Bodyof Christ News NOV 2017 VOLUME 29, ISSUE 3 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM — Exodus 3:14 COMPLIMENTARY SERVING COMMUNITIES IN: DENVER, AURORA, MONTBELLO, BOULDER, COLORADO SPRINGS & PUEBLO Will Your House Withstand The Storm? Affectionately Known as the Community's Pastor God vs. The People Has America Been Playing God? Randall Craven digs to the roots of U.S. History while he explores and questions the actions of both America and Americans. From the psychology of "feelings" to the controversy of NFLathletes taking a knee during the NationalAnthem, Craven reveals the personal and collective blasphemy contained in the concepts of American exceptionalism and individualism. P A G E 9 PA G E 5 PAGE 20 BISHOP DENNIS LEONARD PA S T O R J I M D O T S O N Bishop Leonard asks us to question what sort of foundation we have been building for our lives. This is a must read for anyone trying to better their life. Deacon Adj., Mike L. Edmonds, writes a thank you and brief biography for Pastor Dotson (pictured left). Pastor Jim Dotson retired from his position on October 31st of this year.