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Bodyof Christ News MARCH 2016 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 7 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM Exodus 314COMPLIMENTARY BOCNEWS.COM SERVING COMMUNITIES IN DENVER AURORA MONTBELLO BOULDER COLORADO SPRINGS PUEBLO C.O.G.I.C. Says OK to Artificial Insemination p.21 2 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 3MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Visit our new website at Funerals Receptions Cremations 2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado 80205 303-861-4644 Quarterly Grief Seminar SaturdayMarch12at11a.m. Oleta Crain Enrichment Academy 2102 Marion Street Denver Colorado 4 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him. Acts 1038 When I speak of the inner city I am speaking of the place where I grew up in the Denver Metro area. In my family I am the oldest child in a family of eleven children. I dont hesitate to say that we grew up poor and it was something we had to live with. One thing that happened is that I am able to empa- thize with those who are poor and even those who are homeless as we came close to being homeless. We had some hardships such as being hungry and cold when our electricity was cut off in the dead of winter Now when I think of what we went through It is by the grace of God that we survived and none of us really got sick. When it came to health care it was essentially non-existent. The only reason we went for medical care is if we had some type of injury when my moth- er had to deliver children or when one of us really got sick. I grew up really believing that the only time you were supposed to go to see a doctor was when you got very sick or had some type of injury like a broken bone The concept of going to see a doctor to prevent illness was a totally inconceivable concept. We did not have the money for that. The reality of the situation is we live in a country where far to many of us do not have health insurance and too many of us lack some critical health information. The result of this is the fact that too many of us die before our time or we get to the place where we have to live with at times multiple chronic diseases. There is in our world today a tremendous amount of preventable pain and suffering. I have worked as a physician with people from around the world and with the very wealthy and with those who were as poor as I was. I have worked with many people who are the poorest of the poor both in Africa and here in our own country. When I see the poor and sick or potentially sick I fre- quently think of who is going to help these people My mind turns to the fact that we have government agencies that try to help but always with many rules and restrictions. No one is able to give an account of how many have died and suffered due to lack of even basic medical care. I have labored for years to help those who where like me in their poverty. Now one thing I do think of since I am a part of the church is what can the church do to help I have even fantasized about doing into all of the poor- est communities in America and doing what I could to help. The next time you visit a large urban and perhaps even a rural area just get in your car and drive to the poorest neighbor- hoods and ask yourself what can I do to help If you do this you will be thinking like Jesus did when He was here and think about doing good and healing all that are oppressed of the devil. Not long ago I visited a city that had a larger African American population than we do here in Denver. I went to a large church and since I got there late I rushed into the church and did not notice much of the community around the church. After church was over I had time to look at the neighborhood around the church. Was I ever shocked I told my wife we are in the hood This large beautiful church was sitting in the middle of an impoverished community. I had already taken a look at their community outreach program and noted that this church was doing very little for the community. We had heard some stirring music from the praise team had heard a moving sermon but the fact is that we all should have been ashamed of ourselves as the community was not really being helped by our presence I know we have many clinics and hospitals in America but I do not think that these institutions have like the church a strong man- date to help those in need. We should not allow ourselves to be present in an impoverished community and fail to have a robust program to help people. We can do things to help if we have the will to do it. It will take some contact with people in the community. We need to educate and touch our com- munities. I will suggest below some things we can do and I am not suggesting I have all the answers Form a coalition of church- es with the express purpose and plan to address the health needs of the community. Each church needs to have a health committee to plan outreach to the community. The Pastor should be a part of the health committee. Work with health care workers in the city. Have them come to educate people. Have the community come to the church for education and fellowship. Focus the attention of the church and commu- nity on the leading causes of illness such as heart disease high blood pressure cancer diabetes lack of exercise substance abuse pregnancy maternal health HIVAIDS smoking obesity and adoles- cent and child health issues. Reach all age groups. Go door-to-door if needed with health information. Church members themselves should live a healthy lifestyle so they can practice what they teach and preach Pay attention to what is called the social deter- minates of health such as high school graduation rates crime and safety incarceration of people and what can be done to help avoid incarceration and re-incarceration. Maybe teachers law enforcement people and those with legal training can help. I will be sharing some other information on health issues and social issues during the coming year. I trust by Gods grace we can be a blessing to our communities and congregations. HealthMinistryToTheInnerCity Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH We had heard some stirring music from the praise team had heard a moving sermon but the fact is that we all should have been ashamed of ourselves as the community was not really being helped by our presence 1. CANTON JONES - I AM JUSTICE 2. GOSPEL MIX 2016 3. TIM ROGERS - CHURCHIN 4. REGINA BELLE - THE DAY LIFE BEGAN 5. STRAIGHT GATE MASS - SATURATE US 6. VIRTUE - FEARLESS 7. WILLIAM MCDOWELL - SOUNDS OF REVIVAL 8. JONATHAN BUTLER - FREE 9. WOW GOSPEL 2016 10 ANTHONY BROWN - EVERYDAY JESUS 5MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Colorado Gospel Music Academy Hall of Fame holds 45th Annual Academy Awards The 45th Annual Colorado Gospel Music Academy Hall of Fame Awards Music Festival was held at New Hope Baptist Church Sunday February 14 2016. The celebration brought together a diverse audience that included the Honorable Michael Hancock Denver Mayor interdenomi- national clergy Colorado gospel music lovers business civic and political leaders The program provided some- thing for everyone. Ms. Anita Wilson from Chicago a world class anointed singer was the special guest artist. She was elec- trifying and repeatedly brought the full-house audience to its feet during her gospel music presentation when she sang Jesus Will. It seemed like the entire audience knew the lyr- ics as they stood and spontaneously became unrehearsed backup singers for Wilson during her powerful delivery of Jesus Will. Earlier they were fer- vent and responsive worshipers as she sang Speechless. Wilson was inducted into the Colorado Gospel Music Academys Hall of Fame. The Academy also presented a Colorado Living Legend Award to Ms. Martha Baker a retired Lt.Col. Army Nurse that served with distinc- tion during the Korean War.. . The individuals and groups honored were unquestionably deserving and uniquely qualified to receive recog- nition. The gospel music and com- munity awards program were excel- lent well attended and praise is due the prepared and precious Colorado Childrens Academy Choir that was trained by Rev. Dr. Michael Williams the Academys music director and Pastor of the Ministries Christian Church. Artie Grisby Academy Vice President and the Academy Board Members were pleased with the out- come of the celebration and the longev- ity of the Academy. Dr. Syl Morgan-Smith the Colorado Gospel Music Academys Founder President amazed the audience with her extemporaneous words and flaw- lessly deliverance while presenting and sometimes introducing Honorees of the highest caliber. As Rev. Dr. James Peters Jr an Academy Board member said during the Pastor of the Year Award presentation Unlike Hollywood the Colorado Gospel Music Academy had no diversity issues or difficulty finding qualified nominees. THE HONOREES LIST FOLLOWS REV. DR. CHRIS HILL Senior Pastor the Potters House of Denver - Pastor of the Year REV. DR. FRANK DAVIS Senior Pastor Zion Baptist Church - Church of the Year REV. DR. MARY TELLIS Solomon Temple Baptist - Excellence in Community Service JESSE SCOTT Owner Parkhill Barbershop and COGIC Official - Excellence in Business KIA SMITH Brighter Day Child Placement Agency - Excellence in Child Care SANDY THOMPSON Public Affairs Manager KLDC Radio. Excellence in Media DR. BYRON ALFREDA CONNOR MD - Excellence in Health Care BRIONNE WRIGHT Miss Black Colorado - Gospel Soloist of the Year SOLOMON CHAPMAN musician and composer Gospel Musician of the Year KAREN MOHAM New Hope Baptist Church Angel Choir - Gospel Choir Director THE HENDERSONS a family of nine singers and musicians- Gospel Group of the Year REV. WARREN ALICE REV. MELVIN RASPBERRY - church work - Gospel Service Award BLANCHE JOHNSON Secretary New Hope Baptist Church - Christian Service Award The Metro Denver McDonalds Owners Operators donated a 1000 Youth Scholarship that was presented by Mrs. Holland to Saleh Abdou a freshman mechanical engineering stu- dent at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. . Another check for 1000 was presented to New Hope Baptist Church for Outstanding Community Service and accepted by Rev. Dr. Eugene Downing Jr. Senior Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church. .Additionally Getta and Janice Asfaw donated on behalf of their Asfaw Foundationt wo laptop computers which were accept- ed by Pastor Downing for use in the computer classes underway at New Hope Baptist Church. The Academy Founder expressed special thanks to Co-Sponsor Metro Denver McDonalds. Acknowledgments were also given to Pastor Downing and New Hope Baptist Church Pipkin Braswell Funeral Home local clergy participants in the program brochure and the loyal audience that has sup- ported the Academy for its 45th Event. The 46th Annual Celebration will be held Sunday February 12 2017 and nominations will be accepted this year until November 30 2016.. All nomi- nees must have completed a mini- mum of three years performing the work that makes them eligible to be nominated to receive an award. Send a nomination for an unsung person or organization that deserves recognition for their work or accomplishment to Dr. Syl Morgan Smith presents awards to Gospel Music Honorees. CURRENT EVENTS 6 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 SCRIPTURE Covenant Keys To Fruitfulness God is a God of covenant. Covenant is stron- ger than contract. God started with man with covenant then He worked with man through com- mandmentsbut now God is again working with man through covenant. Since God started with man with covenant then it is your covenant right to be fruitful. There is no magic in GodHe is a God of principles. If you work in His principles you enjoy His blessings. Fruitfulness is your birthright but there are things you must do to enjoy the blessing of the cov- enant. We will discover some of those things today. Deuteronomy 284 Blessed shall be the fruit of your body the produce of your ground and the increase of your herds the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks. This is Gods comprehensive package of fruitful- ness. You see it is not limited to the body. It covers every area of our lives. God is turning every form of barrenness to fruitfulness in the name of Jesus. Whatever does not yield as you desire God is turn- ing it to your favor in the name of Jesus In the midst of what this church has gone through I can be bold to say that God is here With testimonies that cannot be doubted God is here Some people sometimes wonder why Pastor Ade talks so much about some issues. You see God did not send me to preach He sent me as a messenger. No mail man delivers to your house hisher own personal letter to you. It is always a message from someone else. God said to me Do not just preach messages deliver My people from wrong thinking and they will be free from all oppression. I have learned to stay in my lane on the subject that God has called me to deliver. I break every yoke of oppression and sickness from your life today in the name of Jesus Genesis 219 shows us that whatever Adam called something at its creation that is its name. I call this day your day of fruitfulness in the name of Jesus I am not begging Satan. I am commanding him to take his hands off of your life in the name of Jesus Anything that has been hindering you from a fruitful life I curse from the root today in the name of Jesus You are going up you will not remain broke battered bruised oppressed depressed sad and lonely. Your journey to a life of fruitfulness has finally begun in the name of Jesus To be fruitful is heavens expectation for any born-again believer. It is a mandate given to man. Genesis 126-28 gives us the first command that God gave to man Be fruitful and multiply. You were created to be in chargetoday you will take over in the name of Jesus Even after man fell God made a way to see that man would still be fruitful. After the fall God came back to renew the mandate with Noah. What Adam lost Noah gained. Genesis 91 Be fruitful. God was looking for a man He could trust after Noah became drunk and made himself naked. God found in Abram a man He could trust. So in walk- ing with Abram God renewed the mandate again with Abram. Genesis 171-7 tells us this especially in verse 6 where God said I will make you exceed- ingly fruitful. God said Notwithstanding your past now that you are with Me I will make you exceedingly fruit- ful. Why It is part of the covenant mandate. Everyone related to Abraham becomes part of this covenant. Galatians 329 says And if you are Christs then you are Abrahams seed and heirs according to the promise. When God was reinforcing the covenant of Jacob God again renewed the fruitfulness mandate. Genesis 359-11 shows this espe- cially in verse 11 where God said Be fruitful and multiply Also when God was confirming His covenant to the children of Israel in the wilderness He renewed the fruitfulness mandate. Leviticus 269-10 9For I will look on you favorably and make you fruitful multiply you and confirm my cov- enant with you. 10You shall eat the old harvest and clear out the old because of the new. If you are ever going to be fruitful in this covenant there are certain keys that you must use for this combination lock. When all is in place fruitfulness is inevitable. They are the keys to this combination lock. 1. THE NEW BIRTH KEY Until you are born again you cannot enjoy a fruit- ful life. It takes being alive to be fruitful. When God says Be fruitful He is saying I will make you fruitful. A man cannot be fruitful on his own. It takes God to make a man become fruitful. Genesis 4152 And the name of the second he called Ephraim For God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction. Joseph recognized who was behind his fruitfulness. Also in Genesis 176 God said to Abraham I will make you exceedingly fruitful. You can be married but it takes God to make the baby. Now Jesus is the perfect seed that produces per- fect fruit. When you come into a relationship with Jesus you become a child of God. When you come into Christ you become a child of God. 2 Corinthians 517 Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. You have to be in Christ to be fruitful. John 155 I am the vine you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him bears much fruit for without Me you can do nothing. 2. CONSECRATION Purity is a big key to fruitfulness. It is disobedi- ence that took men out of the Garden of Eden and obedience takes man back to life in Eden. When you step out of sin you step back into fruitfulness. Genesis 171-2 1When Abram was ninety-nine years old the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him I am Almighty God walk before Me and be blameless. 2And I will make My covenant between Me and you and I will multiply you exceedingly. Notice again verse 6 I will make you exceedingly fruitful Consecration is a very important key to fruitful- ness. Its never too late we can come back to God. Job 2223-25 23If you return to the Almighty you will be built up. You will remove iniquity far from your tents. 24Then you will lay your gold in the dust And the gold of Ophir among the stones of the brooks. 25Yes the Almighty will be your gold And your precious silver. I see God restoring you this day in the name of Jesus. 3. KINGDOM SERVICE This is a great key to fruitful- ness. Exodus 2325-26 25So you shall serve the Lord your God and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you. 26No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land I will fulfill the number of your days. It is in service that your faithful- ness is tested and approved. Matthew 2514-30 is the parable of the talents. It is about service. Notice that the reward for faithfulness in service is an increase in influence and fruitfulness. Matthew 2026-27 says that whoever wants to be great should serve. Many people are faceful but few people are faithful. Many serve facefullyonly few serve faithfully. Proverbs 206 Most men will proclaim each his own goodness but who can find a faithful man Look for an opportunity to serve in the Kingdom and you are on your way to fruitfulness. David was a great example of a man with kingdom service. Psalm 1324-5 4I will not give sleep to my eyes Or slumber to my eyelids 5Until I find a place for the Lord A dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob. No wonder David also became mighty amongst men 4. PRAYER Prayer provokes the release of fruit into mans life. There is a kind of prayer that releases tremendous power that is dynamic in its working. James 516 AMPC The earnest heartfelt continued prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power avail- able dynamic in its working. This is not the kind of religious prayer most people pray in our churches today. Even those who pray such prayers expect no result and they always get none. Many people have learnt the mechanics of prayer but they have never caught the Spirit of prayer. The disciples say Lord teach us to pray But we say Teach us how to pray. Luke 111 Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples. Those who just know how to pray will not come to the fasting and prayer meeting because they already know how to pray. But those who seek God earnestly will always look for opportunity to gather together to pray. Hannah prayed without knowing how to pray yet God answered her. 1 Samuel 112 And it By Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Connection Christian Center located at 1391 Oswego Street Aurora CO 80010. He is a prolific teacher of the Word of God. He has trav- eled to sixty eight countries in all the continents of the world declaring the gospel of the Lord Jesus. You can listen to Dr. Ade Ajala live on KLDC 1220AM every Thursday at 100 pm. Purity is a big key to fruitfulness. It is disobedience that took men out of the Garden of Eden and obedience takes man back to life in Eden. When you step out of sin you step back into fruitfulness. Continued on Page 7 7MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Lyle Lovett wrote the song Im A Soldier in the Army of the Lord. This song describes my journey from New Orleans LA to Fountain CO. It is about 1219 miles and thanks to the U.S. Army for its travel assignment we are here and here to stay It has truly been a journey with stops in Korea and Kosovo Germany Iraq Afghanistan and even the Blue Grass state of Kentucky. On each leg of the journey learn- ing sharing and growing in the knowledge of God. Each leg of the journey being preparation for my final assignment. When I raised my right hand and took the oath to join the Army all I had was my faith that God would cover me on this journey. After 24 years of service in the Army meeting the needs of others in the Logistics field Gods word and His work was always at the forefront of my life. I arrived on this leg of the journey in June 2012 after a brief conversation with Pastor Emeritus James H. McMearn. A spiritual giant in his work the Lord spoke to Rev. McMearn via Duet 27 The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He has watched over your journey through this vast wilder- ness. These forty years the Lord your God has been with you and you have not lacked anything. Now as the Hippopotamus Happy and Elephant Glad Pastor of New Jerusalem Pastor Kevin T. Daniels Sr. is continuing in the work started here and gain- ing ground for God. Each Sunday and wherever he is you can find him sharing the message of recon- ciliation love and peace helping mature every believer to a spiri- tual height so that the Kingdom might be magnified. The jour- ney continues toward The Next Level. The Next Level Pastor Kevin Daniels PASTOR PROFILE happened as she continued praying before the Lord that Eli watched her mouth. Eli knew how to pray but Hannah had the heart of prayer. She got her answer. 5. JOY Unless you are joyful you will not be fruitful. Every joyless person self- destroys himselfherself. Isaiah 123 Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of sal- vation. You need water to be fruitful and joy is what you need to draw it out. Water talks about the Holy Spirit and His power. No one can be joyful and not be praiseful. And when praise is raised because of joy then fruitfulness is a must for the joyful. Psalm 673-7 shows us that when you praise God the earth will yield her increase. Be joyful and you will be praiseful and once you are praiseful you will become God-ful and as you become God-ful you begin to be fruitful. 6. KINGDOM GIVING No fruit is harvested until seed is sown. Giving is living. Until you learn to give you cannot be fruitful. Mark 1017-21 is a story of a rich young ruler that came to Jesus. This man called Jesus good. In the cul- ture of the time when you call some- one good it means that you submit to his goodness and you do this by following what he says. It is dem- onstrated through obedience to what the person you called good says. In other words if you call me good you will do what I say. Jesus said Why do you call me good Because for the man to call Jesus good implies that he submits himself to Jesus goodness and what- ever Jesus says he is prepared to do it. Because He is good what He says is right. Jesus loved him so Jesus told him what he lacked. When someone loves you heshe tells you what you lack. Jesus said One thing you lack. Go your way sell whatever you have and GIVE. Do you know the meaning of give in the Greek It means GIVE. Do you want to know how to be fruitful The reason Im teaching you is because I love you. Let me say that your tithe is not your giving. Tithe belongs to Godso you pay your tithe but you give generously as you purpose in your heart. It is your giving that makes your COVENANT ... continued from page 6 CORRECTION Last month this article ran with the incorrect name under the picture. The correct name of the person pictured right is Pastor Kevin Daniels Continued on Page 21 8 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 All The Way or Not At All Afew months ago I wrote a response to the attacks on the Black Churches in America. These attacks came from not only the secular world but so-called preachers in the liberal church. Shortly after the release of this response in the Body of Christ News a lot of people had a question Who is this Minister Isaac C. McCoy Well you are about to find out. Before I continue let me say what you are about to read is a real life story and not just that but a testimony of Gods saving grace and transforming power. I come against any judg- mental spirit that the devil may try to use on the natural mind of the people of God. I was born March 17 1990 the youngest of four boys to the honor- able Apostle Dr. Elmore McCoy and Elect First Lady Wendy L. McCoy. A lot of people may remember my parents from when they pastured Word and Faith Deliverance Ministry years ago on the corner of 23rd and Washington. Growing up the child of preachers and teachers was fun yet challenging at times. Church was fun and enjoy- able but I always felt that being shel- tered in church kept me from experi- encing life so as I grew I decided that I was going to find my way in life. I can say now that in finding my way in life I am surely glad that I had some praying parents that would not give up on me. At the age of ten I fell in love with the street life. For me it was not about money cars or any of the things that most people turned to the streets for. My family was not rich but my parents worked hard to make sure my broth- ers and I had what we needed. What happened in my life was I did not feel accepted by the church I felt rejected by the church. Even though I had involved myself in all types of ministry I could always find myself being judged for any and every mistake I made. On the other hand I always found myself accepted and valued by the older gangsters in the streets. It got to the point that I stopped caring about anything that had to do with God and His church. The devil had me so wrapped up I stopped caring for my natural family because the church taught they came from God. The bot- tom line is that the streets became my god and thats where I found my desires and my needs were met at least I thought. I remember on winter my dad told me boy you love these streets more than you love God your family and yourself. From that point on I created a new identity for myself. I started smoking drinking and using drugs which I believe kept me stuck in a false reality. I found out that after being put on the streets and becoming a gangster involved more than partying having sex and hanging with the homies. I had to put in work started off fighting and gradually lead to doing more and more to prove myself as the gangster I proclaimed myself to be and whatever I did I had to be the best at it. After awhile I became heartless and had no regards for my fellow man. Shortly after my early stages and gaining reputation of someone down for whatever I figured now everybody respects me I have to maintain this image at all costs. I did that well from Alabama to Colorado I pushed a hard line and finally had a new generation to look to me as I looked to the ones before me. Then came the drug dealing. I wasnt happy with everything my parents did for me I wanted more. I seen that the more money I had the more power I had. On top of what I was already known for I wanted to be known as a hustler so I started off selling a little weed then to a little crack. It got to the point I no longer did it for the money which I was addicted to but also the rush that came with the risk. There are two sides to substance abuse. Now dont get me wrong I was in love with doing what I did but I learned fast I had to be smart that meant I lived a double life. A lot of people did not know me for who I was in the streets they knew me as the preachers son who had a bumpy road. Who was in college while running a repair shop trying to make something of himself. Oh was I good at it the only thing you couldnt do was get me to go to church unless it was to please a girl I might have been messing with. Sometimes my tattoos would give me away but I would say they are just art and they dont mean much. For the next some odd years I would be in and out of jail still going hard in the streets. I became a father while at the same time finishing school and enjoying a well fabricated life. The crazy thing is something deep down inside me kept telling me all this is about to come to an end. For some odd reason the people I sold drugs to would say God has a better plan for your life. It tripped me out then one night my daughter Sahni called me she was two at the time and said Dad you need to come home I told her Im at my house she replied no daddy you need to go to grandmas house thats home. Things really started seeming strange after that a girl I was talking to at the time told me if you keep doing what youre doing something bad is going to happen and five hours later that night something bad did happen. Mid January 2013 I went to jail on first degree murder charges and in less than 24 hours I lost everything. All the money girls and so-called homies disappeared. My childrens mothers took my kids from me. The only people I had left was my family my god fam- ily and God. Sitting in that jail cell is where God came and spoke to me. I heard the voice of God say son keep doing what youre doing and continue to die or choose me and that to live. Well I chose God. Let me be transparent I did not change over- night. I struggled for a while and at times still do. Embracing the life that God has for you can be very challeng- ing. Finally I said to myself I cant keep tricking myself either go hard for God all the way or dont do it at all. I sat down and became a student of Gods Word. Thats when I started to see how powerful the Word of God is. Things By Minister Isaac C. McCoy TESTIMONY Continued on Page 23 9MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Celebrating The Unsung Heroes Minister George Roberts is very familiar with those trapped in the snares and dark world of the streets. He was once there himself. Before he began saving souls for the Lord Roberts was a rob- ber an addict and was anything but law abiding. Then he was delivered. When God delivered me he delivered me from me said Minister George during Black History Month as he accepted a 2016 Community Service Award from Brother Jeffs Cultural Center. Lord If you dont help me so help me God Im going to destroy me. If you deliver me from me Ill serve you all the days of my life. His plea was answered and Minister George has kept his promise. Known throughout the community as The Peoples Preacher with a Church Without Walls this faithful servant can be found preaching the word among the homeless addicted incarcer- ated and those discarded by mainstream society. Each year we honor the unsung heroes in our community said Brother Jeff Founder and Director of Brother Jeffs Cultural Center. There are so many people doing incredible work that do not get the rec- ognition they deserve. We strive to give them their flowers while they are alive to appreciate them. After watching a series of poignant interviews by the original founders of Denvers MLK March members of Umoja meaning Unity took the stage to accept the awards for their hard work in making Denvers MLK March the largest in the world. Umoja is the organization that formed in 1981 to help bring attention to the national effort to honor Dr. Kings birthday as a national holiday. The organization also used the march to highlight community grievances such as police brutality homelessness and unem- ployment. For the first five years from 1981 to 1986 the MLK march was always connected to a cause said Terry Migginia an original founder of Umoja. It was a time for the community to express their concerns to the politicians and not the other way around. The Colorado Black Professional Firefighters Association BPFF was one of two organizations that supported the first MLK March. The provided their fire engine as a platform for the community to speak as well as their bullhorn. BPFF also received a 2016 Community Service Award. H. Soul Watson an activist in his own right accepted the Brother Jeffs Cultural Center Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of his father Lauren Watson the founder of the Denver Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Watson was looking forward to attending the celebration but was unable due to health and a hospital stay. A prayer was given for a full and speedy recovery. Norman Harris Sr. received the Hiawatha Davis Lifetime Award. Mr. Harris Sr. who moved to Denver in 1942 was one ofthe first Black troops to join the Air ForceMr. Harris Sr. the eyes and ears of Five Points is 97 years old. Archie Jones Founder of Music Spectrum presented their Community Service Award to Cleo Parker Robinson a fixture in The Black Community for over 40 years. The celebration was held in her theater. Hosted by Pastor Terrance Big T Hughes the Gayle LeaLi Quartet got things under way with jazz and blues numbers while guests connected with family and friends. COMMUNITY Minister George Roberts above and Umoja below both received Brother Jeffs Cultural Center 2016 Community Service Awards. 10 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 11MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 12 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 13MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS SCOTT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH PART-TIME ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT WANTED Hours 10am-2pm 4 daysweek Tues.- Friday. An individual with strong computer skills social media skills use of financial software and knowl- edge of office equipment is needed. Three years with general clerical experience preferred. Primary function is to oversee all activities of the main church office. This person reports directly to the Senior Pastor. Salary 10hr. CALL 303.322.8967 EMAIL Scott United Methodist Church 2880 Garfield St. Denver CO 80205 14 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 15MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 16 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 Doubting When I was a little girl my moth- er would see me play acting. I would say Mom look Im a Reporter on television. Often she would hear me singing in the bedroom looking in a mirror I would say Mom some- day Im going to be a singer. She was always encouraging she would say Oh thats great with God on your side you can do anything. Ive always dared to dream and vision myself doing this or that. The Word of God says And the Lord answered me and said. Write the vision and make it plain. continuing on to verse 3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time... Habakkuk 22-3. As I became a young woman many opportunities came my way in broad- casting singing and recording. One day I decided our community needed a television program of positive cur- rent events in the minority commu- nity. I got so excited in my spirit about my vision So I sat down and started writing out my vision as if I had a million dollars. I had nothing but a writing tablet and pen and wrote out my vision and how it could be accom- plished. Ive had over 20 yrs of televi- sion as host and producer. I was also bless with a musical career and still going strong today in both fields. My God my God within a year God open doors and that television show became a reality in my life that no man could shut AMEN My point in telling you about my vision coming true if I had given up every time I was feeling negative thoughts my vision never would have been birth into existence. When you keep your vision in front of you thats your faith being released. If you can see what God has put in your heart you will receive the incredible things God wants to do. Do more than daydream use the power of Your imagina- tion vision and your faith. Start by writing it down Dont let negative thoughts paint those pictures. We limited our own imagination and the power of God. Youve got to change what you see. If you believe your vision is your destiny of course you will have to work at it but get start- ed.write the vision doors will open through the grace of God. In the Scriptures God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. In the natural is was impossible. Abraham didnt have one child he was eighty. But God didnt just give him the promise God gave him a picture to look at. God said Abraham go out and look at the stars thats how many descendants you will have. Ive read that there are six thousand stars in the Eastern sky where he was. Its not a coincidence that there are six thousand promises in the Scriptures. God was saying Every promise that you can get a vision for I will bring it to pass. God also told him to look at the grains of sand a the seashore because that was how many relatives he would have. God gave him a picture because he knew there would be times when it would look as if the promise would not come to pass and Abraham would be dis- couraged and tempted to give up. God said to Abraham If you can see it I can do it. If you have a vision for it I can make a way. I can open up new doors. I can bring the right people. I can give you the finances. I can break the chains holding you back. Psalm 271 says The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid. Saints I want to leave you with this thought. Some of you my be strug- gling with your weight your health your finances with a relationship for a long time and you keep wondering Will this ever change God is saying You can You will What is the vision you are believing God will accomplish in your life By PM Wynn Grove Dr. PM Wynn Grove and Lee Grove Jr. are the founders of Heavenly Sent Ministries and Associate Pastors at The Potter House of Denver. Pastor PM can be reached by email pmwynn9 When you keep your vision in front of you thats your faith being released. If you can see what God has put in your heart you will receive the incredible things God wants to do. Do more than daydream use the power of Your imagination vision and your faith. TESTIMONY Richard Allen Commemorated On Postal Stamp The Denver Postmaster is in Great Honor to be at Shorter African Methodist Episcopal Church we are all here to celebrate the 39th Stamp in the Black Heritage Series Commemorating Preacher Activist and Civic leader Bishop Richard Allen. This Stamp coincides with the 200th Anniversary of Bishop Allens founding of the African Methodist Episcopal Church stated Denver Postmaster Mark Talbott. The Stamp Art is a portrait of Bishop Allen extracted from an 1876 print titled Bishop of the A.M.E. Church. The print featured Allen in the center surrounded by ten other bishops. It is from the collection of the Library Company of Philadelphia. The Commemorative stamp that is dedicated cel- ebrates the history the moments and the move- ments that Bishop Allen inspired and embod- ied. Colorado Wyoming District Manager Selwyn Epperson gives a short history lesson on who was Bishop Richard Allen. Richard Allen 1760 - 1831 born a slave in Philadelphia in 1760. He was sold to a farmer at a very young age near Dover Delaware. He soon was converted to Christianity and began to preach. His Master allowed him to conduct ser- vices in the farm house In 1777 he converted his master and purchase his own freedom. After the Revolutionary War Blacks were discouraged from worshipping with white congregations. One Sunday in November 1787 Allen and a group of Blacks asked to leave St. Georges Methodist Church in Philadelphia. Richard Allen did not lose faith in Christianity He organized a new denomination. Established his first church Bethel in Philadelphia. In 1816 sixteen independent Negro Methodist con- gregations from the different states of the Union formed the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Allen became the first Bishop. The Church expanded under his leadership to 7927 members in 1826 and financial asset of 1151. In 1787 Allen with several of his friends found- ed the Free African Society when yel- low fever epidemic hit Philadelphia in 1793 Bishop Allen Absalom Jones and Dr. Benjamin Rush ask members of the society to nurse the sick regard- less of race or color. During the war of 1812 Richard Allen and Absalom Jones expressed their patriotism by recruit- ing more than two thousand Blacks to help defend Philadelphia. In 1817 he denounced the American Colonization Society they wanted to return free blacks to Africa in 1830 Allen started the first national movement for resettling free Blacks in Canada. COMMUNITY 17MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS The Judgement Seat Of ChristFor we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done whether good or bad. 2 Corinthians 510 There will be a time when the Lord Jesus evalu- ates the works of those who are His people. The deeds which we have done on this earth will be examined. Possibly some of what we deemed good deeds will be seen to be more about us than about God. Some of what we thought insignificant or worthless may be highly valued of God. WHAT IS THIS JUDGMENT SEAT This reward- ing of believers in the church is commonly called the judgment seat of Christ or the bema-pro- nounced bay-mah. The Greek word bema is used by the apostle Paul to describe this judgment. In a judicial setting a bema was a seat or raised plat- form where a judge sat as he made his decision regarding a case as in the case of Pilate as he heard the accusation against Jesus. In a reward setting such as the Grecian games in Athens the arena contained a raised platform on which the president or umpire of the arena sat. From here he rewarded all the contestants and here he rewarded all win- ners. It was called the bema or reward seat. It was never used of a judicial bench. Thus associ- ated with this word are the ideas of prominence dignity authority honor and reward rather than the idea of justice and judgment. This then is actually a place of rewarding not punishing. WHEN WILL THIS JUDGMENT TAKE PLACE The fact that the Lord Jesus rewards His servants in connection with His coming indicates that the judgment seat of Christ will take place shortly after the rapture 1 Cor. 45 Rev. 2212. Christians who are alive at the time of the rapture will be caught up to meet the Lord Jesus and will at that moment receive their glorified bodies. Those Christians who have died since the church began at Pentecost will also be involved in the rapture having their physi- cal bodies raised from the dead and receive their resurrected glorified bodies 1 Cor. 155153. WHO WILL BE PRESENT AT THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST This judgment involves the same people who were involved in the rapture namely believers from the church age. In 1 Corinthians 310-45 passage it is clear those who have built on the foundation of Jesus Christ will be at the judg- ment seat. This clearly is a reference to church age believers. This would mean that unsaved people are not a part of this judgment and it also means that saints from the Old Testament will not participate. The bema of Christ is concerned only with believers. WHAT ARE THE BASES FOR THE EVALUATION AND REWARDING At the bema the believers works will be examined by the Lord Jesus to deter- mine if rewards will be given. First Corinthians 38 informs us that each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor. In 1 Corinthians 31015 the apostle Paul uses the illustration of constructing a building. He informs believers that all have received a founda- tion on which to build. Verse 11 informs us that foundation which is given to the believer is none other than the Lord Jesus. The believer builds daily on that foundation and has a choice of building materials. The issue is not if believers will build but with what they will build. At the judgment seat their works will be tested by fire. Some of the build- ing materials are perishable wood hay and straw whereas others are not gold silver and costly stones. The works that please and honor God will not be burned up but will bring a reward. When the Lord Jesus evaluates the lives of believers at the judgment seat His evaluation will be based on several factors. First the extent our lives and ministry follow the Word of God. The Scriptures with their com- mands and principles will form the objective standard used by the Lord. He will not evaluate us on the basis of our experiences or tra- ditions but on His revealed truth. The study and application of Gods Word is a key to our rewarding. How seriously we have taken the Masters instructions will be an important factor in our rewarding. Second the extent we have been faithful stewards of all that He has entrusted to us. We have been given spiritual gifts natural abilities material resources training and opportunities for service. The Bible reminds us that it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy 1 Cor. 42. Believers must always remember that they are held accountable for what has been given to them not what has been given to another. Third our motives. The Lord is not interested only in what we do but also why we do it or do not do it. Those who live and serve with a desire to please and honor Christ will receive great reward. Those who live and serve motivated by self-promotion financial gain or some other improper goal will not receive rewards. The issue here is not to determine whether the one judged is a believer or not. The question of salvation is not being considered. The salvation given the believer in Christ has perfectly delivered him from all judgment Rom. 81 John 524 1 John 417. This whole program is related to the glorification of God through the manifestation of His righteousness in the believer. It is for the divine glory that every work done by man should appear as it really is before Him who is ordained by God the Judge of living and dead. The purpose of the bema is to make a public manifestation demonstration or revelation of the essential character and motives of the individual. The believers works are brought into judgment called the things done in his body 2 Cor. 510 in order that it may be determined whether they are good or bad. The idea is not one of good or bad in the sense of that which is ethically or morally evil but rather of its good-for-nothingness. This idea of worthlessness is the central view. Thus the judg- ment is not to determine what is ethically good or evil but rather that which is acceptable and that which is worthless. It is not the Lords purpose here to chasten His child for his sins but to reward his service for those things done in the name of the Lord. WHAT IS THE RESULT OF THE REWARDING AT THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST Some Christians spend their entire lives on earth building with wood hay and straw. At the judgment seat of Christ many peoples work will go up in flames. Although there may be the loss of reward the apostle Paul is clear that this will not involve the loss of salvation If any mans work is burned up he shall suffer loss but he himself shall be saved yet so as through fire 1 Cor. 315. It is Gods desire to reward His children but He will withhold reward from those who have lived sinful self-centered lives. Believers will not only be rewarded for the good in their lives at the bema but will have to face Jesus response to those things done which are worthless. The examination is not an exter- nal judgment based on outward observation but rather on a test that determines the inner charac- ter and motivation. The entire purpose of the trial by fire is to determine that which is destructible and that which is indestructible. The apostle has affirmed that there are two classes of building materials which the laborers together with God may use in building the edifice upon the founda- tion already laid. The gold silver costly stones are indestructible materials. These are the work of God which man only appropriates and uses. On the other hand the wood hay and stubble are destruc- tible materials. These are the work of men which man has produced by his own effort. The apostle is revealing the fact that the examination at the bema of Christ is to determine that which was done by God through the individual and that which the individual did in his own strength that which was done for the glory of God and that which was done for the glory of the flesh. It cannot be determined by outward observation into which class any work falls so that work must be put to test in order that its true character may be proved. On the basis of this test there will be two deci- sions. There will be loss of reward for that which is proven by the fire to be destructible. Things done in the strength and for the glory of the flesh regard- less of what the act might be will be disapproved. Paul expresses his fear of depending on the energy of the flesh rather than the empowerment of the Spirit in the light of this fact when he writes I keep under my body and bring it into subjection lest that by any means when I have preached to others I myself should be a castaway 1 Cor. 927. When Paul uses the word castaway he is not expressing fear that he will lose his salvation but rather that which he has done shall be found to be good-for- nothing. We dont want our lives to be a waste we dont want to just scrape into heaven. But we want to live full and die empty. Let us surrender ourselves afresh to him today. Romans 121 exhorts us I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is your reasonable service. Let us give Him our lives as living sacri- fices holy and pleasing to him. First John 228 cau- tions us And now little children abide in Him that when He appears we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. Therefore let us so live our lives that we can stand before God on that great day-unashamed and receive our crowns. William T. Golson By Pastor William T. Golson SERMON Thus the judgment is not to determine what is ethically good or evil but rather that which is acceptable and that which is worthless. It is not the Lords purpose here to chasten His child for his sins but to reward his service for those things done in the name of the Lord. 18 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 19MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS We want your news Body of Christ News wants to hear about your calendar events announcements or conferences. Send your news to or fax us at 303.344.4608. MCCOWANS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Gussie Lee McCowan celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21 with a reception with their family and friends. Mr. Gussie McCowan married the former Sarah Mae Williams on February 13 1944. Mr. McCowan has worked for the City of Athens and Brownsboro Independent School District. Mrs. McCowan is a loving devoted housewife and mother. Their children are Glory Thompson Deloris Robinson and Victor McCowan all of Tyler Paul McCowan and Jimmy McCowan both of Colorado Ronnie McCowan of Missouri and the late Theaudry and Isiah McCowan both of Dallas. They have 24 grandchildren 30 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. 20 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 LOCAL EVENTs Living Portraits March 26th National Council of Negro Woman presents Living Portraits of African- American Women 130 - 330pm. Denver Central Library 10 West 14th Avenue Denver CO. Reception to follow. Presented by Denver Section-NCNW. Inc. and Blair Caldwell African American Research Library. RSVP to Sunrise Service March 27th Join Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church for Sunrise Service March 27th 600am. Rev. Dr. Jules E. Senior Pastor. 1500 South Dayton St. Denver CO. Sunday School 915am. Mid-Morning Worship Service 1030am. Mens Prayer Breakfast March 12th Saturday 900 1100 am. Do you desire to have a stronger walk with the Lord Do you want to see more of Gods power in your life Do you want the abundant life that Jesus promised Come on out to the CCAIS Mens Prayer Breakfast Well pray for the needs in our lives church community nation and worldall followed by a country breakfast together. Invite a Friend Males 13 years above To confirm your attendance or 303 360- 0209 EVERYTHING - ABSOLUTELY FREE The Supernatural Principle One of the most powerful principles in the uni- verse is I am. When it comes to true trans- formation applying the principles of I am to your life can kick-start change. Physical mental and spiri- tual healing can happen in a second or a moment. It can happen now. As a transformation coach this is one of the most powerful principles that I utilize with my clients and in my daily life. A person defines who they are by consciously declaring the I ams in their life. With preci- sion of thought concentration and meditation I am can transform a persons life by opening up new doors creating new opportunities and relationships. We are more powerful than the world leads us to believe. Negative experiences from our past can sometimes distort our personal view of self and take us out of what should be our natural state. God intends for us to happy joyous powerful and fulfilled. Genesis 126-28 gives us insight into our spiritual DNA. And God said Let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth Gen 126-28 KJV. When we use I am we decide what word will follow. Using I am in a negative way is equally as powerful as using it in a positive way. We believe what we tell ourselves so choose wisely and with purpose. For by thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned Matt 1237 KJV. Every time we use I am we are literally instructing ourselves to think believe and feel a certain way. Our subconscious mind becomes a recorder that is set to play back the recorded informa- tion again and again. Utilize the powerful principle of I am daily by outwardly declar- ing the following I am love I am joy I am peace I am healed I am fit and healthy I am power I am fulfilled I am happy. We are capable of things that we would probably consider unusual or even supernatural. Our minds are a vast largely unexplainable source of energy and power. Our thoughts have the power to alter reality. Our minds have superpowers that we can utilize to our benefit if we believe in the power of our thoughts. The only question that remains is do we believe For as he thinks in his heart so is he Prov 237 KJV. For more information and virtual coaching con- tact Andre Hinton at or 719-357-7646. Andre Hinton By Andre Hinton Motivational Speaker Fitness Coach SERMON 21MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Apostle Dixon Receives Archangel Boldness Award Aurora CO February 18 2016 Dr. Cenece Dixon has received the Boldness Award during the Annual Archangel Awards Show at the EpiCenter in Atlanta Georgia. It is such an honor to be recognized by the Annual Archangel Awards Show says Dr. Dixon. I cannot express my sincere thanks to the awards committee and those who believe in my ministry and my work. We must come to a place and preach the gospel without compromise and disclaimers. Preach in love but preach holiness and repentance. The Boldness Award honors unsung heroes who are committed cham- pions who through their willingness to serve others make major sac- rifices and are making a meaningful impact in the communities where they live and serve. Dr. Dixon is a servant author apostle mentor and entrepreneur. She answered the call to ministry in 1992 and her evangelistic ministry has included street ministry revivals conferences seminars radio evange- lism feeding the homeless and youth outreach. She has planted The Throne Room Church and plans to break ground in Africa with a church library and parsonage. She formed an adopt-a-family program and a follow-up team for the Katrina survivors in Denver CO. She oversees 4 churches in other states and is the founder of Cenece Dixon Ministries and Enterprise Dr. Dixon is a spirit-filled apostle who responded to Gods call to begin a publishing company in 2013 to help aspiring authors share their work with others. To date Cenece Dixon Publishing has a roster of 30 authors. She believes she can only credit her success to trusting in God and her willingness to worship the Lord continually through obedience. My greatest desire is to see the entire world free of bondage and to walk in their purpose and destiny. To learn more about other authors contact Cenece Dixon Publishing visit our website at seed. Your tithe is not your seedit is Gods portion in the first instance. You dont sow your tithe. Your tithe ties you to the covenant but your giving makes you to be fruitful and increase. Tithing protects what you have but giving increases what you have. Tithing makes God protect your possession. Giving makes man increase your posses- sion. Luke 638 Give and it will be given to you good measure pressed down shaken together and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use it will be measured back to you. First you pay your tithe and then you sow seed through giving. Genesis 181-14 shows that Abraham through giving actualized fruitfulness in his life. In Genesis 229-18 Abraham gave his only begotten son. God loved the world and He gave His only begotten Son for it. Abraham loved God and he gave his only begotten son to Him. Both of them through giving became Father to many Sons. Start a life of giving today and watch fruitfulness abound in your life. COVENANT ... continued from page 7 Church of God In Christ Condons Artificial Insemination LaShae Stiggers a career-driven woman wanted children. So she did the next best thing to conceive a child---went to her church first. Recently the Church of God In Christ held a special dedication cere- mony for Stiggers now 3-year old son Josiah who was conceived through the medical process of artificial insem- ination. Its the joy of dedicating this young baby baby boy to the Lord. This family realizes the scriptures say Children are our heritage of the Lord and they are his reward said Dr. Bishop P H Porter over the COGIC Jurisdiction of Montana who presided over the dedication ceremony. Bishop P.H Porter encouraged the family to have Josiah dedicated on Sunday Feb. 14 on Valentines Day. The ceremony took place at the Evangelist Temple Church of God In Christ off Ogden Street in Denver where Stiggers and her relatives are members. Stiggers however is the first to take her case before the state super- visor Mother Bertha Washington and a Bishop within the national COGIC churches to support and sanction sin- gle women getting artificially insemi- nated. Stiggers went through a lengthy pro- cess before getting medically impreg- nated. I looked at background infor- mation on a lot of potential donors she said before settling on the pro- file of a successfully highly educated male. Her mother Twilla Stiggers was totally supportive of her daughters decision to have a child without a ring on it. And she adores her grandson. It was difficult for my daughter to meet the right successful Christian male that she was evenly yoked with. I was extremely pleased with her deci- sion and when I saw the ultrasound of Josiah I danced like King David. It was also important to the fam- ily to wait on Bishop Porter to do the ceremony added Twilla Stiggers because he performed her marriage ceremony a daughter and sons wed- ding as well as the dedication of another grandson. While the Church of God in Christ does not condone fornication pre- marital sex abortion as the Catholic Church and other religious denomi- nations its just another sign of the times of how the American family is evolving. Statistics have not changed much since Ebony magazine reported back in 2003 that only half of Black women marry by the age of 30 compared to 81 percent of White women. The bottom line still remains more career-oriented women between the ages of 35 and 45 are looking at medi- cal options of conceiving children and being part of that motherhood group. Having a baby through artificial insemination can be costly. It ranges from 300 to 500 per attempt which can be between five and 10 attempts before the egg is fertilized by the donor sperm. Not to mention addi- tional costs for testing sperm wash- ing ultra sound and other fertility drugs needed. When I look at Josiahs deep dim- ples as he smiles and says Mommy Shae I love you. I am more than posi- tive that I made the best decision explains enthusiastically LaShae Stiggers. Her sister Nichelle Stiggers and brother Billy Stiggers Esq. were her biggest supporters and encouraged her to have a child through artifi- cial insemination especially during changing times when Black women are becoming more successful. Its so exciting. Just had Josiahs birthday the other day and he told me that he wanted me to take him to see President Obama at his house the White House. He is a very bright ener- getic little boy and brings so much life to our family. Artificial insemination can be costly. It ranges from 300 to 500 per attempt. Bishop Porter and the Stiggers Family left to right Cenece Dixon Denver CO and Dr. David Knight Atlanta Georgia By Sheila Smith CHURCH NEWS 22 BOCNEWS.comMARCH 2016 23MARCH 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Our Mind Is The Battleground Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord . . . There is therefore now no condem- nation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 722 23 pinpoints the battleground for the contest between us and sin For I joy- fully concur with the law of God in the inner man but I see a dif- ferent law in the members of my body waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members. Where does our desire to do whats right reside Paul uses the phrase the inner man referring to our new self where our spirit and Gods Spirit are in union. This is the eternal part of us And where does sin wage its war to keep us from doing what we really want to do In the physical members of our body James 41. Sin operates through our flesh that learned inde- pendence that continues to promote rebellion against God This is the temporal part of us. Where then do these two opponents wage war Galatians 517 The battleground is our mind Thats why it is so important that we learn how to renew our minds Romans 122 and to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ 2 Corinthians 105. Paul concluded his description of the contest between sin and the new self with the exclama- tion Wretched man that I am Who will set me free from the body of this death Romans 724. Notice that he didnt say Sinful man that I am He said wretched. Wretched means miserable and there is no one more miserable than the person who has allowed sin to reign in his mortal body If we use our bodies as instruments of unrigh- teousness we give the devil an opportunity in our lives and he brings only misery The good news is that Romans 724 is followed by Romans 725 and Romans 81 Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord . . . There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus The battle for the mind is a winnable war Our Prayer Thank You Jesus for knowing me understanding me and providing for me a way of escape for every possible temptation In Jesus name. Amen. By Sandra Powell SCRIPTURE started to change in my mind and from the inside out the Seed of God started to grow. I became a jail house preacher. During this time I was fighting for my life by all means. No matter what the law says or what I said happened the bottom line is someone lost a life and as trial approached I was about to lose mine. But God had a different plan. Instead of a life sentence by the grace of God I got 40 years. Currently I am at Bent County serving my time. Shortly before coming here after completion of semi- nary through Moody Bible my father ordained me as a minister. Now I am continuing my studies in sacred theology as well as religious education through Amherst Theological. My plan is that once released from here after my appeals are granted I will be very active in the ministry as well as opening a place of worship. Now that you know my story and who I am I pray that it may be a blessing to you or to someone you may share it to and I want to say this is not no jail house religion. The brothers in jail that have given their lives to Christ have a bad name to the outside world. I cannot speak for all that claim to be saved but I can speak for those that truly have been saved. There is a revival going on behind these walls and yes a raminant still remains. I would like to take a moment to thank my father Apostle Dr. Elmore McCoy and my mother Elect First Lady Wendy L. McCoy for their everyday encourage- ment. I would like to thank Pastor Sudds for having an open phone line and continuing to impart wisdom in my life and Pastor Hawkins for his support and supplying Sunday school books that helps me stay current with my lessons from church C.O.G.I.C and also for providing us with the books needed for our prayer and bible bonding groups we are having here at Bent County. My brothers and sisters God is able to do the impos- sible and if He can save me he can save anybody. No matter what youve been through dont be a slave to your past. No matter what you are going through dont be afraid of the outcome. God is with you every step of the way. Saved or unsaved Jesus loves you and wants the best for you. May God bless you. ALL THE WAY ... from page 8