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Bodyof Christ NewsJUNE 2015 VOLUME 26 ISSUE 10 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM Exodus 314COMPLIMENTARY BOCNEWS.COM SERVING COMMUNITIES IN DENVER AURORA MONTBELLO BOULDER COLORADO SPRINGS PUEBLO Every Dog Will Have His Day BY CHYNNA FAYNE BlackLivesMatter was transformed into AllLivesMatter. Very good point. But all lives arent being killed in the streets like animals and all lives arent ignored because of their skins melanin. All lives are not allotted justice and equal opportunities. Baltimore is a piece to a larger puzzle and the protests and stances that were made during this uprising sent a clear message. Every dog will have his day when the people in authoritative positions will have to answer for their wrong doings and mistreatment. SEE STORY PAGE SIXTEEN 2 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 Family Owned and Operated CALDWELL-KIRK2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado 80205 303-861-4644 Funerals Receptions Cremations Advance Planning Presentation Funeral Pre-planning Saturday June 13 2015 at 1100 am Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary 2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado Attendees will receive a savings certificate which can be used toward the purchase of a plan. Refreshments will be served. This certificate properly executed and signed by a corporate officer of the company or designated funeral home official shall entitle Name and Address to a one-time credit equal to but not in excess of 5 towards the purchase price of any type funeral service through Designated Funeral Home This certificate of credit cannot be applied to the purchase of cash advance items vaults flowers taxes or existing contracts or balances. IN WITNESS WHEREOF Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary has caused this certificate to be signed by its corporate officer or appropriate official of the designated funeral home herein. By By Purchaser Caldwell-Kirk Officer By Funeral Home Official Date CERTIFICATE OF SAVINGS CALDWELL KIRK MORTUARY5 THIS CERTIFICATE MUST BE VALIDATED BY DEC. 31 2015 3JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS The Big Gamble WE ARE PRESENTLY SEEING SOME FALLOUT of those who previously proclaimed Christianity. And there are the many that have come to the conclusion that there is no God. I wonder whats caused this change to our society. And then there are others who cannot perceive of the fact that if there is a God he could not be such a one who would discipline us for the things with which we like to do or participate in which goes against his values. After all our parents never counseled or punished us for the things we did or said or the things we decided to partake of. Why would a loving and merciful God punish us We are just following the crowd and because the crowd is many we believe that the crowd must be right. How would our friends perceive us if we didnt go along Would we be ridiculed or mocked you ask Jesus in ST. Matthew 511 KJV says Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. I am sure that most parents and grandparents throughout history have had a chance to witness the younger generation especially fall prey to various situations for failure to adhere to sound advice and wisdom peppered with experience. The book of Proverbs 1324 KJV tells us He that spareth his rod hateth his son but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. Why are there so many parents who hate the children with which they are responsible for bringing into this world Could it be because some never wanted children Was it because some parents took a chance and believed that they lost. Were the children planned for Whatever reason you may have God expects fathers and mothers to take care of their offspring. Even if they were not expected to be here are we going to allow them to lookout for themselves Most of the animal species teach and attend to their young for a certain period of time before they are allowed to go off on their own. God never promised us perfect children but he did know that if we followed his plan things would be better for the child and the parents. In ST. Matthew 713-14 KJV Jesus says Enter ye in at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it. Because numerous people have disagreement with what God says is sin we tend to fall in line with the many that go about doing their own thing and feel that it cannot be all that bad because everyone else is doing it. I remember hearing a preacher whose name currently escapes me say Dont eat from the devils table. Most of us should know by now that there is no free lunch. Gods word is not likened to the U.S. constitution. We cant amend it to fit our current situations. Neither is his word comparable to a set of bylaws which can be modified due to circumstances or times. In ST. Matthew 2435 KJV Jesus says Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away. In I Peter 125 KJV it tells us But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you. Also in the book of Revelations 2218 KJV it reads For I testify unto everyman that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book If any man shall add unto these things God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book I Peter 113-16 KJV informs us Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ As obedient children not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance But as he which hath called you is Holy so be ye holy in all manner of conversation Because it is written Be ye holy for I am Holy. Many of us dont believe that we need to change. We will say that I am happy with whom I am and the way I am. So regrettably some people believe that Gods word needs to be adjusted to fit the society we are currently living in. What we fail to realize is God in his immeasurable wisdom provided the word to cover all generations past present and future his work is done. Are we willing to risk or gamble the salvation of Christ or the blessings of God looking to others to help substantiate what we want to believe Have we decided to use the mind of others instead of our own Philippians 21-5 KJV says If there be therefore any consolation in Christ if any comfort of love if any fellowship of the Spirit if any bowels and mercies Fulfil ye my joy that ye be likeminded having the same love being of one accord of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. And we know that the mind of Christ was always centered on the will of God. We cant leave it to someone else to tell us what they will. Each of has a responsibility to search the scriptures to insure that what is being taught or asserted coincides with Gods word and is Gods word according to the Bible teachings. Many of us are satisfied with what is given to us because we are too slothful or feel that we dont have the time to investigate what the word reveals to us. God set everything up in such a way that we would not have an excuse concerning his word. Romans 1014-15a KJV says How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard And how shall they hear without a preacher And how shall they preach except they be sent Someone I know has said from time to time Some were sent and others just went. In II Timothy 215 KJV it says Study to shew thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth. In ST. Mark 421-23 KJV says And he said unto them Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel or under a bed and not to be set on a candlestick For there is nothing hid which shall not be manifested neither was any thing kept secret but that it should come abroad. If any man have ears to hear let him hear. In ST. John 146 KJV Jesus saith unto him I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by me. In ST. John 1421KJV Jesus says He that hath my commandments and keepeth them he it is that loveth me and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father and I will love him and will manifest myself to him. In ST. John 1423 KJV it says Jesus answered and said unto him If a man love me he will keep my words and my Father will love him and we will come unto him and make our abode with him. ST. John 151-2 KJV Jesus says I am the true vine and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away and every branch that beareth fruit he purgeth it that it may bring forth more fruit. ST. John 155 KJV states I am the vine ye are the branches He that abideth in me and I in him the same bringeth forth much fruit for without me ye can do nothing. Following Jesus is not a gamble because he was and is the all time winner. Obedience is the primary object of all sound education. C. S. Lewis - Wil Wilson Wil Wilson 4 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 And Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people Matthew 423 Working in the church and being in a position of leadership we need to consider how we should conduct our ministry. There is no shortage of periodicals books videos and Internet sources that will tell us how to do what we feel we are called to do. However we need to stop and consider some simple words from the text cited above. Jesus went about doing three things teaching preaching and healing. We should do likewise. We might think that because we have no medical background or training that our role in the ministry of healing may be limited. This is a misconception. I have had the privilege of being in the business of doing all three of the things Jesus did. However all of us in the gospel ministry can do this even if one feels he or she has no business doing any more than praying for and visiting people. Believe me you can do more and have a more rewarding and fruitful ministry. You can help the members and visitors to your church and help your community as well. I would like to share with you seven steps to help you in your service as noted below. Preach sermons on health from time to time. Teach people that we need to have wholeness spiritual mental and physical. Apply what is in the Scriptures to current health issues such as stress depression addictions and various illnesses. One powerful way to help people us to talk about caring for our bodies as if they do not belong to us because they are the temple of the Holy Ghost I Corinthians 6 19 20 This will help because so many of our ailments are caused by our lifestyles with our habits and personal choices. We can also refer to the many acts of healing and mercy which occurred in the ministry of Christ and let people know that He is still in the healing business. 2 Have health related seminars in your church on relevant topics. There may be someone in your church who can talk to a congregation about topics such as diabetes hypertension cancer womens health mens health and other issues. There may be people in the community to come in as guest speakers as well 3 Give robust promotion of health from the pulpit. You can help people at times by telling everyone that good health may be related to just living a healthy lifestyle exercising eating healthy taking care of chronic conditions such as diabetes taking medication properly and just going in to see the doctor as needed. When the pastor and other leaders say such things from the pulpit people will listen. They may be surprised to here such things like this from the pulpit but it can help and maybe even save someones life. 4 Attend health ministry events. There might be health fairs and other events in the community where health screening is being done. Be the first person in line when such screenings are being done Encourage members and even people in the community to attend. There are people in the community who will do screenings and health fairs right in your own church. Screenings at times may reveal serious health issues even if symptoms are not present. 5 Model a healthy lifestyle. Be an example to your congregation. If you want others to live healthy you should do the same. It means a lot to members when they can see the leaders looking healthy controlling their weight exercising and caring for the temple which is our bodies. This may have a profound impact on your church and even your community. 6 Set up and maintain a health ministry committee in your church. You do not have to promote health by yourself. You might be surprised to find there are people in your church who have a medical background or know someone who does. Have these people to help promote health and plan health ministry events. They can even stand in the pulpit give announcements about screenings and advise people about the need to do things to avoid preventable illness. A health committee can be a blessing to your church and the community. 7 Network with health agencies and other churches. You can work with local and state health departments and local health facilities to help give information and advice about services. You can find clinics that will help people who do not have insurance or are of limited financial means. Large organizations such as the American Diabetes Association the American Heart Association the Alzheimers Association and the American Cancer Society may have free brochures magazines or even speakers who can come to your church. There may be a church near you that has a robust health ministry program that may also be able to help your church. Make health ministry a part of your church program and you will be able to help many in your congregation and your community. Do teaching preaching and healing like Jesus did May God bless your ministry. Seven Steps to Health Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH Good health may be related to just living a healthy lifestyle exercising eating healthy taking care of chronic conditions such as diabetes taking medication properly and just going in to see the doctor as needed. 1. PATRICK HOLLIS - NEW SEASON 2. LONNIE HUNTER - GET IT DONE 3. J. MOSS - GROWN FOLKS GOSPEL 4. CASEY J. - THE TRUTH 5. MARVIN SAPP - YOU SHALL LIVE 6. CHARLES JENKINS - ANY GIVEN SUNDAY 7. K.B. - TOMORROW WE LIVE 8. JSON - NO FILTER 9. ZIEL - PRONOUNCED ZY-EL 10 DORINDA CLARK COLE - LIVING IT 5JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Restrictions may flow from around you but limitations form from within you. The smallness you feel comes from within you. Your lives arent small but youre living them in a small way. 2 Corinthians 612 You and I have been predestined to accomplish great things in our lives. We have been called to be conquerors. We have been called to be ambassadors of the kingdom and to stand on top with all things under our feet. As Christians we have attended many conferences stood in many prayer lines and received numerous prophecies. Still many of us are deficient in becoming all that God has predestined us to be. Instinctively we know that there is more to life. We want more out of life but too often we encounter restrictions that seem to steal our ambition for excellence. In fact the limitations we face within our lives are not the result of something other people have placed upon us. On the contrary these limitations are usually formed within us. Gods Word reminds us that I cant tell you how much I long for you to enter this wide- open spacious life. We didnt fence you in. The smallness you feel comes from within you. Your lives arent small but youre living them in a small way 2 Corinthians 611-13 Message Bible. Although we encounter restrictions within our society you and I do not have to succumb these restrictions by placing limits on ourselves. God wants us to Clear lots of ground for your tents Make your tents large. Spread out Think big Isaiah 542 Message Bible. I have discovered that restrictions may flow from around you but limitations form from within you. The word Limitation is can be defined as something or someone that seeks to control what a person can be or is able to do. Psychological limitations have their origin within our minds. These limitations seek to jeopardize our wide open and spacious life. They seek to maneuver into our hearts and stunt our passion for growth. They are even passed down from generation to generation. Children have limitations because parents have invariably voiced and demonstrated their own self- inflicted limitations. These barriers are presented to us in our social life our physical bodies and even in our religious institutions. None of us are exempt. While we all face limitations we can change our perspective. We must begin to put a Limit on the Limitations that attempt to stop our progress and assassinate our potential. Some of the prime barriers that we allow to construct limitations within our minds are fear negative self-talk andor laziness. We show a lack of discipline and skepticism when we allow ourselves to become apathetic. If we remain undisciplined in our efforts we may no longer see the point of continuing to try improve. Often times many of us become content with the status-quo and give up. This can happen when we feel as though there is a lack of support in our endeavors to grow. Some of us become paralyzed in our pursuits by a sense of guilt stemming from either ourselves or from others. Family member and friends can attempt to make us feel bad for our accomplishments. This contributes to forming a mental limitation or a wall of guilt. Sadly many others are limited because they fall prey to the victim mentality. These people begin to play the blame game which causes them to dwell or drown in self- pity. They refuse to accept personal responsibility for their own dysfunctionality thus crippling their quest for a better life. Others are limited in their minds because they simply fail to possess any self- knowledge or clear goals. But Champions despite the restrictions or barriers that you and I face we can be encouraged to know that God has given us the authority to overcome these limitations. The book of Psalms chapter 18 verse 29 says by our God we can scale any wall and attack any troop. We can take flight when we comprehend that we can do all things through Christ that gives us strength Phil 413. In order for us to begin to Limit our Limitations we must start by asking ourselves what we really see or want in our future We should then practice positive self-talk by reminding ourselves that we have a right to expect the best in life. We venture to expand our thinking beyond our present circumstance. We must realize the lack of immediate results do not constitute the ultimate results that await. We are assured that when we sow in due time we will reap. To further limit our limitations we learn to take time for ourselves and maximize moments within our lives for positive self-improvement. In these moments it necessary to practice self- care begin to activate your courage step out on faith and take some risks. Give yourselves permission to do something that you have not done before. Recognize that failure is not an event but a mind-set. Seek out and connect with others that are on an upward motion in life. Prune those on a downward spiral of thinking. Remember Champions while it is easy to make excuses and virtually impossible not to be impacted by the restrictions that flow around us. We can change our perception of these limitations. We can actually place restrictions on the limitations which will keep them from forming within our minds. Whether they are psychological physical social or spiritual we can be confident that God has equipped us to think bigger to spread out and to put a Limit on our Limitations. LOCAL EVENT Anniversary Concert June 6 Saturday MO Energy Entertainment Presents TIMOTHY MARTIN and Greatness 4th Anniversary Concert Featuring Voices of Triumph Choir. Special Guests Queen Martin Joseph Brown Brionne Wright Domin Q and Shelly Lindsey Saturday Doors open 5pm. Event Begins 6pm. AT Divine Love Christian Center C.O.G.I.C. 10690 Del Mar PKWY Aurora CO 80010 Tickets 10Advance 12 at the Door 20 VIP. for more information call 720 877-6209 Championship Corner SERMON By Pastor Tommy L. Mitchell III 6 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 30 Million Black People Called to Pray Who is YAH Proverbs 304 Who has gone up to the heavens and come down Who has gathered the wind in His fists Who has bound the waters in a garment Who established all the ends of the earth What is His Name And what is His Sons Name If you know it Psalms 684 Sing to Elohim sing praises to His Name. Raise up a highway for Him Who rides through the deserts by His Name YAH And exult before Him. YAH is our Heavenly Father the creator of all things. His name is written in the original scripture at least 6823 times in either four letters hvhy or two letters hy. Isaiah 3811 I said I shall not see YAH YAH in the land of the living I shall no longer look on man with the inhabitants of the world This is a more accurate transliteration of what the ancient Hebrew scripture says hyYAH. And yet the English scripture does not mention his name. In place of his name they have the title Lord. It is His book and it should reflect His name. He is the root of all life and without him there is no salvation in existence not in this universe nor in all of Heavens. Hes the one that sent our savior YAHshua to shed His blood for our deliverance. John 536 But I have a greater witness than that of Yochanan for the works that the Father gave Me to accomplish the works that I do bear witness of Me that the Father has sent Me. 537 And the Father who sent Me He bore witness of Me. You have neither heard His voice at any time nor seen His form. John 657 As the living Father sent Me and I live because of the Father so he who feeds on Me shall live because of Me. Who is his Son YAHshua. The Heavenly Father has a plan for our salvation that involved his son and his son liter- ally came bearing his name. His name means YAHs Salvation. And thats exactly what he meant when he spoke in John 543 I have come in My Fathers Name... meaning in his name as well as in his authority. He has the same name that was given to the son of Nun the one that English incorrectly calls Joshua. The correct pronunciation is YAHshua. YAHshua is the only way to the Father and redemption as stated in the scriptures. John146 ivhy YAHshua said to him I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 147 If you had known Me you would have known My Father too. From now on you know Him and have seen. It was the Hebrew name that Paul heard that caused him to be converted and the Hebrew name that the Apostles and the early followers gladly gave their lives for. The apostle Pauls convergence Acts 2612-15 12 While thus engaged as I was journeying to Damascus with authority and commission from the chief priests 13 at midday along the highway O sovereign I saw a light from heaven brighter than the sun shining around me and those who journeyed with me. 14 And when we had all fallen to the ground I heard a voice speaking to me and saying in the Hebrew language Shaul Shaul why do you perse- cute Me It is hard for you to kick against the prods. 15 And I said Who are You Master And He said I am ivhy YAHshua whom you persecute. Claims that the name does not exist Most Ministers scholars and teachers of the world claim that the name YAHshua spelled Yod Hey Shin Waw Ayin does not exist. For centuries this has been taught but it is not true because the name does exist in ancient Hebrew scriptures and we need to stop denying the Savior his name. I have documents of ancient scriptures with the name YAHshua spelled as above. In Hebrew it is spelled from right to left. For example ivhy Ayin i f Waw v f Shin f Hey h f Yod y The Call To Pray on July 11th in The Hebrew Name YAHshua How to do this prayer Come together with family and friends for the prayer with a sincere heart. You are to give 100 of your heart mind and soul to the Almighty One. Present yourselves clean to your Almighty Creator no alcohol or drugs food afterwards is fine. Black men and women--vow a commitment to the Most High Heavenly Father and His only begotten son. Recommit your- selves to each other and to your family. During prayer time it is important to keep your chil- dren well behaved. The prayer space is not the time for them to play. Children and adults all computers iPads or cell phones should be turned off unless used to congregate with others who are praying. Before and after the prayer is the time to talk about the issues confronting our community seeking solutions to put into action. Where to do this prayer In your home community center congregational meeting places wherever you can gather in har- mony. Why the call to do this prayer The call is to address the crisis in our community and throughout the world. Black people are in a state of mass oppression worldwide. We are being murdered by governing powers and we are mur- dering ourselves due to a mentality of self- hatred. By Minister Gill - Ishi Ha Elohim Minister Gill - Ishi Ha Elohim wife Continued on Page 20 Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish that I may gain Christ. Philippians 38 Our culture tends to overlook the quiet bravery the strength necessary to put aside personal desires and live for others -- particularly for ones fami- ly. Make no mistake. We live in a moral climate that teaches people to live for themselves resulting in high divorce rates substance abuse and sexual license. We have been accustomed in Western culture to admire the war hero and the martyr -- those who risk death or die in the heat of battle -- as brave. We admire the sports figures those who command large salaries based on their athletic ability. We admire rappers actors and singers. However we often miss the real heroes. The real heroes are those who make a conscious decision to put aside some of our personal ambitions and work and sacrifice for the family -- to place dreams on hold is brave indeed. This is not without hope because the sacrifices we make now will be made up to us someday when we reap the rich earthly reward of having raised well-behaved emotionally and spiri- tually stable children and eternally when God richly rewards the faithful. To give of yourself for the good of your family is a sacrifice worth making. When we look at the problems in our society there is evidence that our kids need a new kind of hero. Are you will- ing to be a hero to your child WE ALL DESIRE TO BE SOMEBODY. Though I also might have confidence in the flesh. If anyone else thinks he may have confidence in the flesh I more so circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of the Hebrews concerning the law a Pharisee con- cerning zeal persecuting the church concerning the righteousness which is in the law blameless. vs. 4-6 Paul was a man who had outstand- ing credentials. In verses five and six the apostle has noted his bragging right in relation to the Jewish law. Paul could claim all the best privileges of being a Jew they were his by birth- right. Paul was somebody. We may be justifiably proud of a degree we hold our position at work or a business we own an office we hold in a civic organization or our success in building a house or some other project. Some of us have achieved more some less but whatever we are or hope to be we must recognize that it comes from God. Only in Christ and with the right attitude can you really be somebody 1 Peter 56. All too often we literally consider things as an indication of a persons importance how many cars how many bed- rooms in a house or bathrooms how many windows in his or her office or how many car- ats of diamond or gold or is their name on their office door. The Bible warns us about putting our trust in posses- sions Luke 1215. To be somebody in Gods eyes is not about what you have or do. God is not impressed with the outward appearances the outward expression -- with what things look like. He looks beyond the physical at the heart. Being somebody is a matter of the heart. A HERO MUST RECOGNIZE REAL VALUE. But what things were gain to me these I have counted loss for Christ vs. 7. We give evidence to how much we value our relationship with Christ by what we let take precedence in our lives. If we complain that we do not have time to serve Christ or commune with him in prayer what has taken precedence If we claim to have no money to give a tithe to God but build an addition onto our house buy a new car and fill our closets with clothes what has taken precedence If we have money for recreation playing the lotto lottery tickets regular trips to Central City movies and eating out what has taken precedence If we use the excuse of possessing no talent when asked to serve but accept promotions readily at work what has taken precedence Its okay to have influence status and wealth if we under- stand that those things are not significant in comparison with what we have in Christ. None of them is enough for eternity. Thats what Paul means when he says I have counted loss for Christ. He is not saying they are no good but that he is not depending on them for eter- nity. Paul realized that earthly plea- sures position and profit tend to keep the soul from Christ. Moreover he was willing to give up all his earthly claims for the sake of possessing Christ. In our day as in St. Pauls day our position and education may be a hin- drance to our real Christian life. To be born of Christian parents to be edu- cated in Christian truths to be asso- ciated in Christian fellowship and to be zealous in Christian work all these A New Kind of Hero By Rev. William T. Golson William T. Golson SERMON Continued on Page 9 7JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS See I am doing a NEW THING Isaiah 4319 Kingdom Connection Christian Center KCCC in Aurora Colorado has moved to their new loca- tion at 1391 Oswego Street one block west of Peoria and block south of Colfax. Senior Pastors Rev. Dr. Ade and Rev. Mrs. Adeola Ajala invite the com- munity to join them at their 2015 Kingdom Power Conference June 24-28. The Leaders Seminar Success in Life and Ministry will be at 1030 a.m. 100 p.m. Thursday June 25 and Friday June 26. The focus will be on challenges we face in life and ministry and how to overcome them. All the speakers lead successful ministries and are eager to help other leaders through personal experience and the Word of God to encourage and uplift those who want to do great things for the Lord. As they go higher in ministry a Pastor Evangelist or Prophet can find ministry to be a lonely place because so few others understand the unique challenges. That is why it is so important for leaders to come together for fellowship. Kingdom Connection Christian Center brings conferences to the Denver area to give local pastors and leaders the opportunity to connect with the speakers who come from around the world. Because of his relational abilities Senior Pastor Ade Ajala has been able to minister in 65 countries of the world. He says That is what has opened my eyes to so many things. If local pastors are communicating only amongst themselves there is no opportunity for a new influence and the local church becomes stagnant because everyone is just doing the same thing as everyone else. When you are able to open yourself to other people especially from other nations and cultures you will learn from them. Interacting with international pastors from various nations can be so beneficial. That is why we bring them to Denver. Pastor Ajala continues I see many pastors work so hard but the result of the work is not commensurate with the effort they are expending. The fact is there are strategies that help one to excel. One of the reasons Kingdom Connection does not struggle financially or in any other way is that we dont copy we try to bring new things and those who like the new thing we are bringing will flock to us. Of course we wont be able to touch everybody not everybody will like the way we do things. But we have enough people who like what we are doing that it makes our ministry unique. During a time of economic crisis we have moved into a 20000 square-foot building we purchased a property valued at over 1 million and we are remodeling it and it is going well and we are adding staff while other churches are cutting back. Why Because we are doing things differently. My passion is that my brothers and sisters who are pastors here would avail themselves of the value that I am offering themgained through 30 years of ministry along the length and breadth of all the continents of the world. This is my way of opening up my resources to the pastors in Denver. Pastors are traveling in from Africa Europe and the Caribbean. Just come and be blessedit is free. Pastor Ajala notes All over the world the way a person dresses is important the way you dress is the way you are addressed. The so-called fashion of droopy baggy pants is not a fashion at allit has its origins in the prison system. If you look at books in a bookstore people will be attracted to buy a certain book by the cover alone not even knowing what is inside. So if you want people to address you in a different way you dress differently says Pastor Ajala It is sociological it has nothing to do with racism. A lot of people say you should accept me for the way I am. Yes I am accepting you for the way you are that is why I am talking to you this way. It is I that will determine how people will perceive me. I dont go anyplace and have people talk trash to me because of the way I present myself. If we look at scriptures God does not present Himself as a broken battered destroyed person. No The Bible tells us what Heaven looks like. We should begin to tell ourselves I refuse to let anybody tag me. People may say I have the right to dress the way I want. Yes you do have the right to dress the way you want and people have the right to associate you with whatever that kind of dressing portrays. Recently explains Pastor Ajala I went to a car dealership dressed in a t-shirt and no one paid any attention to me. So I went back home dressed better and went back to the dealership. Three people began to greet me. The same day the same dealership. Why Because the way you dress is the way you are addressed. You dont have to dress very expensively. I told my team on Sunday I bought this shirt how much did it cost They guessed it cost 75. I said No I bought it for 10 at Walmart. I dress well but it doesnt have to be expensive. Pastor Ajala encourages Dress nicely and you will be amazed. We are human beings. We get it from Adam and Eve. When they saw that the fruit was good they hadnt tasted it yetthey saw it first. When people see you--the first thing is the appeal. And then they will warm their hearts toward you. You will never find anybody who dresses like a thug on the street that will get a good job. Its not possible. And that has nothing to do with race. It has to do with sociologythe human factor. And if I want to succeed in life since I am not the only one living on this planet I will have to make sure I discipline myself to conform to the sociological norm of this society. Pastor Ajala remarks When people complain about a gang problem in our communities we have to realize that the gangs are the fruit not the root. The root of the gang problem is that there is no father in the house. The root is families are broken down so much in our community. Not just in our community but it is very pronounced in our com- munity. During the formative years of the boys and girls there is no role model in the community to help them. We need to start to address issues that will restore confidence in the fathers. Lets stop talk- ing them down. Many fathers do not even believe in themselves. I have a young guy who works with me and he is not even fifty yet he is already calling him- self old because in his mind that he has lived his life up to this age he thinks it is a miracle. A college education is very importantit is tertiary education which will teach a young man how to manage his life and his time for productivity. Community College is more affordable and can be a good start. I tell my congregation that if someone graduates from high school I will send a congratulatory card if they graduate from college I will be there or send someone in my place. High School Graduation is just the beginning. When the numbers of boys and girls who have Bachelor Degrees increase you will see the number of drug dealers and gang members greatly reduced. When they finish with their Bachelor Degree some are passionate enough to go on to graduate school. Education began in Africa. The first university is in Alexandria which is in Africa. So it is not trying to be white when you are becoming educated it is African. The whites are trying to be African by being educated. The theme for the 2015 Kingdom Power Conference at Kingdom Connection Christian Center 1391 Oswego Street Aurora Co 80010 is See I am doing a NEW THINGIsaiah 4319 Guest speakers are Bishop Melroy Mead Church of God of Prophecy from Montserrat Pastor Peter Taffe Life by Design Ministries Aurora Colorado Bishop Julius Abiola Christ Life Ministries New York New York Bishop Abiola Idowu Christ Resurrection Power Assembly Jacksonville Florida and many others including Pastor Ade Ajala Kingdom Connection Christian Center Aurora Colorado. There will be ministry to the sick. Pastor Ajala says We have seen people that doctors have given up hope on and the Lord brought them back into health so we encourage them to come. There will be music drama the Word fellowship and a time to get to know someone new. I am asking people to come and expand their informa- tion because life is about information. You can reg- ister for free at For more information call 720-859-1737. 2015 Kingdom Power Confernce Father Son Breakfast The wonderful aspect of a father and son relationship is that is it reminiscent of the love Christ has for the church. Christs love for the church is unconditional caring and kind its sacrificial. A father sacri- fices his time and resources for the sake of and well being of his child. After all this is what Christ did for the church by giving his only begot- ten son. As we embark upon Fathers Day we not only celebrate the beauty of the love and unique relationship fathers have with their children but we celebrate the fathers who have raised their children and encour- age those fathers who are working to amend relationships with their children. I Corinthians 13 11-12 says When I was a child I talked like a child I thought like a child I rea- soned like a child. When I became a man I put the ways of child- hoodbehind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part then I shall know fully even as I am fully known. The best thing we can do as men is recognize the power we have over our families society and our importance in influencing future generations. Godly men of integrity and honor are what our society needs today to make a difference. Men taking their rightful place in the world and in churches and honoring cove- nant marriages is lacking in todays society. Does this apply to all men No it doesnt but to some it may. As the scripture quoted above says once you reach a certain level of manhood and maturity you change you do better and you act better. Not only does this help you but also it helps the peo- ple around you- family society and communities. Our sons and daughters need fathers to take their rightful place to con- tinue to be fathers leaders and men- tors. As fathers we can set examples for what is right or wrong. It starts by looking at the Man In the Mirror. Join us as at our annual Father and Son Breakfast on June 20 2015 with guest speaker Brian Keith Williams. This event has been and will continue to be a blessing to men through the city. During this time we will also be giving 300 free suits away. We look forward to your participation. For ticket information call our offices at 303-371-1070 or visit our website at www.nowfaithnowfaithdenver. com. By Apostle Leon M. Emerson By Randy M. McCowan Publisher During the formative years of the boys and girls there is no role model in the community to help them. Leon Emerson INTERVIEW 8 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 Calling a a vocation profes- sion occupation work business Mission passion. Appointment Task Job Project Duty Obligation Mission On June 10-11th House of Prayer Ministries will be having a Reunion Revival at Bishop Byrds Church IBG Ministries located at 9520 E Jewell Ave. Unit J in Denver 80247. We welcome everyone come and share with us. Bishop Marcus McIntosh will Minister. Yes its been 5 years since we completed our assignment given to us by God. It was 1992 and our kids were teen- agers doing well. Wynona and I were both active in Ministry at the Churches we attended. Then Denver changed. Our children were being killed for seemingly no reason. Every week the numbers climbed higher. As Godly parents we did what Saints do. We begin to pray and pray and pray some more. It was a very simple and personal prayer Lord save and protect our chil- dren Please send someone that will minister to them to lead them thru these troubled waters. Sometimes they would come home crying because another friend had been killed. We werent being selfish as much as just afraid to lose that which was and is so precious to us our kids. At that time we had no idea that God was preparing us to fulfill the very thing we were asking for. We were musicians and helpers of the ministry. We had no desire to preach or minister in the word. I was a Musician Sunday School teacheryouth leader and anything else I was asked to do at my church. Wynona was a Musician youth leader and had a 100 voice youth Choir and anything else she was needed to do at her Church. The last thing we wanted was to preach Pastor no way Our home was always a kids house. Our childrens friends the neighbor- hood kids foster kids kids were always welcomed and loved around our home. We also found time to go to various schools of ministry just to learn more and get a deeper understanding for ourselves. Could God have known what was in our future I was happy and content following my childhood dream of being a Firefighter. Wynona worked and made our house a home. But we were scared of this gang thing. It was and is dangerous to our children. Dead is dead. The harder we prayed seemingly the worse it became. Why wouldnt God answer our prayer We were faithful and doing all we knew how to serve Him. Where was our very present help Little by little God began to speak to us. We were asking him to send a dynamic young evangelist a powerful preacher mighty in the gifts. Instead He was speaking to us. No matter where we went the store a movie just walking down the street people would walk up to us and say thus sayeth the Lord. We werent buying any of it. That was not our prayer or desire. I wasnt startin no church. Who me preach Actually my wife is a much better preacher Im a teacher Someday Ill tell you that story and the visions that God gave us and the voice the Fathers voice If youve ever heard it its something you will never forget like waves of moving water full of peace and life and authority. Suffice to say we eventually acknowl- edged the call two babes in the woods simply following Gods voice. For our ordination the Holy Spirit told us to wear Army fatigues. As time passed we found out why. We discov- ered a lot of things during those years but we knew God was with us and He did bless us mightily. We entered into ministry doing what we knew. It didnt work. All the tried and true methods fizzled away. We needed a choir didnt work. Youth group didnt work. We were stuck and on the verge of giving up when we took some time away and went to Grand Lake. We were ready to give this baby back These werent Church members these were gang members and their kids. God why did you do this to us why were you punishing us That weekend we were challenged and instructed to choose. Do it His way or our way. As soon as we said yes we entered a new realm. We began to meet people who we never knew go places we never knew existed doors opened and favor was granted. The one thing we took away from that week-end was this was new territory and we needed new strategies. We became The New Posse In The Hood Testimony service was out Praise and worship in Choir out Praise danceWorship in. This was all new to us but what we didnt understand we would be lead to go across the country and see what others were doing and bring it back to HOPDC and it fit perfectly. For some members going to Church meant a Wedding or Funeral. Some had grown up in Church but left some had never been to a Church service a few had some experience. God had placed us behind enemy lines. Although we were criticized by other Christians and ChurchesPastors we served God and took orders from him. Tactics and the congregation were different but the message was the message was still the same Jesus Jesus Jesus. For 17 years we labored taught and were taught by the members and saw numerous Salvations miracles healings restorations battles and victories. What happened why did we close The 1st two sentences of this article explain. I believe everything God has made has a life time and purpose. Had it been a calling we would have always wanted to be Pastors. How many times have you heard a minister say even when I was a little kid I would set up dolls or get all the kids in the neighborhood and preach to them This was not the case. Not then not now. HOPDC was an appointment. God knew we would do this in the future. He also knew if he had told us long ago chances are we would still be running. We were given a Task a sacred Duty a Mission. When it was done we stopped. I could say more on this but I will say Ive been in some Churches in different denominations that have continued long past there time. There was just no life. It was dead. After some time had passed two different Prophets from different locations told me the same thing. That the Lord had asked me to do something that was very hard and I did it. As a result He was well pleased with me. Sometime later I was ending my prayer time and the Holy Spirit whispered to me I answered your prayer. What prayer I answered Later it came to me the very prayer Wynona and I had prayed years ago. He did send somebody He sent us How do I know it was Him Because when God moves He always leaves basketfuls left over Stopping the work we birthed was soo very hard. We poured or life into our people and they in turn had given life and love back to us. We went through many ups and downs. The 1st. funeral I preached was my own Granddaughter who was still-born. But I will tell you this when we started we had nothing but faith in Gods Word and obedience to his commandment to us. Everything we needed God pro- vided. The membership was blessed and encouraged and the majority of them are serving in Churches all over the Metro Area. But this is the thing Im most humbled about. Most of these kids were going to funerals two or three times a week. We had at our height around 175 members. Some were active gang members some were leaders but we saw many souls come to know and live for God. But the most amazing thing is this. In the mist of the hood with all the death and violence around us we never lost one member to violence. Not one. And guess what to my knowledge this still holds true God is Amazing. Yes he has given me another assignment not Pastoring but when its time to implement it I will obey and I know by faith I know it will be a blessing. Hope to see you on June 11-12th. Calling or Assignment Lately we all have been overwhelmed with all the news on television of various unjust killings from different police officers. This world that we are liv- ing in is becoming darker and darker as each day go by. Recently their was a major out cry in Baltimore MD over the death of a young man named Freddie Gray. Our hearts sank with sadness learning of yet another senseless killing the kind of anger shown on television is not the kind of angry we should embrace. If left unchecked anger can destroy not only the person experiencing it but also everyone in its path. However not all anger is bad. We are given some latitude in the Word of God Ephesians 426 tells us to angry and yet do not sin. When is anger a good and righteous emotion Heres a few examples Senseless killings like Freddie Gray and other Black males. It angers me when women are exploited through pornography or when innocent blood is shed through the horror of child abuse child abduction or molestation or perhaps we hear of an elderly person being attacked or abuse when we think they are in good care at that nurs- ing home. Or an innocent family member watching TV is shot by a flying bullet from a drive by shooting. Yes these issues and more seem to be righteous anger To not be angered by these things would be a sin and to not feel anger when even I have been a victim of prejudice or unfair treatment would not be an expression of my natural God-given emotion. But I am sinning because of my anger when I fail to effectively handle that anger in a spiritual biblical way. To not give in to anger and sin I must allow myself to be guided and controlled by the Holy Spirit and by the law of love for love is not easily provoked 1 Cor. 135. I must maintain an active and working knowledge of the Word of God I must hide the Word in my heart that I might not sin against God. read Psalm 119 11. Anger that is controlled by a sense of righteousness will never seek to hurt or destroy another and the expression of that anger will not be made in an ungodly manner. If I walk in the Spirit anger at the manifestation of the work of the enemy will cause me to pray rather than to gossip to intercede rather than to judge and condemn. Anger expressed righteously will cause me to be angry at sin yet love the sinner and desire his salvation. While there are permissible reasons for and expres- sion of anger the vast majority of the anger we expe- rience is not justifiable. The danger of anger often manifests itself in unjustifiable ways and will always get us in trouble with God. In Matthew 522 Jesus said Whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in anger of the judgment. Anger is a dangerous business As Believers our strongest weapon during these trying times is the power of prayer. Become active or more active with produc- tive ways to address our concerns with non violent ways to seek justice. Martin Luther King Jr. was an P.M. Wynn Grove Righteous AngerBy Dr. P.M. Wynn Grove Continued on Page 21 Pastor Wright By Pastor Richard Wright But we were scared of this gang thing. It was and is dangerous to our children. Dead is dead. TESTIMONY 9JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS things will count as nothing for our souls profit if we do not truly know trust love and follow Christ. Although it may be hard to believe we can teach preach evangelize and serve in other ways in the church and not know God. Our culture screams at us to acquire more and more stuff while never tell- ing us the true price. To be a hero you must give precedence to that which has real value. Next to God the most important thing is our family. A HERO NEEDS TO KNOW HIS GOD. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish that I may gain Christ. vs. 8 Paul once depended on the things of which he has spoken to give him a place of honor influence and wealth. However he traded them all for the surpassing greatness the superior value of knowing Christ. This does not mean he knows about Christ but he knows him personally. There is a difference between know- ing a person and knowing about a person. We may know a great deal about a person without knowing them. We may know a great deal about Christ yet if we do not know him as our Savior our best Friend all will be vain. To know Christ is to know God and to know God is eternal life. It is not knowledge about him but personally to know him that we need. We must know him as we know a person not as some spiritual entity displaced from the reality of life. The knowledge of Christ begins with learning who He is what He thinks says and does and what He desires for us. It goes on to that personal and intimate acquain- tance that comes from living with Him and for Him and leads us to rejoice in the prospect of being with Him forever. Christ is living within us. We need to let Him control us so thoroughly that we can say with Paul It is no longer I that live but Christ liveth in me Galatians 220. We must let his Spirit fill us until He overrides our spirits. Then we will see the fruit of His Spirit in our lives. Paul knew Jesus as his Lord his Master his King as well as his Savior. For the sake of that relationship Paul has given up the things the assets of his former life. Any assetsmaterial political social or even religiousthat tempted him to depend on them rather than on Christ for the good life he wrote off as liabilities. He has discard- ed them as if they were dung refuse garbage. In the light of eternity they have no value whatever. When Jesus looks at men he does not only see what a man is he also sees what a man can become. He sees not only the actualities in a man he also sees the possibilities. Jesus looked at Peter and saw in him not only a Galilean fisherman but also one who had it in him to become the rock on which his church would be built. Jesus sees us not only as we are but also as we can be and he says Give your life to me and I will make you what you have it in you to be. If you dont look like a hero recognize that Jesus is the one who sees and can release the hidden hero in every man. As we approach Fathers Day ask yourself Do I want to be a hero today HERO ... from page 6 10 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 Supporting each other for a stronger tomorrow. Take control NOW and Pre-Plan Today. Preplanning allows YOU to determine how your final arrangements will be carried out without putting the burden on your family. 303 872-7422 6601 East Colfax Avenue Denver Colorado 80220 Stylish Processions Reception FacilityOn-Site Chapel PipkinBraswell 11JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 12 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 LOCAL EVENT Tea Talent Show for Elderly June 13th 2pm Cenece Dixon Ministries Presents Tea and Talent Show for our Elderly at Briarwood Nursing Home 1440 Vine Street Denver CO. If you would like to sing dance or read a poem to our elderly please call us at 7208089291 We also need volunteers to assist in ministering to the elderly.No charge. Divine Institution June 20th 10am - 1pm A Divine Institution. The Bible presents mar- riage as a Divine Institution. If marriage were of human origin then human beings would have a right to decide the kind of marital relationships to choose. If you want to have a FREE brunch you MUST Register. 303 360-0209 or Christs Church is Blessing its Community by Giving Otherwise just show up. Gathering of the 5Fold June 26th Gathering of the 5Fold Ministry. Topic Teaching on How the Apostolic Flows in The Body of Christ. 3456 Gilpin Street Denver CO. No Charge. 720-806-9291 13JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS LOCAL EVENT Pastor Roast June 20 Saturday A Time for Every Purpose Ecclesiastes 1 4. Its time for some Fun Food and Fellowship with all of the Luau trimmings. Your invited to enjoy Pastor Jules E. Smith And 1st Lady Rev. Ida Gice Smith Being Roasted For a Hawaiian Luau and Roast. Church Gymnasium 1500 S. Dayton St. Denver. 3pm to 6pm 20 Adults 10 Youth under 12 yrs. Dress Hawaiian Casual. For Ticket info contact Fairy Hanley 303-751-7342 Shirley Armstrong 720-296-5336 or Shirley Grayson 303 - 883 - 1925 Life Changers Ministries - Conflict Resolution Symposium July 11th 9am - 3pm Theme Preserving Love Through Conflict Resolution. 14485 E. Evans Ave. Aurora 80014. Pastors Rayfield Rita Whittington. Cost 25.00. To Register call 303-832-1811 14 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 15JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 16 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 It was an altar call unlike any youve ever seen. Two young men from rival street gangs one a Crip and one a Blood came together at the pulpit in St. Stephens Baptist Church. The two confessed they had been trying to kill each other for more than a year. And then the enemy gang members dropped their colors at the pulpit and embraced each other tears in their eyes. From now on they said they would walk the same road together. Enough killing it was time for a new beginning. When asked what the churches could do to help an 18 year old gang member looked us straight in the eyes and said We need the churches to lead us to the Lord. The increasing level of violence in our society is a jarring and appalling confirmation of Americas moral crisis. The streets of our urban and even suburban areas safe to walk just a generation ago now give pause even to the most street wise. Entire neighborhoods once vibrant and bustling with life have been dulled by the scourge of drugs poverty and brutality. Families have been shattered by seemingly random incidents of violence. And those institutions to which society looks for answers in times like these churches schools and community organizations have been paralyzed by fear confusion and an addiction to bureaucracy. But fear cannot have the last word. Americas crisis of violence does not exist in a vacuum. It is a spiritual crisis of the deepest dimensions calling for profound spiritual answers and deep self-examination by each of us. The time is now. It is time for the Christian community to come together and stop ignoring the problem. It is Time to work together and time to partner and lay aside our denominational differences. In this article I am calling for all who consider themselves a follower of Jesus the Christ both urban and non-urban black white latinoa and asian and African churches also those religious groups such as muslims and Jews to come together and pray and get involved with what is going on in our communities here in Denver Colorado. The escalation of violence on our Denvers streets has reached such a crisis that perhaps only the religious community can adequately respond to it. Why Because the cruel and endemic economic injustice soul-killing materialism life-destroying drug traffic pervasive racism unprecedented breakdown of family life and structure and almost total collapse of moral values that have created this culture of violence are at heart spiritual issues. Because SPIRITUAL transformation will be at the absolute core of the changes we so urgently need the churches must help lead the way. But such a leadership role will first require some soul-searching on the part of the churches. This problem is too deep and our task too large to take it on by ourselves. We will need the help that comes by faith. As Mrs. Shawn Deberry Johnson has rightly said sometimes God calls us to be servant-leaders and not always the one to lead. Sometimes the church must pray and follow and allow others to lead as well. 2. The contribution of faith communities to a social crisis always come precisely at the point of perceived lost causes and hopeless circumstances. The writer of the Letter to the Hebrews says that faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen 111. Or as I like to paraphrase it hope is believing in spite of the evidence then watching the evidence change. At critical historical junctures faith makes possible the political imagination to find solutions to seemingly impossible social problems. Local churches and congregations must connect with youth organizations to create positive and concrete steps toward conflict resolution and community development. Local churches need to be encouraged to apply the ancient idea of sanctuary in creating open and safe spaces in the midst of urban war zones. Primary attention needs to be focused on the necessity of community-based economic development Dr. James Tucker was right in raising the issue at our meeting. Our state and city governments are collecting millions of dollars in taxes from the marijuana industry every month and some of our ministers have stated that some of those funds should go towards real social problems like gang violence. Let me encourage our State as well when it comes to the Colorado lottery. Only so much can be used for parks and recreation. Some of those funds should also be used to reduce the level and violence in the communities as well. The funds are there just need to be redirected and used for the betterment of our neighborhoods and communities. Ecclesiastical structures should be challenged to make money and investment portfolios available for that crucial task. Churches portfolios are currently worth more than 35 billion from Sunday morning services but only a fraction of one percent of that is re invested in community-based development. Local churches are called upon to become actively involved as advocates for young people in the criminal justice system. Churches should be enlisted in the very controversial task of keeping both drugs and guns out of the communities. Pastoral resources must be specifically applied to the epidemic of sexual irresponsibility and abuse as well as to the central task of family reconstruction. Any strategy that does not highlight the centrality of evangelism and spiritual transformation is doomed to failure. The Biblical agenda of the gospel must be clear in the power of God to transform peoples lives. Resources also need to be made available to help local churches to find the most faithful and practical ways to respond. There are churches already in our communities that are doing this kind of work as far as having after school programs to keep children off the streets while parents are still at work. There are churches in our communities that have rites of passage programs for young men and tutorial programs for our youth. They only need resources to expand and to continue doing what they know does work. Talk is cheap. The City should be willing to help to expand these programs if they are working to save the lives of our youth. Our Youth need jobs for the summer if not they will be in the street. 3. The City should be willing to offer critical resources and technical assistance for new proj- ects that will help to curve the gang activities in our communities. How do we mobilize the City Council to place on their agenda the important of saving our children How do we mobilize the City government and State government to invest Mobilize The Church Against Urban Violence By Dr. H. Malcolm Newton Every DogWill have His Day Every dog will have his day said David Walker in David Walkers Appeal. This appeal spoke on behalf of the Blacks in America calling for the abolition of slavery. The appeal was feared through- out America because people thought that it would cause the slaves to revolt. It was silenced to keep the cries for equality and human rights from spreading. No longer will the humanity of a people be ignored and silenced. The unjust killings of unarmed African American males Tamir Rice Eric Gardner and Freddy Grey by police officials were the straws that broke the camels back. Tamir Rice a 12-year-old boy was shot and killed after playing with a fake gun in the park. The police got away and America continued to sleep on. The recent death of Freddy Grey that occurred while he was in police custody is now a part of the names called when the topic of police brutality is discussed. The article states that Grey ran when he spotted the police which explains why he was initially apprehended. Upon being placed in police custody Grey had a broken neck and an 80 percent severed spine. This death is an example of the unjust and inhumanetreatment of unarmed African Americans by police officials. Protests have been going on as a result of the deaths in the Black community caused by police brutal- ity. The news covered the protests the riots and the vandalism tak- ing place. What the many of the mainstream media outlets did not dis- play is the unifi- cation of opposing gangs in Baltimore. The Bloods and the Crips called for a truce in order to help bring peace and unity during this time of anger within their com- munities. Many major news outlets just reported gangs getting together to harm police. In real- ity gang members said that they came out to help prevent the looting of stores. Few media out- lets acknowledged the efforts made by the people within the Baltimore community to end gang violence to help the community. Instead they were often portrayed as the threat. America also missed the opportu- nity to show community members in the aftermath of the protests in Baltimore coming out to clean up the city sweeping up the trash that was left behind. Children and adults alike put the remains of their com- munity back together as best they can. The ruling of Freddy Greys case has been classified as a homicide and the police have been taken into custody. Many people would consider this a win but I believe thats up for interpreta- tion. This is a ques- tion I am sure has plagued many peo- ples minds were government officials actually acknowl- edging that those officers commit- ted a crime against human beings in custody stripping the community and its members of their right to feel safe or were the police brought up on charges out of fear of the protests fear of the African Americans revealing a whole lot of truths that Americas ears werent ready to hear or the fear that oth- ers might have the courage to listen to the needs for humanity to be restored within these communities for the African American people By taking quick action the verdict was set but was this response serv- ing justice or intending to take the Chynna Fayne By Chynna Fayne Continued on Page 17 Continued on Page 21 COMMUNITY 17JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Last month Superintendent Booker McMillon Mansfield District Superintendent and Pastor of Keathchie Church of God in Christ COGIC in Keathchie Louisiana was in Denver for his youngest son Minister Ron McMillon who was releasing his first CD Talking About Jesus which is in the style of Christian Jazz. Superintendent McMillon is also a musicianself- taught with his own style and is glad to see his son glorifying Jesus Christ in many ways including through music. Many will remember Superintendent McMillon from his 20 years as the Pastor of Bethel COGIC in Denver. He has seen some changes in the ministry one being that meetings have changed dramatically in their approach to timeliness in todays services. The Jurisdiction Prelate of Colorado Bishop Roosevelt Dunn is a man of vision and insight that is a bit different from the norm states Superintendent McMillon His aim with so many different Superintendents in Colorado was with the idea of expansion and to give the newly appointed Superintendents a chance to grow their districts and their ministry in the district. When I was a District Superintendent in Colorado there were 12 churches in my district and we had a ball doing ministry together and we enjoyed what we were doing. I would like to say to all of the ministers in Colorado that you have our prayers. We definitely thank those that come and meet us and welcome us when we come back and minister in Colorado. Superintendent McMillon says The COGIC National Bishop and the Board of Bishops has written a new curriculum concerning where Church of God in Christ stands on the issue of homosexuality. We still stand against the activity of homosexuality. We do believe and know that Christ in our life changes our life and the Word says if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. So we believe that if any person has accepted Christ as their personal savior then just like the habits of alcohol or smoking or any other habit a person may have even the lifestyle of homosexuality can be changed into a life of Christ. We believe our ministers ought to have some area of expertise to deal with people who have that problem because it is a problem it is a sicknessa sin- sickness and we must understand that all unrighteousness is sin and so is homosexuality. If our gospel is for real we cannot separate our gospel from the homosexuals or the alcoholic. They all need the message of Jesus Christ to change their life. Superintendent Booker McMillon Attends Sons CD Release resources in the community on a grassroots level. If the White House can come up with The White House Faith-Based Initiative why cant city and state gov- ernment to the same Our young people getting killed in the streets of our city is a major issue and must be taken serious by the Church as well as the leadership of this great city and state. The priority of this social problem needs to be front and center. We are grateful for the efforts of the Citys Director of Community Affairs Mrs. Shawn Deberry Johnson and her team in getting behind this issue of violence in our city but the need for resources are critical. She has worked hard in bringing people together to deal with these issues but she knows that she cant do it without the church. Brother Jeff has said if the Church cant deal with this issue then we are lost because no one can deal with it. This is a Call to ACTION for Denvers Churches to network and come together. The key to all of these efforts is the willingness to move our faith into the streets. Neither big steeple churches nor storefront congregations can afford to wait on young people to come in their doors. We must go to them. If you are a pastor and reading this article it is you that God is calling forth to be prophetic and make this social problem of gang violence a priority in your church this summer. Maybe your church could participate in Pray Walks perhaps your church could be a Safe Haven for our youth. We need to come together and let our leaders know that we are concern and want to create a better future for our children and their children. It begins with us. In the face of escalating urban violence in Denver we begin with the work of prayer and the fervent conviction that our children are worth fighting for. As hopeless as things may seem and as helpless as we may feel we must claim the sight that comes by faith in believing that our kids are not a lost cause that violence and jail will not have the last word and that as the Bible asserts death will have no dominion over our children. If you are interested in being a part of this Ten Point plan to mobilize Churches this summer to act on behalf of our young people. You can get involved by contacting Mrs. Shawn DeBerry Johnson at 720-865-99052 Brother Jeff at 720-219-9710 and Pastor Terrance Hughesemail- bigthughesgmail. com or Pastor Jason email- or Pastor Downing email - Eugene.downinghewhope- The Secret to Your Success After hearing the Pew Research Report state the Christian Church is dying due to dropping num- bers I went to the new and fastest-growing church in the Metro Denver area to find out the secret to their success Heritage Christian Center. I stopped by for Happy Hour on Tuesday night. After the service I spent a few minutes talking with Pastor Dwhich is what most of the Heritage congregation from years past call himhe says hes been called a few other names but well leave that one alone. Heres what he shared with me Randy first and foremost Michele and I have been overwhelmed with the amount of love thats been shown to us. I cant thank the many people in the community especially the church community that have reached out and warmly welcomed us back home. The many cards flowers and words of encouragement have meant the world to us. The mission of Heritage Christian Center has always been to meet the needs of the people in every way possible. The food ministry is up and running and weekly teams are once again going into the prisons and hitting the street with outreaches. Our MIX360 youth ministry is really exploding the young people that God is bringing to us are amazing kids on fire for Jesus. Theres nothing more powerful than a group of teenagers who are on fire for Jesus Christ and it is really spectacular to watch these young people love and serve the Lord. Pastor Tarell Martin is our Music Pastor and he has put together an unbelievable music team. We believe gospel music is the most powerful of all the music and we are building a tremendous team of gospel musicians and singers. So God is really moving in our ministry. We are seeing tremendous salvations and healing miracles. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and in His Presence is fullness of joy. We are seeing a tremendous amount of joy being resurrected in our ministry and in our own personal lives as well as in the church. So we are very excited about what God is doing. June is our grand opening month at Heritage beginning with a church dedication service on Sunday May 31st with my good friend Bishop Lester Love. There will also be an official ribbon cutting ceremony on June 16th at 630 PM with Auroras Mayor Steve Hogan and members of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. And a grand opening wouldnt be the same with- out the hardest working woman in the Gospel Music World none other than our good friend Vickie Winans. I cant say enough about Vickie we love her shes been a friend to the Heritage family for years and we are thrilled that she is our first music guest at the new Heritage Christian Center on Sunday June 7th. My wife is one of those who loves to hang out with her girlfriends and use up her 24000 words a day at a coffee shop. So with her and the womens ministry in mind we are opening a Starbucks Caf in our grand foyer. It will be a great atmosphere for Christians to just hang out with friends. Theres free wi-fi well be playing great Christian music videos and for the guys as soon as the NFL season kicks off there will be Monday night football as well. Our goal is simply to create a place where people can get together in a Godly environment make friends and connect. Its about getting the family back together. Randy I believe the Bible tells us that in the last days people would go to church less and less and that is why I believe the Bible tells us in the Book of Hebrews that we are to assemble more and more in the last days says Bishop Leonard and there is no doubt that church attendance has fallen off in the past years nationwide. According to the Hartford Institute of Religion Research more than 40 percent of Americans say they go to church weekly. As it turns out however less than 20 percent are actually in church. In other words more than 80 percent of Americans are finding more fulfilling things to do on weekends. Bishop Leonard notes that physically he is growing stronger and stronger. He says God is with me and coming back has been very challenging and we have had to make tremendous sacrifices in order to accomplish what God has called us to do. But as we work with and touch the people it helps us. Body of Christ News asked Pastor D what is the secret to your success Pastor D replied Jesus said give and it shall be given back to you. And the more I do to help others the more God does for me and the more I do to bless others the more God blesses me. So its just a simple matter of give and it shall be given back to you good measure pressed down shaken together and running over. So as I sow my life into blessing other people God is just strengthening me in a tremendous way. So has Bishop Leonard come back to Denver to build a large church He says God doesnt call us to build big churches but rather to build individuals and families with His Word within the Kingdom of God. If I am concerned with meeting the needs of the people then God will take care of us. When you touch people and meet their needs they will tell others about it and that is when your church grows. If you keep your eyes on Jesus and take care of Gods business he will take care of yours. That is your secret to success. Bishop Leonard is grateful to be able to come back to Colorado and to bless as many people as possible. He says Colorado is our home its the land that we love its the people that we love. My life was not complete until I came back because my ministry is here my calling is here and the people that I love are here. And I would say to every pastor Keep your head up and be encouraged. His Presence is with us. Do everything you can to help people and to minister to their needs and God will help you.o minister to their needs and God will help you. We believe gospel music is the most powerful of all the music and we are building a tremendous team. MOBILIZE ... from page 16 Booker McMillon INTERVIEW By Randy M. McCowan Publisher 18 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 19JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS We want your news Body of Christ News wants to hear about your calendar events announcements or conferences. Send your news to or fax us at 303.344.4608. MCCOWANS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Gussie Lee McCowan celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21 with a reception with their family and friends. Mr. Gussie McCowan married the former Sarah Mae Williams on February 13 1944. Mr. McCowan has worked for the City of Athens and Brownsboro Independent School District. Mrs. McCowan is a loving devoted housewife and mother. Their children are Glory Thompson Deloris Robinson and Victor McCowan all of Tyler Paul McCowan and Jimmy McCowan both of Colorado Ronnie McCowan of Missouri and the late Theaudry and Isiah McCowan both of Dallas. They have 24 grandchildren 30 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. 20 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 Bishop Jerry Demmer of One Accord Movement Ministry is also Pastor of The Absolute Word Church. One Accord Movement Ministry is a com- pilation of pastors coming together as illustrated by Revelation 79 where John said I saw a num- ber that no man could number of all races kin- dreds tongues nations and peoples. Says Bishop Demmer I tell people first of all the devil doesnt want pastors to get together. People often quote the scripture that one can send one thousand to flight and two can send ten thousand to flight. Instead we are worried about denominations and the word denomination means divisionautomatic division and Paul asked is Christ divided So it doesnt matterI was raised Church of God in Christit doesnt matter if you are Baptist I dont care if you are Methodist God is calling for us to drop denominational titles to come together and to be there for one another. The vision of One Accord is for 200-250 pastors to come together. First of all what we have asked pastors to do put 25 in the pot every month. We will take that money and save it for a year no one in the organization is on salary and then invest it and put it into different grants. One Accord Movement Ministry is now on Channel 56 every Sunday night at 830 says Bishop Demmer Pastors will be talking about what we are doing in unity. Spanish White Black Asian and Native American are all represented. We currently have 25 pastors. The One Accord Movement Ministry is not politicalit is about pastors strengthening each other which in turn helps them to strengthen their own church. It is all about the body of Christ but most of all about the leadership of the body of Christ which is pastors. We are in the beginning stages of this organization and are currently developing a Board. We already have some women pastors included in that. And Pastor Dan Martinez just joined the Board. He does street ministry with a Cross at 10th and Santa Fe and on Colfax. The Board and organization will be a representation of Revelation 79. Pastors who are interested in learning more can call 720-627-5744. At The Absolute Word Church says Pastor Demmer We have been blessed by having a lot of young people in attendance. One reason is that we reach them and understand who they are and where they are just as they are. We never preach a message of condemnation. People know what they need from God. As a result of years of street ministryhome- less ministry gang ministry and youth ministrywe can reach people right where they livewhat are their needs what are they looking for The younger generation is not going to respond to what previous generations have sought. They are not going to shout like we do. They have their own music and they are not going to go for the traditional ways we have always done things. Tradition kills churches. Jesus came and broke tradition. He ate with sinners went where they partied He met them where they lived. The young people today like Rap. I dont like Rap but we use it as well as traditional gospel music. You have to be willing to meet them where they are. Pastor Demmer continues If you are so holy that you cannot go beyond your four walls and go where the people areYou can go where they are you dont have to participate in sin while you are there. If we are to be the Light of the worldLight doesnt need more LightLight shines in the darkness. Some of the things we do in the church is just congratulate one another brag on one another play for one another. Why do we have to keep getting saved over and over If you are saved why arent you saved tomorrow and next year We go out and LOVE people. We keep it real. We tell them what we have been saved from. We give them answers. Our job is to catch fish and let the Holy Spirit clean them. By love and kindness they are drawn to the Lord says Pastor Demmer. I tell people they are welcome to come to The Absolute Word Church and smoke crack shoot hero- ine or drink Mad Dog 20-20 says Pastor Demmer Has anyone taken me up on it No. When I go to the streets I tell them you are welcome to come to my church and get high. Because if we dont believe the message of the power of Godif a person can come to The Absolute Word Church and smoke crack or drink Mad Dog 20-20 and walk out the same way as they came in what am I doing preaching about this God that has all power Pastor Demmer says When I first started in ministry the Lord told me to go to St. John 10 to learn what it means to be a shepherd. I know my people by name and they know me. I believe a shepherd needs to be accountable and also accessible to his flock. Pastor Demmer acknowledges One of the most powerful messages I ever preached was Pimps in the Pulpit. I ran with pimps and players so I know a pimp when I see one. We have a whole bunch of pastors who raise four or five offerings every Sunday and we have a whole bunch of pastors that put everything into their pocket and nothing goes back into the community. You are doing nothing for the community but every time we see you you are in a brand-new car with some brand-new gators. And youre telling them Gods going to bless you when you get to Heaven but youre wearing it now pastor. See youre pimping. Youre pimping. We have a lot of people who bring folks in to do revival just to drain your pockets. Their whole purpose in coming in to do these revivals is how much money I am going to raise for your churchand we split the money up. That is not happening at The Absolute Word Church. I dont believe in it. I believe denominations are man-made divisions says Pastor Demmer God told me that I need to be that light in the world that leaves the four walls and goes outside the four walls. A lot of times when we are in different denominations. Everything is about the denomination. We only fellowship with one anoth- er we only raise money to bless one another. God told me that this is not the ministry for me. This is what the Bible says to every one of us He said I was hungry and you fed me I was naked and you clothed me I was in jail and you visited me I was a stranger and you took me in. Weve fed over 5000 peo- ple in five years notes Pastor Demmer We have city and county jail ministries and the Sterling prison ministry. We ask the congregation to give money for the food when we go out to do street ministry. Every penny is accountable. Thats another important thing for the pastor. We have absolute transparency. The books are open. Every dime that comes into the church is accountable. I dont advocate this for other pastors nor do I condemn another pastor. Personally I have never taken a salary in eight years. I believe a pastor should be accessible to the people in his congrega- tion. Anybody in my church can call me at any time. I want to be a good shepherd and not just a hireling. The Absolute Word Church is located at 2400 California Street the South Entrance which is the old Central Baptist Church. Church services start at 1000 a.m. on Sundays and are out by 1145 every Sunday. Says Pastor Demmer If we are still there at noon God was really moving. I believe in being respectful of peoples time people are busy. Bible Study is on Wednesday night at 600 p.m. and we have a Womens Ministry SAT Shes All That which empowers and builds up women teaching them about their spiritual gifts working together in unity and strengthening each other. Pastor Gloria Wright is the leader of The Absolute Word Bible College and teaches there on Thursday nights. Pastor Demmer also teaches in the Bible College and recently ordained 5 ministers the first ordination in his eight years as a pastor. Bishop Jerry Demmer Pimps in the Pulpit We have a whole bunch of pastors who raise four or five offerings every Sunday. This mentality is the result of a spiritual war that has been aimed at us for thousands of years. Weve been divided and if we cant pray together then were doomed. It is also resulting from our turning con- trary to our HEAVENLY FATHER. We cannot come out of this without the help of the Father the Son and the Set-Apart-Spirit. Man must humble himself to our Creator. The name Yahshua does exist in ancient scriptures so lets pray in the name that He gave us. This message is being circulated in the U.S.A. South America Africa and India. Please do your part and spread the word by any forms of commu- nication you can. Last year we had 8 million people involved your participation is necessary and appre- ciated. Minister Gill will be doing a presentation at the Blair Caldwell Library on July 6th 2015 between 230PM 430PM speaking about the name and showing actual documents with the name YAHshua in its various forms. Blair Caldwell is located at 2401 Welton Street Denver CO. Minister Gill - Ishi Ha Elohim can be reached at 303.450.1245 GillTheDrummerMan 30 MILLION ... from page 6 MINISTRY 21JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Lucious Lu Augustas Vason was born on April 6 1939 in New Orleans Louisiana to his parents Lucious A. Vason Sr. and Dolly Lucas Vason. Raised in Berkeley California he graduated from Berkeley High School and enrolled at Contra Costas College in Richmond California. He left college to join the Army where his tour took him to Germany. When he returned to California he started a career as a fashion model in print advertising for different companies. His ads appeared in various newspapers and magazines e.g. Newsweek and Time Magazine. Vason was one of a few African American models in the movie industry with one of his most notable parts being a stand-in for Sidney Poitier in Guess Whos Coming to Dinner. While modeling he decided to pursue a career as a hairstylist. He attended Alameda Beauty College and Charms in Alameda in the San Francisco Bay area. He created hair styles for celebrities like Vonetta McGee Margaret Avery Marilyn McCoo and Florence LaRue of the 5th Dimension. He was also the hairstylist for Patricia Harris the first female Black Ambassador for the United States under President Kennedy and singeractress Lena Horne. Hair styling propelled Lu to begin writing newspaper articles for a small African American newspaper the Berkeley Post. After interviewing a member from the music group Delites he was offered an opportunity to enter the entertainment world by becoming their manager. Vason moved on to various management positions with the Whispers Natural Four and the Pointers of Pair who later became the Pointer Sisters. In July 1977 he attended Cheyenne Frontier Days the Granddaddy of Rodeos with his assistant Linda Motley. Vason felt the experience was exciting but lacked Black cowboys and cowgirls. His vision to start his own African American Rodeo circuit was realized in 1984 when he founded the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo. The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo is the only African American touring rodeo in the United States and throughout the world. The rodeo has traveled to more than 33 cities across the United States and has drawn local and international media attention. Now in its 31st year the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo has touched hundreds of thousands of people young old black and whiteall over the world as they share the story of the African American cowboy and cowgirl. In truth Lu knew that even if the history books never write the story television never does a documentary or the movie studies never produce a blockbuster on the big screen the story of the Black cowboy and cowgirl will have been written in the minds and hearts of those who have visited or participated in a Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo. Lu Vason departed this life to the Lords embrace on May 15 2015 in Aurora Colorado. Those left to cherish Lus memory and mourn his loss include his loving and devoted wife Valeria Howard Vason of Centennial Colorado his sons Elder Corey Sheri Vason of Seattle Washington and Ralph Rena Young Lithonia Georgia five daughters Evangelist Sherry Cedric Lea of Martinez California Brianna Teron Coleman of Los Angeles California Lashell Yetunda Roy of Washington D.C. Karese Young of Oakland California Shelly Robinson of Antioch California one sister Irma Jean Vason Morrison of Pensacola Florida. 15 grandchildren five great- grandchildren and a host of nieces nephews cousins surrogate children and many friends. Josephine M. Mann was a longtime member of one of Colorados most civically involved families in the Denver Catholic Community. Jo was born on October 12 1924 to Sgt. Chester A. Reed and Maria Molina-Reed. Jo grew up in Nogales AZ near the border of Mexico and was fluent in Spanish and a cradle Catholic she enjoyed dual citizenshipshe even worked for the department of immigration while in high school because she was bilingual and great with people at an early age. These skills she targeted from her brother Frank Reed the first war hero to be killed in action during WWII and from her father Chester A. Reed who was a Sgt in the 10th Calvary also known as the Buffalo Soldiers. She met Leonard J. Mann and they were married 1943 and moved to Denver CO soon after the war. In March 1951 they welcomed Gerald Jerry Mann to their family. They all remained very active members of the Denver Catholic Community. At Denver Community College she taught accelerated SpanishEnglish ESL courses for many years. She was also listed as a resource person in the City and County Directory for Spanish speaking people. Over 25 years she was the Travel PR Director for the YWCA. Josephine Mann has always taken responsibilities very seriously as she was a member of Church Women United for over twenty years and has served as treasurer for the local unit most of that time. She was also on the Finance Committee on the Colorado State Board. Jo has been a member of Cure d Ars Catholic Community since 1962. She was a cradle Catholic and understood as well as practiced its doctrine. She served on the Budget and Finance Committee worked on the Campaign for Human Development at the Archdiocese level and was among the committee members who prevented the loss of Cure dArs Church during the late 70s. She also served as a volunter worker at the Parish Center Office. She worked with her late husband Leonard in the L Club at Loyola Catholic Church on fundraisers to build an elementary school. At the Annunciation Catholic Church she was a member of the Altar Rosary Society Legion of Mary and worked with the Sisters on First Communion and Confirmation classes. Jo was one of the founding members of the National Association of Black Catholics now known locally as the Denver Council for Black Catholics. She was also a member of the Knights Ladies of Peter Claver Charlie Bright Court 261. Jo has been invovled in church activities all of her life. Jo was a member of the Denver East International Lions Club where her dedication includes program development and volunteering at schools and hospitals for eye examinations. She was also the official Spanish Interpreter for this unit. In 1992 Jo Mann was selected as an outstanding Colorado Senior Citizen to go to Washington D.C. to participate in a conference on Issues and Policies affecting seniors. Some of Jos other activities also included the Denver Center for Performing Arts Development of the Senior InitiativeKindred Spirits Program Public Relations for the Zion Senior Center Martin Luther King Leisure Club Treasurere former Denver Urban League Guild Treasurer YWCA world Mutual Services International Committee UNICEF AKITA Club Natioanl Association of Retired Federal Employees and Queen City Chapter 995 of AARP as well as the Institute for Womens Studies and Services. She has also served as an election judge for the City and County of Denver. Josephine Mann departed this life on Sunday May 10 2015. She was proceeded in death by both her parents Chester A. Reed and Maria Molina-Reed her brother Frank Reed and her husband Leonard J. Mann. She leaves to cherrish memory her loving son Gerald Jerry T. Mann Sandra of Denver CO her grandchildren Garrett T. Mann Crystal Johnson-Mann MD of Charleston SC and Christa M. Mann of Indiannapolis IN her goddaughters Michelle Myke Olsen Flemming of Yelm WA and Jorge-Ayn Jay Riley of Denver CO. Lucious Lu Augustus Vason April 6 1939 May 15 2015 Josephine M. Mann Oct. 12 1924 May 10 2015 OBITUARIES Lucious Agustus Vason Josephine M. Mann example of following in Jesus Christ footsteps. No matter how he was treated he marched for justice without violence. Jesus held on when treated like a dog leading up to Calvary He could have blink an eye and killed everyone instead HE stayed non violent. He took the unjust to die for our sins. I want to encourage each of you today to use our most powerful weapon the weapon of prayer role up your sleeves turn your plate over and fast a few hours or a few days as we come together on one accord to stand in the gap for others during this sensitive time with ongoing injustice in this dark dark world we are living in. wind out of the sails of the protests silencing the crowds Its unfathomable that people see the buildings being looted and burned down and thats the only triggerof remorse they feel for this entire ordeal. Human life can never be measured in monetary assets. America has ignored the requisite for justice and civil liberties. The scars that are left from turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the issues of the African American people will never be removed. BlackLivesMatter was transformed into AllLivesMatter. Very good point but all lives arent being killed in the streets like animals and all lives arent ignored because of their skins melanin. All lives are not allotted justice and equal opportunities. Baltimore is a piece to a larger puzzle and the protests and stances that were made during this uprising sent a clear message. Every dog will have his day when the people in authoritative positions will have to answer for their wrong doings and mistreatment. As the dog begins to awaken and the growl in his chest begins to build I hope when he howls hell have the courage to say that Black lives matter. Chynna Fayne can be reached on Twitter ChynnaFayne. RIGHTEOUS ... from page 8 DOG ... from page 16 22 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSJUNE 2015 23JUNE 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Assistant Pianist Musician Needed Scott United Methodist Church is seeking an Assistant Pianist Musician. High School students and interested adults are encouraged to apply.The Assistant PianistMusician will accompany the practice of the children and youth choirs and their singing on two Saturdays in each month play and direct the children and youth choirs every 4th Sunday of every month working with the children and youth directors be an accompanist on the 4th Sunday of each vacation month June July August accompany the Wesleyan Choir on Sundays that they sing and as otherwise needed and attend weekly Wesleyan choir rehearsals. For an application or more information contact Scott United Methodist Church Applications due on or before July 31 2015. Scott United Methodist Church 2880 Garfield St. Denver 80205 303.322.8967