Evang. Dr. P.M. Wynn-Grove

P.M. Wynn was appointed (by the late Dr. Charles Fold, Chair of the GMWA Chapter Reps.) the Colorado Springs Chapter Representative to the National Organization of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Embracing diversity and keeping the community in touch has always been a trademark and passion of PM. She continues to minister through her current television program titled “Heavenly Sent,” which airs on the Word network, Saturday @ 11:30pm. P.M. is CEO of Wynn Public Relations & Consultant Group. Working with such ministries as Bishop Dennis Leonard, Juanita Bynum Ministries, Bishop James Dixon, Houston, TX, Doug Batchlor-Amazing Facts Los Angeles, Motivational Speaker Les Brown, Chicago, IL and clients overseas in Nassau Bahamas & Kaiserslautern, Germany just to name a few. “As you grow in Christ, you don’t stay in one place.” P.M. often states when she speaks to an audience. P.M. Wynn received her license and ordination into the Gospel Ministry from the Nat’l Bapt. Women Ministers Convention. Receiving a double dose from the Lord. The Bell Grove Theological Seminary has conferred upon P.M. Wynn the Degree of “Doctor Of Ministry Humanities. Her greatest joy is her husband Lee W. Grove Jr. and her 19 year-old son Genesis. Jesus is the center of her life & joy! P.M. Wynn is an Ambassador for Christ reaching the community.

You may email Evang. Dr. P.M. Wynn-Grove at pmwynn9@msn.com