Bodyof Christ News APRIL 2018 VOLUME 29, ISSUE 9 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM — Exodus 3:14 COMPLIMENTARY SERVING COMMUNITIES IN: DENVER, AURORA, MONTBELLO, BOULDER, COLORADO SPRINGS & PUEBLO I Will Pass This Test The Bible says in Genesis 22 that God tested Abraham. No matter who we are, we all will be tested in our faith. The writer in Hebrews 10:36 says that after we pass cer- tain tests, we'll see God’s promises come to pass. There's something about the troubles of life that prepare us for the future. There is something about the tests that make us stronger. There's something about the tests that cause us to trust God in a greater way. There’s something about the tests that push us to a higher level. We are like tea bags. We aren’t worth much until we pass through some hot water. It's the hot water that brings out the flavor. But after you’ve gone through some hot water and you’ve done the will of God, you will receive His Promises. Faith has to be tested. In fact, true faith has to pass through the fire. Every crisis is a turning point. All of the fires are about passing a test. Tithing is about passing the test. Forgiving your ex By Pastor Dennis Leonard On Saturday, March 10, 2018, almost 150 friends and fam- ily far and wide convened at the Del Mar Senior Center in Aurora, Colorado to celebrate the 100th birthday for the city’s newest cente- narian, Ms. Roberta Thomas. Born on March 8, 1918 in Cancienne, Louisiana, Ms. Roberta had the honor of being the eldest child of 3 brothers (now deceased) and one sister (Bessie Jones) who lives in Aurora, Colorado. After leaving Cancienne, Ms. Roberta recalled moving to Bossier City, Louisiana and later to Shreveport where she lived until she relocated to Colorado in 1995 (to be closer to her baby sister, Bessie). Her work history includes working in the city’s pecan factory until it closed, and later as a housekeeper for many years. At this once-in-a- lifetime, “talk of the city” Friends & Family Centenarian Birthday Party (hosted by Aurora Police Officer, James Seneca), we learned that Officer Seneca had been waiting for this day for years to honor Ms. Roberta with a special party to cel- ebrate her 100th birthday. Officer Seneca provided a Roberta Thomas Honored at 100th Birthday Celebration ADVERTISEMENT story continued on PAGE 6 story continued on PAGE 2