Bodyof Christ News MARCH 2019 VOLUME 30, ISSUE 6 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM — Exodus 3:14 COMPLIMENTARY SERVING COMMUNITIES IN: DENVER, AURORA, MONTBELLO, BOULDER, COLORADO SPRINGS & PUEBLO SEX EDUCATION IN OUR SCHOOLS There are some things that ought to be taught at home and at church and not in publicly funded institutions. Supt. Patrick Demmer Jr. – pg 21 Is This Promise Really for Me? by DR. PM WYNN- GROVE: When you sin, you willfully choose to go outside His will... PAGE 15 When a Murderer is Sarcastic With God by REV MARJORIE B. LEWIS.... PAGE 02 What You Should Know About HIV/ AIDS by DR. BYRON CONNER... PAGE 08