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Bodyof Christ News JUNE 2016 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 10 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM Exodus 314COMPLIMENTARY BOCNEWS.COM SERVING COMMUNITIES IN DENVER AURORA MONTBELLO BOULDER COLORADO SPRINGS PUEBLO Gathering of the Kings Now Faith 20th Annual FatherSon Breakfast. June 18 see page 17 Candidates HowWillYou Help Our Community p.6 2 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 3JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Funerals Receptions Cremations 2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado 80205 303-861-4644 Advance Planning Presentation Funeral Pre-planning Saturday June 11 2016 at 1100 am Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary 2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado Attendees will receive a savings certificate which can be used toward the purchase of a plan. Refreshments will be served. This certificate properly executed and signed by a corporate officer of the company or designated funeral home official shall entitle Name and Address to a one-time credit equal to but not in excess of 5 towards the purchase price of any type funeral service through Designated Funeral Home This certificate of credit cannot be applied to the purchase of cash advance items vaults flowers taxes or existing contracts or balances. IN WITNESS WHEREOF Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary has caused this certificate to be signed by its corporate officer or appropriate official of the designated funeral home herein. By By Purchaser Caldwell-Kirk Officer By Funeral Home Official Date CERTIFICATE OF SAVINGS CALDWELL KIRK MORTUARY5 THIS CERTIFICATE MUST BE VALIDATED BY SEPT. 30 2016 4 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 5JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God. I Corinthians 1031 It is distressing as a physician to see the large num- bers of people that we care for who have what we call dementia which is better known as Alzheimers disease. There are different forms of dementia but Alzheimers disease is the most common. This is a disease that causes progressive inexorable declines in memory problem solving and other mental abili- ties. Eventually those who have this condition are unable to walk swallow and perform any basic everyday function eventually breathing itself. This explains in part why it is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. Families caretakers and physi- cians feel powerless in the face of this disease. We have no cure and the medications designed to directly treat Alzheimers disease have little impact even though we try to use them. In addition indi- viduals with this condition and in a medical facility become progressively totally dependent on medical personnel and in the community away from medical facilities dependent on a family member who is a caretaker. Truly a tragic situation. Just getting older can be a risk factor and those older than 65 become more at risk as time passes. There may also be some genetic factors that have a role to play and are seen in people who get dementia even at a relatively young age such as the 30s and onward. All things consid- ered we are looking for any treatment that will help treat and perhaps prevent this devastating affliction. Recently we have begun to consider some other interventions that can help. Perhaps this seems like a recurrent theme and I have to admit I spend a lot of time writing about what I am going to mention. This has to do with lifestyle and personal choices. I suspect this will be more and more important as time passes until we actually find some type of cure. For now we need to reiterate something that I have heard about in medical circles. This is the simple statement that what is good for the heart is good for the brain That is whatever healthy habits or lifestyle practices that you can do that would ordi- narily protect your heart from harm or injury will also help your brain. If you can do things that ensure good blood flow to the brain your brain will be healthier and function better. Your heart pumps about 20 percent of your blood to your brain where all those billions of cells use about 20 percent of the bloods oxygen and fuel. Just imagine if there is some impeded flow from damage to your heart or blood vessels this can have a negative impact on your brains function. This can be associated with some- thing we call vascular demen- tia which can in itself cause impaired brain function like Alzheimers disease. So what should we do about this The answer is live a healthy lifestyle to keep those blood vessels and heart healthy and thus reduce your risk we think of getting both vascular dementia and Alzheimers dis- ease. We have nothing to lose by doing this as this is what we need to do to age in a more healthy fashion. Remember that this applies to old and young alike as impeded blood flow and heart function can start when we are young. Here now are some things we can do to have a healthy heart and brain Consume a heart healthy diet I know you have read and heard this before. Eat in moderation. Watch the salt fat and sugar in take in your diet. We do not want people to feel like martyrs by eating a healthy diet and in our country with the large num- ber of choices we have we can in fact eat healthy. Cut down on processed food and fried foods eat more fruits and vegetables. Make your diet more plant based. Try to attain and maintain a more healthy body weight. Speak to a dieti- cian if needed. Know what your cholesterol and blood sugar are. Your doctor will be glad if you take the initiative to do all these things. Control your blood sugar Do not go by how you feel. Measure your blood sugar at home if you have diabetes. Work with your medical provider to get your blood sugar levels where your doctor thinks they should be. If this requires insulin or pills tablets do what needs to be done. Exercise Do walking or other moderate exercise for about 30 minutes daily. Remember being sedentary and totally refraining from exercise is bad for your heart blood vessels and your brain. Sitting can in fact be deadly Control your blood pressure You should know that you can have severe high blood pressure even if you feel perfectly well. You will not know what it is for sure unless you get it measured so I would strongly advise that you do this. Talk with your med- ical provider as to what your blood pressure should be and work on maintaining that goal. Do not smoke The best thing to do is to quit com- pletely. Remember cutting down is not quitting and can still do you harm. Avoid any form of tobac- co in fact. Even if you did everything else right but still used tobacco this can have a powerful negative impact on your health. Know your numbers This includes your body weight blood pressure blood sugar and cholesterol. Do what needs to be done to have a healthy heart and you will be working on having a healthy brain as well I pray this information is helpful and that God will help you to live longer and better. The Brain Heart Connection Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH Just imagine if there is some impeded flow from damage to your heart or blood vessels this can have a negative impact on your brains function. 1. SHIRLEY CAESAR - FILL THIS HOUSE 2. DOUG WILLIAMS - CROSS OVER 3. MICAH STAMPLEY - TO THE KING VERGICAL WORSHIP LIVE 4. TAKE 6 - BELIEVE 5. TIM BOWMAN JR. - LISTEN 6. CHICAGO MASS - WE GIVE YOU PRAISE 7. PASTOR TIM ROGERS - CHURCHIN 8. PASTOR DAVID WRIGHT - CLAP YOUR HANDS 9. LATICE CRAWFORD - DIARY OF A CHURCH GIRL 10. TASHA COBB - ONE PLACE LIVE 6 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 Body of Christ News talked to several poli- ticians seeking re-election or running for office for the first time. What are these individuals going to bring to the table in helping better the African- American communities What Do Candidates Offer Black Community POLITICS Michele Wheeler Michele Wheeler is running for state rep- resentative for House District 7 that cov- ers the communities northeast of Denver. Wheeler believes she has a lot to bring to the table if elected. I bring experience in having worked in the communities for nearly 20 years. I know the movers and shakers. Ive been at the table breaking ground. And I have been in the court rooms advocating for community members expresses Wheeler. She has also worked in the DAs office and knows the process of the criminal system and how all the political pieces fit together. Wheelers background in urban and regional planning doesnt hurt as well in seeking one of the states highest offices in order to represent the people. State Rep. Rhonda Fields State Rep. Rhonda Fields was first elected into office in 2010 to the Colorado General Assembly in 2010. She represents District 42 which includes Aurora and other cities in Arapahoe County. Last year Rep. Fields her daughter and Pastor Reid Hettich opened the Dayton Street Opportunity Center located 1445 Dayton Street in Aurora. Its a resource center focused on helping children in the community and ensuring they do not fall victims to crime lack of healthcare and other resources needed to become more self-sufficient empowered and productive citizens. The Fields Foundation was set up to help children get a fair and safe head start into adulthood despite the circumstances they grow up in. Rep. Fields son was murdered tragically 10 years ago while driving down the same street -Dayton Street in Aurora where the center is now located. As Rep. Fields seeks re-election she feels there needs to be a champion in the state house fighting for the people. We need a champion. A champion that will address the issues and challenges that we face every day. A champion needs to understand what is going on in the commu- nity claims Rep. Fields. I feel I am that voice. I hear some of the pain and struggles that people are confront- ed with and I want to continue lending my voice to those concerns. James Coleman James Coleman is running for state rep- resentative for House District 7. His ambition drive and leadership abilities comes from a strong spiritual background considering his father is the Evangelist James Coleman. Coleman claims he understands the chal- lenges that face our community and wants to be that strong voice in the state capital to work for the good of families and their children. I plan to make sure our children have the best education public charter or private schools Coleman explains. We need to focus on increasing more dollars into our traditional public school system. Right now we are the lowest funded state for educa- tion in this country. We have a billion dollar deficit in education. So we need to increase funding to make sure our children have the best education. State Rep. Angela Williams State Rep. Angela Williams currently serves in the Colorado General Assembly representing District 7. She was first elect- ed back in 2010. She is seeking to be elected as state senator for House District 33. This includes culturally diverse area in northeast Denver between Five Points and Denver International Airport. Rep. Williams has been a political voice in the community a business owner of an insurance agency for nearly 14 years and a mother who raised her son by herself. With bigger ambitions Rep. Williams believes she can do more for not just those communities she represents but those black communities and help move the state forward. Representation for our African American communities here in our state is critically important. I want to make sure there is equality for all. We are a people who have businesses. We are a people who send our kids to good schools work hard and want good living wages states Rep. Williams We need to make sure we have a voice in moving African American communities for- ward in this state not backward or status quo. Williams plans to open a community office that will give her more accessibility to the community. And she says I would like to create a task force on those issues that are impor- tant to our community so I can fight for the right things down at the state house. Meet state senate candidate Angela Williams during a backyard barbeque event on Saturday June 4 at 5071 Xanadu Street in Denver. Eric Nelson Eric Nelson is running for state represen- tative for House District 42. He is currently secretary for the board of education with Aurora Public Schools. Nelson is on a political mission to make a difference. The difference I can make once I am elected to the state house is taking that experience I have gained on the school board holding several leadership positions locally and around the state being vice- president of the NAACP and advocating for civil rights will help me continue providing effective representation for the people. Nelson strongly believes that growing the middle class is the most feasible way of improving the economy. Michael Carrigan Michael Carrigan is running for Denver District Attorney. His philosophy is having a smart modern approach to public safety through collabo- ration engagement and accountability. He believes he can make a tremendous difference if elected. This is a critical time for criminal justice reform and we need new leadership states Carrigan. Carrigan has been endorsed by the Denver Metro Ministerial Alliance Mayor Michael Hancock former mayor Wellington Webb and other leaders within the black com- munities. They support me because I am the person who can bring about lasting change and make sure the criminal jus- tice system treats everyone with equality. Carrigan adds he plans to promote after school programs and weekend activities to help keep young people from falling in the cracks and into the criminal system. His goal is to improve juvenile justice programs and reduce nonviolent offenders in jails and prisons. He is also adamant about being aggressive when going after gun offenders possessing selling and buying guns illegally. PRIMARY ELECTION JUNE 28By Sheila L. Smith 7JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Climate Change Irecently had a discussion in my household about climate change. After the discussion I took notes and wrote down my thoughts and here is what I came up with What I do to others I do to myself. Joe and I have different views on climate change. One of us agrees its happening the other opposed to it not being a real occurrence. But we both value the same quality of life as the other. A quote that we both agree on is in the title what I do to others I do to myself. This quote translates directly to the topic of climate change. We as human beings are agents of change. Whether we recognize or refuse to recognize one cannot dis- regard cause and effect. What we do directly effects an intended outcome. There is a scripture in the Bible from Genesis that reads from dust you came and to dust you shall return. Reading this correctly it remains fact that man lives in flesh and dies returning his vehicle to the earth. On a larger scale or in the bigger picture we are at large of main result or concern to the earth. Plain and sim- ple we are connected to earth. Even more simply put we are the earth. So the cause we have on the earth and the environment directly effects the outcome of the earth and environment. Whether it is of large importance or small importance the fact remains. In regards to climate change since we are putting toxins into the atmosphere putting pain into the ground putting poisonous waste into the water what makes one of us think that we are not being effected by these actions What makes one believe that we do not feel the pain from these actions What makes one think that after there is an accident a mess or a large ceremony where everyone has access to anything and everything that when its all over someone has to clean this place up After all what you and I do to others we do to ourselves. Youth QuakeDennis and Joann Paige founded Youth Quake in 2015 with the belief we can better our communi- ty through gospel entertainment. We strive to do this through the music arts and dance while featuring profes- sional gospel artist. Mission Our mission is to incorporate music and dance as a tool to enhance the kingdom of God. Vision Our Vision is to globalize Youth Quake to the masses by bringing in professional Gospel artist and giving local gospel artist a platform to show- case their talent. Events Each year Youth Quake puts togeth- er a gospel concert that compiles of local artist and well-known gospel art- ist. What you can expect at a Youth Quake event Great entertainment Raffle Tickets Great Food Scholarship Give Away Connect Like us on Facebook httpswww.facebook.comyouth- quake16 Purchase Tickets httpswww.eventbrite.come s u m m e r - q u a k e - w - c a n o n - t i c k - ets-25249639351 Youth Quake Info William C. Hinkley High School July 2nd 6PM By Geoffrey Browning LETTER TO THE EDITOR ADVERTISEMENT My Word Is My Bond Those five words capture the spirit of Nuru Witherspoon and provide the cornerstone of The Witherspoon Law Group HOW IS HE DIFFERENT People put their trust in the legal system and I am the standard bearer of that trust and it is my responsibility to earn it every day. Nuru Witherspoon. The Witherspoon Law Group special- izes in Wrongful Deaths Aviation Crashes 18 Wheeler Motor Vehicle Collisions Serious Catastrophic Injury and Commercial Litigation. Nuru Witherspoon CEO of The Witherspoon Law Group is a proud graduate of Paul Quinn College the oldest historically black college west of the Mississippi River and The University of Mississippi School of Law. His heart beats with humility integrity and service is his mission. He offers a bulls eye performance in deliv- ering the absolute best to every client because thats what they deserve. Witherspoon is a man of his word. He does not meet a stranger treats every- one like family and respects the con- fidentiality and private nature of each case handled. Being a lawyer isnt a job. Its a calling and about doing right by people. Nuru Witherspoon The energizer never sleeps and firmly believes that actions speak louder than words. His actions in communities and courtrooms across the country speak louder than any words. Nuru Witherspoon is for THE PEOPLE. Visit and lis- ten to different families from across the county testify about The Witherspoon Law Group. The Witherspoon Law Group is hardworking and dedicated experts in the legal profession. Their work ethic is unmatched by any law firm in America. Nuru Witherspoon and his team take their role extremely serious and there is a distinguished difference when it comes being THE BEST. MASTER OF THE COURTROOM THE TRUTH The Witherspoon Law Group has successfully recovered over 70 mil- lion for seriously injured victims and families whose loved ones died as a result of negligence. Nuru Witherspoon understands that being a good trial lawyer is about being straightforward and honest. I dont try to be some- one Im not and that genuineness comes across in the Courtroom Nuru Witherspoon. With compassion and aggression he MASTERS THE COURTROOM. Thoroughly committed to justice His firm has handled high profile cases that has been covered by numer- ous national media outlets including CBS NBC ABC The Associated Press CNBC CNN and MSNBC. Resources The Witherspoon Law Group cur- rently has offices in six locations has won in over 22 States throughout the United States of America. and prides themselves in going the distance to make sure that every case is dealt on the same level of excellence and con- sistency every time. There is absolutely no distance that is too far for Nuru and his trusted team. - Our web- site is an invaluable resources that pro- vides daily wrongful death news and topics of interest. - Features industry leaders profession- als and provides insight on legal topics designed to protect your businesses. - Morticians Embalmers and Industry leaders from around the world are tak- ing advantage of free listing opportuni- ties to expand your network of custom- ers. Since we are putting toxins into the atmosphere putting pain into the ground putting poisonous waste into the water what makes one of us think that we are not being effected by these actions Soul Care Graduates The Soul Care Bible Institute and Academy of Ministry in Commerce City recently graduated 18 students 5 Deacons Deaconess 4 Ministry Licensure candidates and 9 Ministry Ordination candidates. Apostles Lawrence E. Dr. Sandra Powell who are the Chancellors Deans of Education of the Institute also celebrated the comple- tion of their Ministry Catechism Training Manual for Licensing and Ordination with forewords by Dr. Del Phillips and Superintendent Roy W. Sudds. The graduation was a Spirit-filled affair Students from three area Churches and one Church in Long Beach CA made up the happy list of graduates released to continue in the work of Christian service Pictured are most of the graduates as well as four already ordained ministers from Soul Care Full Gospel Center. ADVERTISEMENT 8 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 After The Marches the Protest Whats Next Over the last few years I have been exposed to you have been exposed to in fact the world has been exposed to what appears to be senseless and avoidable killings of minorities particularly those of African Americans decent by the hands of law enforcement officers. Its very frustrating seeing that they appear to have lost sight of their first priorities to serve and to protect. They are acting as servants of the devil while Carrying Out The Devils Plans. Remember the scripture St. John 1010 said the devil came but to kill to steal and to destroy. I think of Michael Brown Eric Garner Walter Scott La Quan McDonald Jamar Clark Marvin Booker Freddy Gray and so many others that lost their lives by the hands of law enforcement officers. Lets be clear here IM NOT ANTI-LAW enforcement officers IM JUST PRO EQUALITY FAIRNESS FOR EVERYONE Youre skin color shouldnt be the deciding factor on how a person should be judged or the deciding fac- tor if they go home or go to the morgue. The late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Put it best when he said a person should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. It was just as hard to come to know the fate of Trayvon Martin although he was not killed by a law enforcement officer he was killed by a bias system that failed MISERABLY and let a murderer get away with murder According to Googles statistics police killed more than 100 UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE IN 2015. 37 percent of UNARMED PEOPLE KILLED BY POLICE WERE BLACK in 2015 despite black people being only 13 percent of the U.S. Population. Whats equally alarming as the deaths are the numbers of officers not charged and even a smaller number of officers not indicted. In its findings police killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015 nearly twice each week. Less than 10 of the cases the officers werent even charged. Nearly 1 in 3 black people killed by police in 2015 were identified as unarmed though the actual number is likely higher due to under reporting. UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE WERE KILLED AT 5X THE RATE OF UNARMED WHITES IN 2015. You have to ask the question why And how could this actually be happening and the killers are not being held accountable Carrying Out the Devils Plans To kill to steal and to destroy When anyone kills they kill and steal the hopes and dreams as well as a generation. When they kill they destroy the lives of the loved ones that are left behind to grieve the loss of their loved ones. There has been a movement that has come from the killings of black people. The movement in which Im referring to is the BLACK LIVES MATTERS MOVEMENT. Here me clearly when I say this. Black LIVES MATTERS doesnt mean that all other lives doesnt matter. However when you look at the num- bers of blacks killed in comparison to all of the other races we want you to know that are BLACK LIVES MATTERS Just as much as all the other races lives matters. If you dont understand that or get that message then you have clearly demonstrated the inability to comprehend and look at the big picture and that youre totally missing the message THAT BLACK LIVES MATTER If it was white people lives being taken like that we see with black lives then there would be a Movement that has the message WHITE LIVES MATTER and that goes for any other races their lives would matter as well. Its very concerning to African Americans parents seeing our children being killed by law enforcement officers at the rate in which we are seeing in this day and time it just not ought to be in the 21st century. Should have never been a century for such but defi- nitely not in this century. I had this conversation with my son that I felt important enough to write about. I had reminded him of the possibility of having an encounter with the police when he is out late. SON I understand thats why Im always careful. DAD Im GLAD YOU UNDERSTAND. I PRAY GODS COVERING OVER YOU EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE TO GO HAVE FUN LIKE A TEENAGER SHOULD DO. AS YOUR DAD I KNOW YOU ARE A GOOD RESPONSIBLE YOUNG MAN AND WONT BE INVOLVED IN ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OR BE AROUND ANYONE THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THE SAME. I KNOW YOU ARE A GOOD YOUNG MAN BUT I ALSO KNOW THAT THE POLICE SEE YOU TOTALLY OPPOSITE OF HOW I SEE YOU. THEY SEE YOU AS A THUG OUT LATE AT NIGHT LOOKING FOR TROUBLE OR HAVE BEEN IN SOME TROUBLE. THEY SEE YOU THAT WAY BECAUSE THATS HOW THEY WANT TO SEE YOU. THEY WONT SEE YOU AS A YOUNG MAN THAT HAS JUST FINISHED HIS SOPHOMRE YEAR IN COLLEGE. WE HAVE A JUSTICE SYSTEM THAT IS NOT FAIR THAT IS NOT HONEST DEFINITELY NOT EQUAL TO THE RIGHTS OF ALL. ITS NOT JUSTICE. ITS JUST US THAT DOESNT BENEFIT FROM THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AS IT WAS DESIGNED FAIRNESS TO AND FOR ALL I shared with my son what to do when he is pulled over. I told him the minute he see the police lights on him call me and give me the location where he is at. As he is pulling over get his wallet out turn his cell phone recorder on. Keep both hands on the steering wheel. When the officers approach the car and ask you for your drivers license registration and proof of insurance. I told him to tell the officers that the information he requested are located in the glove compartment. I told him to tell the officer that he has his permission to get the information out of the glove compartment so he wouldnt think he was reaching for anything else. I told him to do every- thing that officer tells him to do period As Parents we pray thats enough If he miss treats you we will deal with that later THE MORE IMPORTANT THING IS FOR YOUTO BE ALIVE AFTER THE STOP FROM THE COPS. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERY AFRICAN AMERICAN PARENT TO HAVE THIS CONVERSATION WITH THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS. The bottom line after the drive you want them to come home alive We have to do more than protest after the life of our loved ones had been wrongfully taken. The protests and marches are good but the protests and marches only last for so long. After that whats next Rather being proactive lets be pre active. Im asking for a time to meet with Mayor Michael Hancock Governor Hickenlooper Chief of police Robert White Chief of police Nick Metz Civil Rights Activist Brother Jeff Civil Rights Activist Alvertis Simmons the parents of their respective communities the community as a whole and last but certainly not least all clergy men and women of God to come together. The word of God says come let us reason together. Looking for- ward to the meeting with you all as we all work for a better and safer community. Listen we need law enforcement officers they are very important to our communities I cant imagine a community without them. Were just asking them to do their jobs with integrity dignity and to respect the lives of the people that they encounter. Just as we want you to go home to your families and loved ones from a dangerous job that you put your life on the line every day your family wants you to come home well just like them we want are love ones to come home or to be alive after the encounter with law enforcement officers. A good day from work is a day where everyone gets to come back home from work THATS A GOOD DAY As a police officer youre not allowed to have a bad day on the job as non-police officers. Non police officers that have a bad day at work get sent home a bad day on the Job for a police officer could mean your love one is not coming home but you having to make home going funeral services. SO I SAY TO ONE POLICE OFFICER AS I SAY TO ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY SO THAT WE ALL CAN GO HOME. GOD BLESS YOU AND PROTECT YOU AS YOU SERVE AND PROTECT THE COMMUNITIES IN WHICH YOU WERE SWORN TO DO SO A-MEN LETTER TO THE EDITOR By Pastor John I strongly encourage every african american parent to have this conversation with their sons and daughters. The bottom line after the drive you want them to come home alive 9JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS The Walls Are Coming Down America the Walls are coming down sound the Trumpet in Zion and tell my people the walls are coming Down. Prayer was taken out of the public school system in 1963 You took me out of the schools and The Walls came down only when there is a calamity on the school grounds or in the classroom you call to have a prayer and candle light session just for one evening and a few hours because of My Love Goodness and Mercies I have for you. And the Lord said unto Samuel Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee for they have not rejected thee but have rejected me that I should not reign over them1 Samuel 87. The Walls have come down my Father said when your Calamity cometh he will laugh. Lets go to the book of Proverbs 120-33please read you will also find in Proverbs 126 I will laugh at your calamity I will mock when your fear cometh. The wall is down. After the pray and can- dles have been blown out the school bell rings and you shut the door on me and lock me out again you put up the sign prayer is not welcome here So every evil sprite from hell opens the door and find they have free reign over our children. Our Schools are not safe the teacher want the right to have guns in the classroom just to protect themselves from our children that we send to learn and be educated. The Wall is coming down America. Our Children dont laugh and play on the school grounds they learn to fight be disrespectful to everyone their par- ents the teachers they learn sex then they walk around like they are mad and the world owes them something they are right we owe them the knowl- edge of Jesus Christ the word says my people suffer for lack of knowledge where is the joy they become killers you see life means nothing to them. They have become lovers of money at an early age and want the fast dollars so they start selling drugs you will find this in every school in America. Why did we expelled Christ and Prayer from the public Schools the wall came down the wall came down when the closet doors open and homosexual and the gay Spirit came out another wall has come down yes Jesus loves you he died for all sinners and he is love. Yes God created man and women but this homosexual spirit has convinced Gods creation that God made a mistake the wall has come down if we read the book of Genesis you will find the wall came down when Adam and Eve listen to the deceiver the wall came down and the door of Sin was open. America God is not pleased with US we need to get back to Praying Fasting and Repenting so that God will have mercy on America Remember God Blessed America Dignity For All Thank you to our Colorado leg- islature for respecting the rights of all people in Colorado by not fol- lowing the lead of some other states North Carolina Georgia Mississippi by passing a so called religious free- dom law this session. The religious community and its moral values have served as a moti- vational force to secure the rights of many disenfranchised and marginal- ized groups in our society. Although there were two such bills introduced this year faith voices such as the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado stood as a witness for equal treatment of all citizens. As clergy I stand with the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado for my faith values demand that dignity and humanity as well as the rights of the people are pro- tected worthy of value beyond human limitation and oppression. As a person of faith I am grateful Colorado took a stand for whats right and just as well. LETTER TO THE EDITOR By Sister Carrie LETTER TO THE EDITOR Check Out Time For I am now ready to be offered and the time of my departure is at hand. Checkout time. You have heard of checkout time. If you have traveled at all you are familiar with checkout time. Before I came to Colorado in 1978 I spent five years work- ing for the American Baptist Churches U.S.A. I was the nation- al director of the Fund of Renewal in Valley Forge Pa. I also was executive minister of the American Baptist Churches of the South down in Atlanta Ga. During this period of time I traveled thou- sands of miles spent at least 20 nights a month in hotels and motels all over the country. So I have my share of experiences when it comes to checkout time. I have found that there are many interesting parallels between check- ing out of a hotel and facing lifes final checkout time. And I know many of you whether or not it was part of your job traveling or just vacationing since we are such a mobile society know about checkout time. Now journey with me back in time to Rome a city built on seven hills. It is raining and there is this dark street by Neros prison. A man is quietly walking down the street. He stops at one of the prison entrances and says something to the guard and gives him money. You see him stop at the next station entrance and give a bribe to another guard who then takes him further inside the prison. The guard opens another door and leads the man down into a lower level cell. An old man is sitting there alone in the jail cell. This old man is Apostle Paul who is waiting to take his last breath on Neros chop- ping block just outside. He has already prepared himself for checkout time. According to this noble statement For I am now ready to be offered and the time of my departure is at hand. At hand means it is so close that you can almost touch it. At hand means it wont be long now. The old time preachers would say The death angel may be in-route but I am not afraid. I am ready for checkout time. When it comes time for you and me to check out will we face it like Apostle Paul Hotels vary when it comes to their checkout time. It can be between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The checkout time is determined by the management. But in life we dont know how long we have to live. It is left up to the dis- cretion of a higher power and author- ity. Going back and reading the words of Moses he said The days of our years are three score years and ten. That is about 70 years. He also said By rea- son of strength they may be fourscore. Yet is their strength labor and sorrow for it is cut off and we fly away. When it comes to life it is good to know the Lord is upper management. Remember in the bible the man whose time it was to check out and he asked for a later check out time. That man was Hezekiah. He got word from God sent through the prophet Isaiah. The Lord told me to tell you Hezekiah to set your house in order because you must die and cant live Isaiah told him. But Hezekiah did now want to accept that he must die. So he prayed to God. I beseech Thee I beg you O Lord and you know how I walked before you. pleaded Hezekiah. He wept and begged the Lord for a later check out time. The Lord heard his prayer and seen his tears and added fifteen more years to his life. Begging may not change your check out time but you cant be too proud to beg the Lord. I look at the life and work of our brother pastor and minister Dr. Paul Martin. Checking out is inevitable. No matter who you are or who you know we didnt come here on earth to stay. When Paul Martin was born and nurtured in a Christian home he was already taught that we all must meet our maker God. As he carried out his ministry with compassion so effectively wherever he was he still knew the inevitable would come one day. When the Apostle Paul came to know Jesus on the road to Damascus he knew his day to checkout would come. Just as Rev. Dr. Paul Martin knew that day would surely come for him. Unfortunately some people live life as if they dont know that checkout time will come or is coming. One songwriter said it this way Were climbing up the mountain chil- dren. We didnt come to stay. If you never see me again Ill meet you on judgement day Let me close by going back to Paul pacing around in his cell perhaps looking through the bars at Neros chopping block outside. His words were For I am now ready to be offered and the time of my depar- ture is near. I have fought a good fight I have kept the faith Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righ- teousness which the Lord the true judge will give to me. Our Dr. Rev. Paul Martin like the old apostle too said I have fought a good fight I have finished my course and I too have kept the faith.. When that final check out time came he knew where he was going. He was going home nonstop. I believe when you are absent from the body you are present with the Lord. If he died at 1100 he got to heaven at 1100. Home is where the bells were ringing and saints are singing. Home is where every day is saying howdy howdy and never goodbye. Home is where God wipes away all tears. Home is where just one moment in Gods kingdom pays for it all. Farewell Paul Martin well see you in the morning. SERMON The Wall is coming down America. Our Children dont laugh and play on the school grounds they learn to fight be disrespectful to everyone their parents. The religious community and its moral values have served as a motivational force to secure the rights of many disenfranchised and marginalized groups in our society. By Reverend Tawana Davis By James D. Peters 10 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 11JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 12 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 13JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 14 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 15JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Kingdom Power Conference God uses people from all over the world to build up his kingdom. Denver will get a chance to see how God works during the Kingdom Power Conference coming up June 22-26. The theme The King of Glory. International ministers from different countries from other states and locally will be speaking at the conference on what happens when you tap into the power of God according to the Rev. Dr. Ade with Kingdom Connection Christian Center in Aurora. The theme itself centers on the conference address- ing who is this King of glory. It is found in Psalms 2410 which says The Lord of Hosts. He is the King of glory. Its an annual conference we do to help equip the people of God explained Rev. Ade. And they can live the life that God prefers them to live a life of peace joy and righteousness. A life that effects their community and helping expand the kingdom of God where they are. The Rev. Ade uses the analogy of electricity that is power however electricity in itself has no value until its power produces light and energy that allows people to do things. That is what the Kingdom Conference is for people to come together and see the power of the kingdom of God that is available to them and tap into that power he said. Some powerful international ministers attending as guest speakers include Bishop Gary George who has a large follow- ing and ministry in Trinidad and Tabago Bishop Melroy Meade from the island of Montserrat in the Caribbeans the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Ajala from Nigeria the Rev. Adeniyi Daniel from Nigeria along with Bishop Abiola Idowu from Jacksonville Fla to name a few. The Rev. Ade especially encourages community leaders and businessmen to attend the sessions on Thursday and Friday that focuses on how to succeed in life business and ministry. I just want people to come to this conference to learn to live a life that is attractive to all believers. So they can say wow what is it about your life... And the bible says if you have tasted honey then you should share it with others he adds. The Kingdom Power Conference June 22-26 Kingdom Connection Christian Center 1391 Oswego one block west of Colfax and Peoria. For more informa- tion call 720-859-1737. The Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance serving the greater com- munities of African American heri- tage for over 75 years is proud to announce Ms. Michelle Wheeler can- didate for House District 7 as having received our official endorsement for Represenative House District 7 We felt that Michelle is the right choice to replace Represenative Angela Williams in the Colorado General Assembly. Ms. Wheelers commitment to com- munity and her overwhelming record of service throughout the greater neighborhoods of Denver was presti- gious and served her as the deciding factor in our endorsement. We believe that she will courageously and com- petently represent us in such critical times of governmental affairs. GMDM Endorses Wheeler COMMUNITY 16 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 The Body of Christ As a Fitness competitors we plan meals eat the proper nutrition and train our bodies diligently. All for the purpose of the possibility of competing on a stage with other competitors in hopes of win- ning the contest. As believers physical fitness is not traditionally synonymous with being a follower. The body is the vehicle of the Holy Spirit and has specific physical and nutritional requirements. Following Christ from the spiritual perspective is the main focus in our error however we should focus equally on the physical aspect. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you whom you have from GodYou are not your own for you were bought with a price.So glorify God in your body. 1 Corinthians 61920 Before Christ was born his life on earth was predestined he was to come to earth as a man to redeem man and save a dying world from sin. I would like to state the possibility that the body of Christ was designed to endure his purpose which was ultimately to suffer for the sins of man by bear- ing the Cross which would require great physical strength and endurance. We will begin by the choice to make Joseph Jesuss earthly father. Besides Joseph being a just and obedient man his occupation was a carpenter or translated in the Hebrew means craftsman. This is important to bring out because there is a distinct difference. A car- penter worked with wood in those days. A craftsman worked with wood and stone. I feel it is impor- tant to point out that craftsman procured there wood and material themselves. Craftsman retrieved there wood by strapping the trees to their backs and dragging it to the work site. This activity would have developed a very strong physical body. Todays cross fit and Spartan race would be like a picnic in com- parison. Craftsman would have had powerful legs and broad backs that made working with heavy objects possible. Fathers in those times taught their sons their trade. Joseph would have trained Christ as a Craftsman which would have meant that Christ worked and devel- oped a strong powerful body. Imagine a 15 year old Jesus puling trees and stone with a rope tied to his back. Christs body would have been up for any physical task traveling long dis- tances and any physical challenges that would come his way. Another point to make is Christs diet. As a Jew in that region Jesuss diet would likely have been fish lamb figs vegetables and grains. This diet is much like the high protein moderate carbohydrate plan used to develop a lean hard body. In present day what are we as believers doing to ensure we are physically mentally nutritionally as well as spiritually fit. We are all the collective body of Christ. It is our responsibility to ensure com- plete and holistic wellness both spiritually and physically as we strive to be more like Christ. We should not only pray like him but our physical and nutritional habits should resemble our Savior. Motivation Transformation Remember every day you have the possibility to go to a higher level of yourself MT personal Development program Contact Info website Phone 719-357-7646 Email Commitment To ServiceMike L. Edmonds serves as Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students at Colorado College. He joined the College as Dean of Students in 1991 and was promoted to Vice President in 2005. Dr. Edmonds also serves as Executive in Residence in the Colleges Economics and Business Department. Throughout his tenure at Colorado College Dean Edmonds has been a mentor and role model for integrating professionalism service and faith. Justin Beradino a 2016 graduate of the College and former student of Dean Edmonds says Dean Mike Edmonds is a man deeply committed to ser- vice in a meaningful way. He is passionate and moved by service and his ethic of service is so strong because of his faith. Mike Edmonds is a proud and long-standing member of Trinity Baptist Church he joined shortly after arriving in Colorado Springs in 1991. He is past Chair of the Trustee Board and currently serves as a Deacon Adjunct and Vacation Bible School Director. Rev. Jim Dotson Pastor of Trinity says Mike has truly been a blessing to our church. He is a dedicated leader and follower who puts God first in all that he does. Every church needs a Mike Edmonds. Also a proud Southerner Edmonds received his B.A. M.Ed. and Ph.D. all from the University of Mississippi or Ole Miss. He is the grateful son of the late Frank Edmonds Jr. and Hattie Mae Edmonds. Upon his moth- ers passing Mike established the Hattie Mae Edmonds Gallery in the Ole Miss museum to high- light African-American Folk Art. Mike Edmonds is well-known throughout Colorado Springs and even on the national front as a man who lives to serve and is engaged in working for the greater good. He is Chair Elect for the Great Western American Cancer Society Past Chair of the Memorial Health System Board Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Board Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Board and the Pikes Peak United Way he is the host and Keynote Speaker for the upcoming Colorado Wyoming Montana State Conference for the NAACP recipient of a 2015 Uplift Foundation Award from Omega Psi Phi Fraternity a 2016 Man of Achievement Award for Educational Leadership from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has hosted and been honored by the African-American Youth Leadership Conference for the past 25 years received the Colorado College Gresham Riley Medal of Honor and the American Cancer Society St. George Medal. Dr. Edmonds lives his life according to his favor- ite scripture Jeremiah 297 Also seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it because if it prospers you too will prosper. In his own words Service is my rent for living on Earth. Andre Hinton Mike L. Edmonds MOTIVATION By Andre Hinton PROFILE This activity would have developed a very strong physical body. Todays cross fit and Spartan race would be like a picnic in comparison. Dean Mike Edmonds is a man deeply committed to service in a meaningful way. He is passionate and moved by service and his ethic of service is so strong because of his faith. 17JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Gathering of the Kings Fathers Sons Grandfathers Grandsons Uncles Nephews Husbands Single and Brothers the Men of Now Faith and their visionary Apostle Leon M. Emerson are inviting you to attend their 20th annual Father and Sons Breakfast on Saturday June 18 2016 from 800am to 1100am. This momentous occasion will be held at the legendary Park Hill Golf Course located at 4141 E 35th Ave Denver CO 80207. If you want to fellowship with like-minded men who know their position in God is to be Kings accord- ing to Revelation 16 you do not want to miss this event One of Apostle Emersons desires is to unite all men to come together to inspire empower and encourage. You will be reminded at this event to reclaim your dominion and authority and to fulfill your God-given purpose The Gathering of the Kings is self- explanatory you are a King and you were born to accomplish incredible feats. Nowadays rarely we see men being celebrated and affirmed for their greatness on June 18th you wont be disappointed Included will be a power packed Fathers Day service on Sunday starting at 9am at the Rachel B. Noel campus located at 5290 Kittredge St Denver CO 80239. The birth of the Father and Sons Breakfast began in the 80s. Apostle Emerson has impacted thousands of men in becoming leaders in their communities professions and their churches. His goal is to impact one mil- lion men to know Christ. This Fathers Day weekend event has been a staple in our community for over thirty years. It will be packed with incredible speakers prize giveaways valuable resources entrepreneurial and career opportunities. All communities agen- cies churches and organizations are encouraged to attend so we can make this gathering a complete success Men encouraging one another and Fathers encouraging their sons Reinforcing the characteristic of manhood. You can be a part of this charitable event. Your decision to share breakfast with the men in your life guarantee you feeling emotional stronger and closer. Your family will benefit from having you in their lives for many more years to come Tickets are on sale now for only 10 and young men under 10 years old can enjoy breakfast for free You can also purchase your tickets online at http20thfatherandsonbreakfast. For more information about spon- soring a table reserving tickets or participating in this event please call 303 371-1070 or log on to nowfaith- Your presence is needed and your crown awaits Congratulations Rhoda and the Rhoda Design Group Rhoda Johnson is an expert when it comes to make-up and beauty secrets. She even received a Paton on her own make-up line called Rhoda Design Group. Rhoda an image consultant has been a makeup artist for the past 35 years. She also trained in Hollywood. I kept seeing missing pieces and wanted to put together products that enabled women to put on their make- up in a very short amount of time and travel with it where it doesnt take up a lot of space in their suitcases explained Rhoda. So I came up with a line of looks for three different set- tings business causal business suit and business evening. These make- up kits are designed to give them a wardrobe of make-up with different undertones warm cool and neutral. Rhoda is passionate about help- ing professional women enhance their looks. She talked about a study that shows when women are under made- up or over made-up it takes away from their credibility. She admits women shy away from makeup because they dont know what colors look best on them or how much make-up to use. Rhodas line of make-up is all organic and fragrance free. It fits women of all ages and cultural backgrounds to fur- ther highlight their looks in a business professional setting. She also conducts master make-up classes as fundraisers for Churches and non-profit organiza- tions. Her daughter Chloe was 2010 Miss Black Colorado and appeared in the January 2011 issue of the Body of Christ news. Chloe now married has a one year old son and currently lives in San Francisco Calif. The individual foundation make-up can be purchased at Salon Bodhi 563 Detroit St. in Cherry Creek. But her major make-up kits can be ordered online or call 720-289-5647 COMMUNITY Apostle Emerson has impacted thousands of men in becoming leaders in their communities professions and their churches. Aurora Mall Has Hair For You Women like to change their appearance to feel Beautiful and April Atchison is the person to see when a woman wants to enhance her looks. She is the owner of Crystal Wave Hair Extensions a kiosk business located in the Aurora Town Center Mall. The only African American female owned business inside the mall. The kiosk is filled with hair extensions clip-ons premium human hair and synthetic wigs. When I was in Los Angeles California I was always interested in the enhancement and beauty of women April said. As a hair consultant peo- ple come to me with problems of alopecia thinning hair on the sides those cancer patients and women who just love change. April said the idea to start a hair business came from her granddaughter Crystal. Therefore the name Crystal Wave Hair Extensions was birthed. It is all premium unprocessed human hair from Brazil that April sells at her kiosk. She also sells some hair from India and China. Crystal Waves is a black owned business that sells products of human hair and bundled hair that is a direct impact on the Asian market simply because they do not sell to us and do not sell to our communities. They make millions of dollars from us consuming their products stated April. April feels blessed and believes in giving back and helping others. She gives away free custom-designed wigs to cancer patients. For a free hair consultation or need to buy some hair call April Atchison at 720-376-5717 or visit Crystal Wave Hair Extension kiosk near the food court inside the Aurora Town Center 14200 E. Alameda Ave. 18 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 19JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS We want your news Body of Christ News wants to hear about your calendar events announcements or conferences. Send your news to or fax us at 303.344.4608. MCCOWANS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Gussie Lee McCowan celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21 with a reception with their family and friends. Mr. Gussie McCowan married the former Sarah Mae Williams on February 13 1944. Mr. McCowan has worked for the City of Athens and Brownsboro Independent School District. Mrs. McCowan is a loving devoted housewife and mother. Their children are Glory Thompson Deloris Robinson and Victor McCowan all of Tyler Paul McCowan and Jimmy McCowan both of Colorado Ronnie McCowan of Missouri and the late Theaudry and Isiah McCowan both of Dallas. They have 24 grandchildren 30 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. 20 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 LOCAL EVENTs 63rd AME Zion Conference JUNE 2nd The Right Reverend W. Darin Moore and Missionary Supervisor Mrs. Devieta Moore Invite you to the 63rd Session of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion AME Colorado Annual Conference to meet. We especially invite you to join us in our Spiritual services. Schedule of Events-Worship Services Thursday 2 7pm. Holy Communion. at Spottswood AME Zion 3301 Milwaukee Denver CO. Friday June 3rd. 7pm. at Spottswood AME Zion. Saturday June 4th Quadrennial Banquet Renaissance Hotel Aspen Room 3801 Quebec St. Denver CO. 303399- 7500 Donation 50 dollars. Sunday June 5th 11am at Spottwood AME.3301 Milwaukee Denver CO. Rev. Darwin D. Little Pastor. Rev.Kay Blount Miracle Mountain AME. Host Pastor Presiding Elder Alexander Person. for more information call Rev. Dr. Annette Sills-Brown 720-326-5176 City Council JUNE 7th To Auroras Mayor Steve Hogan and City Council Members 8am. Aurora Room 1st. Floor Presentation by Pastor AL Combs- Improving Community and Police Relations. Pastoral Celebration JUNE 24th Paradise Missionary Baptist Church invites you to come and share with them in their 13th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration for Pastor Rudy Dews and First Lady Willie Dews. Join them for their Musical Celebration Friday 24th at 7pm. and praise and worship service Sunday June 26th at 4pm. Guest Speaker Rev. Robin Holland Pastor of Living Hope Baptist Church. for more information call Nancy Hogue Acting Secretary at 720937-9685 Paradise Missionary Baptist Church is located at 3715 Garfield Street Denver CO. Hope to see you THERE Usher Ministry JUNE 25th Jurisdiction of Colorado Church of God in Christ Celebrating the Usher Ministry Weekend. Vice President Mary Himes President Johnetta Tave. Prayer Testimony and Awards Luncheon Special time to Celebrate Honor and Appreciate the Ministry of the Usher Saturday June 25th at 12 noon- Please be seated by 1130am. Hilton Garden Inn Denver Airport- 16475E. 40th Circle- Aurora CO. Donation Adult 30 dollars and Children 11 and under 18 dollars. Some of the finest Ushers will be recognized call Usher Georgina Cochran at 719-493-6677 or Carolyn Minick at 719-641-0793 in Colorado Springs CO. or Mary Himes 303-362-3567 Jokhnetta Tave at 303-333-0638 Gladys Barnes at 720-229-4540 in Denver CO. Tickets here NOW- Last Day to Purchase tickets is Saturday June 18th. Annual Usher Day Service Sunday June 26th 430pm New Covenant Church of God in Christ 3801 High Street Denver CO. Dont Miss this Event Everyone Blessed and Encouraged Everything Must Change But Gods Word Remains the Same Have you noticed how so many things have changed. Technology has given us the keys to access information protect our homes manage our bank accounts microwave our food buy our tickets on line whether entertainment travel or hotels. We can charge our gas trips bills and even access our health records make necessary appointments. We plan our trips remember the road maps no longer necessary our phones or GPS will guide us to our destinations. These are just a few changes that we now have at our fingertips and even more amazing it all came from the mind of man. Day after day man is invent- ing challenging and improving. Everything he does is improving upon a great idea or invention. But Gods Creation and Gods Word cannot be improved it must only be obeyed. What gave man the insight to Gods Word to change it What prompted man to have the solution to all of these changes God created the mind of man but no man is greater than his Creator. Whatever God said He is still saying. What hap- pens to us who would dare change or modify what He has clearly stated Perhaps the Apostle Paul in Philippians can give us a greater insight. Chapter 315-19 In verse 15 16 Theme the appeal for unity in the walk Let us therefore as many as be perfect be thus minded and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded God shall reveal even this unto you. Theme for 17-19 But truth is not to be compromised for the sake of unity. Brethren be followers together of me and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample. For many walk of whom I have told you often and now tell you even weeping that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ Whose end is destruction whose God is their belly and whose glory is in their shame who mind earthly things. How do we accept all the chang- es in the world and yet it seems so difficult to accept the thing that stays the same True every one has his or her own truth but Gods word is the truth. He has spoken to every situation of life so we as believers will always be correct if we herald His Truth. While Paul admonishes believers to walk together in unity he also tells us that we do not compromise truth for unity sake. Man has presented some powerful arguments to persuade or convince the masses to change their beliefs. We may negotiate in the boardroom in the courtroom in the classroom and even in the back room we may negotiate with foreign countries for peace or reconciliation but there is no negotiation when it comes to Gods Word but believe me when we follow his directives and directions there will always be peace and reconciliation if only with us and God. TELL THE TRUTH Help People Find Your Church ADVERTISE WITH THE BODY OF CHRIST NEWS TODAY By Vivian Wilson COMMUNITY 21JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Never Stop Growing It amaze me when I run into someone I havent seen in awhile and nothing has really changed in their life its as if time has stood still. Or they mention how they use to enjoy teaching Bible study or singing in the choir but they just dont have time for that anymore. Often we get comfortable once we reach a certain level in life such as earn degrees get a job buy a home and say thats it. Ill coast along in life thinking theyre finished with all the training they need. We strive to make a certain level professionally but what about our spiritual life Real winners dont coast through life relying on what they have already learned. You have treasure on the inside spiritual gifts talents and more spiritual potential put in you by the Creator of the universe. All those hidden treasures gifts inside of you must be developed. Winners never stop learning and this is one of the biggest downfalls we often have quality of lack that is observed over and over again. By God and people who know you . God did not create us to reach one level and then stop. We should constantly be learning improving our skills and getting better at what our spiritual gifts. What steps are you taking to improve your spiritual walk with God and spiritual growth Are you reading more books or listening to educational videos or audios Are you taking any courses on internet or going to semi- nars or con- f e r e n c e s Do you have s p i r i t u a l m e n t o r s Are you g l e a n i n g information from people who know more than you You love being a Prayer W a r r i o r interceding for others. What steps are you taking to become a better prayer warrior Have you invested in your spiritual career the same way you invested in your professional career And Jesus grew in wisdom and stat- ure and in favor with God and man. Luke 252 I recently attended the Pastors and Leaders Conference in Orlando FL. A lady name Gale who also was attend- ing and sitting next to me looked at me and said My Lord this conference is so rich and knowledgeable for me. Ive never been to a conference like this. It makes me want to be more about my Fathers business and get myself together. I really needed a spir- itual reboot. Everything at my church was becoming so routine this confer- ence was a whole new level of spiritual growth. I realize now it was worth the money I spent to get here. I reminded Gale what Phil 312 says...Not that I have already obtained all this or have already arrived at my goal. But I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. You have to take responsibility for your spiritual growth. Growing spiri- tually is not automatic. Just listening to the preacher every Sunday isnt enough. So many people die without taking their spiritual life to another level. My good friend Myles Monroe said at another conference I was attending that some of the worlds best seller books were buried with the author in the cemetery all because they never did make that move to write the book. Many great business ideas were never formed songs that were never sung dreams that never came to life potential that was never released. Its all there in the cemetery never discovered. Daniel would dream dreams and interpret dreams it was his special gift. Working at his gift he became known for interpreting dreams. It made his brothers hate him the king loved him and he became known for his special gift God gave him. Abraham was a man of faith whose faith was constantly put to the test but he knew Gods voice and never doubted Him. Noah was a drunk but when God told him to build the ark he SERMON Dr. PM Wynn Grove and Lee Grove Jr. are the found- ers of Heavenly Sent Ministries and Associate Pastors at The Potter House of Denver. Pastor PM can be reached by email By PM Wynn Grove Continued on Page 23 22 BOCNEWS.comJUNE 2016 23JUNE 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS did Even though people in his neigh- borhood probably talked about him like a dog. Saying things like look at this fool building this huge boat day in and day out and no rain in sight. David continue to herd the sheep in the fields but while in the fields he was constantly improving his sling shot with his aim reach and power. And the day came when he took down Goliath with that little sling shot and a rock. But he constantly worked on this gift. You have a responsibility not only to God not only to your family but to yourself to develop what Hes put in you. Too often we sit back and think God Im waiting on You. Im waiting for that big break. The person that gets the big break are people who are prepared those who develop their skills continuously. What are you doing to prepare for that break through Do you have a vision for a daycare If so are you getting your finances together Do you already know the requirements for that day- care or starting a Prayer Ministry have you done the necessary paperwork for your ministry As Believers we make moves built on our faith. Youve got to be proactive to take these steps to grow. When God sees you doing your part and developing what Hes given you then Hell do His part and open up doors that no man can shut. I leave you with this thought What is life all about Development growth The two great laws of life are growth and decay. When things stop growing they begin to die. This is true of men business and nations. NEVER ... from page 21