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Bodyof Christ NewsAUGUST 2015 VOLUME 26 ISSUE 12 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM Exodus 314COMPLIMENTARY BOCNEWS.COM SERVING COMMUNITIES IN DENVER AURORA MONTBELLO BOULDER COLORADO SPRINGS PUEBLO Moral Decline of Nation Family 2 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 Funerals Receptions Cremations Elvin R. Caldwell Jr. President Ruby Kirk-Gray Founder Serving the Denver community for over 65 years. 2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado 80205 303-861-4644 ClassyNew Funeral Vehicles 3AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Celebrating 33 Years Things to Come... EXCEL IS CELEBRATING THE BEGIN- NING OF HER 33RD YEAR. Celebra- tions are always a time of joy accom- plishments and reflections. This time for us is no different. Our joy at this time is reflected in our ministry the vision from God and a Pastor that al- lowed all of us whether in 1983 to 2015 to be a part of Gods vision is the joy of joys. It is not often that God allows us to work through His vision. Excels accomplishments may never be herald but we know they are many. We believe the book of James Chapter 2 verses 14-20 undergird the reasons for our accomplishments. It states What doth it profit my brethren though a man say he hath faith and have not works can faith save him If a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food And one of you say unto them Depart in peace be ye warmed and filled not- withstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body what doth it profit Even so faith if it hath not works is dead be- ing alone. Yea a man may say Thou hast faith and I have works shew me thy faith without thy works and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Thou believest that there is one God thou doest well the devils also believe and tremble. But wilt thou know O vain man that faith without works is dead Finally as we reflect over our 3 de- cades plus it has been illuminating. The aid of the many parents that need- ed Excel as a source of education for their children has been apparent. We thank each and every one no matter what part played in our existence. To the many employees that held up the standard of excellence that is now the benchmark for all. Starting this school year 2015 Excel must initiate various funding events to underwrite the ongoing finan- cial shortfall she experiences each year. We pray we can count on each of you for support. Those who make up our communities churches clergy businesses politicians activists community leaders and those who believe in the power and benefits of a Christian Education. Beginning August 15 2015 Excel will offer space for various types of events in the community. Please con- tact our office at 303 355-0667 for details available dates and pricing. Looking for bargains Come explore the many items available for quick sale Items consist of Toys Bikes Childrens toys clothing tools jewelry decorative items drawings and so much more. Refreshments will be served Hot links hot dogs served with chips water or soda for a nominal fee. Come Share with us... WHERE 3050 RICHARD ALLEN CT. WHEN AUGUST 8TH 9TH SATURDAY SUNDAY TIME 8am-600pm Excel Institutes 1st Bargain Extravaganza 4 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and the man that getteth understanding. Proverbs 313 If we were at risk for developing a serious and potentially life threatening illness it can be said that everyone would choose to know as soon as possible that one had such a disease. It might be that knowing early could prevent some preventable pain and suffering. We also have to realize that far too many deadly illnesses can be present for years before manifesting themselves. Conditions such diabetes high blood pressure heart disease of various forms kidney disease and certain cancers can be present for years and cause no symptoms at first. Then eventually the disease begins to cause pain fatigue weight loss malaise just not feeling well and a host of other symptoms. We may or may not be aware of the fact that cer- tain habits and choices we make put us at risk for some unfortunate illnesses. Habits such as smok- ing alcohol use drug use poor dietary choices sedentary behavior and our sexual behavior may put us at high risk. We are to a large degree mas- ters of our own fate and state of health. No human being can make choices for us. As a physician I can advise and at times plead with people to change habit they need to change to no avail. That brings me now to the topic at hand HIV infection which can be a prelude to AIDS. These conditions have not gone away even though we dont hear so much about them and many act as if they are something they dont want to hear about or talk about. However trust me they are still with us. One fact may be surprising. A person may get infected with the HIV virus and go as long as 10 years or longer without any symptoms. Such a person is said to be asymptomatic in medical jar- gon or without symptoms. However it is only a mat- ter of time before reality hits home. It is inevitable. Then an infected person may begin to experience symptoms like fever weight loss a mouth infection called thrush- with white patches on the mouth and throat and other deadly signs. This is to be honest late in the course of the infection. Prior to that in the asymp- tomatic phase a person can spread the infection to others by sexual contact sharing needles and mothers can even spread it to their infant children. In fact people who have no symptoms are a reservoir for the disease-a hidden reservoir I might add. More than 1.2 million American are living with HIV. It has been estimated that about 156300 do not know that they are infected with HIV. They may feel well but nonetheless the are infected. Why is this even worth mentioning It is because eventually these peo- ple will get sick. Let me just mention the real tragedy in no knowing ones HIV status. Science has been able to come up with a host of new medi- cations that are very effec- tive in treating HIV infection. I have not forgotten the time in the late 1980s when we had so little to offer people who were infected. We saw to many people suffer and die. In the 1990s new drugs came on the market and now in 2015 people with HIV infection can actually live healthy lives. They do need effective medi- cal care and need to see their doctors and be getting ongoing medical care. It has also been found that the earlier a person can get effective medical care the better. The key issue is testing so that one knows whether or not they are infected. Testing as many as possible for HIV infection is an important weapon in the fight against HIV. The more testing the better and this should include changes in behavior that put one at risk. Local health department and medical facilities are engaged in testing. In addition there are groups in the community setting who may be engaged in testing. It is possible to test people by simple means by just doing a mouth swab with results available in as little as 20 minutes or so. Blood testing may be used to confirm positive results. This is something we need to do and testing in the community is a valuable and compassionate community service. By doing this more people can get the care they need and perhaps we might see the day when HIV can be eradicated. You will hear more in the near future about community testing and we appeal for any support you can give such efforts. WhyTesting for HIV Infection is Needed Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH More than 1.2 million American are living with HIV. It has been estimated that about 156300 do not know that they are infected with HIV. They may feel well but nonetheless the are infected... They will get sick. 1. RICHARD SMALLWOOD - ANTHOLOGY 2. ISRAEL NEWBREED - COVERED ALIVE IN ASIA 3. KAREN CLARK SHEARD - DESTINED 4. ANTHONY BROWN - EVERYDAY JESUS 5. MARVIN SAPP - YOU SHALL LIVE 6. GEOFFREY GOLDEN - KINGDOM LIVE 7. MARLON LOCK - GOOD SEED 8. TRENT VON LEE - I AM A PRIASER 9. PATRICK HOLLIS - NEW SEASON 10 DORINDA CLARK COLE - LIVING IT 5AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Its that time of yearwhen we as parents think about how to set our children up for success in the upcoming school year. We might ask ourselves how we define success for our child because children vary in so many ways no one child is like another they all have their own per- sonalities and learning styles. We often decide to stick with our assigned neighborhood school without knowing that we have choices of other schools that might better meet our childs spe- cific needs. In Park Hill we are fortunate to have a lot of choices when it comes to sending our children to school. One of those choices that might be a good fit for your child is the Dahlia Campus Preschool and Kindergarten opening this August. The Mental Health Center of Denver Sewall Child Development Center and Denver Public Schools are partnering to build a state-of-the-art inclusive preschool that delivers high academ- ic and social gains for all students including those with mental health and developmental challenges. When selecting a school for our child we may want to consider curriculum our childs learning style their social skills and available extracurricular activities. We should also consider environment. One benefit of the Dahlia Campus Preschool and Kindergarten is its location at the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being which offers access to outdoor learning landscapes multi-generational play spaces an urban farm pediatric dentistry and family supports. Did you know that only 30 of our health is determined by genetics and access to care The other 70 is deter- mined by environment and healthy behaviors So the choices we make about food activity and environment make a more significant difference than our DNA or how easy it is to see a doctor. Knowing this the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being wont just pro- vide access to services it will also pro- vide a place for community members to connect with their neighbors learn new skills and find supports they need to increase their health and well-being. Dahlia Campus will feature a hub of services and programs e.g. cooking and nutrition classes family education classes and support groups farm and gardens greenhouse yoga classes for seniors family therapy. The goal is to offer a welcoming place to children families and adults where everyone can engage in activities that will help them feel good and live well. As parents one of our main respon- sibilities is to advocate for our child. Regardless of our income ethnicity family circumstances or disability our child is entitled to an education that will help them reach their full academ- ic social and professional potential. If youd like to learn more about the Dahlia Campus Preschool or pick up an application stop by the Pauline Robinson Library 5575 E 33rd Ave or call 303-399-1800 and ask for an Enrollment Specialist. Enrollment is open now and school begins August 24th By Maya Wheeler Success For Your Children Maya Wheeler ELDER CARE Only 30 of our health is determined by genetics and access to care The other 70 is determined by environment and healthy behaviors 6 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 Then the whole multitude of them arose and led Him to Pilate. And they began to accuse Him say- ing We found this fellow perverting the nation and forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar saying that He Himself is Christ a King. Luke 231-12 NKJV Recently the highest court in our land the Supreme Court handed down a decision that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. This was not a biblical decision. It was not a moral decision. It was not in the opinion of some dissenting judges a constitutional decision. It was in many ways the result of public opinion and practice. Interestingly the decision of the Supreme Court and the direction our country is going has some parallels to the trial and subsequent crucifixion of Christ. Public opinion of the masses the outcry by the masses superseded what Pilate knew to be right but he still caved in to public opinion. When the chief priest and Pharisees arrested and brought Jesus to Pilate according to the gospel of Luke they framed their accusation in terms of the Law rather than in spiritual terms. Pilate was not a spiritual leader and to accuse Jesus in spiritual terms would have been foreign to him as some of the other gospel writers address. He also had no jurisdiction over things of the spiritual over reli- gious matters. John 1831 records that they had an agenda to see Jesus crucified and only the Roman government had the authority to do so. Jesus had to be judged according to Roman law to be crucified. In like manner the issue of immorality as mani- fested in the LGBT community has been transformed into a legal issue. Same-sex marriage has become a human rights issue that in many ways has the support of Christians and non-believers. Although same sex-marriage is something that Christians cannot accept the fact that all people have a right to share their personal resources be beneficiaries on insurance policies be considered as a couple for health benefits with anyone they desire is palatable. Therefore same-sex marriage is a means to legiti- matize the immoral through legal means based on equality. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in his dissent- ing vote If you are among the many Americans--of whatever sexual orientation--who favor expanding same-sex marriage by all means celebrate todays decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expres- sion of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it. Associate Justice Samuel Alito stood up for mar- riage as tradition that goes back for millennia saying it was inextricably linked to procreation. He also wrote about religious liberty in his dissent saying for those who maintain a biblical view of marriage there would be persecution. Those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes but if they repeat those views in pub- lic they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments employers and schools. Those of us who are of a biblical mindset can see on the horizon the moral decline of our nation the family structure and the negative influences on our children. We can see and smell the smoke of Sodom and Gomorrah off in the distance. Envision the plaques of Egypt. The wrath of God expressed dur- ing the Wilderness wanderings and struggles in the conquest of the Promised Land. The religious rulers the keepers of the Law manipulated the Law for their benefit declaring Jesus guilty according to the law in the hope of elimi- nating the spiritual threat to the authority. What role does the law have in issues of spirituality What was Gods intention by giving us the law THE ORIGIN OF THE LAW. God has ordained government Romans 131. In the Bible the annuals of biblical history we find that moral law or natural law superseded the actual law. People did what was right in their own eyes. The Law as writ- ten though Moses came as a concise definition of sin and defined the regu- lations and penaltiesconsequence of moral corruptionbehavior. Without the Law humanity had no measure of righteousness. However with the Law came the knowledge of sin Romans 79 Romans 320. Laws are reflec- tions of societal norms. Many laws that are on the books are no longer relevant because times have changed Jim Crow. However God is the same yesterday today and forever. His word does not change it is immutable. The Bible stands as the ultimate measure of truth and righteousness. Sin has always and will always be sin. Those of us who adhere to the teaching of the bible will often find ourselves in the minority in opposition to society and in risk of being ostracized as insensitive haters phobics and manipulators. From a biblical standpoint the majority does not rule no matter how much public opinion declares something to be right or best or the thing for the masses to do. The bible clearly defines according to Matthew 713 14 . . . wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who go in by it . . . narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are few who find it. THE LAW PROVIDES BOUNDARIES. We live in a time where boundaries everywhere are being broken down. However eventually everyone comes to recog- nize the need for boundaries. Jesus placed boundaries around love. Jesus gave his life because he loved us. He said If you love me you will keep my commandments John 145. Love cannot blossom in a do whatever feels good society or relationship. It must have boundaries. Every per- son has the right to choose whom he or she will love. The question appears to be more of how they love is expressed. Intimacy of necessity must have bound- aries or it degrades to a mere sexual act prostitu- tion pornography etc. Those who advocate for samesex marriage will eventually come to the point of having to establish boundaries because there is no way to have a mean- ingful relationship without boundaries. What will be the foundation of the establishing of boundaries Monogamy is the common link for all relationships and monogamy has its roots in the bible begin- ning with the worship of God and God alone. The Law defined and defines the limits of intimacy to be between a man and a woman within the context of a monogamous marital relationship. Marriage whether it is heterosexual or same sex must have parameters in order to have authentic relationships. The foundation for the setting of those boundaries is controversial but in order to have an authentic relationship a boundary must exist. Heterosexuals and those of the LGBTQ persuasion recognize the significance of a personal and complete commitment to another person. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LAW AND TRUTH. People are born with inclinations towards a number of behaviors which are deemed by society as vices. The proper practice of life bids us to not give in or respond to contrary feel- ings lying stealing incest etc. Our psychological environmental and spiritual bent leads us down a road to the fulfilment or denial of certain behaviours. How is the church to respond seemingly in an age of moral error and degradation As it always has with the truth. The truth is not restricted to any specific ethnic- ity gender religion or society. The truth is always true not matter what light you may shine on it. What is truth It is popular for people to say that what is good or bad for you may not be good or bad for me. In the minds of those people everything is relative. Simply put truth is that which is not false. Truth is that which is void of error. Jesus never said the Word would make us free. It is the truth of the Word that makes us free. It is our taking and applying it to our daily lives that causes a release from the bondage of error. Jesus said If you continue in My Word you shall now the truth and the truth shall make you free. Where does the truth lead you To the Son. The truth will emancipate you. Truth can set your mind free from its bondage under ignorance and prejudice and evil habit. Truth gives true freedom. Evil has its stronghold in darkness the light of truth destroys it. The religious rulers stated their case against Jesus and they stated it in legal terms that the Roman government might have reason and authority to act. They founded their complaint against Jesus in legal terms to effect a spiritual outcome. Jesus was guilty according to the law. It was a sinister way of accom- plishing their spiritual purpose to have Jesus cruci- fied. Advocates of same-sex marriage in our society have learned this technique and have shaped their case and cause in the covering of the law. They have wrapped their case in the genderless legal blanket of freedom justice and equality. However we must not be deceived its root branch and tree is immoral and we need to recognize the fruit for what it is. Not everything legal leads to freedom. Not everything legal is beneficial 1 Corinthians 612. As we see with the legalization of marijuana some things can be legal but not be beneficial not righteous. So if the Bible history psychology and nature all argue for marriage being between a man and a woman why is the gay rights movement so aggres- sively pushing for same-sex marriage when most people religious and non-religious are supportive of or at least far less opposed to gay couples hav- ing all the same legal rights as married couples with some form of civil union The answer according to the Bible is that every- one inherently knows that homosexuality is immoral and unnatural. The vehemence and anger expressed by many in the gay rights movement to any who oppose them is in fact an indication that they know their position is indefensible. The only way to sup- press this inherent knowledge is by normalizing homosexuality and attacking all opposition to it. The best way to normalize homosexuality is by plac- ing gay marriagesame-sex marriage on an equal plane with traditional opposite-gender marriage. The proper expression for intimacy in biblical terms is marriage the marriage bed is undefiled between a man and a woman. Therefore marriage is seen as a way to legitimize homosexual relationships. In their minds if marriage is legal it is also moral. How is the William T. Golson Guilty According To The Law By Pastor William T. Golson SERMON It is the truth of the Word that makes us free. It is our taking and applying it to our daily lives that causes a release from the bondage of error. Jesus said If you continue in My Word you shall now the truth and the truth shall make you free. Where does the truth lead you Continued on Page 12 7AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS The Power of Gods Grace in Relationships When Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment his response was simple Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest com- mandment. And the second is like it Love your neighbor as yourself Matt. 2237-40 NIV. These two commands can be summed up with the phrase love God love people. Henry Blackaby in his book Experiencing God said when one encounters God what they do next dictates what they really believe about God. In other words if one truly loves God then they live out their love for God by obeying his command to love each other. Whenever a person choos- es not to love God and each other they have broken Gods commandments and are guilty of sin. All humans though created in Gods image have a propensity to sin. It was sin that severed the relation- ship between God and humans and as a result have now affected a wide array of social relationships. These relationships include relationships among members of the same family relationships at work at church and even relationships between people of different race within the same com- munity. A restored relationship with God is foundational to restoring all other relationships affected by sin. Any Christian willing to engage the chal- lenge to restore broken relationships must first be willing to address and seek forgiveness for the wrong associ- ated with the sin Secondly apply the power of Gods grace to forgive others as they were forgiven and third be willing to initiate the conversations necessary for the healing to take place. The Bible speaks of the power of Gods grace in Romans 520 where it says where sin increased grace increased all the more. When one studies the life of Old Testament Israel it did not matter how deep the power of sin may have sunk nor did it mat- ter the number of times Israel was reminded of her blatant repeated sin the prophets were still called to pro- claim Gods willingness to forgive Israel for her sins. That is grace increasing all the more where sin increased. Gods grace overflows beyond the magnitude of any sin and abundantly exceeds it. His grace is sufficient and powerful enough to forgive us of any misdeed regardless of the magnitude of the offence against him. As a result the only hope this culture has for deliver- ance from the grips of sin and begin the process of restoring broken rela- tionships lies in the power of Gods grace. It was the power of Gods grace that moved him to initiate the redemptive process to afford humans the oppor- tunity of a restored relationship with him. Repenting of sin and accepting the grace of God in the finished work of Christ on Calvary is what restores the broken relationship between God and humans. That same grace is pow- erful enough to restore any social rela- tionships that remains broken as the result of sin. An example of the power of Gods grace in relationships can be found in the book of John. In this pericope we see Jesus was leaving Judea on his way to Galilee. John is recorded in John 44 as saying about Jesus And he had to pass through Samaria. Anyone familiar with biblical history is aware of the racial tension that existed between the Jews and Samaritans. This hostility dates back to the time when the Assyrians took Samaria cap- tive and caused a large number of the inhabitants of Samaria to be deported and replaced by people from all over the Assyrian empire 2 Kings 1723 24. As time evolved race relations between the two groups worsened. By New Testament times a settled atti- tude of hostility had resulted so much so that John wrote the Jews had no dealings with Samaritans John 49. Strict Jews sought to bypass Samaria by opting for a longer less direct route which would have involved crossing the Jordan and traveling along the east side. It is against this backdrop of deep animosity and racial tension that John writes of the power of Gods grace in restoring relationships. Once again John wrote Jesus had to go through Samaria. Jesus necessity to pass through a neighborhood with such history of animosity and broken race relations demonstrates that the power of Gods grace is not restricted to the broken relationship between God and humans but it extends to broken rela- tionships between people of different race within the same community. What is striking about Jesus encounter with this Samaritan woman is not only does he violate cultural norms to encounter this woman on her own territory but Jesus initiates a conversation with her which is even more remarkable. He asks the woman Will you give me a drink John 47 Imagine the shock the woman expe- rienced when Jesus a Jewish Rabi engaged her a Samaritan woman in conversation v. 49. To her amaze- ment Jesus goes the next step by applying the power of Gods grace to her life by restoring her to a right rela- tionship with God then continues the process of restoring the relationship between Jews and Samaritans John 428-30. All humans are created in the image of God but are prone to sin. Like the prophets of old Christians as recipi- ents of Gods grace have a higher responsibility to incarnate Christ in their relationships with other image bearers. Christians are challenged to demonstrate the power of Gods grace in relationships among family mem- bers relationships at work at church and even relationships between people of different race within the same com- munity. Relationships broken as the result of sin must have the power of Gods grace applied for them to be restored. Gods grace is more than powerful enough to restore any broken relationship that resulted from sin. As previously stated where sin increased grace must increase all the more. Because of sin in our relationships public perceptions of race relations in America have grown substantially in recent years. The perception has increased in the aftermath of the shoot- ing of Trayvon Martin in Stanford Florida the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson the arrest and subse- quent death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in Baltimore and most recently the mass shooting that took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston South Carolina. These events are not restricted to these cities but is symp- tomatic of deeper issues surrounding race relations that remains unresolved in the United States. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in this nation If there is going to be any hope of changing that statement in this nation maybe like Jesus it is time for Christians to see the need to go through the Samaria of their life and initiate a process of healing by apply- ing the grace of God to their broken relationships. Applying the power of Gods grace to any broken relationship causes indi- viduals to 1 acknowledging the issue and repent of the sin 2 take the initiative to forgive others of their sin 3 and whenever possible avoid the long route by going through Samaria and begin the difficult conversations to heal those broken relationships that still exists. It is when the Christian begins to live out the great command to love God and love people that the power of Gods grace will take affect in a wide array of relationships includ- ing those between people of a different race. By Pastor Felix Gilbert SERMON Felix Gilbert All humans are created in the image of God but are prone to sin. Like the prophets of old Christians as recipients of Gods grace have a higher responsibility to incarnate Christ in their relationships with other image bearers. 8 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 Lately there has been so much spiritual warfare from racial tension senseless killings passing of Legislations that goes against our beliefs and the Word of God. Corruption nationally and internationally with our Government and Leadership and much much more. The apostle Paul used the analogy of a soldier suffering hardship to describe the trails a Believer may experience in service to Christ. Paul now at the end of his life had faithfully endured suffering for the sake of the gospel. He encourages Timothy to do the same You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ2 Timothy 21-10. Serving Christ requires perseverance. We will encounter obstacles of poor health troubled relationships or difficult circumstances. But as good soldiers we must press on with Gods strength. What can you do Starting with your prayer life do you pray only when you need Jesus Or when you want something from Him Or do you take your prayer life more serious Do you pray in good times like you do in bad times Do you have a hard time penciling in time with God reading and studying his Word or simply praying Only you can answer these questions. God uses ordinary people like you and I to accom- plish His purposes. Our ability comes through grace. Every Believer is sitting in heavenly places in Christ. Your position in Christ is high above all principality and power. You must see who you are in Christ. You can do all things through Christ. It is important to know your authority and engage the enemy in faith. There is no need to fear. Demons that are very real are subject to the authority of the Believer. Jesus gives us power to tread on serpents and scorpions Luke 1019. He promised that noth- ing will by any means harm us. Joshua was told to engage the enemy Deut. 224. You will see great victories through engagement. To engage means to bring troops into conflict. There are some Believers who fear engagement. They are afraid of backlash. Jesus sent His disciples out to engage the enemy. They were told to heal the sick and cast out devils. Here are at least five steps to being successful with qualifications in spiritual warfare 1 Endurance 2 Tim. 23 - the ability to endure and with- stand hardship adversity or stress. We are to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. 2 Hatred Ps. 13922 - extreme dislike or antipathy loathing in spiritual warfare we must have a hatred of evil and evil spirits. 3 Knowledge 2 Cor. 211 we are not to be ignorant of Satans devices. 4 Persistence Ps 1837 the ability to go on resolutely or stub- bornly in spite of oppression. We must be persistent in dealing with the enemy. 5 Separation 2 Tim. 214 to get or keep apart. No man who wars entangles himself with the affairs of this life. Two very important factors every Believer needs are the understanding of power and an understand- ing of authority. Authority is the legal right to use power. We have been given authority to use the power supplied by the Holy Spirit. Prayer is our number one source and power to plug into with authority. We use them by our faith. This is not based on feeling but on faith. It is based on the Word of God. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It is important for believers to attend churches that teach on power and authority. It is important to read and study on these subjects. We receive power through the Holy Spirit Acts 18. God is able to do exceeding abundantly accord- ing to the power that operates in us. Jesus cast out demons through the power of the Holy Spirit Matthew 1228. We combine the power of the Holy Spirit with the authority of the name of Jesus to rout the enemy. We do not engage the enemy in our own power and authority. We engage the enemy through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the authority of the name of Jesus. Demons recognize power and authority. They recognize Believers who operate in power and authority. The more you exercise power and author- ity the more you will develop in these areas. It is also important to make sure your sins are forgiven when engaging the enemy. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness 1John 19. DO NOT engage the enemy with unconfessed sin in your life. There is power in the blood of Jesus. His blood cleanses us from all sin. Give no place to the devil. You must operate in righteousness. We are made righteous through faith. We are righteousness of God in Christ 2 Cor. 521. Many Believers suffer from feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem because they do not understand righteousness. Righteousness gives us confidence. Righteousness give us boldness. Righteousness is the scepter of the kingdom Hebrew 18. The righteous are as bold as a lion Proverbs 281 God covers our heads in the day of battle Palms 1407. The covering is protection. Covering is based on subjection to God His Word and the Holy Spirit. P.M. Wynn Grove Preparing to Engage the Enemy By Dr. P.M. Wynn Grove Milieux Sports Wear Being the son of a pastor Lee Hall Jr. isnt following in the footsteps of his father in being behind the pul- pit. But he does have his own ministry to speak of an athletic clothing line geared to better help athletes perform. Milieux Sports is reaching new heights in helping transition athletes in being more comfortable in suitable apparel while training. It is clothes geared toward athletes said Lee Hall Jr. 25 who started the clothing line back in 2012. They are hoodies made for Colorado weather waterproof for when it rains and dou- ble insulated for when it snows. The flex mold hoodies T-shirts and gym shorts can be ordered online at But another special feature is the technology that allows you snap on the Milieux Ear Max headphones inside the hoodie. The headphones are uniquely designed with the Milieux logo and manufactured in China. They come in different colors black and gold black and silver or three colors together of black orange and gray. So how did this brilliant idea about sports apparel come to Hall. It came to me while I was playing basketball at the University of Northern Colorado. I was training and getting ready for the season and the apparel they had just wasnt cutting it for me. It didnt protect me from the elements of the weather. So I started making my own he explained. The focus of the sports apparel is to provide a pleasant athletic training and performance experience for an athlete. Therefore Milieux is actually derived from the French word meaning atmo- sphere. When you check out online Halls line of hoodies and ear headphones youll see the type of sporting attire that sets the stage for athletes during training or prior to competing. Milieux along with other companies sponsors a Best of Summer basketball tournament for middle to high school students coming up in August. These young athletes also enjoy competing in the comforts of Milieux attire. Hall is concentrating on his products succeeding in e-commerce but even- tually from being sold only online to inside stores. God gives each one us a gift or talent to serve or benefit others whether it is wisdom to heal prophesize speak in tongues or something else that is empowered by the spirit according to 1 Corinthians 127-11. Lee Hall Jr. has realized his gift of having a start-up clothing line that is on the rise. Lee Hall Jr. By BOCNews LOCAL It came to me while I was playing basketball at the University of Northern Colorado. I was training and getting ready for the season and the apparel they had just wasnt cutting it for me. SERMON Authority is the legal right to use power. We have been given authority to use the power supplied by the Holy Spirit. Continued on Page 12 9AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 10 Years of Faith Pastors John and Mary Tellis wholeheartedly invite you to be their guest of honor on August 16th 1100 a.m. and 330 p.m. as they celebrate 10 years of faithful stewardship as spiritual Ambassadors at Solomon Temple Missionary Baptist Church 3880 Elm St. Denver 80207. Bishop Acen Phillips pastor The Balm of Gilead Baptist Church will preach down the power from heaven 1100 a.m. and at 330 p.m. Pastor Jules E. Smith Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church will take us to another level in the anointing. Theme A Journey of Faith and Excellence Joshua 19. Come and be blessed Pastor Lee Hall Sr. God calls all his shepherds differ- ently when it comes time to spread his word. Most ministers accept that calling with a yearning and under- standing of what God wants them to do. Pastor Lee Hall Sr. was no excep- tion after he received his calling to preach when a young child. The Body of Christ News spoke with him about his journey and ministry. BOCN Where are you originally from Hall I am from a small town in San Felipe Texas about 45 to 50 minutes outside Houston. BOCN Do you come from a family of pastors Hall My dad was a pastor for awhile. BOCN How did you end up becoming a pastor Hall When I was a child the Lord called me in the middle of the night. The first time he called me was in the sixth grade then the same calling when I was in the eighth grade and again in the 12th grade. Another time was when I was in Huntsville Texas. I was going to college at San Antonio State University and gave my heart to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and went into ministry. BOCN After you got save what kind of ministry did you do Hall On my first day on campus I met up with some people who invited me to a Bible Study. I later worked as a campus minister on the campus of University of Texas in Arlington up until I graduated. I had Bible studies and that is where God was preparing me. Halls journey continued as he grew in the Lords word. He worked as a youth minister at a church Eastland Baptist Church in Fort Worth. I really didnt want to be a preacher but he kept calling me and I said yes. I later got ordained. Halls strong commitment to the Lord and preaching style eventually led him to work with the Promise Keepers whose national office was based in Colorado. That was nearly 19 years ago Hall said when the Promise Keepers laid him off from his position with their organization. Hall I began to work full-time at a local church for about five years then pastored at another church for nine years. I am the founder of Grace Christian Center that we started about three years and eight months ago. BOCN When you say we started who helped you start the church You were married Hall Yes I was married for 25 years and have two children. My wife past away a year ago from cancer. We prayed before she passed and she told me not to remain single. I happened to meet my current wife 15 years prior. She reminded me of my first wife Barbara and I gave her a call to see where she was. We then met up and had a great conversation. Now we are married. I have loved and lost my love then found love again. So I know that was God and I am blessed. BOCN What is your vision for your church Hall One is to celebrate Jesus. Celebrate cultivate and care for Gods people. And continue to cultivate an atmosphere of spiritual growth. Hall credits his upbringing to two people. His mother who was a strong praying woman and raised him and his four brothers and a sister herself. While growing in Gods word as a young man Pastor Hall was also greatly influenced by his mentor Mr. Sedrick Echols. Hall He was my role model. I watched him love his wife and take of his children. He was the only man I knew in that small town I grew up in that took care of his family that way. And that is why I wanted to be a role model to young men. Grace Christian Center is located at 12243 Andrews Dr. Denver Co. Services are 9 a.m. on Sundays 630 p.m. on Wednesdays. Phone 303-576-8580 Email gcc49yahoo. com Website Mother Calverta Randell 90Years Of A Blessed Life Woman of faith. Three-time can- cer survivor. Dedicated servant. Fountain of wisdom. These phrases can all be used to describe Mother Calverta Randell of Denver CO. Mother Randell was born August 9 1925 in Frankston TX. She was the second child of eight siblings. During the early years of Mother Randells life she worked in the health care indus- try and retired in 1994 from Swedish Medical Center. She enjoys spending time with her family which includes two daughters four grandsons and 11 great-grandchildren. Mother Randell adorns her home with pictures of her family and enjoys sharing her family history. Both her biological family and her church family enjoy her wisdom and storytelling. She especially loves to talk about the joy of God in her life. In 1988 God directed Mother Randell to unite with Solomon Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Denver where she has served faithfully for the past 27 years. She is proud to be the oldest member at Solomon Temple and has been inducted into the churchs prestigious Church Mothers Hall of Fame. One of her most cherished memo- ries as a servant of God is being an usher and working with the youth. She demonstrated her servanthood call by leading and modeling to the youth that serving as an usher was an assign- ment to be revered. She would call the youth ushers every Saturday night and remind them to iron their uniforms for Sunday and she kept an extra necktie in her car in case a male youth usher forgot to be in uniform. She often states If I can help any- body along the way I know my living is not in vain. She also proclaims that without God and people she wouldnt have received all the blessings she enjoys. Mother Randell has anchored her faith in God and watched Him miraculously heal her body of cancer three times. She is an example of Gods grace and an epitome of the Word of God as recorded in 2 Timothy 221 If a man therefore purge himself from these he shall be a vessel unto honor sanctified and meet for the masters use and prepared unto every good work. Pastor John L. Tellis Jr. and the Solomon Temple Missionary Baptist Church are honored to celebrate God with Mother Calverta Randell and her family for giving 90 years of a good and prosperous life. Happy birthday Mother Randell God loves you and so do we. Article written by Evangelist Mary R. Tellis Associate Pastor Solomon Temple Missionary Baptist Church Lee Hall Sr. Wife Angela Hall By BOCNews I was married for 25 years and have two children. My wife past away a year ago from cancer. We prayed before she passed and she told me not to remain single. PASTOR PROFILE Calverta Randell COMMUNITY If I can help anybody along the way I know my living is not in vain. 10 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 Supporting each other for a stronger tomorrow. Take control NOW and Pre-Plan Today. Preplanning allows YOU to determine how your final arrangements will be carried out without putting the burden on your family. 303 872-7422 6601 East Colfax Avenue Denver Colorado 80220 Stylish Processions Reception FacilityOn-Site Chapel PipkinBraswell 11AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 12 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 HELP WANTED HAIR STYLIST BRAIDERS BARBERS NAIL TECHNICIAN. 1280 S. Abilene st. 80012 Across from Burlingtons Coat Factory. CALL STAN 303.353.9405 iMatter Empowering Self-worth Value worth and purpose three words that describe Gods women. Yet there are so many women who dont realize their value and intrinsic worth. Many women have de-valued their worth based on mistakes differ- ences opinions of others socio-eco- nomic status and a plethora of other reasons. In 2011 GOD gave me a vision to empower women. I put my vision into action by initiating the first iMat- ter Womens Brunch. The iMatter Conferences then and now foster hope and initiates positive dialogue about the worth in all women. It is built on Gods word that says every person has value worth and purpose. I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made Marvellous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well Psalms 13914. I want women from all walks of life ethnicities and cultures to become engaged in this iMatter Womens Empowerment Conference. I want women to understand why iMatter. The iMatter Conference will celebrate the uniqueness and worth in every woman. It will foster positive images that empower women to understand their intrinsic worth and purpose in God. I love me some me Im funny Im delightful and pleasant to be around I have an intoxicating laugh To know me is to love me My smile is unforgettable My eyes display the beauty of my soul My savvy savoir-faire is impeccable I love me iMatter In the bible Romans 123 says to not think of yourself more highly than you ought. It does not say that I shouldnt speak highly of myself. Philippians 23 says to esteem others better than yourself. So if I think this highly of myself imagine what I think of you. If you want to be revived if you want to recover your self-worth if you want your mantra to be I am some- body then dont miss this conference August 22-23 2015. It is sure to be an empowering experience. EVENT By Caroline Emerson-Hysaw God gave me a vision to empower women. I put my vision into action by initiating the first iMatter Womens Brunch church to respond to the Supreme Courts decree We must do what we have always done-speak the truth. Same-sex marriage has come to the forefront in these recent days. As Christians we are not to condone or ignore sin. However we must hate the sin by love the sinner. We are to share the love of God and the forgiveness of sins that is available to all people regardless of their sin through Jesus Christ. We are to speak the truth in love and contend for truth with gentleness and respect. As Christians when we make a stand for truth and the result is personal attacks insults and perse- cution we should remember the words of Jesus If the world hates you keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world it would love you as its own. As it is you do not belong to the world but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you John 1518-19. Humility and submission are impor- tant characteristics of Believers who engage in spiritual warfare. These prayers are not for people who are rebellious. It is important to be sub- mitted to proper biblical authority. This includes being submitted to godly leaders who watch for your soul We are in the final days..Jesus is com- ing back.will you be ready..are you ready for the next level of spiritual warfare Calling on all Believers lets be ready to fully prepare to engage with the enemy on a higher level. GUILTY ... from page 6 ENEMY ... from page 8 13AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 14 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 15AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 16 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 Profanity A Matter of the Heart SERMON Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord my strength and my redeemer. Psalms 1914 There is something that I am hearing in too many of the Israelite camps that brings shame to the Name of the Most High and causes our cru- cial message to our people and to the world not to be taken seriously and with reverence. This blot on our time of awakening is the widespread use of profanity slang and other vulgarities used by our teacherselders who teach on our street corners andor on Youtube. Before I continue I want to fully acknowledge that our Brothers have a very difficult job in bring- ing this Truth to our people at a time of great ignorance regarding The Most High and His laws and also in an environment that is usually hostile at best. In addition to Brothers having to teach a Truth that has not only been deceitfully hid- den from Israelites scattered throughout the four corners of the earth they also have the daunting job to help our young Brothers sometimes older ones too be real men Brothers who teach and are mentoring young Israelite men do not need to feel any less powerful or punked by cleaning up their language when conversing andor teaching the Word of The Most High. A true Israelite should want to give The Most High and Yasha our Savior our best in everything that we say and do this surely includes not using slang or profanity to any degree in connection with His Word. We must be actively engaged in uplift- ing and admonishing our people not tearing them down with our words. Our speech as well as our actions character dress and lifestyle should be one of righteousness and not the usual ungodly and worldly behaviors that the majority of our people are entrenched in. Let us look into the Scriptures together to see what our Father requires of our speech and how using profanity while teachingpreaching does not strengthen the Body but rather weakens it. We have an obvious example of what the speech of an Israelite professing to love and obey The Most High should be and sound like. It is found in Romans 1214 that simply states that we are to bless thank praise think well of uplift others and not curse doom call down evil upon speak abusively to them. Profanity is a type of abuse and definitely calls out doom when spoken. Bless them which persecute you bless and curse not. We have no record of Moses Samuel or King David or any of the prophets of old nor our Great Savior using profane words or speaking irrever- ently towards The Most High. We do have how- ever recorded in the Scriptures King David and his son Solomon telling the Israelites that our mouths should speak wisdom and judgment that can help the poor and helpless My mouth shall speak of wisdom and the medi- tation of my heart shall be of understanding. Psalm 493 Open thy mouth judge righteously and plead the cause of the poor and needy. Proverbs 319 We also have a powerful record in the Scriptures when The Most High called and sent out the prophet Isaiah. The first thing that was done to prepare him to carry the set-apart message of The Most High was that his lips were cleansed with a hot coal from the angel above the throne of The Most High in the heavenly temple. In fear and rev- erence Isaiah acknowledged that his speech was tainted and that the speech of the Israelites was just as dirty. The point here is evident in order to take the Most Highs Word to his people a brother or sister cannot have filthy or impure language 5Then said I Woe is me for I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips for mine eyes have seen the King the Lord of hosts. 6Then flew one of the seraphims unto me having a live coal in his hand which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar 7And he laid it upon my mouth and said Lo this hath touched thy lips and thine iniquity is taken away and thy sin purged. Therefore we can deduce from the above Scriptures that it was a very serious matter for the prophets of old to speak the Words of The Most High and that His Words were to be spoken with reverence and accuracy. Brothers who teach must have this mindset. While some of you may not be prophets you are nonetheless held to a higher standard to speak and teach with reverence and correctness all words of The Most High. Many years later Yasha would echo this same sentiment concerning unclean lips when He explained to the disciples and the multitude in Matthew 1510-12 16-20 that nothing we can eat or drink will defile us. It is our words that defile us and these words come forth from our hearts 10And he called the multitude and said unto them Hear and understand 11Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man but that which cometh out of the mouth this defileth a man. 12Then came his disciples and said unto him Knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended after they heard this saying 16And Jesus said Are ye also yet without understand- ing 17Do not ye yet understand that whatso- ever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly and is cast out into the draught 18But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart and they defile the man. 19For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts murders adulteries fornications thefts false witness blas- phemies 20These are the things which defile a man but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man. I am a Sister who is already in this awesome and set-apart Truth and cannot and will never be turned away from it. Yet a Brothers irrev- erent speech while teaching can turn weak and rebellious Israelites away and even cause some to have a bad report about The Most High and the Scriptures. No matter which Israelite camp you are in Brothers and Sisters profanity ought not to be found among us Not only is it a blemish on the Truth that The Most High has commanded us to preach but it is a very poor and immoral example to women and young boys and girls who should not be exposed to such language amongst the cho- sen people of The Most High. We come together for praise for teaching for correction for rejoicing and for fellowship not to be defiled. The Scriptures teach us that there is no room for profanity andor filthy talk anywhere in our lives much less when we are teaching No filthiness should be named among us and profanity and vulgar slang is filthiness. Brother Shaul Paul told the Corinthians in Chapter 7 verse 1 to leave all filthiness behind and be set apart in reverence to The Most High Having therefore these promises dearly beloved let us cleanse ourselves from all Filthiness of the flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God. He told them again in Ephesians 54 not to have filthy language but rather to give thanks to The Most High Neither filthiness nor foolish talking nor jest- ing which are not convenient but rather giving thanks. Again in James 121 we are commanded to leave all filthiness this includes profanity and things that we do not need and instead receive the Word of The Most High which saves our souls Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superflu- ity of naughtiness and receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save your souls. Clearly the Scriptures warn us to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness which includes our speech Disciplined and dedicated Israelite broth- ers and sisters should not have to be subjected to profanity and other vulgarities while trying to learn the Scriptures. Filthy speech and the Scriptures do not go together ever So just what should our communication be For one thing it should be clear and direct as Yasha told us in Matthew 537 when He said But let your communication be Yea yea Nay nay for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. Therefore we should make our communication and our teachings clear and to the point. James 512 says even further that saying more than we need to causes condemnation. But above all things my brethren swear not neither by heaven neither by earth neither by any other oath but let your yea be yea and your nay nay lest ye fall into condemnation. Brothers and sisters it is my sincere hope that you will prayerfully consider your speech for the edifying of The Most Highs Kingdom and to be a glorious witness to our Israelite people who so des- perately need to SEE the Word and works of The Most High in us at this critical hour. Shalowam. By A. Shamah We have no record of Moses Samuel or King David or any of the prophets of old nor our Great Savior using profane words or speaking irreverently towards The Most High. We do have however recorded in the Scriptures King David and his son Solomon telling the Israelites that our mouths should speak wisdom and judgment that can help the poor and helpless. 17AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS LOCAL EVENT Praise Party Aug 8th Sat. 2pm - 6pm Join us for a Praise Party Celebrating the Release of Roxannes Latest Book Break the Fall Down - Get Up Myth. 26pm. Mountain View Room 3rd floor innoVage Pinewood Lodge 200 S. Ironton Aurora 80012. Open House drop in to say hi or stay for the whole afternoon Special Praise Guests - Refreshments Door Prizes For more info call or txt 720-353-2555 WalkRunLearn Aug 8th 9am 12pm. Hosted Sponsored by Hiawatha Davis Rec Center 3334 Holly Street Denver.As a part of Mayor Michael B. Hancocks Denver Days initiative the Division of Workforce Development invites you to attend the Augustfest Job Fair. This is an opportunity for you to connect with Metro Denver employers looking to fill a variety of open positions. 9am Job Fair - Veterans Only General Public arrive at 930am Health Expo Aug 29th Black Health Expo Saturday at Manual High School 1-5pm.Denver CO Luncheon Oct. 10th CBWPA to host 36th Annual Tribute Black Women Luncheon Awards Ceremony at Denver Renaissance Hotel 3801 Quebec St. Our keynote speaker is Award Winning Writer Performer Educator and Activist. She holds five National Poetry slam titles in four years. tickets online Anything Good Her Excellency Dr. Cenece Dixon is willing to hear and touch the hearts of Gods people like no one else. Compassionate with caring hands Apostle Dixon ministers the uncompromised Word of God with love understanding and authority through divine impartation fresh revelation and fervent intercession. Prophetess Cenece has proven to go the distance if it kills me. If I Perish Let Me Perish. She assures hurting men women and children of Gods love for them and impresses upon them how much He cares for them. Her love in seeing people walk in their purpose and destiny is the heartbeat of her ministry. Born to James Elliot and Etta Lois Dixon of Opelousas Louisiana into a dual family of educators Cenece Dixon has faced trials and tribulations which shaped her into being the compas- sionate loving caring minister she is today. When it was time to attend college at Grambling State University at an age when the only decisions she should have had to make were which direc- tion to go in her education or which Sorority to pledge Cenece had even tougher decisions to make. The pass- ing of her mother caused her to make a decision to be a mother figure to her younger sisters Denise and Jamie. After completing College and Making Denver Colorado her home with the passing of her father she stepped up and became the guardian to her younger sister. Apostle Cenece Dixon mantra is not to leave any soldiers family or other- wise behind. Always industrious Cenece learned well from her near ancestors a list of which reads like an edition Whos Who in education Mother and Father Educators Para-Educators 30 years Grandparents on Mothers Side Educator and School Bus Driver 30 years Grandfather on Fathers Side The 1st Black School Bus Driver and School Nutritionist 30 years. Also honored with a street named after him Elly Dixon in the town of Sunset Louisiana Great Grandmother on Mothers Side Founder of St. Paul Baptist Church in Opelousas where she served as a Deaconness. Also honored with a street named after her Albertha Street in the city. Demetress Cenece Dixon Apostle Prophet Pioneer Teacher Motivational Speaker Entrepreneur Publisher and Author. Cenece began her ministry journey in 1992. Cenece is the President and Founder of Cenece Dixon Ministries Enterprise Life and Death Prayer Ministry Gathering of Eagles Fellowship The Throne Room Church The International Missions Network for Radio and Television Indeed Something good HAS come out of Opelousas Apostle Cenece Dixon is truly a Godly Woman Showing Off Her Inner Beauty. Her vision remains consistent with the foundation of praying equip- ping training encouraging restoring and sending the Lords servants out to serve. On March 7 2015 Apostle Cenece received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity and was appointed as an Ambassador of the United Nations from CICA University. On May 22 2015 Mayor Reginald Tatum presented Ambassador Cenece the Key to the City of Opelousas and a Proclamation announcing it to be Cenece Dixon Week. On May 23 2015 The City of Opelousas is featuring Ambassador Cenece into the City Museum with great men and women that were pio- neers. Truly something good has come out of Opelousas By Beatrice Bruno Dr. Cenece Dixon Cenece learned well from her near ancestors a list of which reads like an edition Whos Who in education. COMMUNITY 18 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 19AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS We want your news Body of Christ News wants to hear about your calendar events announcements or conferences. Send your news to or fax us at 303.344.4608. MCCOWANS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Gussie Lee McCowan celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21 with a reception with their family and friends. Mr. Gussie McCowan married the former Sarah Mae Williams on February 13 1944. Mr. McCowan has worked for the City of Athens and Brownsboro Independent School District. Mrs. McCowan is a loving devoted housewife and mother. Their children are Glory Thompson Deloris Robinson and Victor McCowan all of Tyler Paul McCowan and Jimmy McCowan both of Colorado Ronnie McCowan of Missouri and the late Theaudry and Isiah McCowan both of Dallas. They have 24 grandchildren 30 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. 20 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 The Supreme Court decision in Obergefell et al. v. Hodges established on June 26 2015 the deci- sion to settle the conflict which claims that same-sex partners are denied their Fourteenth Amendment right to marry or to have their marriages law- fully performed in another State given full recog- nition. The argument holds that the Fourteenth Amendments Due Process and Equal Protection under the law clause extends to certain personal choices central to individual dignity and autonomy including intimate choices defining personal identity and beliefs. In other words an individuals right to choose who they marry is a freedom protected by the constitution. One of the many problems with Western Legal Culture is that it tends to lift the rights and free- doms of the individual over and above the good of the collective. History has always taught us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In almost every other aspect of our society we discour- age promoting the value of the individual over the value of the team the unit or the system. We always assess how well an individuals talent and person- ality will fit with the good of the whole. Yet in this case it seems weve done the reverse where weve abandoned the good of the system for the sake of the individual. Marriage is a universal institution between man and woman that has existed for thousands of years to promote the stability of procreation child rear- ing and family as the fundamental unit of nation building. Lets be clear I am less concerned about tax privileges estate rights hospital access and other marital benefits which I believe can be achieved without redefining the revered institutions of marriage and family. What is of deep concern here is the transformation of longstanding insti- tutions at the hands of five lawyers who are by human nature limited in their ability to know things. Marriage as the fundamental unit of community exists in nearly every corner of the globe from Bushmen in the Kalahari to Aboriginal tribes in Australia. Marriage and then family forms the foundation for struc- turing the socializing systems for raising children and teaching behavioral norms. Five lawyers do not have the authority to change that. Heterosexuals are unraveling the family unit thoroughly enough without adding a new breed of fatherless and motherless children to the mix of cha- otic family dysfunction. At what point do we resist the emotional impulse of meaningless self-pleasure. Thirty seven million members of the Ashley Madison website aimed at providing hook-ups for married people. Instead of strengthening the institutions of marriage and family were using our money and technology to unravel hallowed socializing agencies. Not all desires that are legally permissible should be socially practiced. But here we are catering to the emotional desires of spoiled Westerners who want what they want no matter what it costs. And there is a cost. Consider this there is a man in Montana who has one wife and another woman who lives with them. The second woman and he had a wedding ceremony but theyve never filed for a marriage license because bigamy is against State law. He says that he now intends to file for a marriage licenses in light of the latest Supreme Court decision. He claims the State cannot deny his right to marry two women if the Equal Protection clause allows for the marriage of same- sex couples. Why wouldnt it apply to polygamists In Michigan age 36 there is a father who wants to marry his 18 year old BIOLOGICAL daughter. This couple is currently making plans to move to New Jersey where incest in legal. Whats to prevent these two consenting adults from marrying if they love each other and marriage is not limited to a traditional union Why wouldnt the Fourteenth Amendment apply to incest couples who are free to make personal choices that they believe in The argument for being homosexual is not com- pelling enough to change the composition of these historical institutions. From a Christian perspective A Universal Institution CURRENT AFFAIRS By Randy Craven LPC CAC III Randy Craven Continued on Page 21 YOUR CHURCH INFO COULD BE HERE Call 303.344.4607 TODAY 21AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS What Makes A Woman Beautiful First Lady Bettie Joyce Robinson June 23. 1943 - June 12 2015 Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies. The heart of husband doth safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. Proverbs 3110-12 First Lady Bettie Joyce Robinson was born on June 23 1943 in Waco Texas to her parents Nathaniel Geathers and Lillian DeGreate Geathers. She was the oldest of four children born in the family. The family relocated to Denver Colorado in 1953. She completed her formal education by attending West High School. She furthered her edu- cation by attending Prairie View AM University in Prairie View Texas. On May 41968 Bettie united in holy matrimony to the love of life Arthur E Robinson. They exchanged vows at Holy Trinity COGIC in Denver Colorado. Pastor Arthur E. Robinson remembers his wife as a strong prayer warrior a devout Christian woman and loving wife and Mother. To this union two sons Reginald and Arthur Gene and three daugh- ters Tereia Danielle and Schaquada were born. They remember a Mother who was loving Kindhearted com- passionate funny caring classy and a TRUE WOMAN OF GOD. She taught her children to Fear GOD and Keep His Commandments She lived her life as a shining example of how a Christian should live. She was later blessed with twelve grandchildren. A Woman of faith Bettie accepted the Lord as her personal savior at a very early age. When her hus- band answered his call to Ministry she faithfully supported and served. Bettie loved the Lord and humbly served in numerous capacities these include as an contributing writer in her monthly column called From the Heart from 1992-1993 in the Body of Christ news as the Purity President YWCC President of the Womans Department President of the Ministers and Elders Wives Circle. Sister Robinson was also a Choir Director Sunday School Teacher and active in Bible Band YPWW and the Outreach Ministry. Whenever called upon or where there was a need she did it willingly and assured that God would receive the Glory. She has served the min- istries of Holy Trinity COGIC and at time of her passing Antioch COGIC. She is preceded in death by her par- ents Nathaniel and Lillian Geathers and a sister Barbara Veney. Bettie Robinson Bettie Robinson 061943 062015 OBITUARY people are born into sin Psalms 515 meaning that because of some bad choices made by our ancestors our birth nature comes with some adverse conditions. As such scientists have identified genes and other birth condi- tions that are responsible producing Down syndrome Sickle Cell SIDS and even some will argue alcoholism and addictive personality. The condi- tion of homosexuality can be a birth nature issue but statistically only about 10 of it is birth nature and 90 of homosexual activity is con- ditioning or learned behavior. Either way the truth is that homosexuality is an adverse condition. The question here is should we normalize or overcome adversity In my view no since homosexuality pro- vides no universal purpose for the continued evolution of mankind. It is actually anti-procreation. Well what about love I considered the idea of love but love is a state of energy not an outcome. Love produces desired outcomes but its not an outcome in and of itself. Love produces strong commitments to marriage and healthy family systems. By admission most people in the LGBT community do not want their children to be homosexual and this fact extends beyond just the social stigma. Its the institutions that become timeless and immortal because of their value to the people. Like colleges hospitals the military etc. Some people who identify them- selves as homosexual do not practice nor do they participate in the lifestyle. As such some people who identify themselves as polygamists do not par- ticipate in the lifestyle. Not every emo- tional or biological tendency is worth acting on no matter how hard we work to justify why we should cave in to its influence. Lastly equating the Black struggle with what I call Gay popularism is an entirely false equivalency. Being gay is a choice. Gay people can choose not to act on their sexual orientation as some do. Black people do not have that option. Gay people can choose to keep their participation in the life- style hidden from public view or in the closet as some do. Black people do not have that option. Gay people can choose to add and remove certain body parts to remake their identity. Black people cant do that. Dont fall into that trap. A Black person who is gay is is just Black AND gay. There is no escaping racism because youre gay you just get additional layers of hardship in your life path. Dont confuse choice with desti- ny because we dont get to choose our destiny. Adversity is our destiny. All people are born with adversity no matter your color creed sexual orientation height weight alcoholic tendency dysfunctional family etc. The trials we experience are provided without our desire to choose them but it is our choice to quit or conquer. To this end challenge and controversy is going to happen whether we want it or not because only God knows what we need to grow and develop to our high- est potential. UNIVERSAL ... continued from page 20 It was a historical grass roots movement when more than 800000 Black men ascended on our nations capital back in 1995. The Million Man March proved its point of unity self-worth and revitalizing the black communities. Now 20 years later the Nation of Islam and Christian ministers are calling everyone to return to Washington D.C. - Blacks Hispanics Native Americans and Whites- to join in solidarity in pro- test against the injustices going on against minorities in this country. This in light of young black men being shot by police black teens being harassed and the tragic shooting at a black church. Benjamin Chavis Muhammad who played a key role in organiz- ing the 1995 Million Man March will join the Rev. Jamal Bryant pastor from Baltimore MD who has been vocal and instrumental in leading efforts against police shoot- ings nationwide will join Minister Louis Farrakhan for this upcom- ing event on Saturday Oct. 10 in Washington D.C. Muslim leaders in Denver met with several local pastors to discuss coming together and being part of the 10-10-15 event. They spoke to the Body of Christ News about the importance of showing a united front. The 10-10-15 event is the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March said Minister Gerald Muhammad with the Nation of Islam in Denver. But the theme will be Justice or Else. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is going to demand from the government justice for the black brown red yellow and poor white people. So he asked us to organize with pastors in our different cities. Muhammad said Christian pas- tors have always been the ears of the people in the communities. Its about getting togeth- er and marching to Washington D.C. to show that force of unity Muhammad said. Minister Farrakhan asked us to also contact the Native Americans womens groups. We already have an avenue with womens groups who are against the mandated Bill SB-277 vaccination they are trying to do in the schools nationally. So they promised to join us on 10-10- 15. The whole concept for the march is a gathering of people. Its not just about Black people Muhammad explained. We did that back in 1995 where Black men came to atone for their wrongs on how they treated our women our children and one another he said. Now they police are openly killing us in the streets beating our women in their faces as we watch on television. Here in Denver they shot the little Hispanic girl Jessica. They lied about that and said she tried to run them over. But all the gun shots were on the sides of the win- dow where the cop was standing. Muhammad is grateful that those from the Denver Ministerial Alliance are getting on board for the cause and will rally in Washington D.C. Pastor Patrick Demmer with Graham Memorial Church of God and Christ in Denver said its time to act and come together. This event is to highlight the 20th anniversary of the original Million Man March on Washington. But its past time people come together. And it is only natural it would be spear- headed by Blacks Demmer stated. Nobody has been more oppressed nobody has had more injustices actually perpetrated against a group of people like Black people. Pastor Demmer said looking back in history it was Black people who helped bless others. From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s that later led to voters rights act affirmative action and fair housing act. All these benefits came from the civil rights era. We helped White women become liberated from their White men. Gays and Lesbians all benefited from the civil rights era he added. That is why Minister Farrakhan is calling for Hispanics women the poor and those of dif- ferent sexual orientation. In other words its about justice for all. While it has been a long time com- ing with all the upheaval against minorities that has plagued the country within the past 10 years Demmer stands behind the idea of Christians Muslims and everyone being united. The bottom line he said that is important is People are coming together who are saying Justice or Else. Gerald Muhammad Patrick Demmer By Sheila Smith BOCNews 10-10-15 March on D.C. INTERVIEW 22 BOCNEWS.COMAUGUST 2015 23AUGUST 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Fresh Oils Conference It was a packed house during the three day Fresh Oils conference at Absolute Word Church in Denver. Workshops round table discussions and plenty of worship and fellowship brought people from all over the city and out of state to the conference according to Pastor Belinda Haley. Pastor Haley was excited about the 4th Annual Fresh Oils Conference from July 23-25. She said it ended on a high note with Rev. Ryan J. Fontenot preaching the last deliverance service. Pastor Fontenot is one of the youngest ministers in Denver. He has been a minister for the past 16 years which includes RJF Ministries and head of Rock Church of Denver. This is a man of God who carries the spirit of God Pastor Haley said about Rev. Fontenot. He is on a mission assigned by God and is taking the city of Denver by force. Meanwhile the conference fulfilled its goal. Who motivates the motivator Pastor Haley explained and who the conference catered to - the Sunday school teacher the usher youth leaders and others within the church who need that fresh oil anointing and invigorating spirit as to not burn out. The conference was designed for them to pour fresh oil into their new found vat and have a new fresh attitude toward their ministry said Haley. We brought a lot of fresh oil for the city so you can be refreshed and you wont have any excuses because you had your oil. Several visitors from other states attended the conference including the speakers Pastor Hooker from Kansas City Mo. And Prophetess Sheryl Burns of Atlanta Ga. Pastor Felix Gilbert of Aurora was among the key speakers along with a host of other local pastors and singers from around the city. EVENT See the event for yourself at