specifically. On that basis, the GMDMA wonders why there has not been a call for a federal investigation.

As men and women of faith, we, the GMDMA, declare we need better gun control. However, there is a greater need for better self-control. Recognizably, no legislation can fix what is wrong with our society. What is wrong lies not in legislative correction but is resident in the hearts of men and women. What we need is light, a new and brighter light, to dispel the darkness of despair and re-kindle the hope of our forefathers that has made this the great nation we are.

We are asking that we as a people join hands together and began to lift a “light of hope and courage” that will illuminate the minds and hearts of America; to collectively lift our voice and with purpose and focus declare, “God Bless America, Land That I Love!”

On April 4, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. we invite you to join with us at a Candlelight Vigil on the west steps of the State Capitol Building as we salute those who have lost loved ones to acts of violence, from Columbine to the Century 21 theatre and all the families in between in an effort to “Stop the Violence” and allow love to bring a peace in all of our communities.

Bishop Acen,
Vice-President of Political Affairs

Pastor William Golson,
President GMDMA

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