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Bodyof Christ News DECEMBER 2015 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 4 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM Exodus 314COMPLIMENTARY BOCNEWS.COM SERVING COMMUNITIES IN DENVER AURORA MONTBELLO BOULDER COLORADO SPRINGS PUEBLO ADVERTISEMENT Menace to the CommunityVERMELL E. HILL Racial profiling leads to traffic stop harrasement and arrest on warrant for landscaping violation. I am sure that there are more pressing issues facing the law enforcement arm of the City of Aurora than that of landscaping. And while it is important to keep the community clean and beautiful there are a number of ways to execute that short of arresting a citizen. p.8Vermell E. Hill The Benefits of Church Health Ministry Collaboration I wish every church in the African American community could make health ministry an integral part of their ministry to bring healing to the community. Moreover churches can band together to do screenings and educational seminars for the community. We can actually save lives. page 7 Bishop Darwin A. Mitchell and First Lady Tiffany Mitchell of Born Again Christian Ministries delivered more than 60 turkeys beforeThanksgiving to the needy and stopped by our office to wish the readers of Body of Christ News a Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear We wish you and your fam- ily a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year Pastor Lee Grove Jr. Pastor PM Wynn Grove Associate Pastors at The Potter House of Denver 2 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2016 The Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary Staff 2015 3DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS WHO CARED FOR ONE TO CARE is like love easy to say but only believed through action. Excel has been a part of the community since 1983 now entering her 33rd year. She opened through Gods Vision by Gods Leader Pastor Andrew Lee Bowman. He believed as we do now that we hold the ultimate respon- sibility for our childrens preparation and education. We cannot blame society individuals politics or the powers that be to dictate their future pulse and heart beat. Children that were and still are marginalized with a predestination of their futures to fail through low expectations family history moral decay abandonment prejudices poverty and the overused term of at-risk children. Excel Institute at that time Union Baptist Excel In- stitute believed that the only true preparation of a successful life begins with education coupled with Christian principles and instruction. You teach ex- cellence in all you do. You teach responsibility and accountability respect for yourselves others as well as those in authority and the importance of gratitude for all things. Excel still holds fast to this mission and creed. Over the years we have struggled to just stay alive but we remain relevant. Seemingly only to those who need us. We have educated preachers and pas- tors children mayors children and grandchildren we have educated teachers children lawyers children professionals children business owners children single parents chil- dren families with multiple children at no cost to them. We have ac- cepted children whose parents could not afford to pay we have as God instructed taken in children that other educational institutions labeled rejected or abandoned. We have educated children from Arvada Park Hill Aurora Green Valley Ranch City Park Swansea and Montbello including metropolitan Denver. We have paid rent fed clothed and buried individuals in and out of our community. We have financially and physically supported minority businesses organizations and churches in their campaigns and functions. We have employed over 300 people who were able to pay rent pur- chase cars and homes contribute to their communities and provide for themselves as well as take care of their families. We encourage all employees to be connected with a church and to give time talent of- fering and tithe. We have offered Kaiser health care for our employees with the school paying 90 of the cost since 1990. We offer 401k Retirement plan with Paine Webber with matching 100 of the annual contribution for over 25 years. We added in the subsequent years Aflac and Legal Shield. I say this to demonstrate that charity begins at home and we value our employees knowing our success is largely attributed to those who follow the vision creed and mission with dedication con- viction and belief. Why am I using the title Who Cared I use this title because I sin- cerely agonize to answer this question. Many donors and well wishers do not make up our communities. They originate from communities that most of us have never visited or been a part of. They saw the value in our children when many of us did not. But even these supporters won- der why our community does not show financial support. I cant supply the answer I simply do not know it. Although we have helped many out- side of the bounds of education no minority community organizations have helped Excel within the bounds. We have no action committees no monthly or even one time contributors from minority businesses churches and families that make up our communities. Although we have supported many by making sure we gave them our business and others through financial contributions. We have only the vision of Pastor Bowman now deceased God and those who have hearkened to his prompting who have kept us in every aspect of Excels life. As I continue to look at GODS WORD to try to understand why this ministry of God is not recognized first by the people of God I came to a passage marked in my Bible. The date was marked August 26th 1995 Pas- tors morning sermon. St. Matthew 25 verses 40-46 but verse 43 and 45 clearly tells why we accepted any and every one here at Excel and also why we have gone outside the boundaries of education. Verse 43 I was a stranger and ye took me not in naked and ye clothed me not sick and in prison and ye visited me not. Verse 44 Then shall they also answer him saying Lord when saw we thee an hungred or athirst or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and not minister unto thee Verse 45 Then shall he answer them saying Verily I say unto you Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these ye did it not to me. Children are considered the least. They have no power no influence or position but Jesus is very clear in His proclamation. We do not have a prison ministry but through our articles in Body of Christ a reader who is incarcerated made a request of our school and we answered the call. We answered also the second request. Truly he recognized who we were even though his response was amazement that we not only cared but demonstrated it. After 7 years this will be our last article in Body of Christ as it is the beginning of our evaluation of our future. It is only by divine providence that we have made it thus far. But Gods provision always has a purpose and final outcome. I am still in disbelief and saddened that the commu- nity has failed to recognize us but has always recognized that we could be counted on to help where needed or requested. Many have failed the children and ignored the very essence of their value. Perhaps they are looking at the founder or those who remain and withhold aid because we are still here. The failure is in recognizing whose we are what we stand for and where we stand. God called and equipped us. It is not our desire to be honored or recognized for what Excel through God has accomplished it is for people to recognize who and what we represent. It is about His Ministry His vision and not about any individual. Who do I say thank you to Earthly it would be parents employees donors and the children. No business men no community leader no church no politician. I have used this quote quite often to encourage our parents to support the program of the school. With support noth- ing can fail without support nothing can succeed. God did His part nothing is impossible with God but that does not absolve any of us from our part. The oak tree began as a little nut that would not go away. Gandhi - Wil Wilson Wil Wilson 4 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 5DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Closing The Attainment Gap On October 31st I attended the gathering The Education Of Black And Brown Students Closing The Attainment Gap Sponsored by the CBRT. There I had a brief conversation with Bill de la Cruz - Director of Equity and Inclusion - Denver Public Schools He shared some insights from and mentioned the expression Implicit Bias and Law Enforcement. At my request he for- warded two studies of which I present the fol- lowing excerpts Implicit Bias and Law Enforcement By Tracey G. Gove Captain West Hartford Connecticut Police Department Racial profiling has been an obvious point of contention between law enforcement and minority group members. Over the past decade the term bias-based policing has been coined and the subject has been the topic of much research and debate. It often paints the picture of ill-intentioned officers deliberately act- ing upon preconceived stereotypes and prejudices. What if perhaps there was another answer In the spring of 2010 Professor Jerry Kang from the UCLA School of Law presented to Connecticut judges pros- ecutors public defenders and police administrators on the topic of implicit or hidden bias. His talk shed light on what has become an increasingly popu- lar subject in social science circles. In brief researchers contend that implicit biases are predilections held by all that operate largely outside of ones aware- ness. Although hidden these biases are both pervasive and powerful. Much research on the topic has focused on racial bias and has netted some intrigu- ing results. While the science does have its detrac- tors the growing research and poten- tial implications for the criminal justice field make this a topic with which all law enforcement personnel should be familiar. The reader may find this arti- cle to be interesting provocative and enlighteningor some combination of the three. The purpose of this piece is to raise awareness on a topic that is grow- ing in popularity and that has begun to emerge in the criminal justice system. It is up to readers to decide whether the science is relevant and pertinent to their lives and their workplaces. It is said that implicit bias then includes both implicit stereotypes and implicit attitudes and is shaped by both history and cultural influences for example upbringing life experi- ences relationships and all manner of mediabooks movies television newspapers and so on. Research has shown that a persons previous experi- ences both positive and negative leave a memory record. Implicit biases encompass the myriad fears feelings percep- tions and stereotypes that lie deep within the subconscious they act on those memory records and exist without an individuals permission or acknowledgement. In fact implicit bias can be completely contradic- tory to an individuals stated beliefsa form of conscious-unconscious divergence. the belief is that media bombardment in which a certain race is consistently linked with crime deviance and so on may form the basis for implicit biases. This conclusion is contrary to existing assumptions that discrimination and bias are intrinsic characteristics held only by ignorant pernicious individuals. The research on implicit bias indicates that discrimina- tion and bias are based more on those social issues and influences. www.policechiefmagazine.orgmagazine index.cfmfuseactiondisplay_archarticle_ id2499issue_id102011 Folks though I havent done the researchstudies I may not have the knowledgevocabulary expressed in the Science yet the LORD has been cycling these concepts in my mind for some time. You know Thats Right God is Omni-Science He Confirms Re-Affirms again and again the responsibility of His Church to this DARKENED World TO BE LIGHT Coloradoans Working Together Mutual AppreciationRespect and with Divine Guidance We CanWe MUST build a bridge of Relationships between OUR Community and OUR Law Enforcement Officials. JEHOVAH-SHALOM PEACE The Support Theme for Christs Church Mission WE ARE THE ONES GOD IS WAITING FOR COMMUNITY ERROR CORRECTIONS SPRING HOLY GHOST GETAWAY SET FOR MARCH NOT SEPTEMBER An error in the article about the 2015 Fall Holy Ghost Getaway page 7 of the November issue of Body of Christ News mentioned the date of the 2016 Spring Holy Ghost Getaway as September 3-5 2016. The correct date is March 3-5 2016 and registrations for the event are still available. This error was on the part of His Voice Ministries who submitted the article not on the part of the Body of Christ News and we apologize for any confusion Pastor Roxanne Ryan His Voice Ministries. CLEAVLAND ARTICLE CORRECTION Pastor Cleveland Thompson pictured right is the Senior Pastor and Pastor Calvin Johnson is the Pastor of the South Campus. Senior Pastor Cleveland Thompson Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church North South Campuses Colorado Springs CO. Al R. Combs By Pastor Al R. Combs 6 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 He who observes the wind will not sow and he who regards the clouds will not reap. Ecclesiastes 114 We live in an age of uncertainty. Yet some things remain very very certain. If you dont sow you will not reap. If you dont plant anything there will not be a harvest. So how should we live when we are not sure how things are going to turn out Solomon the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes says If you play it safe and never take any risks you will miss out on the rewards. In other words in spite of all of lifes unknowns we have to live confidently. Every decision in life carries the potential for something to go wrong for disaster to occur. We must not allow the risk of the unknown to paralyze us and cause us to miss out on rewards in the future. Our lack of knowledge of the future should lead not to inactivity or despair but cause us to labor diligently and exercise a deeper faith. God wants us to step out in faith and take risks. He yearns for us to stop playing it safe and trust him in every area of life. Solomon gives us some tips that will help us to take some risks and avoid playing it safe. He tells us how to act positively in an uncertain world. WE MUST DIVERSIFY OUR INVESTMENTS vs. 1-2. Solomon is encouraging his readers to be wise and calculating risk takers. Here Solomon states that to minimize disaster and loss of the merchan- dise it ought to be spread out or diversified and not all placed in one ship as disasters were com- mon at sea. In our day we would interpret this as meaning not to place all our investments in one basket or to be diversified. Investment counsellors advise us to have a balanced portfolio of investments to minimize the effects of recession and inflation. Although we are to have confidence in our abili- ties take advantage of our education utilize all the knowledge available to us we must always factor in that we are spiritual creatures living in both a physical and spiritual world and all that we do is subject to Gods favour and grace. We need to make sure that any venture that we undertake is diversi- fied. We must have a balanced portfolio utilizing all the knowledge and resources at our disposal but ultimately recognize and depend upon the favour and grace of God. WE MUST SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES vs. 3-6. Things happen in nature and life over which we have no control. In spite of our lack of control we must not allow it to hinder our enthusiasm for life. In our Christian walk there will always arise some wind some cloud or other potential disas- ter at least in our imagination to discourage us. Winds and clouds are in Gods hands. If we wait for everything to be perfect before we make a move or investment we will never do anything. we will miss out on opportunities to do good and receive good. Fair weather Christianity never gets anything done. We cant sit on our hands throughout our entire life just because bad things some- times happen We cant wait for ideal conditions to take spiritual risks No matter what precautions we take there are some things we have no control over - so we must live by faith Take the risks and leave the results with God There comes a time when in spite of all the obstacles we have to go ahead anyhow. If all we do is wait on the right time on the right conditions on the right people or the right atmo- sphere then we will miss mira- cles Sometimes we have to move out on a maybe. Now Im not talking about senseless action and trusting God to empower our every whim. However I do believe that there are times when we have to step out by faith and that means that we will not be sure. To wait until we are sure is not moving by faith. All we may have is a maybe. However I believe the Lord would say If you will begin to move out on a maybe I will transform your maybe into a miracle We are to walk by faith and not by sight. That means take a chance move out even when youre unsure. Move out on a maybe. That means you can still have some doubts and reservations. You can still have questions and not know the whole plan. But if you will move out on a maybe then God can do an awesome work just because you stepped out in maybe faith. Some people are worried about making a mis- take. And it is a possibility. But I have come to know that you cannot make a mess so big that God cannot turn it around. You cant make a mistake so big that God cannot erase it or help you learn to live with it. If you give yourself permission to fail or falter you give yourself permission to try. And sometimes thats all God wants. He just wants you to try Looking at things with a natural perspective instead of a faith perspective will prevent us from sowing and then reaping. He who observes the wind will not sow and he who regards the clouds will not reap. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR SEED Money is seed. Planted properly it will yield a great har- vest. If we give it according to the principles of grace it will multiply to the glory of God and meet many needs. If we use it in ways other than God desires the harvest will be poor. The Law of the Harvest is a prin- ciple stated in 2 Corinthians 96. I can summarize that principle in eight words Plant little harvest little plant much harvest much This principle will work with any resource time talents or tithe but I particularly want us to think about the advantages of investing in Gods work. Three truths accompany this principle of sowing and reaping that will result in an increase of your harvest. One you will always reap what you sow. That means you wont get beans if you plant peas. If you want high-grade pea- nuts you must plant high-grade peanuts. If you want Gods best blessings then give him your best. The second truth is that you always reap more than you sow. One peanut planted can grow a bush with many roots full of peanuts. One corn seed can produce a stalk with two or three ears having hun- dreds of grains of corn. One dollar given to God to purchase 10 gospel tracts can result in thousands of saints thanking you in Heaven. One life lived for God can influence hundreds even millions to imitate that life. The third truth applying the principle of the har- vest is you always reap later than you sow. Sowing and reaping dont usually happen on the same day. It may take months or years to see your harvest and you may never see all of its results until you get to Heaven. If you say But Ive tried tithing and I still havent caught up on my bills dont give up. Sowing calls for patience and faith in the principle of the harvest. It will work. In Malachi 310 God invites you to test him by returning all the tithes to his storehouse which is your church and see if he doesnt open the windows of Heaven with more blessings than you can handle. Also understand that not all your blessings will be in the form of material things and God doesnt give a timetable for those blessings. He will do it when its best for you. But you can count on this God would not issue that challenge if he didnt want you to try it and if he didnt intend to bless you in more ways than you can imagine When we invest what God has given us in his work he will provide us with even more to give in his service. Again let us remember The greatest giver of all is God The greatest blesser of all is God. The great- est keeper of promises is God. The greatest teacher of truth and righteousness the one who sent the word to us in flesh and blood so we could not only hear and see heavens truth and love we could be joined with him Before you were a giver God was and still is the greatest giver. You and I are blessed today because God gave. He gave us one Friday a Savior and a sacrifice on a cross. He gave us a one Saturday a borrowed tomb and a death. He gave us a one Sunday an empty grave left behind grave clothes and a risen Savior. What will you do with your seed Giving is not something we do but something we are. Giving is a way of life for the Christian who understands the grace of God. If we dont cast our seed give into the lives of others and plant seeds of service into the lives of other people then we will never receive a harvest. We must not be fearful to invest our lives and our resources. As the old song says We dont not know who holds tomorrow but we know who holds our hand. William T. Golson No Risks No Rewards By Pastor William T. Golson SERMON We are to walk by faith and not by sight. That means take a chance move out even when youre unsure. Move out on a maybe. That means you can still have some doubts and reservations. You can still have questions and not know the whole plan. But if you will move out on a maybe then God can do an awesome work just because you stepped out in maybe faith. 7DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS And let us not be weary in well-doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not Galatians 69 Growing up in my church I realize now that I thought my church was the center of the world I also thought it was not advisable to visit other churches or certainly work with them in any way. I actually believed this until well into my adult life. I thought my church was just so superior to other churches I would be a traitor and somehow defiled by attending or working with other churches on any project. However my opinion changed radically after an experience I had working and living abroad. First of all I and my wife and children ended up living in a foreign country because of news reports in the mass media in 1984 about a huge famine in the eastern African country of Ethiopia. I would get up late in the evening and at times the middle of the night to watch the reports of a some eight million people being threatened by starvation along with disease and war. What really grabbed my attention was reports by a Christian organization called World Vision. They were making appeals for money and for funds and appeals to adopt children in Ethiopia. They showed pictures of starving children looking miserable and sick. I was moved beyond words. I thought to myself someone should do something about this. As time went on I came to believe that the someone who should do something should be me I thought about this and soon the idea of help- ing became an obsession. Soon I called my church and told them I wanted to go over to help out as a missionary in Ethiopia. I told my wife what I wanted to do as we would have to go as a family and we had two small children ages 5 and 10. This was in about April of 1984. My wife supported my decision. Things happened vey quickly and believe it or not by August of 1984 a plane we were on landed in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. My assignment was to be the Health Ministry Director for our church. I was totally uninterested in titles sitting on commit- tees or any supposed prestige associated with accepting the position. I just wanted to help the children like the ones I saw on television. I was a bit disillusioned to find that helping those fac- ing starvation was going to be more of a challenge than I thought. My church was not really set up to do large scale intervention. Finally a total- ly unexpected chain of events occurred. One of our clinics in the northeastern location in Ethiopia in a city called Makale was without a nurse to run the clinic. The lot fell to me to oper- ate the clinic. However I was going to have to be separated from my wife and children who for safety reasons had to stay back in Addis Ababa. As it turned out the separation would last a total of 6 months So I found myself living in one of the famine areas with many sick hungry people and a large camp for those displaced by the famine housing about 50000 people. My clinic had a small feeding program for about 200 people and I used the clinic to treat the sick. This was the beginning of a grand collabora- tion. I worked with the Catholic Relief Services The Christian Relief and Development Agency Africare World Vision the International Red Cross the Adventist Relief and Development Agency and oth- ers. I received from these groups food medication clothing and blankets. I believe many lives were spared because of our collaboration. I saw with my own eyes children like those I had seen on televi- sion. I still have flashbacks and indelible memories of the people I helped take care of. I will remember their faces as long as I live. Praise God for the experience as it changed my life and my wifes life forever. When we returned from Ethiopia in 1987 we decided that we could not work in iso- lation. We decided to work with as many people as we can for the benefit of the community. The mission field had changed us. We started a health minis- try that included collaboration with many churches and many organizations such as the Center for African American Health the American Heart Association the Alzheimers Association the Inner City Health Center the American Diabetes Association and oth- ers. This was something new for us. We did not worry about differences in theol- ogy or doctrine or if someone took a totally secular approach. We just wanted to help people in the community. I wish every church in the African American community could make health ministry an integral part of their ministry to bring healing to the community. Moreover churches can band together to do screenings and educational seminars for the community. As I mentioned last month my church Park Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church will be collaborating with nine other churches to do a ministry focusing on screening and education re HIVAIDS for our community. We will be continuing our BarbershopSalon outreach with the Colorado Black Health Collaborative to do blood pressure and blood sugar screening. Words are inadequate to explain the satisfaction and the rewards of serving the community along with a coalition of others. I am so grateful for the Lord revealing to us the need to work in the community with others for the good of the community. We can actually save lives just as the workers did in Ethiopia. Consider working with other organizations and churches to bless our community. BenefitsofChurchCollaborationinHealthMinistry Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH So I found myself living in one of the famine areas with many sick hungry people and a large camp for those displaced by the famine housing about 50000 people. My clinic had a small feeding program for about 200 people and I used the clinic to treat the sick. 1. KIRK FRANKLIN - LOSING MY RELIGION 2. SAM LEVINE - SMOOTH HYMNS 3. JAMES HALL - W A P NEW ERA 4. DEITRICK HADDON - MASTERPIECE 5. PATRICK RIDDICK - READY 6. TOBY MAC - THIS IS NOT A TEST 7. JOHN P. KEE - LEVEL NEXT 8. FLAME - FORWARD 9. DAVID WRIGHT - NEXT GENERATION 10 ANTHONY BROWN - EVERYDAY JESUS 8 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 Statement of Harassment Vermell Emerson Hill is the Nephew of Now Faith Christian Centers Pastor Leon Emerson At approximately 200 a.m. on Saturday October 24 2015 I was accosted by police for no reason and arrested on a warrant that is completely absurd. I was leaving McDonalds near Mississippi and Potomac heading home when I noticed that a police officer made a U turn and started to follow me. Out of concern I decided to take a route that was well lit in case he pulled me over. As I was approaching Havana and Mississippi the officer did indeed pull me over. I kept my hands on the steering wheel and had my palms up as to show the officer that I had nothing in my hands. He asked me multiple times why I appeared to be so nervous and if I had some- thing to be nervous about. I expressed to him that I was not nervous. He insisted that I was and asked if I had a reason to be nervous. In a calm respectful tone I communicated to him that if I had a reason it would be because I am a Black Man and he is a police officer. He then pro- ceeded to ask me if I thought he only pulled over Black People. I responded by asking him what he needed from me and making it clear that I have no reason to be nervous because I will cooperate and do what I am asked to do. After that conversation I asked why I was being pulled over. He told me that the light that illuminates my license plate was not functioning this would later be discovered to be false as I saw the license plate illuminated while I sat in the back of the offi- cers car. I thanked him for the information and assured him I would remediate the issue. He then without prompting started to say that he pulled me over because my windows were tinted too dark. He asked for my license only my license I gave it to him and he went to his car. He came back along with another officer that had pulled up and he asked me to turn my vehicle off and placed me under arrest. I asked him what the arrest was for he would not tell me saying that all he could see was a warrant. At this point I am completely confused and started to ask if it was traffic related. He told me that it was not traffic but rather a civic disturbance. I had no clue what that could have meant. I asked the officer if he could find more informa- tion and he refused. I told him that the only inter- action that I have had with the City of Aurora was paying my water bill and a couple of warnings for the condition of the lawn of a home I had just pur- chased. He then revealed to me that it was indeed a warrant issued for a citation that I was issued for landscaping. While being booked there was another arresting officer or correctional officer who overheard the offi- cer who arrested me and I speaking and she decided to chime in I cut my grass every week. Little did any of them know that I had recently invested thousands of dollars in the landscaping of the home landscap- ing that I inherited when I purchased the home less than six months ago and I have lived in the home for less time than that. The bottom line is there are two areas of concern here the clear racial profiling by the arresting offi- cer and harassment upon pulling me over and the absurdity that a law abiding tax paying citizen who owns three homes in the City of Aurora and is invest- ing in their improvement thus investing in the city is harassed menaced and sent to jail like a thug because he bought a home with a rough yard. I am sure that there are more pressing issues fac- ing the law enforcement arm of the City of Aurora than that of landscaping and while it is important to keep the community clean and beautiful there are a number of ways to execute that short of arresting a citizen. To make things worse I have for over a month had the lawn completely renovated. I now have one of the best lawns on my block. Had the City of Aurora bothered to do another likely drive by to see the condition of the yard now vs. when I bought it less than six months ago there would be no issue. The city has harassed and humiliated one of its most promising citizens. It is my desire to have my life restored to the point that it was prior to the arrest. I expect a full pardon and complete financial restoration of all monies paid out as a result of this process including legal bond processing fees and impound costs. If the taxpayers and officers of this city are wast- ing time and resources jailing upstanding citizens I would like to think that there is NO crime in the city and thus they have nothing better to do with their time. We all know that is not the case. Jail is not for upstanding citizens it is to protect upstanding citizens from those who are proven to be menaces to society. How is it possible that I a tax paying voting citizen of the United States the State of Colorado and the City of Aurora who has invested into the city by owning and improving property and providing affordable housing for families is categorized as a menace to the very society that he serves Allow me to outline my additional community involvement Founded a Memorial Scholarship at Colorado State University that gives young women an opportunity to attend college On the board of Families Against Violent Acts a community based non profit An active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated where I serve on the Executive council Adopt a family each Christmas with the Lowry Family Center Sponsor a table at the Now Faith Church iMat- ter Womens Empowerment conference to give low income mothers a chance to attend the conference Volunteer as a host at the Colorado Black Women for Political Action annual gala luncheon in tribute to black women Volunteer staff member with the Denver Chapter of NAACP Someone who boasts such ser- vice to his community is indeed a menace and should be removed from the streets correct Aurora PDs Response Iwanted to take a moment to provide a brief update on the situation involving the letter you shared with me last week First Mr. Vermell Hills letter and concerns have been formal- ly entered into APDs electronic complaint system by the Internal Affairs Bureau IAB. This was accomplished by the Lieutenant over IAB who also spoke with Mr. Hill and pointed out that con- cerns about the warrant issued would need to be addressed with the Citys Code Enforcement department. The investigation into the complaint involving the officers actions is underway. Second through my involve- ment with Mr. Hill it was learned that APDs online complaint pro- cess needs some improvements. We are working to see if we cant make the system more user friendly for citizens when making a complaint or commending an officer. As always thank you for your support. From Lieutenant Marcus Dudley Jr. Executive Officer to the Chief of Police Aurora Police Department COMMUNITY By Vermell Emerson Hill On December 2nd 2015 Caldwell-Kirk Funeral Cremation Services Heflebower Funeral Services Royal Davis Family Mortuary Humphrey Funeral Services Encore Funeral Services Abbot Funeral Services and Shannon Malone Chapel of Peace Funeral Home. The Mortuaries came together to support the Family of the deceased daughter Ashley Marie Malone July 1985 - November 23 2015. Mother Felicia A.T. Malone is owner and operator of the Shannon Malone Chapel of Peace Funeral Home in Westminster CO. Competing Mortuaries Come Together as Family 9DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 10 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 11DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 12 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 UNITYCHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 13DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Celebrated their 40th Church Anniversary. Superintend Pastor Lamar Kennedy and First Lady Odie Kennedy would like to thank all those that attended and showed their Love and Support they say THANK YOU 14 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 15DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 16 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 17DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Paul Wilbur Stewart Sr. 121925 112015 Paul Wilbur Stewart Sr. was born on December 18 1925 in Clinton Iowa the son of Martha and Eugene Stewart. The Stewarts were one of the few black families in this predomi- nantly white area and also one of the few who had a thriving business during that time. Paul joined the Navy after high school attain- ing the rank of Seaman First Class. He then trained to be a barber earning a certificate from Moler Barber College in 1947. For more than a decade Paul earned his living as a barber in Illinois Wisconsin New York and eventually Colorado. In the early 1960s Paul traveled to Denver to visit his cousin Earl Mann the first black Legislator of Colorado. This visit would change the course of his life as he realized that black people had been left out of the history books of the West and he set out to correct this omission. Paul then moved to Denver and opened a bar- bershop where he would begin his research on African Americans in the West. Pauls knowledge became so vast he began to be invited all over the country to lecture about black western history at schools libraries churches and universities. He also shared his wisdom on Good Morning America and the Today Show on several occasions. Over the years Paul received numer- ous awards and accolades from many prestigious organizations including the Smithsonian. He also received a Proclamation of Paul Stewarts Day on his 89th birthday December 18 2014 by the Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper and the Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock. Paul was an avid Christian and his devotion to Jesus was steadfast. He was a member of Shorter AME from 1963 to 1986 and he was also a mem- ber of Rising Star Missionary Baptist for five years. His infectious smile strong pres- ence in the community and of course his cowboy handshake will be sorely missed. He now walks with God which was his last wish. Paul Wilbur Stewart Sr. departed this life to the embrace of the Lord on November 12 2015 in Denver Colorado. Those left to cherish his memory and mourn his loss include his loving and devoted wife Johnnie Mae Stewart of Aurora four sons Paul W. Stewart Jr. of Chicago IL Mark Q. Stewart Earl J. Stewart both of Denver and Edward LaVan Davis of Los Angeles CA three daughters Leticia Stewart of Dallas TX Tracy L. Stewart and Linda Kevin Reynolds all of Denver a niece 7 granchildren and a host of cousins other relatives and many friends. Praise God Thank You Jesus Paul is Home. Paul Stewart Sr. OBITUARY Black Churches Under Fire For Stance On Homosexuality As a minster of Gods Word I am in a state of shock from the statements made by preachers in the liberal church mainly those who are in support with andor are directly involved in the GLBT com- munity. Now before I continue in my thought let me say my purpose is in no form of way to pass judg- ment on or condemn any individual who is held in bondage by any sin. Children of God sin is sin and it must be exposed and cast out of the body of Christ. The other day I watched a special on VH1 titled Out in Hip Hop. The program was put together as a so called informative awareness to the GLBT com- munity inside of the hip hop culture which turned out to be an outright assault on any person that disagrees with their lifestyle not only in hip hop but in every cultural community as a whole. The GLBT is stating that we are wrong because the morality that we live by as well as the black church is sup- pose to be preaching the Word of God out of context. They say we preach a theologically erroneous gospel keeping men and women from experiencing the full- ness of God. These statements were made by other so called black preachers that were homosexual and represented the liberal church. I must ask are we wrong for preaching the Word of God in its fullness I think not. Are we wrong for telling people that their actions are considered sin according to the scriptures God forbid. Lastly are we wrong for using the Word of God to correct what churches are preaching and teaching when it comes to be directly out of line with the Word of God 2 Timothy 316-17 tells us what the scriptures are to be used for who inspired the scriptures and the effect it will have on the person who hears the Word as well as Hebrews 412. To those who are not aware let me tell you the Word of God as a whole will be offensive to the unsaved as well as the saved. Not only because its disrespect or its lack of sensi- tivity to the dark but also because once he Light of God uncovers things hidden deep inside one will go through the crucifying pain of the cross which will lead to true liberation as well as complete freedom in Christ. Here are some of the statements that were made which lead to this response. I will deal with them one by one later on. One preacher said that Nowhere in the Bible does it say homosexuality is an abomina- tion to God. Another statement made was one that I hear often God made me this way and thats how Im meant to be. Lastly a female made this very sad statement that we the black church are killing our people through spiritual violence by the message that we preach. I am just wondering what transla- tion of the Bible they are reading. The Old and New Testaments do not agree in any way with the state- ments they made. So what does the Bible say Instead of going into my own views Im going to take us to the Word of God. For let the Word of God bear witness to the message that we preach. For let God be true and every man be a liar. Lets take a look at Leviticus 1822 You shall not lie with man as with a woman. It is an abomination NKJV. In the NIV it is trans- lated detestable which comes from the same root word in Hebrew. Now keep in mind Chapter 18 is explaining to us the sexual acts that should not be committed among Gods people. In fact everything listed there was considered unlawful. Ok for the sake of those who say minister we are not under the law that was for that time Let me point you to the New Testament outlook on the matter. Starting here in I Corinthians 69-10 the Word states Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor homosexuals nor sodomites nor thieves nor covet- ous nor drunkards nor revilers nor extortioners will inherit the Kingdom of God. Galatians 519-21 also states what are deeds of the sinful nature which ends in this warning I warn you as I did before that those who live like this will not inherit the Kingdom of God NIV. As we look at the parallel in the Old and New Testaments there is no way that we can deny what the Bible says about the subject matter. To deny one would be to deny all lets take heed. To say that it is only by force that we commit any sexual sin is completely wrong and cannot be found in any context to fit the idea. Any sexual sin is wrong no matter what it is. Now lets talk creation and how we were created. Furthermore to deal with the issue Did God cre- ate man or woman to have a deep attraction for the same sex We are created in the image of God and I agree with that greatly Genesis 126. Yet he created man and woman so that we may reproduce and fill the earth Genesis 128. The question then is if the intended design was man for woman and woman for man where do these desires from for this deep lust of same sex Lets take a look. We must start at the fall of man when sin entered the world. In Genesis Chapter 3 we find the story of when do to freewill God gave Adam and Eve allow Satan to deceive them into all manner of corruption. Ever since then the seed of man has been cursed and has been subject to all evil. So now that we have a foundation lets dig a little deeper into the matter. According to David he declares in Psalms 515 Behold I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin my mother conceived me. This may be hard for some people to eat but David is telling us that even in conception we were not born with the mind of God but with the mind of this world and the fact that we are Gods creation God can say to us as He said to Moses in Exodus 411 who has made mans mouth Who makes the mute the deaf the seeing or the blind Have not I the Lord Let me submit this to you God did create you and even though we all have disconnected with Him because of our sinful nature His purpose is to deliver us from it all that He may be glorified through the transformation that only He can bring through the Blood of Christ. There must be a switch from the natural to the supernatural from the carnal to the spiritual. Paul says in Romans 86-8 For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God nor indeed can it be. So then those who are in the flesh cannot please God. Verse 9 goes on to say but you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit if indeed the Spirit dwells in you. There has to be a switch and the way for this switch to happen Jesus tells us in John 3 is that you must be born of water and of the Spirit. Even though you were born of man we must be born of God. For only then can we overcome the deeds of the flesh because in man there is nothing good. Paul words in Romans 12 has to spark something in us as it reads in verse 2 do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and accept- able and perfect Will of God. That means that we have to let go of our old thinking and deeds and put on the mind of Christ that we may over- come and work out the salvation that is in us. That we may no longer walk in the ways of our flesh but by the power of the Blood walk in the newness of life. Our lifestyles have to match our God not the other way around. The pattern of this world is what makes us content in sins. Its what tells us that we are fine the way we are and that we do not need to change. Its the falsehood of the Prince of the Air. The last subject I will touch on is the spiritual violence. Yes this is spiritual warfare and the carnal mind would not understand the depth of this battle. The church is under attack in a vicious way not only the church but anybody seeking a life after God. Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Paul tells us we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual host of wick- edness in the places so our fight is not against the GLBT community nor is it with those backing their movement. Our fight is far beyond that and to over- come we must listen to the instructions of Christ and turn to much fasting and praying. That is the only way to move this mountain in faith. Remember our God is bigger and stronger we cannot just sing it we must believe it as well. As I close this out let me submit this even though homosexuality is a hot topic let us not forsake con- fronting sin as a whole. Sin is sin no matter how big or small. God has not called us to hate but to love let us continue to love everyone as we continue to show the world the truth in Gods Word. Stand firm in the faith and know that God is faithful. God Bless. SCRIPTURE By Minister Isaac C. McCoy Isaac C. McCoy 18 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 19DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS We want your news Body of Christ News wants to hear about your calendar events announcements or conferences. Send your news to or fax us at 303.344.4608. MCCOWANS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Gussie Lee McCowan celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21 with a reception with their family and friends. Mr. Gussie McCowan married the former Sarah Mae Williams on February 13 1944. Mr. McCowan has worked for the City of Athens and Brownsboro Independent School District. Mrs. McCowan is a loving devoted housewife and mother. Their children are Glory Thompson Deloris Robinson and Victor McCowan all of Tyler Paul McCowan and Jimmy McCowan both of Colorado Ronnie McCowan of Missouri and the late Theaudry and Isiah McCowan both of Dallas. They have 24 grandchildren 30 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. 20 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 LOCAL EVENTs Meet and Greet Dec 12th 11am to 2pm. Come meet some of Rising Star Missionary Baptist Churchs Rising Star Writers on in the church gymnasium Theyll entertain and lift your spirits as they reveal the inspiration that led them to take pen in hand and write these wonderful books. Come chat listen and have refreshments with Sis. Mary Ellen Danuser Sis. Carla Ladd Sis. Joy Clarke and Sis. Jo Ann Pegues as they discuss their books on Freedom to ChooseIs Skin Color Really and Issue Lessons learned from a rock- ing grandmother Bible verses to lift you daily along with cooking Simple Soulful Savory Healthy Family recipes. The Rising Star Writers will personally sign all purchased books. This event is sponsored by the RSMBC Library and admission is free. Caroling Party Dec. 15th FREE event Jesus is the Reason Caroling Party. We carol with the people in the senior building car pool to a nursing home. Come and Sing with usAnd join us afterwards for a get-together with homemade soup cornbread and Christmas treats. Call or email for more info 720 353-2555 Evening Dining Event Dec. 17th Thursday. 1st Annual Excel Campaign Transcending The Status Quo An Exquisite Evening Dining Soulful Harmony and Dancing featuring Denvers own Hot Lunch Band 7pm. to 12am. at the Renaissance Hotel 3801 Quebec St. Denver CO 80207 Price 75 Contact303 355-0667 for tickets. Attire Arrive Looking Sharp. Excel Institute Serving Children and Families in the Community since 1983 Celebration Dec. 20th 4pm. Paradise Missionary Baptist Church invites you to celebrate with us in The Birth Matthew 118 the Messiahs birth the birth of Salvation and the birth of Paradise We will be praising God for 22 years as a church family. our special guest speaker will be Rev. John A. Moreland pastor of The Denver Christian Bible Church. Paradise is located at 3715 Garfield Street Denver. Dont miss this spectacular birthday party We will see you there Womens Support Group Jan 12th Tuesday from 630pm to 8pmJanu- ary 12th Tuesday Free Support Group and Counseling for Women this 10 to 12 week Faith Base support and counseling group is open to all women including After Care. This group cov- ers emotional healing how to over come hurts rejection unmet needs strongholds forgive- ness and how to have a healed heart and soul. Living a life of love inner healing worth and value. Register 1-877-744-2122 or Location 1567 Marion St. Denver CO. Marion and Colfax. Pens paper bottle water and cop- ies of the book Love Search and Power of Perseverance Living Legends Alexander Duncan is a long time legendary busi- ness owner of Duncans Shoes in Five Points and God has blessed Alexander Duncan to see a lot in his life time. He served his country during World War II and seen this country run by many presidents not to mention being around to see the first African American president elected to a second term. At 106 years old Mr. Duncan is alive and well living at Forest Street Compassionate Care Center facility in Denver. Mr. Duncan was well known as the savvy business owner of Duncan Shoe repair store back in the 1960s 70s and 80s. A pioneer of one of many black-owned busi- nesses in the Five Points district of Denver. He came to Colorado back in 1945 after his tenure in the Army during WWII. But he never got deployed overseas according to his niece Merlene. She said her grandmother which was Mr. Duncans mother came to Colorado to take care of his home while he was in the military. He never talked much about serving his country or complained about it Merlene said. When Mr. Duncan returned to Colorado he worked for a while for Public Servicer as a janitor. He then opened up his shoe store located off 26th and Ogden streets. He started off repairing shoes then started sell- ing mens shoes and clothing explained his niece Merlene. Her two brothers also helped him start the business. Mr. Duncan actually lost two of his fingers from repairing shoes and that is why he decide to sell shoes and clothing. His wife Eula Faye Duncan had a beauty school right next door to the shoe store. She trained young people how to become beauticians. It was a thriv- ing time for businesses in Five Points that offered something for everyone. When you talked about Duncans shoes everyone knew about it said Merlene about the popularity of the shoe store. Mr. Duncan retired his shoe trade business in 1974. An article titled Duncan calls it Quits on April 4 1974 in the Denver Post highlight- ed this occasion of the long time business owner. He was quoted in the article proudly saying I have owned the shop for 26 years. His great nephew Alvin Jackson boasts about how his great uncles favorite thing to do was to fish especially in Strasberg Lake Ogallala and at other fishing resorts. Mr. Duncans faith never wavered and is a long time member of Zion Baptist Church. However he is unable to attend church services now. He has one daughter Billy Jean Foster who lives in Kansas City Mo. A lot of people dont realize he is still living adds Merlene. But he is still here and goes to the same barber shop off 34th and Steele streets. Mr. Duncan is truly a Five Points legend. COMMUNITY Alexander Duncan niece 21DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS From Faith to FaithNow Faith Christian Center Church Celebrates 32nd Pastoral Anniversary Thirty two years ago a journey began. It wasnt just any journey. It wasnt a solo journey. It was a ministry and pastoral journey that Leon and Yvonne Emerson Pastors of Now Faith Christian Center Church NFCCC embarked upon under the direction and guidance of God. Now Faith Christian Center Church enthu- siastically rejoices as it prepares for the 32nd Pastoral Celebration of Leon and Yvonne Emerson. Open to the pub- lic the celebration will be held on Sunday December 6 2015 at 5pm at Restoration Christian Fellowship at 15660 East. 6th Avenue where Pastor Felix Gilbert will deliver an anointed Word that is certain to be an encouragement to all. The celebration gives members friends and well-wishers an oppor- tunity to pause and honor Now Faith Christian Center leadership says Adorable Mitchell Celebration Committee Chair and faithful member. Pastors Leon and Yvonne Emerson have fervently and passionately led Now Faith to become an instrumental pillar in the Denver community says Mitchell. It is also a time to reflect on the lives that have been changed mar- riages and families that have been strengthened souls that have been saved community needs that have been addressed and prayers that have been lifted up as a result of Now Faiths ministry. Led by the Holy Spirit the ministry journey began in Denver under Gods direction and the Great Commission to preach faith back into the hearts of His people. Has the journey been easy No. Has it been without obsta- cles and challenges Of course not. In the midst of obstacles personal chal- lenges and opposition God has faith- fully taken the ministry from faith to faith and from glory to glory under the leadership of these anoint- ed Pastors. Their exceptional com- mitment to ministry is exemplified by the tenacity that they have exhibited in fulfilling the call upon their lives. The celebration theme is UNWAVERING FAITH and how fitting it is for an anointed minis- try that has demonstrated unwavering faith for 32 years. Now Faith Christian Center a Church estab- lished to meet the needs of the people has been involved with community outreach for over 30 years meeting the needs of its community through several education economic social and ministry programs. These outreach programs have included Community Carnivals Summer Feeding and Tutoring Programs Christmas Toy Giveaways Annual Father and Son Breakfast Annual Womens iMatter Brunch Summer Youth Programs School Supply Drives .and many more. In addition NFCCC has hosted a myriad of Ministers Psalmists Preachers and Evangelists in the Gospel to minister to the spiritual needs of its commu- nity including Bishop T.D. Jakes Pastor Jamal Bryant Dr. Juanita Bynum Prophet Brian Carn Bishop George Bloomer and John P. Kee to name a few. This is a major milestone for Pastors Leon and Yvonne Emerson and the entire church family. The churchs valiant 32 years of service is an exam- ple of love and commitment and is an inspiration to many. But the Church vows not to rest on its laurels. Greater works than these shall be done as it continues to minister the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This event promises to be the cel- ebration of celebrations one you dont want to miss CHURCH NEWS Leon Emerson 22 BOCNEWS.comDECEMBER 2015 23DECEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS