A Wife’s Prayer

By Monroe Taylor

As wives, we often pray about our husbands instead of for our husband. And, we do so with incorrect motives. Beyond all of our good and pure intensions there is a strong desire to go before the throne of God and “tell on him.” We want our husbands to act the way we want them to act, instead of the way God wants them to act. If this sounds like you then you must read this book; “A Wife’s Prayer” by Pamela Hines.

Many of our prayers concerning our spouse aren’t answered because of how we pray. Scripture says in (James 5:16)… “our prayers avail much. And if we believe what we pray, our prayers will move mountains” (Mark 11:23) however, if you do not see results, you may need to change the content of your prayers as well as the manner in which you are praying. Keep in mind you want your husband walking according to the will of God not your own personal will!

This book, “A Wife’s Prayer” will hit home with many women out there. “A Wife’s Prayer” suggests that you start out praying for yourself. Many times we want God to speak to our spouse when He has spoken to us yet, we didn’t yield to His Word.
You will find dynamic topic in this book such as; “My Husband’s Strength”, “For the unbelieving Husband” “My Husband raised in a different Faith” “My Husband’s Walk” and my favorite “My Husband’s Hunger for the Word”.

In 2003 after counseling scores of women experiencing troubled or failed marriages Pamela Hines sought the Lord to heal the marriages within her church. She announced a time of prayer where married women would lay the burdens, joys, cares, and concerns about their husbands on the altar before God. To her surprise, hundreds of women showed up to pray and the results have transformed lives around the world.

Through “A Wife’s Prayer”, you can tap into the power of that original, anointed prayer service as you pray for your husband’s; health, prosperity, desires & affections, protection and much more! I want to encourage you to experience the power and spiritual anointing that is unleashed when a wife prays for her husband.

About the author: Pamela Hines began her ministry in 1982, after her husband Darrell L. Hines was raised to life after being tragically struck by lighting. Together they pastor one of the most progressive churches within the city of Milwaukee, and are the overseeing founders of several other Christian Faith Fellowship Churches. Pamela Hines is the cofounder of Dominion Fellowship, an outreach ministry encompassing a diversity of races and religious backgrounds that caters to the specific needs of husband –and wife ministry teams. She is also the founder of “The Women’s Image Course,” a powerful series of lessons designed to meet the needs of women. Her grace and message attracts women from a variety of racial, economical, and social backgrounds. Her aim is to empower women to be all that God has called them to be, focusing on the spirit, soul, and body.

We give “A Wife’s Prayer” 4 stars. A Wife’s Prayer will be available starting in October in Christian and secular bookstores and wherever books are sold.

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