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Bodyof Christ NewsMAY 2015 VOLUME 26 ISSUE 9 COLORADO BY THE WILL OF I AM THAT I AM Exodus 314COMPLIMENTARY BOCNEWS.COM SERVING COMMUNITIES IN DENVER AURORA MONTBELLO BOULDER COLORADO SPRINGS PUEBLO Black Lives MatterDR CONNER Often when news reports are released one might look at the report thinking in terms of your occupation. This is what I did when I saw the video of the police confrontation with Eric Garner of Staten Island New York City. First of all the confrontation was over a trivial matter ... p.4 CONGRATULATIONS PromotionOn Your by CAJARDO LINDSEY page 17 ITSTIMENow I am aware that many people thrive on hearing and even sharing doom gloom news and if thats what youre looking for you should stop reading this article now. But if you are like the many pastors churches that have heard me share... TO SURGE more from Bishop Foreman on pg. 8 By Pastor Tommy L. Mitchell III Obstacles into Opportunity YOURTURN PAGE SIXTEEN 2 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 Family Owned and Operated CALDWELL-KIRK2101 Marion Street Denver Colorado 80205 303-861-4644 Funerals Receptions Cremations Advance Planning Pre-planned funeral services can be a safe and valuable investment until time of need. Pre-planned funeral services save the family the stress and worry about the cost of funerals when death occurs. Also pre-planned funerals can freeze the cost of the funeral and protect it against rising costs and inflation. 3MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS KICKING GOD TO THE CURB IN THIS CURRENT AMERICAN SOCIETY eighty five percent of people identify themselves as Christians and they are also inhabitants or citizens. Because many people have different ideas of what Christianity is. We should also know that you cant have Christianity without Christ. The most basic and acceptable view is believing Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he was born to the virgin Mary lived and taught us the principles of God died for the sins of mankind and arose as he proclaimed and returned to his Father in Heaven. It is my conviction that those who cannot accept this account of him would not be true believers. As Christian believers we must accept Gods word and the teachings of Jesus without uncertainty. In the Hebrews 111 KJV it reads Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Yet we in the Christian community have held our voices and have allowed some in this country to continue down the path to remove God from certain Organizations and Institutions which were very influential in helping to guide our society morally and spiritually in the first place. Many of us have believed that we lived in a country where the majority has the say about what should be represented on our behalf without willfully trying to force our belief on those who would believe otherwise. I imagine this type situation applies to politics only. I am also aware that the U.S. Constitution allows for people to practice any religion as they see fit even if others may see a particular religion as flawed. What we as Christians believers or followers of Christ must also understand that religion without Christianity has little or no value. In ST. John 11-4 KJV it says In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life and the life was the light of men. Religion is characterized as faith belief creed etc... Religiously is characterized as consistently dutifully unfailingly faithfully etc... The important question is what or who are we faithful too Is it our jobs hobbies children automobiles addictions money maybe Satan you name it Anything that we do on a consistent basis can be viewed as religiously even when its for the wrong reasons. Many of the Educational Institutions in this country were setup and based on the principles of God. We are without fail seeing God being removed from many of the places where he was once welcome. I wonder what has caused this change. Under the guise of separation of church and state some have said that church and state must not be seen walking hand in hand or co-mingle under any circumstances. In the first Amendment it says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. There is no wording in the constitution regarding separation of church and state. This phrase came about in a letter of response that President Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists Association in the state of Connecticut on January 1 1802. In the second paragraph of the letter he stated Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man his God that he owes account to none other for his faith or worship that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only not opinions I contemplate with Sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should Make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof thus building a wall of separation between Church State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties. My interpretation of Separation of Church and State in this instance is that the state should refrain from using its power or a heavy hand against any religious organization or those who choose to make use of their first amendment rights. The wall is there to insure that boundaries for the church or state are not crossed. Yet we know that many will interpret certain things in a way that they believe will work for their benefit predominantly the word of God. In some odd way this reminds me of the term Money is Speech. Sadly if the truth be known the only things that money has ever said to some of us are good bye and we are officially separated. We at some stage in our future should not be surprised if our money will no longer have the wording In God We Trust. We should neither be surprised if at some point that all Bibles are destroyed along with church buildings or any other things which gives God recognition. In II Timothy 312-15 KJV it says Yea and all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of knowing of whom thou hast learned them And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. We must also take a hint from Psalms 11911 KJV where it says Thy word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against thee. This lets me know that if scripture is no longer available in print or through those who were sent to preach Gods word that we should have enough of his word hidden within. In St. John 424 KJV it reads God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. There are two kinds of people those who say to God Thy will be done and those to whom God says All right then have it your way. C. S. Lewis - Wil Wilson Note In the previous article for April 2015 in the seventh paragraph starting at the fifth sentence I would like to correct an omission where it should have said In past times when you would be asked to testify in court the clerk or bailiff would ask you to place your hand on the outside cover of the Bible and ask you to declare that you would tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. I am aware that this process is no longer viable in this society. God and his word have systematically been removed and taken out of most all Institutions of the people where he previously resided. Wil Wilson 4 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 No weapon that is formed against thee shall pros- per... Isaiah 5417 Often when news reports are released one might look at the report thinking in terms of your occupation. This is what I did when I saw the video of the police confrontation with Eric Garner of Staten Island New York City on July 17 2014. First of all the confrontation was over a trivial matter re selling single cigarettes from packs without tax stamps. The attempted arrest by police was not for assault mur- der burglary or robbery. Garner was a big African American man and he was surrounded and piled on by 4 policemen and one of them applied a choke- hold and subsequently his face was pushed to the ground. While the officers moved to restrain Garner he repeatedly said I cant breathe. Believe me if you walked into a hospital emer- gency room and said those words you would be surrounded immediately by a host of people acting like they were facing an emergency. However those officers surrounding Garner showed not a trace of urgency. When he lost consciousness he was turned on his side to presumably help his breathing. Garner was lying on the sidewalk for seven minutes while the officers waited for an ambulance to arrive. Not one of those individuals and that includes the policemen and the paramedics attempted any type of CPR. I did not see his blood pressure checked. No one got down on the ground to see if he was really breathing. He did not have a pulse oximeter reading done by the paramedics--a simple device you place on the finger to check the oxygen level. It seemed like his life had no value and he died for a trivial reason and no charges were filed. I wonder if any of those people involved ever looked back and wondered if they should have done things differently. In CPR classes taught to even non-medical people you learn that if someone is lying unresponsive on the ground at least check the pulse and get close to the persons mouth and nose to listen to see if they are in fact breathing. This was not done. This might have made the difference between life and death. It seemed like his life had little value and did not matter. This is part of the reason for the statement black lives matter even if people act like they do not matter. On April 4 2015 in North Charleston South Carolina another egregious event hap- pened also for a trivial reason. Walter Scott a black man was stopped for a non-functioning back tail light. He wound up dead. Whatever confrontation he might have had with the policeman lead to his attempt to flee on foot and to his being shot in the back and killed. Eight shots were fired. After he was lying unconscious face down and dead on the ground the policeman stood over him shouting Put your hands behind your back Amazingly the policeman put hand cuffs on the unresponsive man. Again an unresponsive person lying on the ground needs urgent attention with at least an attempt to see if he was even breathing. Instead the police offi- cer went to his car got an object he dropped near Walter Scott in an attempt to plant evidence and accused a dead man of taking his taser. This officer was fired and charged later with murder due to a video taken by a bystander. The officer displayed no remorse and had no apology. That again brings to mind the need to say black lives matter although Walter Scotts life seemingly had no value. The lives of the two men noted are not the only unarmed lives taken over the past few years but I will not enumerate all of them. Let me tell you about an experience I had. I and some fellow volunteers were at a large outdoor fes- tival doing free blood pressure readings. We had a surprising number of people tell us some- thing truly infuriating. There were some African American attendees at this festival who had significant blood pressure elevations. We heard all too often their doctors had told them that black people tend to run higher blood pressures so even though their blood pres- sure readings were high that was acceptable because they were black. We tried to tell them as diplo- matically as we could that ele- vated blood pressure readings are in fact not acceptable no matter what the ethnic group. African Americans are a high risk group re hypertension as this fuels the plague of stroke heart attacks and even kidney failure in our community. So even those of us in the medical community need to be told black lives matter. In 2003 a book was published with the title Unequal Treatment-Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care. This book was a report from the Institute of Medicine. It noted that being an ethnic minority by itself puts you at increased risk of receiving lower quality of care and service from the medical profession even if you are in a more advantaged socioeconomic class. It was noted in the book mentioned that for almost every disease stud- ied black Americans received less effective care than white Americans. Minorities received fewer recommended treatments for conditions such as AIDS cancer heart disease hypertension elevated cholesterol and diabetes. This translates to heavier disease burdens and poorer health outcomes. These are problems that persist and our nation needs to consider that something needs to be done to eliminate these health dispari- ties. We need to reach the conclusion that indeed black lives matter but in fact all lives matter and equally so. May God help us to do what we can to achieve health equity. Black Lives Matter Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH Being an ethnic minority by itself puts you at increased risk of receiving lower quality of care and service from the medical profession even if you are in a more advantaged socioeconomic class. It was noted in the book mentioned that for almost every disease studied black Americans received less effective care than white Americans. 1. PASTOR CHARLES JENKINS - Any Given Sunday 2. DORINDA CLARK COLE - Living It 3. J. MOSS - Grown Folks Gospel 4. JASON CRABB - Through The Fire Best of 5. 3 WINANS BROTHERS - Foreign Land 6. JASON NELSON - Jesus Revealed 7. SPENCER TAYLOR HAIGHWAY QCS - The Godfather 8. BEN TANKARD - Full Tank 2.0 9. ANDREA HELMS - Clap Your Hands 10. KIRK WHALUM - Gospel According to Jazz 4 5MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Have you ever felt all alone Felt like there is no one who really cares about you and all that you are going through is one trial after another Do you ever feel God is just too busy for you What is God doing So you cry out Lord God where are you Have you really left me here alone by myself Lord have you turned your back to me and my needs Lord your Word tells me you will never leave me alone. So God where are you There are people all around me but no one has a word for me. Lord God what are you doing in my life You pray but you dont see the hand of God moving. Then you wonder Lord are You really listening Lord l I have repented and even fasted. And you feel like giving up but where will you go There is nothing behind you but darkness a world that is dying and passing away. Then you remember God called you out of darkness into His Light. So as you continue to wait on the hand of God to move and prayer to be answered you wait. But Lord the phone company is not waiting the car company is not waiting the bill collec- tors are not waiting. How am I going to pay my rent Lord God why are you silent Speak Lord speak to me. Lord let me know that you care and Im not alone. So you turn on the light and reach for the remote and both of them come on. Then you look outside and your car is still parked with gas where you parked it. Your keys still open the door to your house. God answered me and said My words are truth and life. I will hold back the devourer for your sake. You are not in the Valley of Trial but in the Valley of Blessing. So stop look- ing at what you dont have. God said Why cant you see me Im here with you. You are still standing but you have let doubt and unbelief creep into your mind and have allowed it to take root in your mind. God said Thats why you cant see that Im taking care of all your needs. The reason you feel defeated is that you forgot my words in Philippians 43 Finally my brothers think on these things. So lets repent for thinking on the things that had us weighed down. Lord you gave us what to think on. Lets read Philippians 48 again and then lets read Galatians 522-23 and 2 Peter 15-11. He has not left us. After reading the Word of God you see He is lis- tening and has not left us alone. And He really does care for us. God is teaching us to stand on His Words and He is building our Faith so we will be pleasing in His sight. And we must remember when we are in our Valleys and going through our trials our rewards are greater than the small concerns of this world if we just remember the solution to all our prob- lems are in Gods Word. In Psalm 1 God tells us to be like that tree planted by the river of running water that can- not be moved. God is the only one who can plant a tree by rivers of running water. If we did it would wash up and go down the river. But we are the trees. So let the winds blow for we are rooted deep in Gods Word and we shall not be moved. This tree will not be rooted up but grow deeper in Gods Word. So when the storms of life come and try to uproot us we find the strength and the Faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and God will be well- pleased with us. Remember without Faith it is impossible to please Him. Paul said he had to fight a good fight and stay in the race and always trust God. No matter how deep the valleys are or how dark the days we must trust God and stay in the race. In the book of Isaiah 4110 God tells us Fear thou not for I am with thee be not dismayed for I am thy God I will strengthen thee I will strengthen thee yea I will help thee yea I will uphold you by the right hand of my righteous- ness. LOCAL EVENT Living with Purpose May 17 Sunday 1913 DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY INC. The Torch of Excellence Woman of The Year will be recognized. Supporting our Scholars The Scholarship Committee of the Denver Alumnae Chapter Denver Delta Inc. Scholarship Reception honoring deserving students. Entertainment by vocalist Mary Louise Lee First Lady of Denver. 2pm Refreshments Door Prizes at Rising Star Baptist Church 1550 S. Dayton St. Denver Our rewards are greater than the small concerns of this world Carrie McElroy Have You Ever Felt Alone SERMON 6 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 Thats the Word of the Lord over my life my children and my grandchildren even to 1000 gen- erations However for many years it didnt look and surely didnt feel like VICTORY My now ex-husband was the sex- ual violator of my eldest daughter whom he had adopted when she was 5 and our son. These events hap- pened in KS where we moved after he had gotten out of the US Army. What levels of tragedy devastation pain anger on all sides were released when he broke our trust and confi- dence To add to the humiliation his violation of my daughter led to her pregnancy at 15 Even after reporting these events there was no help for us as the remaining family unit. I got divorced we had moved to CA and then my children and I moved to Denver where I had been born and raised. Unfortunately this occurred about 24 years ago and even the church wasnt prepared or equipped to face this dark space of silence and pain to help my family and I heal. Churches werent equipped to help people with this kind of tragedy Sexual sin especially the ravaging of our children it just wasnt dealt with and today we are only slightly better. As I kept running to the cross Jesus kept telling me I was victori- ous I Corinthians 15 57 But thanks be to God who gives us the VICTORY through our Lord Christ Jesus. Moving from CA to Denver getting a job a new home a new church new schools returning to college for my Masters in Counseling we were experiencing Transition 101 with intensity. But God kept provid- ing and meeting our needs. My children and I are doing much better. Sharing our story of recovery and still recovering is helping. We are thankful to God and those He has placed in our lives to walk on this journey with us. It is not easy About three years ago the perpe- trator was found and sentenced to prison. He is currently there and yes we are still forgiving him. Through much prayer and doing research on how to help my chil- dren and me God allowed me to build a curriculum that would help the walking wounded right in the middle of churches. The minis- try birthed out of our misery was victim2Victory a faith based cur- riculum presented in support group venues to survivors of incest child sexual abuse and rape. This group served noticed to the women who participated that First they were not alone in this journey Second VICTORY had already been appropriated for them and Third VICTORY had been hin- dered by the silence and pain of their tragedies Developing their voice by sharing their stories and healing the pain of rejection abuse and the various issues that came out of being hurt were worth this journey into HEALING their lives. As God has blessed differ- ent churches to host victim2vic- tory ministry women return back to their churches transformed by the loving hand of the Lord and His sweet redemption. In the ten years since its inception victim2Victory has partnered with over 200 women who have taken this journey. God has also birthed victim2Valour for men and victim2VictoryJR for teen girls. The work continues as God continues to give us His vision for Victory for all who will come What the enemy meant for evil God continues to turn it around for our GOOD...thats why my family I are Victorious Victiom2victory is located in Aurora CO. If you or someone you know needs counseling from Victory Coach Brenda. Or if you want to submit someones story who is con- sidered to be a Hero to Highlight Brenda Clark-Dandridge By Brenda Clark-Dandridge Victorious HERO HIGHLIGHTS Brenda Clark-Dandridge has been a victory coach to so many people here in Colorado and Beyond She is undeniably a woman who will fight the devil on others behalf she stands firm on what she believes and will not back down in fear but will move forward with Gods strength. She has suffered tragedy challenges and life altering situations many times BUT GOD.has continued to see her through. She is a mother mentor sister to manyBrenda is our VICTORY HERO Introducing Another Hero in our community here is her story in her words. Sparkle J. Robinson The Hero Highlight section is reserved for individuals who have faced trau- matic events that have altered their lives. These individuals have faced mental physical and emotional chal- lenges. In addition some may have lost a loved through an act of violence or have suffered extreme discrimina- tion. One major thing all of these indi- viduals have in common is their ability to OVERCOME and to GIVE back to their community all because the hand of God has guided them through tragedy to triumph Are you or do you know someone who is a HERO in our community If so lets highlight them here Please contact Sparkle Robinson by email 7MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Being confident of this very thing that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ Philippians 16 The apostle Paul tells us that there is so much more beyond the mere matter of salvation. For sure salvation is a biggy it is essential for eternal life but unless we can recognize that God has more in mind for us this Christian life in the present can become ever so ordinary and powerless. If we are to remain excited and vital- ized in our Christian walk there needs to be a continual looking forward to what God is going to do in you to you and through you in this life. Giving your life to Christ joining a church and finding a place to serve are only the foundation for the abundant blessings that God has in mind for you. Because of who he is and because of who you are in him you ought to expect that God is going to bless you in numerous and bountiful ways. Because of the relationship you have as a child of God you ought to expect that your father is going to bless your life give you the things you desire consistent with his will and enable you to see his power confirmed in your life. There are blessings associated with being in relationship with God that we need to appropriate in our daily lives. God desires to not only save you but to see his grace abound in every area of your life as well. I dont know about you but I want and need some things from God. As we lay a foundation let us consider WE NEED TO BE CONFIDENT ABOUT GOD vs. 6a Too many of us want God to reveal every aspect of the future rather than trusting him along the way. That kind of thinking and expectation is contrary to the circumstance of life. The only way to be confident of what God has promised to do in our lives is to know what he has promised and believe that we can acquire it by faith. Faith is about the confidence that we have in God our confidence to embrace the challenges of every day. Confidence that if we answer the call to step out into some new venture that God will not let us drown but like he did with Peter when he attempted to walk on water extend to us a saving hand. Confidence that the present disrup- tions in our lives are not permanent situations but only temporary chal- lenges. Confidence that God will not allow our hard work to go unnoticed. Confidence that truly all things do work together for the good. Confidence comes experientially as we daily deal with God and experience his sover- eign control over our lives. Confidence comes as we learn to read Gods Word and take him at his word for the future. If we are going to activate the power of God in our lives we must be confi- dent that God is the one who really has the power. If we are unsure we will be timid with life and miss opportunities to see God do great things. WE NEED TO BELIEVE THAT GOD HAS BEGUN A GOOD WORK IN US. vs. 6a b Some of you feel or are spiritually powerless because you are not getting from God what you need materially or spiritually. In spite of how you feel you need to understand that God has begun a good work in you. It is a good work because it is Gods work in us through all lifes stages. Although God has begun a good work in us we must allow that good work to continue in us. It is possible for us to suppress to diminish what God has started by being spiritually compla- cent. Some of us have recognized and obtained Gods material blessings in our lives but we still feel spiritually inadequate. Some of us feel as if we are not being fed when we come to church. Oftentimes we attribute that feeling to the preaching to the singing to the lack of friendliness of the church and other factors outside ourselves. However sometimes this feeling is reflective of our not having a sense of mission and destiny as to being a child of God and not knowing how we fit into the family of God. Sometimes it means that we are lacking in our own spiritual depth and growth and need to make a further effort to increase our biblical knowl- edge and understanding. Some of us have grown too comfortable spiritu- ally in where we are and what we are doing and like a job that is no longer challenging we are just marking time. God wants you to experience his power and blessings in new and abun- dant ways. Our unrest our hunger is oftentimes nothing more than God prodding us to make a change and break out of our comfortable mold make new relationships seek new spir- itual adventures and broaden our spir- itual horizons. Recognize that spiritual hunger and unrest are often the desire of God to continue to bless our lives. Scripture indicates that God wants to bless us beyond just saving us Psalm 374 Romans 832 Matthew 633 John 1010. It is evident that God desires to do good to us. All throughout Scripture we see that those who were in good standing with God were the recipients of his divine blessings and those who were not were recipients of his wrath. As a Christian in good standing in fellowship with God we have not only been saved jus- tified sanctified redeemed reconciled etc. but each of us has received mani- fold blessings. God wants to bless us. We have received a great inheritance in Jesus Christ. Not just one to be claimed in eternity but God wants to give us a part of our inheritance now. Not just pie in the sky by and by but down here on the ground while we are still around. Whether we feel or are not getting from God what we need materially or spiritually we need to remember that God has begun a good work in us. He has promised us the presence and power of the Holy Spirit that we might live abundant lives in this world. WE NEED TO REMEMBER THERE IS A RECKONING DAY vs. 6a-b The matter that God blesses those who are both in and out of relation- ship with him can be quite confusing. Matthew 545 NKJV tells us that both those in and out of relationship with him receive blessings He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. Although we may not see it we can be assured that those who live apart from a faith and commitment to God will receive their just reward. The unrighteous shall not always prosper. We cannot just live any kind of way and expect that God will bless. We may be blessed for the moment but understand that God always settles his accounts. One of the problems with the nation of Israel was when God prospered them they fell away and thought that they had no need for God. They became self-sufficient and when a people or a person does that God will allow them to do their own thing but recognize that there is a reckoning day. Nowhere in Scripture is there an account of any- one that neglected their relationship with God and ultimately did not have a reckoning day. No mat- ter what our level of wealth education success if we live apart from God there is a reckoning day. Many of us fail to perceive the need to be in an obedient relationship beyond the matter of salvation. When we are in an obedient and committed rela- tionship with God we have his favor. Moreover when we have the favor of God we have everything that we need. Proverbs 1127 NKJV declares. He who earnestly seeks good finds favor But trouble will come to him who seeks evil. Favor is the special affection of God toward us that releases an influ- ence on us so that others are inclined to like us or to cooperate with us. God will ultimately bring good to those who are in obedient relationship with him Psalm 374 5. We are all a work in process. It sometimes appears that things are out of order in our lives. Sometimes things are really a mess. Sometimes it appears that the bottom is falling out our box and that all we have saved invested and acquired will be lost. No matter what our situation we need to understand that God is not through with us yet. He has begun a work in us and he will not finish it until our appoint- ed days are complete or Christ comes again. God will complete what he has begun in us. In other words we were never designed to be self- sufficient for we live move and have our being under the all sufficiency of the Creator who completes what he begins. When God begins a work he means to finish it. God has begun his work in the lives of his people. He has not begun something good in our lives to let it die. He has not picked us up to drop us. He has not adopted us to abandon us. So dont give up dont quit. No matter how disorganized things may seem in your life God is not through with you yet. William T. Golson Jr. MDiv is pastor at True Light Baptist Church. By Rev. William T. Golson Jr. William T. Golson Jr. Beyond Salvation SERMON Help Me To Become Miss Colorado 2015 Miss Janai Alicia DeDiemar age 17 has been chosen as a State Finalist in the National American Miss Colorado Pageant to be held June 7th 8th at the beauti- ful Marriott Denver Tech Center in Denver. Janai is the daughter of Mari Washington and Jonathan DeDiemar of Aurora and the grand-daughter of Pastors Larry and Deborah Washington of Consolation Christian Church. Janai is competing to win the title of Miss Colorado and will represent Colorado in the National Pageant in California Disneyland. Miss Janai Alicia DeDiemars activities include Private First Class in the Douglas County Young Marines AVID Vice President FBLA and Girls Leadership Club. She also enjoys basketball running cooking shopping and community service. She was the 2nd Runner Up in the 2014 Miss Juneteenth Pageant. Janai has a Go Fund Me page at www.gofundme.comouppik and is asking for sponsors and donations for her Pageant fee. If you would like to sponsor her or submit an Ad or business card from your busi- ness that will go into the 2015 NAM Yearbook please contact her mother Mari Washington at I want to thank you in advance. GOD BLESS 8 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 As we began to approach the end of the 2014 calendar year I like so many other pastors began to seek God about what the year 2015 would repre- sent. Because you and I existed before time Jeremiah 1 times seasons are designed to aide us in fulfilling our assignment here in the earth but we must understand properly discern them. This is why in Luke 1256 Jesus marveled that for all of the spiritual- ity the people claimed to have they couldnt discern the time season they were in. The Apostle Paul even taught the importance of understanding the time season that were in maximiz- ing it in Ephesians 5. Now I am aware that many people thrive on hearing and even sharing doom gloom news and if thats what youre looking for you should stop reading this article nowbut if you are like the many pastors churches that have heard me share what Im about to share with you and have adopted this theme even taught this to their con- gregations you will discern maximize the time that were in and adopt this as the theme of your life for the remaining months in 2015. Read carefully even grab your Bible because for the next few moments youre going to receive a revelation that will ignite expectation concerning every area of your life. Youre probably saying Bishop Foreman what does the year 2015 represent The answer is one word surge. A surge is a sudden powerful forward or upward movement thats what this year has in store for every area of your life. There are 4 keys I shared on New Years Eve that you need in order to surge in 2015 but Ill share 2 with you today encourage you to visit our website at to get the entire series or visit our Aurora Campus Bookstore Cafe to get your copy of the series. I want to use the life of a man named Jacob to briefly show you what a surge looks like. Most people think of Jacob as a trickster a player and even a two timer but that narrative isnt accurate. In Hebrew Jacob means to be a sup- planter which means to supersede not to deceive or trick. In other words Jacob was a surger. In Genesis 25 Isaac pleaded with the Lord concerning his wife Rebekah being barren and God granted his plea. Not only did God open up her womb but she became pregnant with twins. God gave her double for her trouble. Often our ceiling is Gods basement because Hes the God that does exceed- ing and abundantly above all that we ask or think. She asked to be pregnant and God gave her twinsbut some- thing interesting happened during the pregnancy. She went from being bar- ren to having severe complications in her pregnancy so much so that she prayed and asked the Lord If this is You why the struggle Just because its God doesnt mean there wont be a struggle. Just because God granted your plea doesnt mean that there wont be battles to fight. God responds by assuring Rebekah that everything is fine but there are two nations inside her. He says that one will be stronger than the other the older shall serve the younger. Notice He didnt take the struggle away He just explained to her why the struggle was present. Sometimes if God removes the struggle Hed also be removing the strength that youre building from the struggle. You need to know that whatever struggle youre fac- ing its creating strength. Its stretch- ing you causing you to grow and your surge is in your stretch. We know that while children are in the womb they respond to voices external influences so we can presume that when God answered Rebekah the children heard God also which explains why Jacob grabbed the heel of his brother Esau. Jacob heard what had been prophesied by God Himself he was simply grabbing it surging forward. Thats what youre going to have to do this yeargrab what Gods word says surge forward. You are more than a conqueror. You are the head not the tail. You are blessed even if youre being broken Fast forward many years one day during a time of famine Esau comes in from the field when hes weary he makes a permanent decision based on a temporary problem. He sells Jacob the right to receive the blessing that was customarily given to the first born son for what boils down to what we could contemporize to be an order of biscuits gravy Esau didnt value being Isaacs son but Jacob did because Jacob was a surger. Thats why we refer to our God as the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob because Esau didnt value the gift he had being the firstborn son. Esaus deci- sion was so disappointing to our God that Hebrews 12 calls his action pro- fanity. As Jacobs father Isaac is nearing the end of his life he tells Esau to go hunting make him a good meal then he would bestow the blessing upon him. Jacobs mother Rebekah overhears it tells Jacob to deceive Isaac so that he can speak the blessing over him. It was Rebekahs idea not Jacobs. He just did what Rebekah said to do. Esau comes in after preparing the meal to receive the blessing but Isaac says its too late because hed already blessed Jacob but evidently Esau forgot that hed sold it it was now Jacobs. Esau became angry because he lost what he didnt value but Jacob the surger knew the value of the blessing. When God gives you great opportunities dont be ungrateful or treat those opportunities poorly because there may be a Jacob waiting for what youre wasting. Esau hated his brother wanted to kill him so Rebekah tells him to flee to his uncle Laban to be safe and this is where the revelation begins to unfold. In Genesis 29 Jacob asks Laban for his daughter Rachel Laban asks Jacob to set the terms of receiving his promise Rachel. He says that hed work for her for seven years but I have a question Since he set the terms why didnt Jacob say 7 days or even 7 minutes Heres a question for you why have you been setting bad terms for your life through bad confessions about your life Jacob sets the terms then Laban uses them against him you probably know much of the story from this point. Uncle Laban tricks Jacob gives him the older daughter Leah whose name means weary tired in Hebrew. Watch this after seven years of labor Jacob gets weary tired but Jacob was so dedicated committed to receiving what hed worked for that he worked another seven years. Heres the first key to surge in 2015 you must be com- mitted dedicated to the right things. When we determine what we are com- mitted to its a predecision of what were not committed to. When were committed to Jesus its a predecision to not let anyone or anything be first place in our lives. Putting God first just means that you make whats important to Him important to you. Things like attending church serving in church and faithfully giving were important to Jesus so putting Him first is simply making those things important to you. Watch the surge unfold... Jacob didnt know that in Hebrew Labans name means to purify. Meaning theres some stuff that seemed to wear you out but it was just purifying you by killing your pride killing your rebel- lion killing your disobedience show- ing you the real deal about you. Then at the end of fourteen years in the fifteenth year Laban gave Jacob what hed labored for and for somebody in this fifteenth yearLaban is about to pay you what he owes you Why First numbers are impor- tant to God in Biblical numerol- ogy fifteen is the end of two sevenyear cycles and in Deuteronomy 15 the Bible says that at the end of every seven years there would be a release of debt. Fifteen is also when every Laban or situation that seemed to wear you out must pay you back. Both of these are surges. Again I cant stress enough how important you getting this entire series from will be to maximizing the surge that were in. Pastors and churches in our region and around the country have been contacting us with praise reports of how this Word has changed the landscape of their congregations. People that seemed stagnant are surging. People that were struggling are surging. People that were suffering are surging. Its time for your praise report to be the next praise report This brings us to the second and final key that Ill share today for you to surge in 2015. In Genesis 31 Laban pursued Jacob and intended to do Jacob harm but God spoke to Laban and warned him against coming against Jacob the surger in any way. After Laban gave Rachel to Jacob he remained with Laban an additional six years was consistent in doing the right things and to surge in 2015 your consistency is required. Consistency in doing the right things even after doing the right thing begins to work for you. Yes you read that correctly even after they work. One of the most baffling realities about our human nature is that we sometimes stop doing what works even after we see it work. You were loosing weight and then you stopped eating right Your faithful giving was working for you but you stopped Your prayer was changing things but you stopped Consistency to the right things is cru- cial to surging. Less than nine years ago we plant- ed Harvest to be a lifegiving non denominational church in a place often called the church planters graveyard from scratch and today God is caus- ing us to surge. The Rocky Mountain Continued on Page 16 Its Time to Surge SERMON Bishop Foreman By Bishop Foreman 9MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 10 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 Supporting each other for a stronger tomorrow. Take control NOW and Pre-Plan Today. Preplanning allows YOU to determine how your final arrangements will be carried out without putting the burden on your family. 303 872-7422 6601 East Colfax Avenue Denver Colorado 80220 Stylish Processions Reception FacilityOn-Site Chapel PipkinBraswell 11MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 12 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 13MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Do African Americans use alter- native and natural medicine Historically yes. Many of the sim- ple alternative methods emerged as a result of the lack of funds to access tra- ditional healthcare. African Americans contribution to the world of natural medicine is significant and due to the fact that when our ancestors arrived in North America they had to rely on alternative treat- ments. Now because of the use of synthetic drugs without consideration of side and long term effects unpre- dictable modern medical practices high failure rates and pure frustration nat- ural and alternative medi- cine has had a rebirth. And why wouldnt it The statistics are alarming. 63500 African Americans are predicted to die from cancer next year. Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths among African American women. African American men have far higher death rates for prostate cancer than any other racial group. 80 of Blacks over the age of 45 have high blood pressure. Blacks with diabetes experience kidney failure 4x more often than their counterparts. The lack of success using modern medicine has many of us concluding that it will not hurt to try other forms of medicine and more importantly it is less expensive than allopathic medicine. Even with Obamacare an estimated 54 million Americans are still without healthcare. Black fam- ily alternative healthcare is greatly needed. Qualified Black health practi- tioners are greatly needed. Hosea 46 says my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. The driving force behind natural medicine is KNOWLEDGE. Natural and alter- native medicine insists that you learn about YOUR body so you are able to make an informed joint decision with your medical professional. This is the goal of the Urban Wellness Lecture Series tak- ing place monthly over the next year. Covering topics including everything from high blood pressure to diabe- tes to medicinal pantry herbs to emotional health and well- being this FREE lecture series invites all members of the community to participate in this ground-breaking event. The lectures are given by Denvers own Karen Raye Little a board certi- fied Holistic Health Care Practitioner Master Nutritionist Herbalist and Holistic Therapist. She has been lov- ingly called The Hood Doctor. She has an undying passion and love for the wellness of everyone and urban residents in particular. Karen Little is offering the lecture series FREE and hopes to secure sponsorship from other like-minded companies and organizations. For a complete list of upcoming lectures andor to register visit www. or call 720- 838-4071 for more information. Destroyed From Lack of Knowledge COMMUNITY Karen Little 14 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 BELIEVE IN GOOD. Master of Divinity Degree and graduate programs that immediately help you in your work for good Online On-campus Hybrid 15MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS 16 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 Turn Your Obstacles into an Opportunity You and I have been predestined to accomplish great things in our lives. The obstacles or challenges that we face are just a formulas designed by God to increase our faith and pre- pare us for success in life. In fact Obstacles are just an opportunity for God to operate in our lives. Often what we see or think we see are merely distractions when we take our eyes off our goals. Defined as something or someone that impedes progress these obstacles stand in the way and attempt to deter our passage. We all have them but they are not meant to stop us. We can change our perspective and view them as an opportunity to grow and develop. An opportunity simply can be defined as a favorable set of circumstances. When obstacles show up in our lives there are some critical questions that we must ask and answer. Do we go around it Do we go over it Do we go under it Or do we just go through it James 12-3 tells us that when troubles of any kind come our way consider it an opportunity for great joy. New Living Translation copy- right 1996 Luke 191-5 tells us of Zacchaeus a man who was face with a few obstacles yet he turned these obsta- cles into an opportunity to see Jesus. Turning our obstacles into oppor- tunities require four things. First is a Cognitive-Awareness. We need change our mind-set towards the situation. The second is a Creative-Ability we must begin focusing on what we can do not what we cannot do. Third is a Courageous- Attitude. This equips us to dismantle excuses and make adjustments. Finally there is a Committed- Attainability. We must stay firm in our determination to accomplish the goals that God has placed within us. Remember Champions while it is easy to make excuses operating in these solid principles we can change our perception of the obstacle. Whether it is economi- cal mental or physical social or spiritual we can be confident that no matter what we face in this life God has equipped us to handle it get over it crawl under it or just to endure it. We can turn our obstacles into oppor- tunities. By Pastor Tommy L. Mitchell III region and west is often called the church planters graveyard because out of the 1700 pastors that quit the ministry every month its estimated by some that 50 are from the Rocky Mountains and west. No one provided us any assistance nor helped us what- soever but when youre a surger you grab His word pursue what He said. When youre a surger you dont allow the enemy to use people to stop you We are living witnesses to what God does when we are consistent. God has allowed us to give away over 46406 pounds of food and 37875 articles of clothing see over 1288 decisions made for Jesus Christ and so much more. We are excited about the tremen- dous opportunity to continue to change more lives in our region and are excited about the surge happening in the lives of the people of Harvest and the surge happening in our region. Once again I will stress the impor- tance of hearing the entire series so you can digest the entire revelation which you can get on our website at or even by calling us at 3036955220. Know this you were not created to be average and just get by. You were created to rule reign conquer subdue. You were created to surge and this is our prayer for you and we invite you to worship with us to be part of the surge happening right here at Harvest. SURGE ... from page 8 Given any situation in life the thought of failure is scary. Even though we know God has not given us the spirit of fear but of sound mind and power. We are encourage to stir up our gifts. Although Satan was defeated at Calvary he can still talk. Satan will get in your head when you listen to him. Its his job to discourage us and Jesus is just the opposite He is our strength and constant encourager. When you look back over your life and think about times when you had to take a test or go to the bank and try to get a loan maybe it was something like telling a friend thatthey really arent a friend and good-bye. No mat- ter what the situation is or was some conversation will make us feel uncom- fortable building up to the moment you tell them or they tell you some kind of results. We all worry about being a failure at some point in our life. .And straightway Jesus con- trained his disciples to get into a ship and go before him unto the other side while he sent the multitudes away ...Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him and said unto him O thou of little faith wherefore didst thou doubt... Matt 1422-33. As the scripture goes Peter plays a major role with Jesus while on earth. He saw many miracles. Such as the one we discuss today him Peter walk- ing on water. Peter was the kind of person you would want on your team if it came down to fighting. Peter was on the cutting edge of what God was doing. Peter was simply a man who trusted Jesus and was determine to follow Him wherever He led. Then it happened Peter this man of great faith who enjoyed a close and intimate relationship with Jesus began to sink beneath the waves. You and I have experience times of sinking feeling like we have failed. Like Peter we have enjoyed personal intimacy with the Lord. Like Peter you and I have witness the power and glory of Gods display in our lives situations where we were in the 11th hour and God came through for uswhew Now we fast-forward we celebrate Palm Sunday this month the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ coming into Jerusalem one week before his death and resurrection. You know the story when Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds cheered HIM on and waved palm branches almost immediately follow- ing this great celebration of Jesus HE begins his journey to the cross. The same people celebrating HIM shouting cheering HIM today a week later will be shouting cheering kill HIM. Lets go back to Peter here is a man that saw Jesus perform great mira- cles. At the last supper Jesus sent Peter and John saying Go and make preparation for us to eat the Passover. So Jesus took bread gave thanks and broke it and gave it to the disciples saying do this in remembrance of me. and Jesus did the same with the cup. Peter said Lord I am ready to go with you to prison and to death. Jesus answered Peter Ill tell you Peter before the rooster crows today you will deny me three times that you know me. Luke 22. Well you know the rest of the story Jesus was torment on the Mount of Olives then came Jesus betrayal and arrest and then Peters great denial. Luke 2254-62 Peter his die heart disciple who said he would go to prison or even death with Jesus. You see Peter didnt really think the situation would be as Jesus told them. All of us at some point in our life had an issue that was going to happen and we were unsure what the results would be. None of us can compare our life to the life of Jesus. What is in common with this situation is having a friend like Peter. Actually Peter did love Jesus and he really felt in his heart that he would go down with Jesus. But when he saw how heavy the situation was he got scare even after seeing all those miracles his faith had disap- peared. All of us will sink into failures at some time in our Christian lives. The scope of our failures can range from eating too much to not extending grace to someone who sins against us. Regardless of how it hap- pens we find ourselves sink- ing in the water. Why Because we took our eyes off Jesus and try to do it ourselves. Great failures and great faith are linked together. I leave you with this thought has Jesus called you to get out the boat give the situation to Jesus and trust HIM and you started out trusting HIM then you got distracted with cir- cumstances of the situation and took your eyes off Jesus- then tired to do it on your own. Failures often begin as great steps of faith. As we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not just during the Holy Week but everyday we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Dont allow any- one or anything to distract you from your focus on God and what HE has done for you. Oh what a love the love of our Heavenly Father who watches over us. If I had a thousands tongues .I couldnt thank HIM enough. P.M. Wynn Grove Jesus Said Get Out The BoatBy Dr. P.M. Wynn Grove Dr. PM Wynn Grove is Associate Pastor at the Potter House of Denver. PM and her husband Pastor Lee Grove II are the found- ers of Heavenly Sent Ministries. For contact please email pmwynn9 SERMONLOCAL EVENT 17th Annual Prayer Breakfast May 16th Join us For a Morning of Prayer Praise Proclamation at our Prayer Breakfast Hosted by the Zion Baptist Church Saturday 9a - 12noon ticket donations 25 adults. children 4-12 12 dollars Embassy Suites Hotel 4444 Havana St. Denver CO. deadline May 11th. 17MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Now that I have told you a bit about what caused me to attend and graduate from law school in the BOC April 2015 news article entitled Aspiration and the Path I am going to go into a little more detail about how I came to actually practice law. It is not a story that I am excited to tell but I believe it is necessary and could help someone else who may be hindered delayed bullied or crippled by fear. Honestly when I sat down to write this article my intention was to talk to you a little about the work that I do as an attorney but something is pulling me in another direction. I had to come face to face with my fear in order to do what I do now. Many of you have had to do the same in your jobs and careers and have accomplished many achievements as a result. This article is written specifically for that person who may need to hear my story in order to encourage them to overcome the hindrances the delays the bullies and ultimately conquer crippling fear. My first year of law school was an adventure and very exciting for me. I found myself academically achieving in law school more than I had in under- grad. One of the fruits of my success during my first two years of law school was being selected to participate in coveted internships over the summers. The first internship was with the National Football Leagues Management Council in New York City New York. What an amazing experience. Apart from living on Long Island then the Upper East Side of Manhattan and then in a high rise off Time Square itself I found the work to be intellectually stimulat- ing and also relatable to my experience as a former college football athlete. I left that internship think- ing the world is my oyster and I can do anything that I want. Following my time in New York my second internship came. I was invited to join what was at the time Cincinnati Ohios largest corporate law firm and to participate in their summer associate program. A summer associate program is one where law students work as attorneys over the course of a summer supervised by asso- ciate attorneys and partners of that law firm. I went in open-eyed and eager to learn more. I had never pictured myself ever working in a law firm remem- ber my roots were sports and becoming a professional foot- ball player. I also had no intentions of practicing law upon graduation however it felt nice to be sought after and the money was awesome for a young man of my age. Upon starting this internship I noticed that I was the only black face out of 12-15 faces that participated in the program that year. I took on many projects during that summer probably more than I should have to be effective but I wanted to learn and I also wanted to leave a good impression being the only face of color. One day I remember reluctantly as I was already overwhelmed taking on a project from one particu- lar associate attorney. I had been working on 9-12 projects already at that time and I remember think- ing do not take on this added project. The associate looked to be around 33 years old slight of build balding and socially awkward. Yes I remember a lot of details about this experience and for a reason. The associate asked me to do a detailed memoran- dum on compulsory counterclaims and I believe also the joinder of claims andor interpleader actions. At the time I had only heard of these terms in passing but definitely had not studied them in law school. To be frank I do not remember ever going into detail on any of these areas during my three years of law school. Nevertheless I took on the assignment. About a month later I received a call from a part- ner in the firm. I will refer to her as Gloria. Gloria asked me to come down to her office. I did. She formally introduced herself and told me to sit down. Gloria pulled a document from her desk and tossed it my way and asked me Is that your work I looked at it for a few seconds and it finally registered that this was the assignment that I had done for the socially awkward associate. I recall thinking how did this get into your hands when I did the project for someone else I responded Yes this is mine. Do you think this is acceptable work to be entered into a brief for a multi-million-dollar case Gloria said. I honestly did not know how to answer her question all I could think was multi-million-dollar what I was never told the importance of what I was doing I did not know that it would be submit- ted within a brief let alone a multi-million-dollar one. I remember thinking wow I am playing with the big boys. I am about to learn big-time and in a good way. I was taught never to make excuses so I answered No it is not acceptable and waited to be taught how it should have been done since I was the student and Gloria was the partner. However that is not what happened. She began to go through my work not for the sake of teaching but rather to emas- culate and belittle me. She picked it apart in the most mean-spirited way that you can imagine. Gloria then called another partner of the firm and asked this partner to come to Glorias office. I will call the other partner Elizabeth. Elizabeth walked in to Gloria saying Look at this. And they both went over my work and laughed. I know this may sound farfetched but this is what happened. It all concluded with Gloria say- ing I am calling the hiring committee partner to let them know you are not the caliber of lawyer that we hire here and you probably should have never been brought in in the first place. I went back to my office angry so angry I cried. Those tears of anger quickly changed into tears of fear and doubt. It was surreal. The words of my father came to me If you want to be successful in this world you have to be twice as good as the white man. I remember feeling at that point that not only was I not twice as good I was abysmally lacking and had failed my father. My confidence was shot. I gave sanction to Glorias and Elizabeths words and began to seriously doubt myself and my abilities. A few days later there was a meeting set between me and the hiring partner. Immediately upon enter- ing that meeting I told the hiring partner that I was quitting that I did not feel that the environment was a safe place for me to learn what I needed to learn. I have no idea what the hiring partner was about to say to me however at that point I was already at a low and chose not to risk the possibility of further abuse. I graduated from the Indiana University School of Law and immediately started working a job that serviced at-risk youth in the city of Bloomington Indiana. If it was not entirely clear in Aspiration and the Path I went to law school so that I might learn what my rights were what police could and could not do to me and for the liberty and knowl- edge that I felt the educational endeavor would give me. I did not go to law school to become a lawyer. I am sure in hindsight that the aforementioned event helped shape and solidify my decision not to practice law. Fast forward six years into the future I was juggling a couple different careers neither legally related neither made much money I had a one- year-old toddler who was born on Medicaid and my wife and I were barely making ends meet. I began to ask myself what I could do to get us out of the hole. My wife quickly said take the bar and become a lawyer. What I said its been years since I graduated and I never went to law school to become a lawyer. During that same time I had a conversation with a close friend who said the same thing Take the bar. God was speaking to me through two dear people in my life. And fear was speaking to me twice as fast. I was afraid that I did not have what it took that I was not smart enough that I would not pass the bar after so many years and scared to disappoint my family and friends. Also I had never really shaken off the words that were said to me at that law firm and deep down the root of my fear was that experience. Nevertheless I had to do something and studying for the bar was an obvious option if only I could work through my fear. There was one scripture at that time that I held onto above all others and it was I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The second scripture was Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become new. I convinced myself that I was new and no longer the man who was afraid of failing. That if I was indeed new then everything about me was new even my perspective of what happened at the Cincinnati law firm years ago. Therefore I signed up to take the bar which meant that I went to work and then studied every night until 100 or 200 a.m. without fail until the day of the test. Every night weekends included. When I finally took the exam I knew that I had passed the two-day test. However I still had to wait to receive the results in the mail. In the meantime the real testing appeared shortly afterwards when I was laid off on Good Friday from one of my jobs the one that paid the most. My faith tested and with fear again knocking on my door God spoke to me through a man who said Congratulations on your promotion My immediate thought after hearing this was what you talking bout Willis Confirmation came a couple months later when I received the results that I passed the bar. This event taught me that for me it is only by going through your fear that you conquer it. For many years I had side-stepped it outrun it and jumped over it. It took going through my fear to accept my promotion that was already packaged and waiting for me on the other side. I also found that I was not the only one who benefited from me conquering that fear but also my whole community is benefiting as well. Congratulations OnYour Promotion Cajardo Lindsey I was afraid that I did not have what it took that I was not smart enough that I would not pass the bar after so many years and scared to disappoint my family and friends. Also I had never really shaken off the words that were said to me at that law firm and deep down the root of my fear was that experience. By Cajardo Lindsey TESTIMONY 18 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 19MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS We want your news Body of Christ News wants to hear about your calendar events announcements or conferences. Send your news to or fax us at 303.344.4608. MCCOWANS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Gussie Lee McCowan celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 21 with a reception with their family and friends. Mr. Gussie McCowan married the former Sarah Mae Williams on February 13 1944. Mr. McCowan has worked for the City of Athens and Brownsboro Independent School District. Mrs. McCowan is a loving devoted housewife and mother. Their children are Glory Thompson Deloris Robinson and Victor McCowan all of Tyler Paul McCowan and Jimmy McCowan both of Colorado Ronnie McCowan of Missouri and the late Theaudry and Isiah McCowan both of Dallas. They have 24 grandchildren 30 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. LIVING HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH 20 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 Blossom Lorraine Van Lowe Gholston March 241913 March 28 2015 Holy Ghost GetawayDisplays Unity in The Body of Christ I have fought a good fight I have finished my course I have kept the faith. II Timothy 47 Blossom Lorraine Van Lowe Gholston was born March 24 1913 to J. Milton Van Lowe and Leila Goodwyn Van Lowe in San Francisco CA. In 1933 she graduated with a BA degree from San Diego State University. She was a co-founder of the Woodsonians a group named after black historian Carter G. Woodson which served as a safe haven for black students to socialize and discuss issues of the day. She later would become a charter member and president of the local chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. More significant she achieved the long-cherished goal of educated blacks that of being hired as a regular school teacher at a San Diego City public school. This was accomplished on July 21 1942 after earning a Masters degree at Columbia University. Because of the agitation of local black activists she began teaching at Memorial Junior High where she had earlier been a pupil. Her achievement as the citys first black teacher has to be seen in the context of a region stubbornly resistant to social change. By the early 1940s San Diego City Schools were facing an influx of students because of the war industries and military located here. In 1941 alone 7000 new students entered schools in San Diego an 18.9 percent increase over the previous year.At the same time some teachers had been called away to military service. This teacher shortage coupled with the persistent effort of Mrs. Craft and the Womens Civic League forced the board of education and Will C. Crawford superintendent to review school hiring practices. On July 21 1942 Lorraine Van Lowe was hired on probationary status as an English and social studies teacher at Memorial Junior High. There was little publicity when she began working primarily to avoid angering parents. The staff and principal William J. Oakes accepted Van Lowe without much difficulty and many of her fellow teachers remembered her as a student there and at Franklin Elementary School. She attributed her smooth adjustment to Oakes support. He shielded her from the few parents who voiced opposition to her being hired. But her greatest praise was reserved for Rebecca Craft I shall never forget Mrs. Rebecca Craft who has meant so much in my life and I shall always be grateful to the valiant ladies of the Womens Civic League for their persistent and effective efforts. On Feb. 20 1954 she married Phillip H. Gholston in San Diego CA. She continued to teach in the San Diego district until retiring in 1971. She then moved to Denver CO with her husband who had accepted the call to pastor Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. She continued to labor beside her husband in the church while tutoring children in the Denver Public School District and serving as a substitute teacher. She truly had the heart of a servant caring for her mother during her declining years caring for her mother in law after surgery on her back left her a paraplegic caring for her daughter her granddaughter her great grandchildren and caring for her husband after complications during surgery in 2000. What do you say about someone who shows by example what Jesus means when He says we must die to self Someone who is strong in the Lord. Someone who is loving and caring toward others. Someone who keeps going when most people would throw in the towel. What can you say about someone who is a perfect lady a gentle spirit and who demonstrates total trust in God What can you say about someone who give so totally of self Someone who has a positive impact on everyone they meet. Someone who looks for the good in everyone. You say thank you Lord for allowing that loving gentle humble person to be a part of your life. You draw strength and encouragement from the memories. You strive to impact lives as positively as that person did for you. We thank God for Blossom Lorraine Van Lowe Gholston who taught us by example who loved us in spite of us who was patient as she corrected us and who made us and still makes us smile and rejoice at the goodness of God. She will forever live in our memories until we see her again in the kingdom. She passed from labor to reward on March 28 2015 having celebrated her 102nd birthday. She was preceded in death by her husband P.H. Gholston and her sister Sarah Cleora Fluckus. She leaves to cherish her memory her daughter April E. Gholston her granddaughter Maiya N. Gholston six great grandchildrenMaijahna Maijahni Maijah Lee LaReyah Lee Evans DaShawn Gholston and Mahjong Maichai Johnson nephew Benjamin M. Fluckus Colette two grandnieces Vanessa F. Mlamba Andrew and Erica Fluckus first cousin Frances Jefferson a host of other relatives and countless friends. She will be deeply missed. She also leaves to cherish her mem- ory Kent Hoffarth and Kierre Thomas who lovingly provided care for both she and Pastor Gholston for the last eight years. They brought them to church every Sunday and also took them on trips to San Diego to visit friends and family there. Aunique and awesome display of true unity and fellowship was experienced by those attending the 2015 Spring Holy Ghost Getaway held March 3-5 at Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs. Over 30 pastors leaders and on-fire believers representing over 12 different churches in the greater Denver Metro area gathered to enjoy the five-fold ministry in action. Participants were overwhelmed not only by the powerful anointing on the guest speakers and praise and worship leaders but by the unusually close bond of family unity that was formed between themselves and believers they had never before met. Ministers who had never before worked together have since been invited as guest speakers and participants in each others regular meetings and special events. Holy Ghost Getaways whose mission is to promote unity and spiritual maturity among true believers are held each spring and fall hosted by His Voice Ministries a para-church ministry founded by Pastor Roxanne Ryan. Holy Ghost Getaways run Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon to allow the women to spend 3 days away and be able to return to share their refreshing with their home churches on Sunday. After days of soaking in Gods Word through anointed guest speakers seeking revelation and direction from the Holy Spirit and praising praying and fellowshipping with women of like spirit they come home both stirred and refreshed excited to share the testimony of all the Lord did during the Getaway. With a bevy of anointed speakers the entire five-fold- ministry is represented and manifested in many ways from recommitment to answered prayers to healings to confirmations to breakthroughs and revelation. 2015 Spring Holy Ghost Getaway speakers included Pastor Roxanne Ryan Dr. Gail Bailey Evangelist Juanita Maestas Evangelists Louise Smith and Pastor Polly Sanders-Peterson. CDs of the messages are available for those who werent able to attend or who attended and want to re-capture the powerful anointing. For those who missed this exciting event there is great news. The 2015 Fall Holy Ghost Getaway will be held September 3rd - 5th and is now open for registrations. It will again be held at the beautiful Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs. Cost for the four services two nights lodging and five meal package is only 270.00 per person double occupancy. Space is limited so early registration is advised. Non-refundable deposits must be received by June 5 2015 to guarantee space. Monthly pre-payment plans are available. Late registrations will be filled based on available space. FridaySaturday packages are also available for those whose work schedule prevents them from attending the entire Getaway. For additional information or to register calltext 720- 353-2555 or email and reference Holy Ghost Getaway. Our mission is to bring the five-fold ministry together with an ever-widening variety of on-fire lead- ers and believers from dozens of different churches in the Denver Metro area to promote unity and pro- vide prayer support for all Gods servants as we grow stronger and more Christlike in our own lives says Pastor Roxanne founder of His Voice Ministries. Speakers scheduled for the 2015 Fall Holy Ghost Getaway in September and their home church include Pastor Rita Franco Iglesia de Cristo Elim Dr. Gail Bailey Pastor Deliverance Tabernacle Bishop Donnann Taylor Faith and Love Outreach Deliverance Ministry Psalmist Dr. Sharon Wiley My Fathers House and Pastor Roxanne Ryan Word of Life Christian Center. OBITUARY Lorraine Gholston 21MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS On April 23 1917 Curtis was delivered into the loving arms of William and Mattie Cato in Mansfield LA. He was surrounded by five sis- ters and one brother who shared their childhood in love learning and growth. Being born in the South in 1917 Curtiss life was full of both challenges and victories. He witnessed great progress in the world. He experienced the beginning of the common use of electricity indoor bathrooms auto- mobiles televisions computers home phones to cell phones. He endured segregation Jim Crow the Civil Rights movement and rejoiced in the election of our first African American President. His lifelong passion was to lead people to safety and in doing so he brought his family trip after trip out of the south. However through it all he was a man clearly grounded in the word and work of God. Curtis married Evelyn Grace and to this union three children were born Curtis Jr. Zanita and Willie. He and Evelyn shared 62 long loving years together guiding their children and building a wonderful life together until her passing. On September 13 2000 Curtis and Iris Williams were joined in holy matrimony. They served faith- fully as co-shepherds of Grace Temple Church of God In Christ building Gods Kingdom. Curtis worked for DC Trucking as a mechanic for many years. He freely used the knowledge he gained to serve the church. He drove the church bus to conventions and picked up mem- bers for Sunday school. He was able to help keep the bus on the road while allowing those without transportation to attend worship services. Pastor Curtis Cato Sr. was an anointed man of God. He loved the Lord and he loved teaching and preaching His Word. Pastor Cato graduated from Charles Mason Bible College in Memphis TN. He served as Pastor of Grace Temple COGIC for 34 years and District Sunday School Superintendent for the Metropolitan District for 27 years. Acts 2027-28 says For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God... the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers to feed the church of God which he hath pur- chased with his own blood. Pastor Cato was known as Mr. Sunday School for his 55 years of educating the local body of believers and the work with the International Churches of God In Christ. He was instrumental in leading many souls to the knowledge and belief in Christ as well as guiding believers into a deeper understanding of Gods word. II Timothy 215 Study to show thyself approved unto God a work- man that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth. He was a wise teacher profound gospel preacher and a cheerful giver. He dedicated his life to God and the service of the people of God. He was a humble servant kind gentle with a warm sense of humor. He had style grace and most of all he reflected the love of God. Pastor Cato received many acknowledgments honors and awards for his dedication perseverance faithfulness and integ- rity. In 2014 he received two awards he was the first recipient of the D.J. Young Award given by Bishop Alton Golden Superintendent of the COGIC International Sunday School depart- ment and from the Jurisdiction of Colorado by Bishop Roosevelt Dunn and Superintendent Maxwell. He along with Mother Burrell led Colorado to the international church. In the winter of his life Pastor Cato never lost his passion for serving God. He was able to attend worship services on Easter Sunday and went to heaven that afternoon to celebrate the Risen Savior. Pastor Curtis Cato Sr. departed his earthly body on April 5 2015 and now resides in his heavenly mansion not made by human hands. Left to cher- ish his memory is his loving wife of 15 years Iris Cato one sister Hattie McGee San Diego CA three children Azzie Smith Mansfield LA Curtis Betty Cato Jr. and Zanita Cato nine grandchildren 43 great grandchil- dren 27 great- great grandchildren many nieces nephews church family and friends. In Matthew Chapter 5 verse 16 we find this recorded word Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. This scripture so accurately illustrates the life of Deacon John Andrew Stovall. John Andrew Stovall was born to his loving parents Andrew Perry Stovall and Rosie Henderson Stovall on March 2 1924 in McKamie Arkansas. He was one of twelve children born in the family. He was raised surrounded by his four brothers Aravine Augustus Irone Lonnie and six sisters Bertha Leveda Blanche Dorater Rosetta and Shirley. There were two infant chil- dren who passed shortly after birth. They were bought up in a Christian home surrounded by loving parents who worked hard to provide for each of them. Education was extremely important to John he received his formal educa- tion in St. Louis MO where he gradu- ated from Washington Technical High School. He furthered his education by attending Tucker Business College also located in St. Louis the University of Denver Air University Montgomery AL the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey CA and the Development Training Institute in Baltimore MD. On August 21 1943 John was inducted in the United States Army. While serving his country he earned a World War II Victory Ribbon a Good Conduct Medal and a American Theater Ribbon. He served with honor and distinction and was honorably discharged. On August 2 1952 John unit- ed in holy matrimony to the former Ernestine Mildred Colbert in St. Louis MO. The couple first met when they both lived in St. Louis. She remem- bers her husband as a Christian man who was loving and caring. They have traveled to places both oversees and countless places in the United States. They truly enjoyed the special moments shared together. She also remembers her husband as a man who helped others unconditionally. When the song writer penned the words If I can help somebody as I travel along then my living shall not be in vain he must have had John Stovall in mind. At the time of his passing John and Ernestine had been married 62 years. By profession John was a Financial Manager. In 1951 he transferred to Denver Colorado from St. Louis Missouri. This was the start of an illustrious period of devotion to Federal service which would span for over thir- ty five years. He has served as Deputy Director Retired Pay Operations at the Air Force Accounting and Finance Center. He was both respected and admired by his co-workers and super- visors for his strong work ethic and attention to details. A man of faith and belief in the Lord John accepted the Lord as his personal savior when he was very young and attending worship service with his parents. Upon relocating to Denver Colorado he became a mem- ber of Zion Baptist Church in April of 1951 under the pastoral leadership of the late Reverend Wendell T. Liggins He became an ordained Deacon in August of 1954. His servitude to his church has spanned for over sixty years. He has served his church as a Director of the Baptist Training Union BTU Superintendent of Sunday School Chairman of the Finance Committee member of the Trustee Ministry Chairman of the Deacon Ministry Chairman of the Scholarship Committee and Chairman of the Zion Redevelopment Committee. He truly enjoyed sharing each year during the church anniversary when the 50 years plus members were honored with a banquet both he and Sister Stovall were honored for their dedication. He was instrumental in the project which created a ten story senior citizen apartment complex known as Liggins Towers and which is still currently being utilized for senior citizens. He was instrumental in forming a sixty- bed nursing home called Stovall Care Center he worked until completion of a multipurpose community center currently in operation and known as the Zion Senior Center. In 1982 the Board of Regents presented Deacon Stovall with the University of Colorado Distinguished Service Award. In 1982 Deacon Stovall came out of retirement to aid and assist in the development of the Northeast Denver Housing Center Inc. This project was started. to help develop afford- able housing and homeownership pro- grams that help low and moderate income families have access to afford- able homes. This family assistant project is currently in operation in the city and county of Denver. He was also an extremely active in the forma- tion of the Zion United Community Credit Union. He was inducted into the Colorado Credit Union Volunteer Hall of Fame. Some other civic and communi- ty activities include Deacon Stovall serving as Treasurer of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education serving for five National Baptist Congress Presidents and four National Convention Presidents. He was presented the Trusted Servant Award during the National Congress Session. He also received a 9 Who Cares Award for his dedication to service. The difference that one per- son can make is clearly discernible in reading the accomplishments of this gentle quiet Christian man whose legacy is far reaching. To God Be The Glory. He is preceded in death by his par- ents Andrew P. and Rosie Stovall siblings Bertha Hyde Deacon Aravine Stovall Leveda Campbell Deacon Augustus Stovall Dorater Lawson Irone Stovall Rosetta Peppers Blanche Patterson and Lonnie B. Stovall. A collection of your memories pre- cious times enjoyed together keep- sakes of the heart that remain with us forever. Deacon John A. Stovall departed this life to the embrace of the Lord on Thursday March 26 2015 in Denver Colorado. Those left to cherish his memory and mourn his loss include his loving and devoted wife of 62 years Ernestine M. Stovall of Denver Colorado his daughter Sandra LaVerne Fowler of Las Vegas NV his sister Shirley Williams of Oakland CA 3 grandchildren Annise E. Bryan White Reginald J. Fowler and John A. Tanya Fowler all of Las Vegas NV 12 great grandchildren 3 sister-in-laws Helen Haymon Stovall Oakland CA Mary Ethel Dixon Sacramento CA Juanita Colbert New York NY and a host of nieces nephews cousins other relatives and many many friends. Pastor Curtis Cato Sr. April 231917 April 5 2015 John Andrew Stovall March 21924 March 26 2015 OBITUARIES Curtis Cato John Stovall 22 BODY OF CHRIST NEWSMAY 2015 23MAY 2015BODY OF CHRIST NEWS