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Bodyof Christ News SEPT 2015 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 1 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM Exodus 314COMPLIMENTARY BOCNEWS.COM SERVING COMMUNITIES IN DENVER AURORA MONTBELLO BOULDER COLORADO SPRINGS PUEBLO PASTOR LEON EMERSON We have witnessed a number of social problems in our society primarily police brutality. We have seen issues and moments of raciallymotivated and diabolicrandomacts ofviolence.... Now more than ever its time to go before the Lord and pray for our country neighborhoodsand society. The word of God saysIf my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray... then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. PAGE 7 PASTOR REGINALD HOLMES PART I It could be that our blessings are blocking our blessings because every blessing we give is attached to a condition I dare you to start blessing the church and blessing people and not being so worried about where and when your blessing is going to come. When you have no expectation on the recipient to reciprocate God gets in your giving Thats when blessings start to come from everywhere When you start to give expecting nothing in return thats when your windfall hits. PAGE 16 Its Time to Pray Blessings Can BlockYour Blessings 2 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 Funerals Receptions Cremations Elvin R. Caldwell Jr. President Ruby Kirk-Gray Founder Serving the Denver community for over 65 years. 2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado 80205 303-861-4644 BestWishes DFDMA 2ndAnnual FallBanquet 3SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Do We Truly Trust God TRUSTING GOD IS NOT USING OUR WISDOM knowledge or intellect ex- cept in believing that God is and his word is true. In Proverbs 35-6 KJV it says Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. I know that it is difficult for many people to grasp this concept. Not only do many people not trust God we also have shown that we dont have much trust or faith in each other. I believe that there are other reasons as well but the Psalms gives us guidance in this area. In Psalms 118 5-9 KJV it reads I called upon the Lord in distress the Lord answered me and set me in a large place. The Lord is on my side I will not fear what can man do unto me The Lord taketh my part with them that help me therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes. If we truly trust God then we dont have to trust man. God will use man in any way he sees fit to get things done in the life of those who trust him. In the gospel of Luke 638 KJV it says Give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. This scripture lets us know that God uses people and not only the Just. One of the reasons the word ask us not to put trust man is because we are frail and fragile. We are really not in con- trol of anything yet there are many people who believe the opposite. Some of us have no control of our lives and we also have no control of the lives of those in our families. We may have good intentions when we communicate with or make promises to people but no mere mortal knows what the future holds. Life is only promised to us but one day at the time. As we see Jesus teaching in Matthew 69- 13 KJV he says Our Father which art in heaven Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever. Amen. Seemingly too many people have little trust or value for certain associations or organizations likened unto Excel Institute which have been established for de- cades with a proven track record. No one is saying that she is perfect or that one size fits all but surely there has been comfort for many as she continues working to provide a service to the community. Also there are many who have taken for granted what Excel has to offer their child. While many organizations start for one reason or another somewhere along the way bureaucracy supersedes the mission or cause and gets in the way and they forget the reasons why they begin in the first place. Excel has made it a point to never ever forget why she was a blessing from God and to hold true the task that was given to her. I am sure that there are those who dont understand why Excel would still be a feasible mission in the community while many schools are being built in and around the neighborhoods. Well one good answer is what Excel offers our children other schools may not be able to do so or cant provide. We dont question the Denver Rescue Mission or the National Jewish Health Center as to why they need to help the people they service. With Excel being a small school she is no threat to the system. The real threat is not being able to address the needs of our children through the educational process which would be beneficial for students as well as the communities in which they reside. Another reason Excel was and is a mission from God given to a Pastor. She will continue to do what God intended for her to do until he says stop. In the Old Testament we find Job in the first chapter of Job 121KJV was speaking about life but we still can relate to the fact that God still has the power to give and take away. So Excel is continuously trusting and looking to God for his divine will. When we ask ourselves why new schools are being built in all the new com- munities in the city the most common and obvious answer is that this new community needs a school for the many families that would be moving into these areas. Yet in the established areas we are bussing and sending students all over the city. We expect the new schools to be staffed and properly equipped in the new communities yet dont have the confidence or the answers for the established ones. Why is this You be the judge. Like many of the parents living in the community are given a choice to bus their children from one school to another other parents outside the regular system should be allowed a choice to do what they believe is best for their child without being devalued. I personally would like to see the schools already estab- lished in the neighborhoods strengthened to provide what is necessary for that locality. Parents should not have to see their children spend as much time and be sent farther away from home than their places of work. Ask yourself why were schools built within the communities in the first place My guess would be to accommodate the parents and the students living in those neighborhoods. We know what it takes and so do the people in charge of our school systems. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 ESEA was enacted in 1965 as part of the Johnson Ad- ministrations war on poverty campaign. The laws original goal which remains today was to improve education eq- uity for students from lower income families by providing federal funds to school districts serving poor students. School districts serving lower income students often re- ceive less state and local funding than those serving more affluent children. Atlas updated reference July 2 2015 Many people still trust this law to provide what it was intended to do many years ago. Isnt it ironic that we are still talking about and seeing the same things happen- ing to our young people that were concerns for Excel parents and others more than thirty years ago You would have to be living in a fog or as blind as Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles not to see and understand todays dilemma regarding our youth. Not only is this a problem in this city but all across this country. I will assure you that many of our parents have a good understanding. Sure there are schools that are doing a good job but not enough. Remember it was President George W. Bush who signed legislation in 2002 updating the ESEA Act as No child left behind. We continue place trust in many of our politicians as though they are really working to help the communi- ties they serve not looking for personal gain. If you have a willing spirit to help people because its the right and Godly thing to do please raise your hand. Its always better to be on the giving end of service than the receiving end. This should be self explanatory. Are we as a people so uncaring that we are not willing to support each other in the things that matter to the people in the com- munity even if we are not a personal recipient of the services Philippians 24 KJV says Look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others. All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen Ralph Waldo Emerson - Wil Wilson Wil Wilson Excel is currently offering space for various types of events in the community. Please contact our office at 303-355-0667 for details available dates and pricing. 4 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God. I Corinthians 1031 Diabetes is a medical condition that can cause devastating complications and on the other hand despite the fact one may have it it is pos- sible to live well and be well In America today 21 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and about 8 million have it but have not yet been diagnosed with the condition or know for sure they have it. 86 million people have a condition called prediabetes that exists without symptoms with blood sugars too low to say a person has diabetes but puts them at risk to develop actual diabetes and increased risk of stroke and heart attack. There is type I diabetes which begins as a rule at a younger age but can begin at any age. In these patients the body cannot make insulin properly and the condi- tion can not be prevented. There is Type 2 diabetes in which the body may make insulin but not be able to use it properly. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed. There is also diabetes that may occur during pregnancy. One major concern we can realize today is that there is at times lack of knowledge and misinforma- tion or misunderstanding about diabetes and this may produce harm or preventable suffering and even loss of life. In view of this we can look at some myths that we should address in regards to diabetes Myth If I feel well I cannot and do not have dia- betes. It is possible to have diabetes for years perhaps as long as a decade without any significant symptoms. After some time one might end up however with loss of feeling and pain in the feet due to nerve damage visual loss or a stroke or heart attack. There may also be kid- ney damage and injuries to the circulation of blood that could lead to loss of a limb or part of one. These are potentially deadly complications that are largely preventable. If you know you have a family history off diabetes are overweight sed- entary or you are an ethnic minority you may need to be tested for diabetes annually at least. Screening for diabetes is something you should discuss with your primary care pro- vider. There is accurate testing possible. Please dont be a vic- tim of circumstances relative to undiscovered diabetes. Myth Diabetes is not a seri- ous disease. Diabetes is a serious and chronic disease that can however be controlled. More people each year die of diabetes than breast cancer and AIDS combined and 2 out of three people with diabetes may die of stroke or heart attack. It is in fact a serious condition that calls for good medical care lifestyle changes and taking medica- tion properly. The goal is control and a longer and healthier life than would other wise be possible. Myth If I am obese or overweight I will get diabe- tes. Your weight is in fact a risk factor for diabetes but there are others such as family history sedentary living and being an ethnic minor- ity. Most overweight people do not develop diabetes and there are people with normal body weight who do in fact develop diabetes. Having said this how- ever for the sake of being in good health it is best to have a healthy weight and not be sedentary. Again it is impor- tant to discuss with your doc- tor screening for diabetes and any lifestyle changes you might need to make. Myth I can tell by how I feel if my blood sugar is too high or too low. It is a very risky thing to simply go by how you feel. There are indeed symp- toms that may develop if the blood sugar it too high or too low. Many people however feel nothing with either extreme of blood sugar whether too high or too low. The best and safest way to tell if the blood sugar is out of acceptable range is by blood sugar testing at home or even away from home such as at work or even other places using a glucometer or glucose testing machine. Your doctor can advise you what the acceptable range of blood sugar should be and what to do about it and you can use the small device you can get anywhere. Myth I have been using pills for my diabetes and now I was told by my doctor I need to add shots. That means perhaps I need a new doctor It may come as a surprise to learn that pills by themselves are not now able to control your diabe- tes. However this is what may happen as a natural development with diabetes over time. The pancreas organ may just not produce enough insulin now and this may naturally occur as diabetes progresses even if you have an excellent physician There are now a multitude of medications taken in pill form andor injection to help control your diabetes. May God bless you and help you to care for your- self as you belong to Him. Myths About Diabetes Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH It is possible to have diabetes for years perhaps as long as a decade without any significant symptoms. After some time one might end up however with loss of feeling and pain in the feet due to nerve damage visual loss or a stroke or heart attack. 1. PAUL MORTON - THE KINGDOM SOUND 2. TASHA COBBS - ONE PLACE LIVE 3. KIM BURRELL - A DIFFERENT PLACE 4. LEONARD SCOTT - GREATNESS OF YOUR LOVE 5. ALEXIS SPIGHT - DEAR DIARY 6. GEOFFREY GOLDEN - KINGDOM LIVE 7. KAREN CLARK SHEARD - DESTINED TO WIN 8. ISRAEL 7 NEW BREED - COVERED ALIVE IN ASIA 9. PATRICK HOLLIS - NEW SEASON 10. RICHARD SMALLWOOD - ANTHOLOGY 5SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Pastor Lee Hall Sr. BOCN Where are you originally from Hall I am from a small town in Texas called San Felipe. San Felipe is about 45 to 50 minutes outside of Houston between Houston and San Antonio Texas. I was brought up by a single mom who did her best to raise five boys and one girl. She never gave up on us and even though it was hard she taught us to never quit. The com- munity said none of us would ever amount to anything. I am proud to say all of us became tremendous assets to the kingdom of God and Ambassadors of Christ because we are all saved and serving the local church. My older brothers and sister are also my role models because they paved the way for me to become a strong family man. Although we never had a dad in the home God provided me with a gentle- man by the name of Shedrick Echols who taught me what it meant to love your wife and children and provide for your family as a man. To this day I admire him for setting that example for me to follow. BOCN Do you come from a family of pastors Hall There are several pastors in my family. My pops two uncles and two cousins. I guess one can say that there is a pastoral call on both sides of my family. BOCN After you got saved what kind of ministry did you do Hall After my salvation I served as a youth Sunday school teacher sang in the college choir conducted outreach and evangelism. I also helped to plant several churches in Ft. Worth and in South Africa. I served as a youth min- ister and helped to start several min- istries with the churches and pastor that I served under. I served as a cam- pus minister at the University of Texas at Arlington with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. I also had the privilege of teaching and preaching when given the opportunity. Moving to Colorado years later I worked at the national office of Promise Keepers as a Serve the City Coordinator. BOCN How did you end up becom- ing a pastor Hall Allow me to go back to when it all begin and where looking back I can see the hand of God on my life. One day during the 6th grade I heard the voice of the Lord with an instruc- tion to Go to Huntsville similar to Samuel and I didnt know what to do with the voice or how to respond. The same instruction was given by God again during the 8th grade and finally in the 12th grade. By this time I understood that the instruction was significant and I followed the path to Go to Huntsville After High School graduation and two years at a Junior College I went to Huntsville to finish my bachelors degree at Sam Houston State University located in Huntsville Texas. On November 1 1984 I attend- ed a college Christian retreat and that evening during the retreat the pastors message was so directed to me that I gave my complete heart to Christ as I heard from the Lord again. No longer was this the God of my mother but my God as well. After col- lege I served in the local church where I accepted my call to ministry under Dr. R.E. Fowler at the Eastland Street Baptist Church in Ft. Worth Texas. Pastoring was never one of my inter- est but God had another plan for me. While others saw it in me I did not have that in my ambitions. While serving at a local church in the city one day the Lord spoke to me and said it is time for you to go to the next level and I knew what that meant. So I submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit and he led me to my first church that I pastored. Since then I started a church called Grace Christian Center also known as the G. BOCN Who helped you start Grace and were you married at the time Hall I was married for 25 years to my late wife Barbara. Together we started Grace and two years later the Lord called her home to be with Him. From that union we have two grown children Lee Jr. and Arisha. Eighteen months after her death the Lord has blessed me with my new wife Angela. I am very grateful to find love after age 50. Angela is a native of Denver and she serves alongside with me in ministry. Angela has two grown daughters Natalie and Nicole and 5 grandchildren. BOCN What is the vision for your church Hall The vision of Grace Christian Center is to Celebrate Jesus Cultivate spiritual growth and mean- ingful relationships as well as Care for the needs of Gods people. We are an up and coming church on the move that seeks to reach families and people in general who want exposi- tory preaching praise and worship fervent prayer relevant bible teaching and an environment that fosters love caring and grace. Grace Christian Center is located at 12243 Andrews Dr. Denver CO. Services are 900 am on Sundays and 630 p.m. on Wednesdays for Bible study. Our contact phone number is 303-576-8580. You can email us at More information can be found about our church at our website Lee Hall Sr. Wife Angela Hall Body of Christ News PASTOR PROFILE 6 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 And they all cried out at once saying Away with this Man and release to us Barabbaswho had been thrown into prison for a certain rebellion made in the city and for murder. Luke 2313-25 NKJV The chief priests and elders persuaded the mass- es they swayed public opinion in opposition to Jesus and called for Jesus to be crucified. Jesus was in many ways crucified according to public opin- ion. In our day we would say that his popularity poll ratings had hit rock bottom. The outcry by the mass- es superseded what Pilate knew to be right and he caved in to public opinion. How did this happen A MATTER OF CHOICE vs. 13-17. Pilate and Herod both interrogated Jesus. They both came to the same conclusion Pilate clearly states I have found no fault in this Man concerning those things of which you accuse Him no neither did Herod. Pilate and Herod were the minority opinion and the chief priests the rulers and the people the major- ity. Pilate offered them a choice they could vote as to what should be done he opened the door for the masses to decide. In our society being the democratic nation we are we are allowed to vote on a number of issues. The problem is that we are calling for a vote on not just issues of financing of schools or the passage of new and the elimination of outdated laws. We are also voting on issues of morality and spirituality the practice of religion in schools civil unions marijua- na same-sex marriage domestic violence and at the rate we are going probably polygamy pornography and a host of other immoral issues. The problem is that when immoral people are given the opportu- nity to vote the opportunity to decide they tend to always vote on the side of immorality. With the right internet marketing with the use of social media the people can be swayed to accept the immoral over the moral. The Bible says this is not a new concept. Isaiah declared in his day All we like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one to his own way Isaiah 536. That verse speaks to the universality of sin in humankind and it speaks to the ability of people like sheep to be persuaded and led astray. The road to compromise is easily travelled. Those of us who adhere to the teaching of the bible will often find ourselves in the minority in opposition to society and in risk of being ostracized as insensitive haters phobics and manipulators. From a biblical standpoint the majority does not rule no matter how much public opinion declares something to be right or best or the thing for the masses to do. Tweets and blogs Facebook Instagram and all the other social media reflect what is trending not what is truth what is popular not what is proper. The desire of the head may not be what should be the desire of the heart. Bible believing ought not to be diminished by public opinion. The bible clearly defines accord- ing to Matthew 713 14 . . . wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who go in by it . . . narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are few who find it. GIVE US BARABBAS vs. 18-22. Three times Pilate voiced the fact that Jesus was innocent. However this seemed to fall on deaf ears. The incensed crowd when given the opportunity to make a choice called for Barabbas. The world is calling for Barabbas instead of Jesus. The world is saying Away with this Man Jesus and release to us Barabbas. The world is saying away with truth away with righteousness away with con- science away with boundaries away with the traditional understanding of marriage and family away with the Bible away with Jesus and away with God. The world effectively is saying give us Barabbas. We value the release of the criminal over the righteous. We value the error over truth. We value the corrupt over justice. Release to us Barabbas In spite of knowing that Jesus was innocent Pilate attempted to appease the crowd. He said I will therefore chastise Him and let Him go. What Jesus was guilty of Pilate was not sure but to appease the people he suggested a lesser punishment than crucifixion. We are living in a world where concessions and attempts at compromise are the order of the day. In order to get along not alien- ate our family and friends there are concessions and compromises being made. All of us have someone in our family who is on drugs gay gang banging or some other recognizable questionable behavior. If we are to maintain our relationship we are called to make some concessions. We cannot speak into the lives of those in need those we love if we ostracize them bash them brutalize them or homophobe them. They need more than ever a word of correc- tion encouragement and help from us. I recognize that trying to be biblically minded to adhere to the Word to speak a word of correction while at the same time loving the person can be challenging. Nonetheless that is what we are called to do. We must be prayerful and ask Gods guidance as to how we can be both prophet and priest both discipliner and nurturer and corrector and comforter. THE MASSES PREVAILED vs. 23-25. As we view the moral challenges in our society it would appear that the voices of the majority prevail. Truth is defined as to the number of people who adopt a say- ing circumstance or situation. Moreover as it was with Pilate so it is with our society. What the masses want the masses get. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The one who cries the most gets comforted. The trend towards immorality should not be of any surprise to us. In 2 Timothy 41-5 the apostle Paul gives a charge to his pastoral protg Timothy. The reason for the charge is that even in those days there was an increasing inclination towards immo- rality and Paul recognized the urgency of the need for the Word to permeate the darkness. He declares For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they have itching ears they will heap up for themselves teachers and they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables. That time is now. We are in a season of itching ears. Meaning that people desire to hear what they want to hear. They are seeking the tantalizing the sen- sational justification for the immoral unnatural affections and inconvenient intimate expression. They are eager to follow those who will promote their immoral lifestyle and agenda. We are to follow Pauls admonition But you be watchful in all things endure afflictions do the work of an evangelist fulfill your ministry. Timothys calling to pro- claim truth to proclaim the gospel is ours as well. We must be the ther- mostat and not the thermometer of our society. We must be about set- ting the moral temperature not just monitoring the moral temperature. We are to be the light of the world that desires to dwell in darkness. Admittedly this sometimes appears that we are swimming upstream that we are against the tide however let us not be disheart- ened or be found among those who have no hope. We have the victory God is on our side 2 Corinthians 103-5. We cannot must not give Jesus over to the will of the masses give in give up nor give out in our stand for the truth. We cannot must not grow weary of declaring what the Word says. We cannot must not be persuaded that truth lies in majority rule. We cannot must not follow the masses for they may be headed down the broad way of destruction. As Christians we are not to condone or ignore sin. We must hate the sin by love the sinner. However we are to share the love of God and the forgiveness of sins that is available to all people regardless of their sin through Jesus Christ. We are to speak the truth in love and contend for truth with gentleness and respect. In all instances we are called to love Mark 1228-31. When Jesus says love your neighbor as yourself. He does not discriminate. He does not say love if they are heterosexual. He says love them is they are homosexual LGBT on drugs alcoholic or otherwise. Love means love. Love is costly in that it is honest truthful and willing to risk persecution. 1 Corinthians 134-7. With the same passion that the masses persuade people to immorality we must declare the veracity the truth the reliability the accuracy of the Word of God. We must persuade those who would deny the truth of the Word of God as a model for right learn- ing right living and right loving. Pilate said to the crowd What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ. Just as the crowd had a choice back then each of us must also decide what we shall do with Jesus. We have the same choice this very day. The crowd back then chose Barabbas the sinner and sin over Jesus the Savior and salvation. The choice is the same today Barabbas or Jesus sin or salvation. Who will you chose Barabbas or Jesus Will you join in with the crowd that yelled Away with this man and release unto us Barabbas or will you choose Jesus The choice is yours Barabbas was the only man in the world who could say that Jesus Christ took his physical place. The good news is that even as Jesus took Barabbas place He took your place too. The death you deserved Jesus took it. The punishment you deserve Jesus took it. The separation from God that you deserved Jesus took it. The truth is I am Barabbas you are Barabbas and we are Barabbas. We deserved to die and Jesus took our place. We deserved that the wrath of God should be poured out on us. We deserved the eternal punishment of the lake of fire. He was delivered up for our offenses. He was handed over to judgment because of our sins. Christ was our substitute. He satisfied the debt of divine justice and holiness. We deserved hell Jesus took our hell there is nothing left for us but His heaven. Let us be willing to be found among the minority. William T. Golson Convicted According To Public Persuasion By Pastor William T. Golson SERMON The road to compromise is easily travelled. Those of us who adhere to the teaching of the bible will often find ourselves in the minority in opposition to society and in risk of being ostracized as insensitive haters phobics and manipulators. From a biblical standpoint the majority does not rule no matter how much public opinion declares something to be right or best or the thing for the masses to do. 7SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Its Time To Pray For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the dark- ness of this worldagainstspiritual wickedness in high places Ephesians612 We have witnessed a num- ber of social problems in our societyprimarily police brutality in cities around the country. Additionally we have seen issues and moments of raciallymotivated and diabolicran- domacts ofviolence. Internationally there are threats to oursafety. Yetwe sit in awe andeven expressour shock disapproval and evendisdain for what is happening in this worldtoday.We can assuredly say Jesus is soon to come. However as Christianswe must take our rightful place in society and pray Now more than ever its time to go before the Lord and pray for our coun- try neighborhoodsand society. The word of God saysIf my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my faceand turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land2 Chronicles 714.Also The prayersof the righteousavai- lethmuch. James 516.There are two key points in both of these scriptures 1 Turn from wickedness and2 righteous prayers avail. In the NIV version James 516 saysThe prayer of a righteous person ispower- ful andeffective. Theseare scriptures we often quote and are keenlyaware ofbut do we really believe them Do we applythese scriptures to our daily livesWhere are the righteous I encourage the righteous to stand up and pray. Some religious leaders are call- ing for followersto retaliate with vio- lence take to the streets and sacrifice their lives withresponding to worldly evils. But as people of Godwe know this battleis not natural rather it is spiritualFor the weapons of our warfarearenot carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds 2 Corinthians 24. Lastly the Bible lets us knowmen ought to ALWAYS pray The scripture tells us we should have a constant and consistent prayer life. Nota day should pass without going before the Lord in prayer. Luke 181 where Jesus tells his disciples to always pray He is reit- erating the fact that not only is He is ajust God but also that He wants us to come to Him with our petitions to trust that He hears our plea and our cry unto Him We must believe that that when we pray He hears us. This Christian walk is rooted in Faith Do we believe that God will hear us Like the oldJames Cleveland gospel song used to askWhere is your FAITH in GodThere is no way that one can profess Christ as savior and not stay on your knees in prayer before the Lord believing that he hears us when we pray I John 5 14-15. We live in a time where modern technologies entertainment and suc- cess have consumed so much of our time that we neglecttime with the Lord. If we can watch two-hour movies watch our favorite 30-minute or an hour televisionshow spend an hour in the gym another hour using social mediaand now with the football season starting where we can spend hours and hours watching our team surely we can strategically carve out time from our schedule to devote only to the Lord in prayer one-on-one in his presence. Thats why Im asking for Spiritual Leaders Pastors Ministers and those of the fivefold ministry to come and pray with me at my Church office every Friday evening at 700. at 4840 Chambers Road. With one purpose in mind we will go before the Lord in prayer for our city state and our region We will pray for families schools and churches. Bottom line we cannot allow the evil forces of Satan to overtake us. Its time to pray SERMON We live in a time where modern technologies entertainment and success have consumed so much of our time that we neglect time with the Lord. If we can watch two-hour movies and our favorite television show spend an hour in the gym another using social media... surely we can strategically carve out time from our schedule to devote only to the Lord in prayer. Leon Emerson Funeral Directors Honor Morgan-Smyth McCully Elvin R. Caldwell Jr. President of the Denver Funeral Directors Morticians Association recently announced the associations Second Annual Fall Banquet. This year the association will honor the distinguished Dr. Syl Morgan -Smith who is Founder and President of the Colorado Gospel Music Academy Hall of Fame for her many years of service to the Denver com- munity and her church. Also being honored is Mr. Charles W. McCulley Founder of the Angelus Chapel Mortuaries in Pueblo and Colorado Springs and for over 50 years in the funeral service profession. The banquet will be Saturday September 19 2014 500 pm at the Park Hill Golf Club located at 4141 East 35th Avenue Denver Colorado 80207. Tickets can be purchased from the following mortuaries Caldwell-Kirk 303-861-4644 or Taylor 303-344-1615 It is a fund raising event and all are welcome. Questions regarding the banquet can be directed to the mortuaries listed above. By Pastor Leon Emerson 8 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 Warfare involves tactics and strategies. The great- est Generals in Arm Forces are great tacticians and strategists. You cannot win without a strategy. Dont allow the enemy to strategize against you. Overcome and destroy his strategies through prayer. Traps and snares are hid- den. People fall into traps unknowingly We are delivered from the snare of the fowler. A fowler is a hunter. Satan is the hunter of souls. We can release ourselves and others through prayer. Prayer is our number one weapon. The main tactic of the enemy is decep- tion. He is a liar and the father of lies. The Word of God exposes the tactics of the enemy. God is light and His Word is light. The light exposes the enemy Satan and tears away the darkness. Darkness and light cant be in the same place at the same time. When a room is dark when you turn the light on darkness goes away. Many many people are deceived by the enemy. That includes Believers. There are hosts of lying and deceiving spirits that work under the authority of Satan. These spirits include delusion deception lying seducing blinding error and guile. Our pray- ing can strip the power of these deceiving spirits and cause the eyes of people to be opened. Remember how David struggled One would think since he was pointed out from all of his brothers and one day he would be king. Davids struggles were with natural enemies. Behind these natural enemies were spiritual ones that were opposed to the Davidic kingdom. Jesus was to come from this line and sit upon the throne. David was fighting something beyond the natural. Through the Holy Spirit he was contending with the powers of dark- ness that were set against the arrival of the kingdom of God. Many warfare prayers are taken from the psalms of David. Jesus is the Son of David. He sits on the throne of David. Davids prophetic prayers were weapons against the enemys attempt to stop the promised seed. Davids victories in prayer opened the way for his throne of righ- teousness. God taught David he became the warrior king. His victories caused his kingdom to be established. His victory over the house of Saul came after a long war 2 Sam. 31. Look how long David was in a struggle against warfare. He didnt give up on God and nei- ther should we. Saints dont become discouraged in prayer. God knows all about your struggle with the schemer Satan remember God knows how much you can bare. Continue to pray. You will become stronger and the enemy will become weaker. David consumed his enemies Ps 1837-40. He did not turn until they were destroyed. We must see our spiritual enemies completely destroyed. We must pursue the enemy. To pursue means to follow in order to overtake or capture. It means to chase with hostile intent. We cannot be passive when it comes to the warfare we are up against. David was running so much in Psalm I got tired for him. Your victories over the enemy will release Shalom. Shalom means peace prosperity favor health and well-being. Your victories over the enemy will release shalom. You will experience greater levels of peace and prosperity. P.M. Wynn Grove Confronting the Schemer Satans Tactics By Dr. P.M. Wynn Grove COMMUNITY SCRIPTURE Many many people are deceived by the enemy. That includes Believers. There are hosts of lying and deceiving spirits that work under the authority of Satan. Dr. PM Wynn Grove and her husband Pastor Lee Grove II are the Associate Pastors at the Potter House of Denver. They are also the found- ers of Heavenly Sent Ministries. Pastor PM can be reached by email at Former Pastor Turns Away From Faith Dr. Calvin Kelly used to preach the word of God but now believes there is no God. It was last year and I was on my way to Ohio and suddenly realized there was no such thing as God or any deity he explained. I accepted that Jesus was a lie. The fact that he never existed. The studies show that he never existed. Dr. Kelly further stated how American Bible schol- ar Joseph Atwill talks about the fabrication of Jesus. He and wrote a book Caesars Messiah The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus. Before doubting Gods existence Kelly was the pastor of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Denver from 1999 to 2014. The church was recognized in a local newspaper article for its tireless effort in helping homeless women in the community. Dr. Kelly accepted his calling to preach after an honorable discharge of serving two years in the Navy Reserves. He was only 18 years old at the time. In 1989 Dr. Kelly came to Colorado. He happened to meet his future wife Tonda while attending Rising Star Baptist Church. They have one daugh- ter. He also has two sons and two daughters from a previous marriage. So how could this father husband minister and spiritual advisor quickly change his belief in the exis- tence of God someone who went to seminary school and studied the Bible relentlessly. There was a culmination of things that happened to me over the years. I thought about my trav- els abroad. I heard this person in Japan make the statement We have a God for everything said Dr. Kelly. I thought what made me as a Baptist preacher right in my Christianity. I was part of the American Clergy Leadership Conference while working with the Israelis and Palestinians along the Gaza Strip when we were shot at with machine guns by some group. So there wasnt just one thing. But the people and things that I had seen were what changed me. Dr. Kelly is now with the African American Humanist Temple located at 3100 Downing St. in Denver. He considers himself an evangelizer of humanists within the community. The temple provides food clothing other resources and has guest speakers. However the main purpose of the temple is teaching about the humanist way of life. Humanism is a philosophical way of thinking in emphasizing the value of human beings over the divine or supernatural. We at the Temple recognize same sex marriage is not what you think. Its not a sin for two people of the same gender get married. Morality does not come from any religion Dr. Kelly said. I tell people you have a choice. You dont have to bow down or be sub- jected to a power you cannot see. Of course Dr. Kelly has lost many of his Christian friends in the com- munity because of denouncing the existence of God. He said his biggest heartbreak and gripe is how church mem- bers and pastors treated him when he and his wife became homeless. When he told his congregation that he no longer believed in God he no longer received funds to help pay rent on his house. Those members and the Christian community as a whole didnt help us. We were ostracized by the community. My wife cried He explained. I wouldnt treat my dog the way people treated us. Dr. Kelly and his wife did stay in the basement of a friends house for a short period of time and then lived out of their car. At night they would sleep in their car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Tonda Kelly is also at the point of not knowing what she believes in anymore. But she sticks by her husband. My husband is an intelligent person who knows the bible. I cant touch him with the word. But everyone is entitled to their religious opinion. So I support my husband she said. Its like him being a staunch Democrat and I become a Republican and he decides to divorce me. For better or worse you stick by that person. Services at the African-American Humanist Temple are from 5 to 7p.m every second and fourth Saturday of the month with different speakers. Dr Calvin Kelly Those members and the Christian community as a whole didnt help us. We were ostracized by the community. My wife cried He explained. I wouldnt treat my dog the way people treated us. Body of Christ News 9SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Pastors John and Mary Tellis Pastor John Tillis has been a faithful servant of God preaching the word for the past 10 year at Solomon Temple Missionary Baptist Church. He and his wife Mary continue to lead a small but growing congregation located in Denvers Park Hill neighbor- hood off 38th and Elm streets. In 1996 Pastor Tillis was serving as deacon at Central Baptist Church under the Rev. Willy Simmons. That is when he decided to listen to Gods call to preach. Pastor Tillis who is originally from Ruston La. came to Denver as part of executive management with ATT. He met his wife Mary while she was attending Louisiana Tech University. They have been married 38 years and were blessed with two sons and a daughter. As the pastor continues to nurture his congregation with the word he also wants the church to be a resource cen- ter for youth in the Park Hill commu- nity by focusing on teaching leadership training and partnering with schools. Its a lot easier to bend and reshape a sapling than a tree. We want to have the youths lives change in Park Hill considering all the gang violence and activities that are occurring Pastor Tellis said. However his mission is working for the Lord during a season where greater kingdom building is needed. Pastor Mary Tellis stands beside her husband when it comes to preaching and lifting up the vision of the church. She served with the American Baptist Churches of Rocky Mountain Region for six years. She now shares her pas- sion as a spiritual life coach. We just want to be the hands and feet for God. Reincarnate the message of Jesus and serving people without any expectations she expressed. Solomon Temple Missionary Baptist Church is located at 3880 Elm St. Sunday School is at 930 a.m. every Sunday morning and worship service starts at 1100 a.m. We want to have the youths lives change in Park Hill. John Mary Tellis PASTOR PROFILE Insanity Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results Albert Einstein Aurora is one of the most diverse cities in the State of Colorado. Over 60 of the city is an immi- grant refugee or a person of color. Therefore a different perspective should be reflected in the citys gov- ernment leadership to helps build stronger connections with the com- munity the city serves. My name is Maya Wheeler. I am a candidate for Aurora City Council Member At-Large this November 3 2015. In the City of Aurora affectionately known as the Gateway to the Rockies I am committed to finding creative and resourceful ways to work along- side Aurora residents City Council and staff to make sure individuals and families are equipped with the assets they need to have a good qual- ity of life in Aurora. As a parent of three I know what it is like to struggle and worry about how you are going to take care of your family. This is why I am pas- sionate about equality in our cities procurement and hiring practices small business development afford- able housing education and public safety. I recognize Aurora residents and business owners want a hand up and not a hand out. I challenge you to break the cycle of insanity and do something different this election year. Register to vote and return your mail in ballot for your local municipal election on or before November 3.2015. Vote for me Maya Wheeler for Aurora City Council Member at Large if you reside in the City of Aurora. Your vote does make a difference. Together we can accom- plish anything. Important Dates to remember for the Aurora Municipal Election Oct. 12 to 18 - Mail ballots sent to voters Oct. 26 - Voter Service and Polling Centers VSPC open Nov. 3 - ELECTION DAY PLEASE NOTE Citizens may now register to vote up to and including Election Day. Visit for more information. To share your concerns get involved with the campaign or to make a donation visit WheelerForAurora. com or call 720-608-0029. By Maya Wheeler Wheeler for City Council Maya Wheeler POLITCAL As a parent of three I know what it is like to struggle and worry about how you are going to take care of your family... I recognize Aurora residents and business owners want a hand up and not a hand out. 10 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 Supporting each other for a stronger tomorrow. Take control NOW and Pre-Plan Today. Preplanning allows YOU to determine how your final arrangements will be carried out without putting the burden on your family. 303 872-7422 6601 East Colfax Avenue Denver Colorado 80220 Stylish Processions Reception FacilityOn-Site Chapel PipkinBraswell 11SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 12 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 13SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 14 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 15SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 16 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 There in front of him was a man suffering from abnormal swelling of his body. 3 Jesus asked the Pharisees and experts in the law Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not 4 But they remained silent. So taking hold of the man he healed him and sent him on his way. 5 Then he asked them If one of you has a childa or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day will you not immediately pull it out Luke 142-5 Iwant to spend the next few weeks talking about how our blessings block our blessings. This is part 1 so there will be a part 2. Let me use today to lay a foundation for this series. Im going to be talking this morning and throughout this series about the Church but I am also talking about the Individual. The message here is about growing the Church and how so much of what we do and how we act can get in the way and block and restrict the growth of the church and the individual. In so many places in scripture Jesus compares the KingdomChurch to banquet feast. In our text he is at a dinner party. Jesus has been invited to a dinner party but there is some tension between him the host and the guests. It seems clear from the text that Jesus has been invited for the sole purpose of being set up. It is clear to all of us who read the bible that the Pharisees Sadducees and the Chief Priests were always trying to set traps for Jesus. Jesus was an unusual preacher. He broke a lot of religious rules and trivial traditions of the mainline faith groups. Jesus was not as orthodox and he was not always holy enough for the religious leaders of his day. He had problems with the strict rules of the Sabbath. He had major issues with the rigid religious rulers who stood on law more than they stood on love. He took offence to those who used the bible to showcase their own righteousness. Lets just tell the truth. If Jesus was in ministry today many would probably not be a member at his church. I know some folk who are so holy and righteous and pious they would have had a hard time hanging out with the Jesus I read about in Scripture. If real confession came from the pulpit we preachers would have to admit that some of us would not be caught associat- ing with Jesus. First of all for a preacher he went to too many par- ties. When he went he always seemed to enjoy a nice drink as much as anybody. When he went to these parties he ate and had a good time just like everybody else did at the party. Jesus according to scripture had developed a reputation among the preachers and the people that he was a wino and a gluttonous man who loved the company of the wrong people. He knew he had the reputation because it was Jesus who took the time to address what folk were saying about him Yes the word was out about this rabbi from Nazareth who did not have any holy hang-ups about enjoying people and enjoying himself. I know we all are with him now that we know he went to the cross and died for our sins and rose for our eternal life but not many of us would be in Jesus church and not many of us would be in his company if he ministered in Denver today He was a preacher who did not obey the religious protocols of his day. He forgave sins and he let people know that forgiveness was from God and not men. No priests can forgive your sinsonly God was his message. He was no male chauvinist. He had women in his ministry and he healed as many women as he healed men. He did not follow protocol. He touched and associated with what society called the unclean folksinners. You know like the folk in Sonny Lawson Park or those on the Triangle or the ones standing in front of the rescue missionyou know those folk who no one in the Church or government really seem to care about. Less we misread the gos- pels this was Jesus ministry. Oh we call him Savior today but not many of us in here would have fooled with Jesus. So Jesus was invited to this Sabbath Day dinner party and it was a set up from the get up When he got there a man off of the streets was already there. Luke says from the time Jesus walked through the door and laid eyes on the man they were watching Jesus to see what he would do. Luke says the man was right in front of Jesus. They put a sick man was in Jesus face They had heard all about his compassion and knew he would heal him and if he did theyd have a charge on him. It was after all the Sabbath day. They said to themselves He wont be able to withhold healing him. But before they could open their mouths Jesus foiled the plot by asking them a simple question. Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not But they remained silent. So taking hold of the man he healed him and sent him on his way. Then he asked them If one of you has a child or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day will you not immediately pull it out And they had nothing to say. What a way to start out dinner Whos hungry after that I mean where does the party go from here Ill tell you where it went. Just look at what Jesus did. He turns the party into a classroom and zeros in on the whole issue of how preachers and prominent people partied in his day. He gives the host and the dinner guests a few tips as to how to put throw a party. That is what I like about Jesus. It was not all about church with him. It was not always about the deep spiritual stuff that so many of us get lost in. Jesus is willing to teach you about praise but Jesus is also willing to teach you how to party Who better to tell you how to partythan Jesus In Jesus day folks threw parties as a status sym- bol. When the rich man invited folks to his party everybody wanted to be close to get into his good graces. Luke says at this party Jesus noticed how the guests picked the places of honor at the table. They did not wait to be seated When they arrived they started choosing seats that were closest to the host. Jesus said to them Dont do that. You could get embarrassed if someone more important than you shows up and they ask you to move. When you go to a party Jesus said know party etiquette to avoid personal embarrassment. Sometimes at work and especially at Church we overestimate just how important we are. Some people really believe they are the most important person on the job. They believed they are the most important person to their boss but you have to realize and remember there are other people working at your job also. You do not always have to get the seat next to him or her in the meeting. Do not monopolize his or her time if other people are around. What some of us have to learn about ourselves is that no matter how important we think we are sometimes the less people see of us the better it is You can create more interest sometimes by keeping your distance rather than try- ing to get too close. Listen let me share some brief party etiquette. Just because you are the first one to the party do not assume it is okay to park in someones driveway. Folk may not want you to park there. Maybe they are saving the space for Big Mama or Uncle Luke or some elderly person who cannot walk very far. Park on the street first and let them tell you if it is okay to park in the driveway. Do not assume anything. People may not want you parking in their driveway. And if your car is leaking oil do not mess up folks driveway. Please park on the street When you go to someones house for dinner Jesus said dont assume you have it that way. You do know your friends have other friends other than you Right You do not go to the dinner to someones house and go straight to the kitchen. Folk may have asked somebody else to help in the kitchen. They might have wanted you to help set the table They may have wanted you to take out the trash They may have wanted you to just sit down and stay out the kitchen Do not assume folk want you in their kitchen. Do not assume anything especially if you aint no cook You might want to ask first. I took a friend home to dinner once who really had no concept of family and they did not understand that in our house around the dinner table we had assigned seats. They said they could not understand why we did not just take a seat. I said You probably do not understand and cannot understand because it is not your house. At my mommas house you did not sit at the dinner table anywhere you wanted to. You had an assigned seat. And you sure did not sit in my momma and daddys chair. Sure enough the person took my Daddys chair at the head of the table and it was explained to them that you do not sit there. I said to my friend in my nicest but sternest voice That is my daddys seat. You will have to move. And you might want to wait to be seated rather than seat- ing yourself or you could get uninvited. When you go to another persons house know etiquette to avoid embarrassment. This is what I like about Jesus. He can talk and teach about spiritual grace but he is also concerned about our social etiquette. That is what you call com- plete and total salvation Hes concerned about how I act in the Lords house but hes just as concerned about how I act in your house. Thats total salvation Hes concerned about how I praise but also how I party Thats total salvation. Now look closely at the text. I told you he turns the party into a classroom and the first lesson that was taught was for the sake of the guests. Know how to act when you go into a persons house. Know party etiquette to avoid personal embarrassment but his second lesson is directed at the hosts. And the lesson to the hosts is this When you send an invitation there can be no expectation on the recipient to reciprocate. What Jesus had noticed about the Pharisees and preachers and those in power was that they did noth- ing for anyone who could not return the favor. It was a tight knit circle of friends who fed off of each other. There was no grace between them. Love and favor and blessings between them were all conditional. If you eat at my house I expect to eat at your house. If we go out to eat I expect to pay sometimes but expect you to pay sometimes. If I give you a gift for Christmas I expect one from you. There was no grace among these Pharisees and leaders. No one did anything without expecting something in return. And some of our friends and relationships are like that. We are like that. In fact some of us are pressured and programmed beyond belief if anybody does anything for us. We all are in these tit-for-tat relationships what I call graceless relationships. We keep our status in these graceless relationships because we are programmed to feel obligated to give back to anyone who does anything for us. We our- selves in all of our relationships do not give without expecting something in return. If we are honest most of our relationships are graceless relationships. Every recipient of a blessing from me is expected to recipro- cate but at the moment you place an expectation on the recipient to reciprocate you have entered into a graceless relationship. Jesus said to the host When you give a luncheon or dinner do not invite your friends your brothers or sisters your relatives or your rich neighbors if you Reginald C. Holmes By Pastor Reginald C. Holmes First of all for a preacher he went to too many parties. When he went he always seemed to enjoy a nice drink as much as anybody. When he went to these parties he ate and had a good time just like everybody else did at the party. Your Blessings Can Block Your Blessings Continued on Page 17 17SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS LOCAL EVENTs Gospel Golf Classic Sept 12th Annual Rocky Mountain Gospel Golf Classic 4 - Player Best Ball Scramble 7p. Shotgun Start. Park Hill Golf Course 4141 E. 35th Ave. 10000 Hole in One Closet to the Pin Longest Drive Lunch Buffet Door Prizes and Trophies. 85.00 per Player. More info call Jerome Jones at 303 512-6528 7th Annual Womens Day Sept 13th Hosted by Redeeming Love Fellowship Church Victorious Womens Ministry. 11a speaker Sis Roslynn Gordon of FLFC. 5p speak- er Vermell Love of Shiloh Temple Apostolic. Heroine of Hope Awards will be presented at this service. We are all women to wear white. Tailgate Party Sept 19th End of Summer Tailgate Party by EPIC 2015 Challenge. 3p - 6p. at Skyland Park 3300 Ivanhoe St. Denver CO. 2nd Annual Community Walk Sept 19th Saturday 9a - 1p African American Quilters and Collectors Guild Presents The Community Walk with God at City Park 2100 York st Denver. Come help us unify our community help one another to reason and not divide. Help us to be better neighbors by helping battered wives rape victims adolescent mothers the homeless. Anniversary Revival Sept 20 21 New Hope Baptist Church. Sun at 10am Mon at 7pm. for more info call 303 322-5200 Bishop George Bloomer Sept 24 25 Soul Care Full Gospel Center Presents Bishop George Bloomer author of Witch Craft in the Pews Spiritual Warfare. Prophetic Prayer Summit Intercessory Pray Minister Salita Biddix. 63350 East 69th. Ave. Commerce City 80022 for more info call 303 886-0934 Celebration Luncheon Sept 25th Colorado Black Arts Movement CBAM 1st Annual Webb arts Award Gala. 6p at Tivoli Turnhall on Auraria Campus. The Wilma J. Webb Award will be awarded annually. Celebration Luncheon Sept 26th Sat 11a - 2p a Musical Celebration Tribute Luncheon in honor of Rev. E. Hayward Butch Hobbs 71st Birthday 63 yrs of Music at Scott United Methodist Church 2880 Garfield St. Denver 80205 Cancer Saved My Life Sept 26th Sat 9a - 12p. Cancer Saved My Life by finding Peace and Joy in Trusting the Heart of God with the things we dont understand. Presented by Pioneers of Faith Senior Ministry. Come share with us your story its going to help someone else. Call Henri Anna Davis at 720 841-1845. Pastor Peter Taffe Life by Design Ministries 1756 So. Chambers Rd. Aurora 80017. Church Annivrsary Sept 27th Sunday 330p Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Celebrates their 49th Pastor Wife Church Anniversary Rev. Willie C. Jones. 3301 Leyden St. Denver 80207. for more info call 303 322-5983 Church Anniversary Sept 27th 4pm Christ Church Apostolic will Celebrate their 35th Anniversary under the Bishop AL. R. Combs. FounderPastor. 14007 E. 22nd PL. Aurora 80011 for more info call 303 340-352 Bishop Earl O. Holiman Bishop Earl Holiman first got his calling to serve God when he was 22 years old. Now the 85-year old has excelled in his ministry and is the founder and senior pastor of Bethsaida Temple Christian Center located at 3930 E. 37th St. in Denver Colo. He has been a beacon for other pas- tors who came up under him since the 1960s and started their own min- istries. Bishop Holiman was sent to preach in Colorado by his mentor the late Bishop Willy Lee from Indianapolis Ind. We are a church that believes fully and totally in the word of God and scriptures in the Bible- from Genesis to Revelations- being a believer in the word of God he said since preaching at Bethsaida Temple. After coming to Denver Bishop Holiman began his ministry journey in a little store front church off 31st and Gilpin streets. They later moved to a location off 28th street and Milwaukee. He said he was blessed to purchase the property on 37th street and Colorado Boulevard to build their present church Bethsaida Christian Temple. Bishop Holiman adds that his pur- pose and vision is to encourage people and help them stand firm in the word of God. His favorite interpretation of the Bible is the King James Version. As the bishop sees it a lot of what is wrong in todays society comes from people not stand strong in their faith and lack of understanding the scrip- tures. The Bible prophesized these last days. How people will depart from their faith. They will be seduced by doc- trines of demons and churches away getting away from sound doctrine and holiness. This is what is happening in these days and time Bishop Holiman said. The Bishop has been a lucky man in being married to his wife Aurelia since 1950. On the churchs website the first lady stands in being a virtuous woman of God. Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman that feareth the Lord she shall be praised. Give her the fruits of her hands and let her own works praise her in the gates Proverbs 31 25-31. The Bishop and his wife have one son Earl Jr. a daughter Belinda Cook and one grandson Eric. Bethsaida Temple Christian Center 3930 E 37th Ave. Denver Co 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. worship service on Sundays 7 p.m. Bible Study on Wednesdays Bishop Earl Holiman The Bible prophesized these last days. How people will depart from their faith. They will be seduced by doctrines of demons and churches away getting away from sound doctrine and holiness. This is what is happening in these days. PASTOR PROFILE do they may invite you back and so you will be repaid. But when you give a banquet invite the poor the crippled the lame the blind and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you you will be repaid at the resur- rection of the righteous. There has to be some grace at the table. There can be no ministry without grace. Thats Jesus message here. You cannot look for conditional blessings every time you do something for people and for God. Ministry is corrupt when it gets to the place where every deed must be repaid. Ministry is counterfeit when we start believing that those we bless owe us something. There is no grace in that Whenever you are in a graceless rela- tionship with anybody God is not in it. A lot of us are allowing our blessings to block our blessings because when we bless people our blessings are noth- ing more than high interest loans that must be paid back or penalties will be assessed. God is not into graceless relationships. This parable is really an indictment on friends family and the well to do. What its really saying is even our most coveted relationships with family and friends are graceless relationships. We do for family because you hope and expect them to pay you back. You expect them to pay you back and they should but helping people who pay you back and who you expect to pay you back is no big deal. . Sometimes you have to give to the person who you know before you give it to them that its not a loan. Invite that person to dinner who just joined the church and you pick up the tab. Run some elderly person to the doctor and to the store and wherever else they may need to go and never mention the word gas. We are trying to figure out why it seems we are not getting blessed. It could be that our blessings are blocking our blessings because every blessing we give is attached to a condition But I dare you to start blessing the church and blessing people and not being so worried about where and when your blessing is going to come. When you have no expectation on the recipient to reciprocate God gets in your giving Thats when blessings start to come from everywhere Your blessings are uncontrolled because your blessings are unconditional When you start to give expecting nothing in return thats when your windfall hits. But if you are looking for me to bless you back with what you gave to me you are expecting too little Gods got more than I got more than you gotgot more than your sister or brothers got Give and dont expect the recipient to reciprocate and let God do the blessing Lastly Jesus again points the les- son in another direction. He ends with a parable and this time he puts the focus not on the guests and not on the hosts but he puts the focus on the invitation itself. If the Church is going to be the church and that is really what this text is about the church has to understand that everybody isnt excited about being invited. When you talk about church some folk believe they are already blessed without com- ing. I dont need to go to church. Im blessed already. The parable is about Israel rejecting Jesus but it is also about people rejecting him today. The Jews saw themselves as already being blessed of God. We have Moses and we have Abraham. Who needs Jesus The parable says that the first invitees the Jews didnt get excited about being invited. Why do we have to come to your sons wedding feast We are already blessed. We have land livestock and love. We are already blessed. Sorry but we cant come to your sons wedding. Everybody aint excited about being invited. Do not miss the fact that the invita- tion first went out to blessed people but yet they could not get excited. Some people can get excited about themselves but cannot ever seem to get excited about God and other people. You can witness to them and invite them but nothing can excite them they will make excuse after excuse as to why they cannot come to church but all they are doing is letting their bless- ings block their blessings Like the man in the parable we let property and possessions prevent us from praising God. Family responsi- bilities often keep us from the fathers table as though we are the only person who has ever been married and had to serve God. Some people act as though they are the only people to have chil- dren who have had to serve the Lord. We got a little two-cent job and we act like God has never called working saints to be at the table We never have time to support the ministry. We are so satisfied with what we have that we allow our blessings to block our bless- ings We act as if what we have now is all God has for us God wants to do great things for us but God is waiting on you. You have the invitation. God is waiting on you but you dont have forever. God does but you dont. If your blessings are blocking your blessings go on and make excus- es but there are some more invitations going out You dont have to be excited to be invited but there are some more invitations going out But let me tell you something about these new invitations There are no names on these invita- tions There are no addresses on these invitations They just say whosoever will Not my name and not your name but whosoever will You may not be excited but God will get some folk who are just excited to be invited Blessings ... from pg 16 18 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 19SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS We want your news Body of Christ News wants to hear about your calendar events announcements or conferences. Send your news to or fax us at 303.344.4608. MCCOWANS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Gussie Lee McCowan celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21 with a reception with their family and friends. Mr. Gussie McCowan married the former Sarah Mae Williams on February 13 1944. Mr. McCowan has worked for the City of Athens and Brownsboro Independent School District. Mrs. McCowan is a loving devoted housewife and mother. Their children are Glory Thompson Deloris Robinson and Victor McCowan all of Tyler Paul McCowan and Jimmy McCowan both of Colorado Ronnie McCowan of Missouri and the late Theaudry and Isiah McCowan both of Dallas. They have 24 grandchildren 30 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. 20 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 Odis Robert Redwine Sr. Bob was born on July 16 1932 in Henderson Tx. to Fernander and Ethel Redwine. He was the eighth child from a family of seventeen chil- dren. Odis Robert Redwine Sr. was called Bob by most of his family and friends. He was known by business associ- ates as J.B. or Jerry and his racing buddies called him lighting. Bob entered into his final resting place with his Lord on August 6 2015. His journey was a progression from worldly concerns to a Heavenly focus. Those who have known him over the last 20 years know that he was preparing for that final day when he would leave the family he loves on earth to be with the Lord and his fam- ily in Heaven. He was preceded in death by his parents Fernander and Ethel Redwine brothers Henry Redwine Sr. Fernander RedwineJr. Wilmer Redwine Sr. and Leonard Redwine Sr.Sisters Ruthie Lee Alexander Lucille Reed Aletha Henderson Ruth Ethel Redwine and LoEthel Redwine and a son Ronald Redwine and twin daughters Ann and Angela Redwine and long time friend Lorna Lewis mother of Alwyn and Lynn Lewis who our children called Grandma. Bob married Judith L. Loback on August 12 1972 They always lived in the home he purchased in 1964.Over the years all his children were either born or lived there. Although Bob did not graduate from high school he was mathematically blessed His nephew Henry Butch Redwine Jr. said Uncle Bob could figure out the measurement of a con- crete pad and the amount of cement needed in his head before Butch finished with pencil and paper this ability enabled him to operate an independent concrete business for over 40 years. Later in life Bob could be found in church on Sunday. He accepted the Lord at an early age and was baptized in the pond across the street from the church that was located on their property in Henderson Tx. He was a member of Campbell Memorial COGIC for many years and then started going to church at Bethlehem Baptist with Robert and Sue Catholic long time neighbors. Recently he could be found at Loving Saints Christian Fellowship where his wife Judy is along time member. He had to stop driving when his foot forgot where the brake was and dependent on family for transporta- tion. He loved the Lord and would say so to anyone willing to listen. He never let you leave his presence without saying God bless so in other words of this husband grandfather great-grandfather brother uncle cousin and friend GOD BLESS YOU Those left to carry on the legacy include his loving and devoted wife Judith L. Redwine sons Kris Nneka Redwine Odis RedwineJr. Terrence Shawn Redwine all of Denver and Alwyn Lewis Crowley Co. daugh- ters Tena Redwine of Dallas Tx. Chantel Chuck Abraham deVoria Lynn Lewis Brenda Redwine Regina Redwine all of Denver Cynthia Elaine Bell location unknown broth- ers Ernest Ynonne Redwine of Henderson Tx Dr. Gerald Sandra Redwine of San Antonio Tx Cornelius Cynthia Redwine of Tyler Tx sis- ters Juanita Thomas of Ft. Worth Tx Everlena McNelty of San Diego Calif Geneva Willard Redwine-DeBerry bocnews publishers mother Aurora Co. and Phyllis Milton Chandler of Houston Tx sisters inlaw Betty Redwine of Denver Co. and Hattie and Redwine of Dallas Tx. Odis Redwine Odis Bob Redwine 7161932 862015 OBITUARY YOUR CHURCH INFO COULD BE HERE Call 303.344.4607 TODAY Bob could be found in church on Sunday. He accepted the Lord at an early age and was baptized in the pond across the street from the church. 21SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 22 BOCNEWS.comSEPTEMBER 2015 23SEPTEMBER 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS LOCAL EVENTs Birthday Celebration Sept 9 - 11 Kingdom Service 18 years Soul Care Full Gospel Center Happy Anniversary Apostles Lawrence E. Dr. Sandra Powell 32nd Pastoral Ministry Celebrate w us 7pm. nightly. Wed. Apost. Madlyn Tombs New Life Christian Fellowship. Thurs. Bishop Bryon E. Nickerson The Way Bible Church. Fri. Dr. Josiah Martin Tower of Faith and Deliverance COGIC. 6350 East 69th Ave. Commerce City Community Event Oct 3rd Sat Project L.I.F.E. is hosting a Community event partnering with Cooking Matters who will be hosting an interactive nutritional budget-friendly presentation on how to shop smarter healthier. The Community is invited to attend this event from 12 - 2pm. at 3840 York Street Suite 100 80205 or call 303 292-0016 CBWPA Award Luncheon Oct 10th Colorado Black Women for Political Action CBWPA announces its 2015 Tribute to Black Woman Award Recipients to be honored at the 36th Annual Award Luncheon at the Renaissance Hotel Denver. Pres. Maya Wheeler has chosen to recognize 7 outstanding Women who are dedicated to advocating and making a difference in the black community. The Event starts at noon doors at 1115a.